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Very nice phone


May 2, 2004 by Ktollstam

Picked up an unlocked V600 in Singapore. I was originally attracted to the Quad band feature (using T-Mobile USA (thin coverage in US) but anticipating 850 MHz roaming).

PROS: Size and weight. Metal covers. Reception (a little better than my T39m). Color screen - large, clear & bright. Useful/visible 2nd display. Nice iTAP implementation. Robust GPRS. Robust voice dialling. Bluetooth implementation (but takes some playing around to figure out the settings - very nice implementation for headsets, but not straightforward with PDAs). Able to highly customize. Phonebook (although many complain about it). WAP implementation. MMS implementation. Camera is better than most found on mobile phones (although not important to me). Automatic band selection. Alarm implementation. Chat implementation.

CONS: Manual is useless - does not cover settings. Battery life - is ok but not great (using stock 700 mah battery). Speaker phone - ok in a quiet area. No automatic time (time zone) settings. No IR port. No ability to record videos (not really important).

I have been using a T39m which is still a solid, high performance phone. I have had bad experiences with Motorola in the last few years, namely V66, V60 CDMA series, but this phone is a great improvement and one that I will be using as my primary phone.

Pretty Cool


Apr 14, 2004 by mile14

The device is pretty cool, haven't noticed anything I don't like other than it being a Motorola and the lacking of memory for MP3's and such. Speaker phone is really convenient, reception is decent, I previously had a NEC 525 that was a good phone as well. I haven't owned a motorola since oh about 3 years ago. I am one of those new phone every other month or so guys. Im happy with this one love the MP3 option and that you can use them as ringtones. Accessories are pretty cool and the bluetooth is a plus for transfering MP3s from my laptop to my phone. Overall I am pleased with the product. Camera is clear just wish it could do video clips.

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Best phone ive ever owned


Apr 29, 2004 by chopsu3i

This has got to be the best phone i have ever owned. No Problems what so ever. I have the att version and i only have one real complaint....all the gay att customizations

-Very good quality camera
-Really sharp and clear display
-Informative external display

-Shitty AT&T Customizations (mmode crap)

all in all this phone is awesome. Reception is really good too. Usb data cable is only 50 cents on ebay so transfering pics and such is easy and cheap.

Overall, a solid phone with good call quality


Feb 1, 2005 by maltbyman

I just ported from Verizon to T-Mobile service in the Seattle/Eastside area. Two reasons: (1) My employer is going to T-Mobile and I will get a Blackberry with that service (and can use it for work-related calls) and (2) I really wanted a Bluetooth phone and Verizon only offers the V710 with much of the capabilities crippled. This is my first Motorola phone since the 90's analog version (which was a solid device). It's also the first flip phone I have owned.

I must add the caveat that I use the phone as a phone and for some text messaging, not as a camera/instant messaging device. So, ease of use and call quality are the main qualities that I am looking for.


+ Call clarity is good, particularly with a Plantronics wired headset (waiting on my free HS-810 Bluetooth headset..)
+ Screen easy to read
+ Voice dial works well
+ Highly customizable - I bought the Mobile Tools with USB cable from a T-Mobile retail store, I have made my own MP3 ringtones from my own songs – slam dunk!
+ Multiple contacts easily stored, especially when using Mobile Tools (as others have indicated, do NOT store to your SIM card, store to your phone). One big benefit of Mobile Tools is the ability to backup your contacts on your computer(s).

- The buttons on both sides are way, way too easy to push. I use a Motorola cover with the belt clip, it's just too damn easy to press the buttons when putting it on the clip
- Overly complex user interface. Changing the screen wallpaper is in settings->personalize, default ringtones under multimedia->sounds. I really had to search for the latter.
- It's a little heavier and bulkier than I would like
- Call answer and call end/power are reversed, what's with that?
- The camera doesn't take great pics but hey, this is a phone first and a camera second, right?

I recommend some kind of cover, my guess is that slapping it shut would wear out the screen prematurely.

Great Phone overall


Jan 3, 2005 by olops

I got this phone Dec 1, 2004, been one month and love it.
Prior to getting the V600, i had the Moto V60g for over 2 years, and just wanted to update my phone to a color screen, and maybe a few extras, and keep the GSM because I travel to asia a couple times a year. I saw so many bad reviews for this phone i was hesitant to buy it, but my old moto was and is still a great phone, so i went for it. The complaints like the call/send button being reversed was no big deal to me because i'm used to motos, but i guess moto is changing that on their newer models. And the complaint that the phonebook CAN NOT have multiple numbers under one name, is WRONG,... you can, you just have to go to phonebook, and change view to "primary".
I agree that the volume could be louder for noisy rooms, but it is adequate. I also agree that the manual could be better. I bought the V600 through Amazon, with T-mobile service (Free after rebates) and they offerd Bluetooth Jabra 250 headset for $49.00. It was easy to set up and works great, i use it in the car all the time... Love it!! Yeah the camera is ok, but like someone else said "its a phone". I have T-mobile service and works great in my area of Livonia Michigan, and most of S.E Michigan, Boston, Orlando, Philippines (although when out the of the country it is a different service provider, and being GSM phone i can but a local sim card). Ringtones are good, but can wait to make my own and download them to my phone. The build of the phone feels solid, and i always keep my phones in my pocket so it does not get beat up. Battery life is shorter than my V60g about 2 days,(and still playing around with games and features), but i charge every night anyway. I use my phone about 15hrs a month and suits my needs. I dont get 2 or 3 phones a year with every new change like it seems a lot of people here do.

Pros- Bluetooth
solid build
great reception (T-mobile)

Cons battery life

Greeeeeeaaaaat Phone!


Dec 16, 2004 by teentitan

I am soooo sorry that almost everyone who owns this phone has had a horrible experience with it. I, on the other hand, think its the best thing since sliced bread! This was a huge step up from my old T721. Like reported before, some of the cons can be avoided if you read the instruction booklet. It looks thick but you actually go through it pretty quickly. There are an awful lot of complaints about pieces falling off and scratches. Handle with care! This is a phone, not a football!

-Very sharp looking phone, the ladies love the event lights!
-The camera takes very good pictures and comes in handy for those special moments
-Office tools and bluetooth are awesome
-Real Sound and MP3 ringtones!!!
-Good speakerphone
-Changeable faceplates!
-Oh yeah, super clear calls!

-Ear piece not as loud as T721, but can still hear perfectly
-Battery life

Overall, I am totally happy with this phone and would suggest it to any phone junkie.
In response to the last review, I think you should have posted your questions in the forums. I can't answer your first question, but yes, this phone will play the REAL song and voice (MP3) Good luck!

Very Awesome Phone!!!


Dec 3, 2004 by ajbbincubus

I bought this phone full retail price about $430.00. This phone is better than the V60t and all four Nokia I had to keep getting. My service is with AT&T, service questionable, friend have a Nokia phone and he too experience a number of dropped calls.

Phone has camera

Crystal clear conversations

Awesome ringtones Ozzy's Crazytrain

Eye catching front ring lights

Awesome clear backgrounds

Awesome display blue light

Able to see all missed calls when phone is


Cool changeable covers carbon-fiber front

and back

Very easy to use phone book, never met

anybody with any phone filled up with

1,500 contacts

Battery lasts for 5 days and beeps when

battery is low, just read manual

Very awesome games Bejeweled

Very easy to use internet access


Price of phone, thats why didn't give 5


Antenna appears easy to break off

Internet way too easy to access

Can't change keypad colors

Phone should have came with car charger

Ringtone speaker should be louder

Should have the option to upgrade a more

powerful battery for longer cell phone


The phone is really good, though switched from AT&T service to Cingular service, I guess it really doesn't matter since they mergered. I would recommend this phone to anyone, though we must not forget that this world is not perfect, there will be lemons but with confidence will satisfy any person.

I like it a lot


Nov 21, 2004 by mrfantasy

This phone made me realize how much I had settled with my old T720 on Verizon. I liked that phone fine, and didn't have many problems with it once I got a few software updates, but the v600 blows it away.

I got mine for free from AT&T just before the Cingular deal completed. It's a refurb, and in this case I'm hoping that will help with some of the problems others have seen.


Software is good, to me. Fast menus, etc. None of the BREW crap that Verizon had.

Bluetooth so far works with the Motorola HS820 headset (which is great) and with Mobile Phone tools (which doesn't impress me, but that's another issue)

Reception and sound quality are good to me. I switched to AT&T because I get coverage in my basement office at work.

Battery life seems really good--I'm getting about 4 days of continuous on time, with lots of talk and text messaging.

I like being able to make my own ringtones out of MP3 clips.


The T720 beeps on low battery. The V600 does not. I used to be annoyed at the T720 but my V600 battery has died twice on me without warning.

All in all, I'd highly recommend this phone, especially if you can get a good deal on it like I did (free!)

Decent Phone. Thought it would be better.


Nov 8, 2004 by big28

I have had this phone for almost 6 months now and it has done me pretty well. I take it everywhere and its pretty roughed up. Overall its in good shape inside in out. If u are someone who can spend the money for this flip it is worth it. If u are someone who doesn't have the money i would just stick to the candy bar design phones. Right now i am looking to buy a new phone. I have heard a lot of good things about the SE k700i. I will probably buy it soon.

Pros: - Very good battery. had a SE
- Camera is descent wish it could
have video and maybe be a megapixal
- Good features. Especially the
shortcut buttons.

Cons: - Turns it self off in the middle of
phone calls sometimes.
- Service is not what i expected
thought it would be much better.
- The camera lens gets really dirty
and is very hard to clean.

Overall: If i had a chance to buy this phone or another for the same price i would definitely buy a better phone.

Didnt live up 2 its hype!


Oct 28, 2004 by lanal0

Remember da sayin looks are very deceiving; dats tru 4 dis fone.Its blingin but oh wht a dingin;earpiece not loud enuf,voice record doesnt wurk rite,sumtymes da screen turns off&on,battery even if other features not used;2-3 dayz, outer midpeice 2 delicate;aulredy hav a krak;OUCH! reception aurite,but a recaul frum Cingular...dats not kool!Da nise things 'bout dis fone are da external lights,changeable housings,mp3 ringers& Bluetooth...Motorola get wit da program; u guys make kool fonez,make sure they wurk right!

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