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v400 v600 Impractical Functionality


Jul 4, 2004 by 53735

This phone is VERY disappointing.
Although packed with features and looks great, it's way too cumbersome to use.

1) Internal speaker is too low.
It may sound fine in the store, but take it into a car with A/C & road noise & forget it. Threads complain about this, some include fixes requiring a PhD in EE (SEEM editing, FLEXING, FLASHING, etc.) Last thing anyone should have to do is hack their phone.
2) Speaker phone not activated until after a connection.
Try 2-3 seconds after your conversation has started. Speaker phone functionality is pretty much useless.

3) Phone Book is circa 1980
A single entry for every number? Give me a break! I guess Moto wanted us to be able to assign custom rings and photos to each number, but do I really need a separate picture/ringer of Jennifer Annistan when she's calling me from home versus her cell? Well maybe I do, but Moto could have had them stored separately, but presented them grouped together.

4) Voice Dial is pathetic
It seldom recognize the difference between "Jennifer Home" and "Jennifer Cell" and there's no voice prompt like every other phone in the world. The voice button is also located in such a way that it's often hit by mistake when you're on a call. This functionality is useless.

5) Left side volume buttons are annoying.
Every time you try to remove the phone from a holster, you hit the buggers and get an annoying "beep". Oddly enough if the Ring Style is LOUD, the beep is soft, if it's SOFT the beep is loud. Have no fear, threads also tell you how to turn these damn things off - you just need to hack the phone.

6) I'm too tired to list more of Moto's blunders with this phone...

In summary, this is a great looking phone that "could have been a contender", but it's packed with "impractical functionality".
Moto needs to start thinking about performing some basic "usability testing" before bringing crap like this to market.

Go ahead, buy it and use it for a week and see if you don't agree.

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Worst phone I have ever used


Jul 28, 2004 by fb3003

This is by far the worse phone that I have used. The sound quality is very poor. It is not crystal clear, it is distorted, and it has too much bass.

I think the people who give this high rating, have not used any other phones.

I have used 2 v600 in 1 week and they both are poor. The service is with ATT and I tried in Dallas, Atlanta and Central Florida. Again, poor in all three market. I did put the sim in a samsung phone and the reception was awesome. So it is the phone and not the service.

In conclusion: run away from this phone. Do not even waste your time. I dont know how any business person can talk to his/her clients on this phone!

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Almost A Perfect Phone


Apr 21, 2004 by MrFisch13

Although Very Similar to it predecessors the v600 definitely packs a powerful Punch. Adding Bluetooth, video playback, and the better sleeker metal look to the Vxxx series.
The only thing keeping this phone from perfect is the lack of a memory expansion. I found myself running out of room very fast. But yes this phone is Awesome! I have Tons of MP3 ringtones Am using a Bluetooth headset and enjoying the hell out of it. Motorola Definitely did a good job replkacing the T720 series and I'm glad they did. And those of you with the t720 series line of phones will be pleased to see that the phone resembles those models in several ways so there is no new system to learn. The Camera Has an amazing quality to the pictures and the sound quality is Ear piercing. The phone is very Customizable and the face plates look awesome. Has a good battery life and functions very easily. All in All i rate this phone a 4.5 out of 5 because its almost perfect but just lacks a expansion and one other thing i noticed is the phone scratches itself when you open and shut it to fast on the outside and on the screen but yeah thats the only flaws so this phone is definitely one i would recommend for all you GSM lovers out there!

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A good phone


Mar 8, 2004 by bfalchuk

I think these reviews are a bit unfair. I have a V600, and had a V400, and must say, I'm quite impressed. It's not perfect, but they are both very well made, and are feature packed. You can't blame the phone for your area's GSM coverage, that's just not fair.

My V400 actually got slightly better reception than my V600, but they're both pretty good.

Battery life has been fine. My only complaint is that I got one of the earlier units with the first screen. The new screens are noticeably better. If I didn't see one with a new screen, I wouldn't have noticed, though. The V400 has a better screen.

The ring tones are great, and the camera is accceptable for fun shots. BlueTooth is awesome on it so far.

Overall, I'm very happy with the phone.

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Great Phone


Apr 16, 2004 by csr20000

I would highly recommend this phone. Very user friendly. For people who are interested in transferring multiple #'s from sim to phone.

-copy entries
- *** add each name with a check mark

Takes less than 10-seconds. Then edit the new #'s added to phone book if needed.

Looking for a holster? Try-cellphoneshop.net

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Way to go Moto...


Apr 12, 2004 by chadbordes

Yes you've read my reviews and they all hold true. This is a great phone. I have had the phone for a week. This phone is a major improvement over the mpx200. Here is what I have to say
Crystal clear sound
speaker phone exceptional
Easy to use motorola features
sleek look and styling
cool bells and whistles

Talk/end buttons reversed

All in all, I am a phone junkie. I do my research and look at all the information before i buy a new phone and this one is the winner. For anyone looking to upgrade, i highly recommend this phone.

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If you rely on it you are in trouble


May 10, 2004 by worldspeaker

So far my first experience with Motorola has been a horrible one. After only two weeks of dropped calls my new V600 stopped working. While the button portion of the phone comes on the screen half remains off. Add to this the ridiculous phone book that causes you to scroll through each number rather than each person. Who has time for this? After all the hype and waiting, Motorola should have made sure this phone was right. Good thing I have a Nokia for a backup. I can't trust Motorola.

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The Best Phone Ever....So far


Apr 5, 2004 by ested23

This phone speaks for itself. If you are in gadgets, you'll definitely LOVE this phone.

Great sound quality, signal strength, excellent camera quality, international phone, and great battery life. All purpose phone...GREAT!

Cons: I am still learning about the phone, so, searching the phonebook system is kind of complex. But, when I figure it out, the phone won't have any cons!

I LOVE THIS PHONE! I had the NEC525 which wasn't a bad phone, but the Motorola v600 is great!

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Major Hype


Apr 8, 2004 by RjB

This is my first time with a Motorola and my last. I can't believe the hype over this phone. I swear, sometimes I think there's company folks on these forums hyping-up these phone so we buy them. Here's the REAL scoop:

1. Nice Form (light clam shell)
2. Nice screen (clear but small compared to equal priced phones)
3. Customizable menu/shortcuts
4. Good Reception
5. Bluetooth
But really, that is IT!

1. THE WORSE PHONEBOOK ON THE MARKET! (I really want to scroll through 1000 phone numbers because no one at Motorola thought it would be important to group phone numbers by contact like everyone else in the industry!)
2. Motorola gives NOTHING free with this phone. You have to pay for the software, the ringtones, the games, EVERYTHING! They could learn from NEC. At least, they give ample free stuff to customize your phone. Motorola doesn't even give a few themes to choose from. One, that's IT! For the price, they should have thrown in the kitchen sink!
3. The sound is sub-par with other phones in the same price range.
4. The phone has crashed quite a few times already.
5. No applications whatsoever. Why can every other manufacturers include ToDo List/Notes/Etc. Etc. Etc. This is not a cheap phone and the bar has been raised by other manufacturers.
6. Back to the phonebook, very limited in what you can store about contacts. What about Notes, addresses, URLs, etc. Sure, I didn't buy a PDA, but if other manufacturers can do it, is Motorola too lazy?
7. Small screen by comparison to other phones in that price range.

I really could go on about what this phone lacks for the price they're asking but I'll digress. In short, if you want a plain phone that works, this is the one. If you've seen other phones in that price range, you'll be very disappointed with what Motorola offers. If this is their flagship phone, look out for that iceberg.

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Mediocre At Best


Dec 14, 2005 by conrpop

There are enough PRO and Cons up already, but much like my other Motorola phones, they seem to have a limited shelf life. After 6-8 months, kiss your battery life goodbye, even if you purchase a new battery from Motorola. The phone starts doing weird things like freezing, turning off on it's own. It's just not a very stable phone in the long run. This is my last Motorola.

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