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what was motorola thinking?


May 7, 2005 by lilpoet071303

OK, this was the first phone that i purchased from cingular. well I'm on the second v600. boy its getting better bye the minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for some reason this phone and the mpx220 are the worst phones that motorola has made. the v600 loses battery power to fast and it attends to freeze up. its a shame that motorola cant come out with a good phone, and as for cingular, they should stop dealing with motorola until they can get it together. no pros and the cons you just read.

Poster Child for the Decline of Cellphone Quality


Apr 7, 2005 by Corvus

I purchased this phone in August of 2004 and have had nothing but problems. As of this writing (4/07/05), I am on the 5th handset, courtesy of T-Mobile's handset exchange. Problems ranged from software quirkiness (freezing up),hardware problems (data/accessory port was non-working), and poor call/volume quality.

The side volume buttons always seem to get actuated when handling the phone, causing annoying beeps.

I have always been a Motorola fan but this phone was a big disappointment.

Seems phones in general are getting flimsy and buggy...perhaps this is because manufacturers are trying to cram in so many features like a camera and other stuff that doesnt belong on a phone. You want a camera, buy a nice digital one. I dont need a Swiss Army phone, just give me a great one that does what it's supposed to do: make and receive calls.

Bring back the Star Tac!

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Not a bad phone at all


Mar 2, 2005 by foneguy

I've had this phone for a while, but wanted to wait to post a review.

I have to say that this phone has been good to me. It's no Ericsson, but what is? The reception is great everywhere but in my house( Suncom's network IMO ), battery life is only ok, but it gets me through a couple of days with no problem. The fact that it's a low capacity Li-ion is the reason for that( Hey Moto, where's the polymer? ). The phone book lacking mulitple entries per person does suck, even my old Ericssons did that. As far as bugs in the phone,
I've had few problems, most when I first got the phone or in the first few weeks. I am happy to say that I have had no problems recently. The bluetooth connection is static filled, I suspect that to be my headset ( Jabra BT200 ), I've had that thing since it hit the market. Other people have had tons of problems, but I am happy to say that I am fortunate enough to have had almost no signifigant problems, and am very happy with this phone, and am now looking forward to the V635( if it ever comes out...).



Feb 22, 2005 by PABLO18

I used to think the phone was a piece of crap ( (I log also as PABLO181179), but now, after my local mobile phone provider has changed my phone, I have a completely differente opinion about it.

The phone works great. Excellent design, excelent sound. Rings much louder than any other motorola (still I would like it to vibrate at the same time it rings like nokias), battery life is decent (4 days).

I love the phone. No complaints at all. Love it. works more than ok.

Not Perfect, but Not Bad at All


Feb 21, 2005 by jroll8481

Just got this phone the other day, and so far so good. The camera is clear, it has a lot of options to customize your phone. The phone book is a little different from what I am used to, but its not a big deal. I don't really care for the lag when navigating the menus, and trying to answer a call. Mostly just and adjustment, this is my first Motorola, Ive been with Sprint all my cellular life, and just made the switch to tmobile, so I'm used to Sanyo. Overall though, I am very happy with this phone, and the options.

it is a good phone!!!


Feb 14, 2005 by brendabedatg

the phone is great, imagine clear, camera great, u can had as much info about a contact as u want and even up tp 6 other numbers, is kool, it looks great, and there is no doubt dat i will buy another motorola soon

Bang for the Buck


Feb 11, 2005 by Phone Lizard

The first phone to impress me into opening my wallet in over 2 years, and I have had a chance to sell and try all of them.
I could care less about the picture quality..... even though it's really quite good.
I use the thing to make phone calls, and have a thing called a "camera" to take pictures.
Great sound, loud rings, awesome screen, my bluetooth works like a hot dang, synchs up perfectly, man alive, I played with every feature on the thing for weeks in the store before I bought it.
The one major fault I found is that the area where the front plastic fascia meets the top of the back when it's opened (right next to the cam lens) is a weak spot, a cover made of the v300's material would last longer (I've send probably 20 away for warranty on this at work... USE A HANDSFREE, don't cram it on your shoulder).
It's not so small you can't use it, and not so big you can't carry it.
Sure, it's really expensive in a lot of areas, 'specially in Canada, but it's really quite worth it.
One other major CON...... the side buttons can't be locked, so you might mess up the settings pulling it outta some cases.

Great phone


Jan 12, 2005 by ofthevalleygirl

I'm submitting my review only to address a false "con" that I've read in many others review of this phone.

YES! You can add multiple entries per contact!

Before I purchased this phone I was very concerned that a phone with so many features would lack something so basic as multiple phonebook entries. Once I got my phone I found out that those comments were wrong.

Here's what I did...when saving a contact, do not save to the SIM card. Save it to the phone instead. Then you'll get options to save the entry as home, work, cell, etc. Now you'll be able to add more entries for the contact.

I love this phone and am considering buying another for a gift!

The BEST phone EVER


Dec 30, 2004 by MUNOZGMAN

Ive had this phone for about 1 month and i have no complaints at all, NOT even one!
1.Excellent reception where i live (bay area) even with one bar its perfect.
2.Great features - no complaints at all
3.IMO the best looking phone out there
4.Loud and clear speakerphone
5.Easy to use keys, great looking screen
6.Mp3 player! download and it sounds perfect
7.Way too many good things about this phone

1.No video recording (but not really necessary)
2.Not a megapixle camera but still takes great pictures
that's all the cons that i can think of

Man this phone is crazy good

good phone


Nov 11, 2004 by afbla

This phone is definatly good(at least for motorola) and combines style with inovation

Some PROS are:

Ringer is loud
has lights on cover
in style
has camera with zoom
external display

Some CONS are:

OS is hard to figure out at first
kinda bulky
video playback but no recording!?!?!?!?

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