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Was good now it sucks


Feb 21, 2005 by niceifyourlucky

So i have had this phone for about a month now and it constantly is turning off when i send and receive txt messages and the other day wouldn't let me make calls at all and it wasn't the service bc my friends phone same carrier was working and she was right next to me so i went to the store and there sending me another one but this is my third Motorola and this is the 3rd one that has messed up b4 i had the phone for 4 months

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V600 - Power users BEWARE!!!


Aug 4, 2004 by Krish

I got this phone the a corporate discount ($165). So can't complain about the price.

Nice external Caller ID
good display & camera
Very good signal (Bay Area AT&T)

Cons: (this is going to be a long section)
Ridiculous software package : Nothing included (!!!). Paying $300 for phone with absolutely *ancient* address book with no BT PIM Sync function???? Hey guys at Motorola, did you guys come up with the usability design of this phone while you were sleeping?

Sync phone-book thru phone to phone, it says, *too big to open*. How in the world did someone come up with a phone in this age that doesn't support BT address sync? when I send a contact from outlook via , i get the same *too big...* error.

Send MID files from PC to this phone, you get some weird error message, the solution, rename the MID files as MIDI. Oh... please...

If only it had half the features of a comparable (half priced phone!!!), this can be considered a great phone.

Oh.. the speaker-phone, is a joke. Nothing more.

The BT headset that I use (Jabra 250) will only be recognized as a *hands-free* and not *headset*. Meaning both the units are always one draining the already ridiculous battery life of the phone (6.5 hrs talk).

And when these 2 stay connected the phone wont' ring anymore (!!!!). I still wonder which Motorola Engineer came up with this idea of muting the phone which has a 24 chord MIDI & MP3 playback as ring-tones.

I use SE T616 currently. But this is one grossly hyped, completely useless, terribly designed, poorly implemented, atrociously priced phone.

If you are a Power User PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE. Save yourself some disappointment.

Again, if you are not a power user and wanting a good camera phone with *ancient* address book and crisp clean display with excellent signal, this is a nice phone.

Oh... i forgot to tell you, in which case, you could settle for a $50 phone :) not this ridiculous $300 phone and still BE HAPPY :)

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very disappointing


Jul 27, 2004 by enger21

I am very disappointed with the Motorola v600. I expected better quality and more user friendly controls for the price ($390.00 after tax). I had my first v600 for a week, but had problems with the battery, ear-piece & speaker phone and exchanged it for the same model...but the problems were still there. And for some odd reason I can barely slide the front cover off my 2nd v600. It seems like it was glued on. I'm returning it....again...but this time for a complete refund!

Pros: very nice looking, nice compact size, speaker phone, voice dialing, camera, (assignable ring tones, colored lights, and pictures) mp3 ringtones, personalizing the wallpapers.

Cons: Speaker phone and ear-piece crackels even at mid level...any lower and you can't hear the caller. Battery life is Very Poor...it drops drastically on the 2nd day...2 bars at a time throughout the 2nd day and completely dies by the evening whether you use it or not (and only after 2 hours of actual "talk time"). Trying to take a picture and set it as a wallpaper is harder than it looks (the picture you take gets cropped instead of fitting the entire picture to the screen, maybe I just haven't figured it out yet). Send & End Buttons are reversed when compared to almost every phone on the market (send on right, end on left). Difficult to answer with ear piece (seems like you have to hold down the "smart" button to pick up the call instead of just pressing it and letting go immediately). You could set the phone to automatically answer after 2, 5, or 10 seconds with the earpiece plugged in, but what if someone you don't want to talk to, calls?) Blue tooth ear piece costs $120!!!

Once again a very disappointing, over-priced phone, with not-so-user-friendly features you will hardly use after a few days.

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Motorola, NOT connecting people!


Jun 10, 2004 by Xodus

I bought this phone a couple of days ago and I have very mixed feelings about it.

The good things with the phone is that it's probably the best looking phone I have ever had. Also the shape and the weight of it give me a very nice feeling of balance. The display is really, really good with sharp crips colors and I can't complain to much about the menus either, even if some people feel the menu system is slow.

The sad things is that too many bad things come with the phone as well. Here are some examples:

* The contact format is non standard and doesn't allow you to add additional information about a contact. If a contact has two phone numbers, this means two contact entries.

* In my phone the calendar doesn't even work. When I try to open it, the phone hangs and I have to restart it. Good job, Motorola!

* The software to synchronize contact and calendar has to be paid extra for. It does not come as part of the phone. This is really a bad solution. Based on the two solutions above, why would I buy software that still looses information when I synchronize?

* The Bluetooth link has its own life. It refuses to work with the synchrnozation tool, and works at best at random with other software. The phone closes the link when it feels like doing so and transfer get interrupted more than you would desire.

For making calls and taking pictures the phone is great. On the other hand, if you want to stay synchrnozied and connected, forget it. This phone simply does not allow you to do that. If these are wishes you have in mind when you are thinking about buying this phone, buy a Nokia! They are light years ahead in terms of connectivity!

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Another poor effort from Motorola


May 11, 2004 by jonkbriggs

This phone is has many issues with not only the softward but the fabrication as well. It is surprising that Motorola who has always had a leading name in manufacturing quality has strung together such a line of poor quality. It is further more surprising that it is both software and manufacturing. I am on my 3rd v600 for the silver lining crack alone. On the first v600 the eye of the camera was all the way in the corner as well. The software issues are numerous and are the ones that we are all aware of by now so I wont bore you. It is sad that Motorola has gone this far down into the cheap zone. Its back to Nokia.

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Useless Phone Hyped Up!


May 4, 2004 by pperez0622

At first, when I bought it 29 days ago, it was the phone of my dreams. It has bluetooth, mp3 ringtones, a camera, and plenty of other features. But, as many features as it has, it also has a lot of problems.

*mp3 ringtones
*caller id led
*Great volume

*The Phonebook sucks. You can't put more than 1 contact to a contact
*Speakerphone cuts out on the other party
*Doesn't have a solid feel to the phone
*Battery is hard to take out of the phone

I also had problems with the phone freezing on me. After a while, the phone wouldn't read that it was supposed to be charging unless I unplugged the charger. The phone would reset itself, causing you to lose your phonebook entries. It seems that the phone is just full of bugs, and I won't be surprised if this phone gets recalled.

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Cool Concept


Apr 6, 2004 by GeeGee

This phone is pretty cool, but coming from the Sony Ericsson P800, or even the Nokia 3650; it doesn't compare at all.

PROs: The photo quality is great, speaker phone and ringtones sound loud and clear. I love the lighting options with the ringtones.

CONs: The phone book is Terrible! Very confusing to view and add multiple #'s to each name. And copying (all contacts) from the SIM is simply a headache. The bluetooth is ok, but mine will not locate a device, even when it has received data from another device. You have to keep going to Setup and Find Me each time you want to send something. The bluetooth won't stay on. Oh, and..... What about it can Play video, but not Record....????

All the "gadget" stuff (camera/lights) is cool, but the basics (phone book / talk & send buttons being on the opposite sides as other models) Sucks.
I think I will return it to AT&T and wait for the Sony Ericsson K700 or a mega pixel camera phone later in the 3rd quarter.

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Review of my V600


Mar 19, 2004 by scottjl

Recently received my V600, unlocked, unbranded. Currently using it with AT&T Wireless.

Pros: Very solid feel. Excellent speakerphone. Vibrant display. Loud ringtones. VGA camera. Excellent sound quality. Customizeable coverplates. Very full-featured software. Customizable menus/interface. Easy to access battery & SIM card. OEM/umbranded phone came with very thorough documentation (266 page book).

Cons: Sometimes confusing (poorly named) menus and options. Blurry picture quality. Limited memory (no expansion). Keypad a little touchy (I get double presses). Phone can be slow at times. Setting up MMS & mMode confusing (probably because it's unbranded). Can't record video. Contacts with multiple entries is confusing (each number shows up as a separate entry). Can not delete GPRS service providers, only edit existing entries. Styles (aka. profiles) system confusing (coming from Sony phones, might be my fault).

Wish List: Sharper images in camera. Color outside display.

Signal and service is spotty where I live. Closer to a large city the phone works fine.

I'd definately recommend this phone to a "power-user". My phone came with firmware version "TRIPLETS_G_0B.09.1CR_A". I have not noticed any bugs in the software yet.

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Good phone, but probably not worth the money


Jun 8, 2004 by brrrrrandon

- camera portion takes up to 640x480, 4x zoom works well: doesn't make pictures look too grainy.
- speakerphone is loud and clear
- solidly constructed - I've dropped it several times with no problem.
- bluetooth works flawlessly (so far).
- call quality is decent.
- signal strength is better/more stable than other cingular phones that I tested side by side to the V600 (Nokia 3100, Nokia 6200, Nokia 1100, Samsung S307)

- Phonebook is RANCID! 1 number per name?!?! Are you kidding me?
- Phone OS is semi-sluggish. When I nagivage through the menus quicky - there is a lag.
- Can play mpeg movies, but it cannot record movies.
- Phone is heavier than the V400 (around 4.3oz).
- one of my biggest quirks with this phone is: while you are currently in a call, and someone beeps in and leaves a voicemail, the speakerphone key is replaced by the "call voicemail" key. If you hit that button, it is impossible to exit calling voicemail without severing your other call.
- Very expensive for what you get.
- earpiece is very low - hard to hear in loud places. If you get a handsfree headset, however, there is no problem hearing.


Overall, this is a very well designed and constructed phone. Most of those cons listed above aren't very bad at all - I can live with them. However, there is no chance that I would pay retail price (Currently $249.99 from Cingular with a 2 yr contract) for this phone. The ONLY differences between this phone and the V400 is: bluetooth capability, movie playback mode, and a little light on the outside of the phone that lights up when someone calls you or when you are charging your phone (which can be annoying at night). The only reason I got this phone is because the Cingular agent I went to ran out of V400's, and gave me the V600 for $150 with a $50 mail-in rebate. In conclusion - If you can live without bluetooth - save your money and get the V400.

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Great looks, reception, features


Aug 11, 2004 by chuck6

Great looks
Good reception(T-Mobil near Chicago)
Good speaker phone
Camera easy to use
Easy to attach pictures with message

No software or cable included
Hands-free plug in was muffled
It would be nice if you could hold down the back button to get all the way to home instead of back, back, back, back, back. Maybe I can reprogram one of the soft keys, I just haven't looked that far yet.

I haven't used the bluetooth option. The phone book does have a primary number designation, you can add other numbers to a contact and you can get to the contact by entering the first letter, then scrolling. Also with T-Mobil you can enter the name and number on the T-Mobil website and it will download up to 10 numbers at once to your phone list.
I'm still getting used to where the speaker is on the phone but reception is better than the Nokia I had - same carrier and location.
Only had it 3 days so far but I love it.

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