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Probably my #2 favorite Phone of all time


Nov 10, 2004 by fish1856

I'm a Motorola man. I've had multiple phones from them and they have had the most agreeable menu interface or button configuration. I've had the phone for about a week and its everything I've hoped for.

Bluetooth Functionality (switched to T Mobile because Verizon decided to disable it).
Mp3 ring tones
Weight (feels like I'm holding something)

Price, little more than i would have liked but well worth.

No holster included. Would have been nice, but I got one on order.
No extended battery available. Battery life is really good, but I'd like an extended one

So overall I'd say this is defiantly a good phone. P.S. My #1 favorite phone was the StarTAC.

All youo haters:


Oct 9, 2004 by aprout

I purchased my v600 on 4/30/04. When Cingular announced it's discontinuation, I was offered a v400 to use(no add cost) till the corrected version was available, but declined. I recieved my replacement 10/4/04. I no longer have the "call failed" issue or call going straight to vm(with strong signal).

Yes the Bluetooth is touchy(I think visibility is factory set to off), I have to constantly use the "find me" even though the devise looking for the v600 is trusted. I do surf on my Dell Axim5 via Bluetooth(@ about 50kbs max) and send pics and ringtones to and from my pc.

My Mobile Phone Tools works fine with the cable. I would like to be able to sync via Bluetooth.

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this thing makes me love V600 more and more


Sep 27, 2004 by vibee5269

My friend just sent me a gift called Handset Manager for my Motorola V600, I was so surprised this data kit can also function as a charger to charge my V600! Besides it, it also allow me to manage my phone book, pictures, ringers...and more! I just want to take this chance to share this good product with you. It is something you must have if you own a V600!

I loooove this phone


Sep 19, 2004 by Tia

I've had this phone now for about 2 months and I love it. The bluetooth works like a miracle - I can transfer games,pics,audio,video without a problem.With my previous V300 I had troubles with a cable and it hardly worked like a miracle.The lights on V600 are great and I fell in love with them the first time I saw them. The reception is great and I don't see any problems with speakerphone except it is maybe too loud.I know it says on the specs that the colour on both phones are the same but I have both in my hands and the V600 has more clearer colour.I really don't have any pros except it died on me twice as opposed to V300 who had a daily dying tantrums.We all know that the moto software isn't the greatest, but the V600 rules.Ah, and the cam quality is better on V600.

Great choice


Sep 17, 2004 by Gundy

This is the best cell phone I've owned. If you're willing to pay the extra bucks for it, you won't be disappointed I've owned it for 4 months and I have yet to notice any major bugs with it. The digital camera is probably the best on the market for a cell phone but don't rely on it for taking family pictures or using outdoors.

The only thing I find wrong with the phone is that you can't customize all the ring settings for the phone. In other words, you can have settings for "Loud, Soft, Silent, Vibrate and Vibrate+Ring." You can change all of them to just ring settings but you can't create new ring profiles past the basic that are installed. Also, the Vibrate+Ring option is where you get three vibrates before ringing on a call. There is NO option to have the phone Ring and Vibrate at the same time the call is received-which I would find more useful in certain situations where the environment is loud.

rerelease v600 on cingular


Sep 13, 2004 by pharmdaddyd

hello,i just talked with moto and the local cingular store they are going to rerelease the motorola v600 for cingular starting next month.according to motorola no other carrier had trouble with the 850 band.

The perfect fone!!!


Sep 12, 2004 by sharkjaws

I bought the Motorola v600 yesterday. And I fell in love with it the moment I turned it on. From those bright crisp colors to the clear camara & gr8 speaker fone sound. Plus the crisp sound of mp3 ringtones (especially the hello moto) also the video's. The only thing the v600 is missing is a video recorder. (But the v620 should have it). N e wayz I recommend buying this fone. Its almost perfect (for me it is). I had lots of experience with lots of fones (Including nokia 6200 , 7250i , Samsung A800 , S300.
And this is by far the best fone i have ever used.
Just one comment again : Motorola should give a better manual.
As I said before BUY THIS FONE!!!

Great all-Around Performance


Aug 26, 2004 by MegaBit

I'll start off by stating that I left Verizon after 7 years to have access to newer, more current technology. My choice was Cingular based on the upcoming merger and breadth of technology and services available. Coverage is no longer an issue.

I've had two of these (wife & me) for about 4 weeks now and like almost every aspect of the handset. It's a solid performer for all areas of functionality I've run it through.

PROs include:
Bluetooth functionality and performance for both headsets (HS810 and HBH-60) and with Apple computers for file transfers. It's as easy as browsing the phone and dragging and dropping files like ringtone and pictures.

Ringer volume is great. MP3s are fun to experiment with.

Speaker phone works great.

External display visibility is good when on or off and in any lighting condition.

Sound quality is far superior to CDMA.

Java apps work good.

Easy to sync Phonebook & Calendar with either Mobile Phone Tools or Apple iSync.

RF received strength seems good with no dropped calls so far.

CONs Include:
Keypad number buttons a little flat- I prefer some rounded or raised surfaces.

No OEM plastic holster with a clip that fits over a belt (after market models have a gap big enough for a layer of fabric only).

The fact Cingular pulled them from their line-up 2 days after I purchased them.

Overall I got what I wanted- things like MMS, Java, Bluetooth, and better camera images. And all of this in a solid piece of hardware.

Motorola Continues Excellence!


Aug 25, 2004 by dayve

The V600 is a fantastic phone. I just recently upgraded from the T721 and was absolutely pleased with the quality of the phone. Just holding it the first time I knew I was holding something solid, sturdy and aethestically appealing.

The phone comes jam packed with cool features including high quality photos from the camera. 640 X 480 images are easily sent via Email, MMS or Bluetooth and to boot it comes with plenty of memory to store lots of images.

The Bluetooth feature is amazing. I have done file transfer very easily with Nokia's and Samsung's sharing media files without needing to use mMode.

The Distinct Call options are also very cool. Customized photos, led colors, ringers along with caller id makes it very easy to see who is calling.

The battery life has been great as well. Being that the phone is new I obviously am using the new features like crazy, especially the camera. To my amazement the battery life and exceeded my expectations.

The color LCD screen is one of the best screens I have seen in modern cell phones. It is vibrant and crisp, definitely one of the most noticeable features of the phone.

The sound quality of the conversations I have using the phone has been top notch. The phone just fits perfectly and contours nicely to my ear as I am having conversations.

One last thing. The hinge quality has continued to amaze me. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since Motorola pioneered the clam shell design. You can just tell by the look and function of it that the device is pure quality.

If I had to mention any cons, (which is hard for me to do) I guess I would say that I wish the antenna was internal. Pretty sad that this is the only thing I can find faulty with it.

You will not be dissapointed with this phone. I don't know how I can be reading negative comments on this phone, I think it must be a ploy from the competition because there is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best phones out there.

v600 Phonebook


Aug 23, 2004 by a564718

It appears that a lot of the reviews are complaining about the phonebook and how it only can hold one number per entry.

That is not entirely correct. When entering contact info into the phone, you fill out all the info, and at the bottom of menu fields is a entry labeled "MORE". This is where you enter additional numbers to associate with that contact. Each one should have a different "location" (home, work, mobile, etc) associated with it. One of these numbers you set as the "primary" number for that contact.

After doing so, when you open the contacts, you can scroll down to the one you want (or hit the number keys corresponding to the first letters to jump to that part of the phone book), then use the left/right arrows to select which number you want to call.

Essentially Motorola does store these as separate entries in the phone book, but it will group them by contact name when presented. There are some other options regarding grouping - but I have not explored those yet.

I haven't used the bluetooth headsets yet, but I do have co-workers who have this phone and have used multiple headset brands and all have worked with the proper profile.

At present I like the phone, however I am not trying to use it as a calendar replacement, and I am not doing any type of MMS/Email from it. Someday maybe - but currently I just use it to make phone calls.

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