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What is wrong with this phone


Sep 27, 2004 by darklathia

I am sorry but why is it every time I find a great phone people find something to complain about it.

The Pro's for this phone
I have found everything in this phone to be easy to use..

The Con's

There really are none... and the bluetooth is not difficult IF YOU READ INSTRUCTIONS.

for anyone who complains about reception maybe you should look at your carrier.. those with AT&T will be Cingular so your signal will be better but you with T-Mobile you may want to look at a new cell carrier... Cause your cell carrier is to Blame for your poor reception not your cell phone... And if you can flash flex your own phone that is a plus.. which means you can rid your phone of the carrier proprietary stuff and make your phone yours... And use Ebay half the stuff you people complain costs so much they are selling for like $5 or $10.. Just stop complaining about good equipment... Next time test your carrier..
Most times that is to blame..

Good cellphone


Dec 5, 2005 by jabao_ron

I've had this phone since February 2005, and it has worked wonderfully. It has a great desing and the circular multicolored LED in the front makes it look really attractive. I'm using it with Orange, a carrier in Dominican Republic. (I think it is a branch of an European carrier, not so sure about that). I use my cellphone a lot sometimes, so it gets hard job everyday.

It is a great cellphone to have. If you look for something simple and functional. Maybe it is not as good as its brother, the V635, but it sure works fine.


-Quad-band: makes it recieve signal almost everywhere and anytime. I've been in far away places and even with one bar of signal it has worked perfectly.

-Easy to use menus: every option is easy to access through the menus.

-Personalized LED light: you can select a multicolored LED display for an specific contact or category.

-Frontal LED display: Shows time, streng of signal, battery life, bluetooth, type of network, calls, messages, SMS's, datebook appointments, photos taken (with closed flip), and almost every option of the phone.

-Speaker: excellent sound, and it goes really loud. You can also hear you MP3's with it.

-External Voice dialing button: makes it easier to use voice dialing. Push the button, speak the namen and it dials it automatically or manually.

-Style Rings: very simple, Loud, Soft, Vibrate, Vibrate and Ring, and my favorite, Silent.

-Bluetooth: works excellent, really fast, and detects almost all devices (there's a CON about this option).

-Battery life: I left the phone on for 5 1/2 days and it displayed low batter at night of the fifth day, (Standby usage). Daily usage showed that it can handle up to 4 days without charging.

-Multimedia: MP3 support, MotoMixer allows you to create a sound. Themes looks great on it, video playback, camera, background picture and screen saver option, supports JPG and GIF.


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What's All the Fuss?


Nov 29, 2005 by USA1600

I must say I'm not sure what all the fuss is about the V600. I've read all these reviews saying how terrible it is. I used an unlocked V600 from Motorola purchased on ebay for almost a year before getting the RAZR and never experienced any of the problems that I've seen others mention so much. My battery life was always excellent. The sound quality was great on both the internal and external speaker. It marked a much needed return to a basic ring tone for those who don't need the entire Billboard Hot 100 on their phone. I dropped it a few times and noticed no reduction in quality. I even dropped it in a shallow puddle of water and noticed no change. I will admit the charge mechanism did not need to be so cumbersome. The charger doesn't lock in securely enough. The Bluetooth could use work. It disconnects from the device way to easily. You can imagine the irritation of the phone ringing and you press your earpiece only to realize it's no longer connected.
It is overall a fine phone that still beats many newer models in terms of looks. It's structurally sound because of the metal housing.
I've heard that people paid like $400.00 for the V600 when it debuted. Trust me, even the best phone is not worth that much. Patience will save you a lot of money. And it's often the first units that are plagued with bugs.

Pretty nice phone!


Nov 7, 2005 by Cappy

Overall it's a very nice phone. I've heard some bad reviews about bugs but so far I've seen none. No dropped calls on the Cingular network. Was originally a T-Mobile phone and I flash/flexed it to Cingular and everything has worked fine since. Nice camera, takes decent pics and seem to be better than my LG1400 pics. Reception is great on the Cingular network here in Minneapolis and greater Minnesota. Only cons I can think of are I wish speakerphone could be activated without having to connect first, the addressbook is a little awkward but you get used to it, and I like the voice activation feature. It's a very nice looking phone and it gives good value. Might have been overpriced when it came out but since I picked mine up cheaply as it was used I can't complain there either.

I really didn't enjoy this phone.


Oct 24, 2005 by jenmana

I had this phone from T-Mobile just a couple of months ago. It was an okay phone. I loved the design of the phone. It wasn't too big or too small (for my taste) and it was very easy to text message. The reason why I hated the phone was because it always seemed to drop calls. Signal sucked.

- Nice size.
- Awesome design.
- Good camera.
- Tons of preloaded wallpapers and polyphonic ringtones.

- Bad signal.
- Can't record custom ringtones.



Aug 15, 2005 by nikemaxair36

hi i have had this phone for over a week now and i really dont see any problems with it and i think its probally better than the v551



Jul 18, 2005 by kjartan93

Just a note that I've had my v600 for 14 months (just over the warranty period), only to have the phone completely freeze up when attempting to connect to the Internet. Only option is to briefly remove the battery in order to recycle the phone.

Cingular is no longer providing any service, and of course the phone is no longer replaceable, so my only options are to continue using the phone without Internet access, or to purchase another phone at my expense.

General reviews of this phone have pointed to its unreliability, and this is one more account to add to the stack.



Jul 11, 2005 by NYCWIRELESS200

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It sucks!


Jun 17, 2005 by ctrptr45

It might look nice, but this phone is the worst we've ever owned. Had the phone for about 3 months and it started acting up, screen went black or green. The charge doesn't hold for more than a day. We've been through 3 refurbished phones with ATT and now need a 4th one but are opting for a Nokia. I would NOT recommend this phone ever.

The worst


May 16, 2005 by ricotero

i had the v600 for two months and it was the worst phone i ever had, it has a lot of great features but all them bad quality.
i changed it to a samsung e316 and it is much better than this horrible phone.

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