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What i think of the glyde


Jun 26, 2008 by DDABK

i really enjoy the glyde and ya there are many complaints about the touch screen but hopefully they will make an update for that like the voyager. Im happ with everything else on the glyde especially the camera though the call quality could be better still good enough for me.

i like it


May 31, 2008 by conflate

i switched from the voyager to the glyde as soon as the glyde came out and i'm liking it. the voyager was huge and i found myself never carrying it in my pocket and always in my hand. it just wasn't pocketable. the glyde is definately pocketable and i like the slider vs the clamshell on the voyager. the call quality on the voyager is better though. the touchscreen via it's native software is pretty good, but can get unresponsive when using the browser. all in all i am quite pleased with the glyde and i give it a 4.5/5.0

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Glyde a disappointment


May 15, 2008 by fightinirish76

I was really looking forward to this phone, but it has been a real letdown for me.

-Slide out keyboard has solid feel
-Keyboard buttons have good spacing
-Overall size good
-Decent call quality
-HTML browser

-Screen doesn't register touches half the time. Many other times it registers touches in the wrong location
-MULTIPLE menu selections to complete one simple task (SMS text should not require 5-6 selections every time)
-Zoom function in browser blurs everything

Looks like I will wait for the LG Dare and hope for a better experience.

the samsung glide


May 10, 2008 by boston7

the samsung glide is over all the best i have had it for about a day and i love it. its just like the iphone but with a sliding keyboard. its also light weight and small so it fits anywhere. i love this phone and i hope you enjoy it like me!

Not Good for Calendar Usage


May 16, 2008 by jennasaunt

Got this phone on Wed. and have enjoyed using it. However, one of the functions I was looking for was a Calendar. Entering calendar items is a little clunky, and if you have multiple items in one day and don't enter them in chronological order, they'll appear just as you entered them. 9:00 am appointment will show AFTER the 3:00 pm appointment if you entered them that way!

The phone is going back, I'll probably trade it for a Blackberry.

- love the touch screen, although I agree with other reviewers about having to tap it several times to get it to kick in.
- call reception is very clear, even on speaker phone.
- browser works great

- calendar function is definitely not for the business user
- touch screen sensitivity / lack thereof
- no PC sync function
- can't use this phone internationally
- The place where the charger plugs in requires you to move a little piece out of the way -- I can see this breaking off very easily with constant usage.

If you want a cool touch screen phone for voice, email, and browser - it's great. If you want that calendar function, stick with a PDA.

good purchase


May 14, 2008 by ihateverizoncommercials

okay so here is a shorter review of the glyde. i purchased it a day or two after available from Verizon, and it has been nothing short of fantastic. the battery life is incredibly impressive for a phone that has a touch screen, qwerty keyboard, etc. etc. For the body of the phone, it is a little bit thick but it doesn't affect the performance in any way, the only downside to this phone pretty much is the fact that its annoying to text without the keyboard but i have done it numerous times and now i have become quite good at it. Basically, this phone needs a little bit of adjusting to get used to, and after that it is pretty much perfect in my opinion. o yeah and if u set the touch settings to ultra sensitive you don't need to push down on the touch screen like the video review said.

p.s. Nice in-depth video review phonescoop :-P

samsung glyde


May 11, 2008 by cell2071

this phone is great , just dont compare it to a iphone i dont like the iphone i mean i think its the phone that revolutionized the industry of touch phones, but it just aint for me maybe if they put a key board on it i mite get it,, other then that i had a choice off the lg voyager or the glyde im happy wit the glyde for now.beside i got a really sweet deal on it,,,,

cons....battery is ok or medium just dont go heavy on it, but at the end of the day im draining it because im a heavy web and tex user and adjust the ligthing the screen is clear so you wont really notice,,,the buttons can take some geting used to, the touch screen is a bit faulty at times but i dont expect it to be a iphone, so its cool if i have to hit it a few times as long as it works,,

email option is really coo,, you can by email app for only 5 dollars a month,,and i have my aol and hotmail account,,,everything else is good havnt tested the blu tooth yet.
oh and the size is not that bad at all its not a brick, its like the size of a pack of cigerettes,but it goes in my pocket nicely, if ever had a palm treo now thats a brick! but this is well sized but i would like to see the voyager and the samsung glyde go down in size,,like the i phone

Had High Hopes, Big Dissappointment


Jun 4, 2008 by OnTheRun

After a little over 3 weeks with the phone, I decided to take it back. I bought the phone based on pre-release info - and I wish I had waited. The phone looks great - and DOES have some good features, but - the unresponsive, inconsistent touch-screen proved beyond frustrating for me.

Great size - fits well in the hand.
Bright display


Touch screen is just awful - even after adjusting sensitivity. More than half the time, touches either don't register - or they register in the wrong/adjacent option. Entering your pass-code is even a challenge.

The dial pad keys have varying response areas - i.e., 1 2 & 3 mostly respond to pressing top center, 4 5 6, something else, etc. And - it's not consistent.

You have to unlock the phone constantly (good luck with this one) - which also doesn't register as quickly as you'd expect. Makes for an interesting experience when trying to leave a message, check your voice-mail, etc. Sometimes, it's just down-rite stubborn - and gets stuck.

The keys on the QWERTY board are very small, and the top of the key pad is too close to the rim of the phone. Thumbs rub, which is annoying - but I suppose you could get used to it.

There are 7 or 8 ring-tones. Enjoy.

When trying to use the camera - the video camera always comes up first - and - then same frustration with the touch registering in order to take the picture.

And - good luck with being plugged in while driving, as the port is at he TOP of the phone - weird. (although, this will be a moot point soon for most)

Yesterday, after giving it a "good go" - and making sure... I finally exchanged the Glyde for the LG-VX9100. I'm thrilled! Hope this helps!

I want to love this phone... but


May 14, 2008 by stopgo

After only 24 hours it's very nearly a sure thing that this phone is going back to the store. Which is too bad because Samsung almost scored a direct hit with the Glyde.

Plenty of screen real-estate, full QWERTY keypad, native browser and Bluetooth... all in a small-ish, good looking package. What's not to love, right? Turns out there's plenty. :(

- Bright, clear screen.

- The interface and menus are a lot easier to navigate than any other Verizon phone I've owned.

- Touchscreen is abysmal. Half the time it doesn't recognize any input at all and the other half of the time it's just as likely to select an option adjacent the one you want. The screen also likes to lock up frequently which is infuriating.

- Battery life is terrible. In less than 24 hours I went from a full charge to one bar; with just five short phone calls, four texts and about 45 minutes of playing with the browser during that time.

- There's no "hard" key to end a phone call. You have to unlock the touchscreen (good luck with that... it's here that the screen likes to get really stubborn) and then touch the screen again to end the call.

SAMSUNG (are you serious)


May 18, 2008 by your vzw guy

i work for verizon wireless, and so far i really am not satisfied with the GLYDE (neither are my customers). i have been a samsung fan for a long time and skeptic of LG till i owned an ENV(LG-VX9900, and now i upgraded to the VOYAGER, costs a little more but it really is worth it.
but with the GLYDE not so much.

1-size (smaller than the voyager)
2-keyboard layout is elegant
3-good volume.

1-touch screen is hideous,
2-battery life time too short
3-preloaded tones are (are you serious)a descrase.
4-no zoom on HTML
5-feels cheap

i am quite disappointed in samsung.

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