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overall ...great phone


May 18, 2005 by iceman78

I am taking time to write this review as I feel that it is my duty to continue the tradition others before me have started , who took the time and helped me make my decision.

Now about the phone...it is a very decent phone. I had done a lot of research before going for it.

-good speakerphone

-great voice dial feature

-great looking screen

-good battery time (I charge once in three to four days with moderate talk)

-a good camera for a cell phone..nice resolution ..you can adjust the brightness and the magnification too

-the camera comes with a memory enough for 50-70 pics

-very good software and layout

-great ringtones ..and a lot of them

-bluetooth tech..so you could use wireless handsfree...but dont think data could be transferred but not really sure about that ...

-is a gsm-phone so you could use anywhere in the world ..i.e use local networks with their sim card..which is much cheaper than using t-mobile network overseas...although check the bandwidths in your country of interest though..this is a triband so will work in most....

-phone looks spify....catches all eyes...

-the body cover is replacable so if you drop it and scratch it ..you could change the body cover..

-the keypad for some numbers (1 and 8 in my phone) need additional pressure...also the keys have a delayed response..but this problem is almost completely compensated for by the great voice dial feature...

-The phone book could use a page down feature, the response is slow and so is the scrolling..but you could hold the down button for a couple of seconds ...the phone beeps and scrolling becomes a little faster ...

-only video playback...cannot capture !!who'd want only playback...beats me..

-you cannot activate speaker phone before the connection is picked up or is routed to message center...I think speaker should be able to function whenever...

Never had a problem


May 12, 2005 by ronaldo0501

My wife and I both have a V600. I have never had any sort of problem with it. Battery life is great. Rarely drops calls, small and sleak. I love this phone and would get another one in an instant.

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Best Fone ever


Apr 30, 2005 by smallfry7

NO bad feedback about this fone its the best

great phone!


Apr 16, 2005 by awmiii2186

great phone overall.
-best speakerphone on the market
-great screen
-sleek and stylish

Hello moto-hang up


Mar 14, 2005 by tanaka123

I have been pretty loyal to Nokia but I love to change phones and make myself feel like I am upgrading my phone once a year (at least). So when the V600 came out with other carriers, I continued to call my carrier, T-mobile, to see when they would have it in stock. About 1 or 2 weeks after it came into the store I went in and forked out over $400.00 and thought that I would be happy. For 4 months I was happy actually I was ecstatic and then it started to freeze on me. I would take out the battery at least 1 time before I could make a call. I called t-mobile and I got a refurb and thought that it would be better. I have had this phone since 8/04 and now for the past 4 days, I have had little to no service when all of my friends/family who have t-mobile or are on my plan get great service. I have dropped more calls that I have completed and have called t-mobile and they will send me out yet another refurb, this I am sure, and we will see from there. I would never ever ever buy this phone and to be honest, I was really looking at the motorola razr v3 but now I am not so sure.
I love the situational lights
Hate having to look thru all my phone numbers to find someone in the middle
I like the design
Hate when it doesn't work-which is quite often
I love the blue tooth
I hate the inside receiver- I can't hear anyone if I am in my car with out my headset and I have been checked for hearing.
Games- I only play 1 and it is a demo and takes me about 30 seconds to complete it. No fun.
Motorola is going to have to do better than this.
Please consider all of these reviews from many people- remember at first it is the greatest gift to the cell phone but in the long run, it is more problems than it is worth.
I guess I will go back to trusty Nokia.

Don't Make My Mistake!


Mar 6, 2005 by blazrgirl

It's a good thing the Motorola V600 is so flashy. That's about the only thing that would sucker people in! Lots of pretty lights and real music ringtones, but the fun ends there. This phone is HORRIBLE!! I have had 2 warranty replacements so far because the phone freezes up (not to mention spent HOURS on the phone with tech support). This phone drops pretty much every call, anywhere and anytime. You can be sitting in one place, with full reception, and the phone will just up and hang up at some point (it's pretty much a guarantee). Then, as soon as the phone hangs up, it's back to full reception. Go figure. Don't buy this phone!!! It will be the most expensive piece of total junk you'll ever own!

Starts strong...but shortly thereafter breaks down.


Feb 28, 2005 by afreking

After 3 phones and subsequently discovering that you do indeed get what you pay for, I decided to shell out some money for what I hoped to be a cellphone that would provide clear reception. In general, WORK. The V600 was wonderful for awhile, the only cons being the butttons on the side are too easily hit and that it's a little slow regarding processing...getting menu to menu, etc. Within the last month, the earpiece has begun to go out on me (but not while on speakerphone). I live in Denver and use Cingular, although I didn't have a problem with this the first few months I owned the phone. Anyway, I'm in the process of replacing it, can't continue to have most of my conversations on speakerphone. Disappointing.

Looks great but apparently poor quality


Jan 2, 2005 by ReschDMD

I used to sell wireless phones for 2 different companies, so I was always checking out new products. When the V600 came out it instantly caught my eye with both its features and style. I preferred its shape over the more rounded Motorola Vxxx models and the situational lights were cool. As soon as my contract was over with Nextel I changed to AT&T Wireless to get my hands on a V600. At this point I was back in grad school and making less, yet was willing to shell out a lot of money for this model. Everything was fine until the phone was about 9 weeks into service when it died without any warning. Prior to that I never had a single glitch. Discussion with customer service yielded me a factory refurbished V600 which had a broken 3 key and a semi-broken 5 key. Further talks yielded a 2nd replacement that had no working earpiece speaker. At this point I realized that either the V600 is a fancy piece of junk or the Motorola techs who refurbish the phones are grossly incompetent, perhaps a combination of both. I demanded a new-in-box model to give it one more shot but was told that was not possible as it was "too old a model to replace" (even though they openly admitted they *did* have them in stock in the warehouse). After much discussion with several managers, I succeeding in getting them to ship me a new-in-box V505, which by several review sites is considered an upgrade, although it loses the shape and situational lights I bought the phone for in the first place. I would like to think I had a lemon, but given the fact I have seen many people report really bad phones and my own experience with 3 bad V600s, I have to say this is simply not a good product. I still gave it a 2/5 based on its looks and features, when working.
Pros: style, features, decent battery life, Bluetooth, changable faceplates.
Cons: poor quality control, no holster-style case available, annoying external antenna

Best Phone to Come Around...


Mar 17, 2005 by tribalb

When i got this phone, it was the greatest phone yet i've seen. Camera, speakerphone, bluetooth, downloadable video, poly and MP3 ringtones, real games...this is still a GREAT phone. my only real quirk about it is that for 8 months now that i have been using it, the ear piece speaker doesn't work well now. i guess thats just wear and tear. which in result i have to use the speaker phone or my wireless headset. but other than that. the phone is awesome and well worth it.



Aug 22, 2005 by m_wilson4

The only pro about this phone is the metal housing. The rest of the "features" are GARBAGE!!! Camera is poor, downloaded material is useless and they have 1 downloaded video, but you cannot delete it nor can you shoot video clips. The worst thing about this phone is the earpeice and the reception. I have replaced this phone 3 times!!! Cingular customer support continues to send me another V600 consecutively! ! This third time, they are finally sending me a different model. It goes out of service many times during the day and I cannot find a good signal anywhere. To new buyers: this phone was recalled last year and most of the companies have discontinued it! I did not know this until after I bought it.

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