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Motorola V600


Jan 21, 2005 by Hstoger

I bought the phone for abt 500 Cdn Dollars here in Montreal, service provider Rogers and have had it for about one year , thinking of getting the v551 instead

Pros excellent reception
nice clear screen
good feel, good balance

cons too expensive
have not been able to find a keyboard to enter
text messaging

phone book not my cup of tea, difficult to program for voice command

major con earpiece volume too low, how can I fix it ??

V600 Great Phone!!


Dec 3, 2004 by scoop85

I got this phone through AT&T wireless, phone has a lot of features like speakerphone, camera, and has these event lights that light up around the Motorola Logo, pretty cool. The camera is good, inside and outside. Speakerphone is good (though speaker is on the back, ring tones are loud, nice style to the phone, you can order more faceplates for it. Bluetooth- A++

MP3 ringtones
"Event lights"
Style of phone
Able to look at short videos.

When you receive a text or a missed call, it only reminds you once, sucks, wish it reminded you more than once. Thats all the cons I can think of.

BOTTOM LINE: The V600 is a nice phone for anyone with a lot of features. Gave phone a 4.5, if that CON was corrected, it would be a 5.

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Pretty Cool Overall


Oct 27, 2004 by marzipan84

I've had my V600 for about 3 months now and I've really enjoyed it. I bought it used and still haven't gotten the users manual for it so everything I know about it is first hand trial and error. Theres a few things I haven't gotten to try with it yet but overall its a pretty sweet phone.
Speaker phone is great compared to Nokia's.
Voice Dial. Names don't have to be repeated very often.
Camera with 640 x 480 Res and a 4X VGA zoom.
Nice big color screen.
Customizable home keys.
Nice size and weight. Small enough to fit in your pocket yet big enough to give you the feeling of substance for people with big hands.
Colored ring on front fold lights up and can be programed for certain colors and notifications.
The call quality seems to be really good compared to other AT&T phones used in the same places(Central Washington State).
Smart Key to change ring styles quickly.
MP3, MIDI and MP4 player.
Good selection of preloaded ringtones.
Easy to use calculator.
T-9 text input(great invention)
Alarm clock.
Java Capable.
Bluetooth capabilities(totally awesome!)
Changable face plates are metal not plastic!

Phonebook is a little unusual but the categories and first letter shortcuts make it ok.
Phonebook only holds one number per entry but you can assign icons for home, work and mobile numbers.
1 and 3 keys rub on the screen and create scratches.
Received calls list can't be set as a shortcut and is not included on the answer key shortcut only dialed calls.
Battery doesn't last as long as I had hoped for, only about 3 days on average.
On screen battery meter only shows 3 bars.

Overall I've really enjoyed this phone, I'm still working out the kinks of moving from a Sony Ericsson to a Motorola but I'm having fun in the process. I bought a Bluetooth Headset from Motorola and it really helps when driving or if in a poor service area. I'm not sure it's worth what the carriers charge for it but it was worth what I payed for it.

The Cingular and the V600 Disaster


Sep 29, 2004 by nycprod1

I spent time and read all the initial reviews. I read great reviews by both PhoneScoop and users. I didn't need a camera, however we travel on business (US and Worldwide), our laptops and hand Handheld PDA have Blue Tooth and the beat goes on. I had been on T-Mobile so we made the first mistake, we believed the Cingular hype. Next mistake was giving them our requirements and they came up with the V600. To date, its been a disaster. Cingular exchanged the V600 claiming it had frequency problem and gave a V400 while awaiting a new V600 with alleged no problems. Well while waiting for the new V600, I read the more recent reviews and found they had gone from great to terrible. My experiences weren't unique and my conclusion is the V600 is all gizmo and no substance. Couple this with a terrible wireless provider like Cingular and your better off either screaming out the window and hoping the other person hears you or using two cans connected by string!!!!

The is a TERRIBLE phone


Sep 28, 2004 by R Hill

THE GOOD NEWS: The specification reads well and it looks lovely. THE BAD NEWS: When you use the V600, you realise the serious shortcomings. 1) Hopeless battery life 2) unintuitive and very slow software 3) buttons activate while in your pocket! 4) names have to be 12 characters or less 5) poor signal (compared to previous Nokia) 6) doesn't have useful features like call waiting, name search etc 7) case scratches VERY easily 8) memory stuffed full of pointless ring tones and nasty desktop themes.

V600 Don't believe the Hype


Sep 18, 2004 by lions

I have had this phone since June and have had several replacments are repairs. and this one is no different. Cons: The software always going bad.Camera stop working, disconneted and reconneted to the bluetooth headset.Sometime it continue to ring. On a call it is still on but you cannot hear your party and they cannot hear you.Speaker phone and ringers are not loud.Also the outer cell the little plastic(silver) part cracks for little are no reason.Pros when it does work it's ok not nothing like the Hyped.It look nice. I wish I kept my V60i color phone..I would wait on this and get another phone are another company. I got caught in the hyped some of these people must work for Motorola. Maybe it replacement will be better. because this one is crapped.

Not perfect, but very good.


Sep 10, 2004 by RX240

Quite honestly the only thing I can possibly fault this phone for is the phone book. I admit that I haven't seen a phone book like this since my 5160. Beyond that, the wap connection is quick and easy, everything within the phone is very customizeable, and, despite the fact I only have experience with one aspect, the bluetooth hookup is quick and easy. Yes, it only came with the phone, user guide, and charger, but I don't have the gimmes. I'm from the gulf coast of Mississippi and I think I've had one dropped call with it...I took it on a trip to Seattle and Vancouver and had near perfect signal the entire time. Admittedly I've never had a high quality phone like this (last phone was a samsung A400), but I'm quite happy with this phone.

V600 works for me


Sep 8, 2004 by Daemono

I have had a V600 for about 4 months and love it. I have had many many other phones, and like this one the best out of all of them. I find that you need to spend a little bit of time really playin with it to get efficient, but once there it works really well.


Bluetooth-works great for me. Will not use another primary phone without it.

Great color display

I like how the phone book is set up. You just need to know how to set it up properly.

Camera takes real nice pics. (for a phone)

I get reception with it in places with it that I could not get with other phones on the at&t service.

The looks of the phone are great. Can be made to look business or fun in just a few seconds.

Has fetuses that will suit most any users needs.

The battery strength has been great for me (I use about 6000 mins per month)

The hinge system is very strong for a flip phone.

The software seems to really be improved over the V300.

Browser moves very fast.

I like the Quadband feature. Hard to find in the states.

Speaker phone feature is always a plus.

I have many more positive things that I could say about this phone.


Wish the speaker phone could be activated sooner in the call.

Sometimes after extensive use there are software gulches. (need to reboot)

The rings could be a little louder.

The side buttons could be a little less touchy.

No phone is going to perfect. I think that we all can agree to this. However I have been extremely happy with mine and would do it all over again.

Great Phone from Motorola


Sep 1, 2004 by FlipMode

I have had 3 previous bluetooth phones with AT&T and this is by far the best I have ever had. Here are some reasons why that will actually apply to your life as a consumer and not as techie.

1)Very attractive design and style
2)Audio quality is very crisp and loud if you know how to operate the volume settings
3)Ringtones are plentiful on the AT&T version and are extremely easy to hear on the proper volume setting
4)Display is wonderful. Very nice resolution and very easy to read
5)Battery life is about 2-3 days depending on usage which is good for most color screen phones
6)Software loads quickly with little hesitation
7)This phone is loaded with more features than I can name with a 2000 character limit
8)Speakerphone is one of the loudest that I have ever had
9)Voice Dial is very easy to operate if you follow the manual instructions on how to operate. You must hold the phone between 6-9 inches away from your face and speak with little background noise. Speaking directly into the phone is like speaking with a MEGAPHONE into the phone and sounds distorted. It will not get recognized.
10)Reception, by far, is the best quality about this phone. This phone has better reception than any phone I have had in the past 5 years for AT&T(8 models total).
11)User friendly menu (if you read the manual)

1)Camera could be better and needs flash
2)Speakerphone has a 2 second delay to connect once your call has been connected
3)Preloaded software on the phone is limited but most people will care about this
4)Preloaded graphics on the phone are limited with the AT&T version
5)Price is definitely the most limiting factor with this model (between $300-$400), however, if you are looking for new service, there is a dealer inside Sam's club and BJ's Club that sells the V600, as of 9/1/04, for $179.87)

Overall the phone has a few limiting qualities that most techies will whine about but the phone is great for consumers. Just read the manual.

Excellent Phone


Aug 28, 2004 by strawdog

I have had this phone thru Cingular in the New Orleans area for a little over a month.
It is excellent. The reception is outstanding with top of the line clarity. No dropped calls. It picked up my bluetooth headset without a problem. The voice recognition is also terrific. The color screen is the best I have ever had: large, vibrant color and easily seen in daylight. It has a generous memory and the picture quality is excellent for a camera phone, even in low lighting conditions.
The forum did have a post on how to store multiple entries for a single name which was not clearly spelled out in the user manual. The button size and layout is very ergonomic.
Yes, occasionally you do accidentally touch one of the side buttons and that will cause the phone to beep, but that is not a real issue.

My only complaint is that the phone book could use an easy look-up the number feature.I was also not happy with Cingular charging full price for this phone when they knew a somewhat limited recall was going on. No one at Cingular ever admitted to the so-called recall until I called their dedicated v600 number suggested in the forum. That being said, only a small number of phones are affected by the dropped call problem and mine has worked flawlessly and I elected to not send it in.
I have had phones by Motorola, LG, Nokia and SonyEricsson and the V600 is the best of the group.

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