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Helpful tips


Oct 21, 2008 by anastacia22

I love this phone! Straight to the point; the main issues I have read about are resolvable.
The care of any phone is about the same.

**Battery life-Charge it the full 12 hours the day you get it. The until it says "charge complete" there after.
Never charge it overnight or longer than 20 mins on a car charger. It is bad for the battery and dictates the battery life.

Every text is aprox. equal to a 15 min. call.
Internet browsing will also wear out the battery life.

**Freezing/nonresponsive- all phones should be hard shocked once a week. This is where you remove the back and battery. 30 seconds is all it needs. Think of your phone as a mini pc- it is good to restart it. Also, make sure you have the correct software on the phone. And if it the phone has a touch screen- use your finger tips, not so much the flats of the finger- try using the thumb nail to scroll. It responds to touch not push =)

If you are taking proper care of the phone, it is wonderful- and is super fun to play with. It also has a docking station avail at samsung.com that allows you to listen to music loudly.
The camera is awesome- flash is hard to come by anymore- and 2.0 with auto focus is not bad for a phone at all!
I wanted something that was easy to use and had a full keypad, plus touch and a good camera- it met all of these and more. I dont have verizon, so am not sure on the plans- but the price of the data plan is dirt cheap too! Just wish there were more accessories.
Hope this helps! =)

Glyde right on by


Oct 17, 2008 by skymaster

This is a horrible phone. I got mine in June and had it replaced four times before Verizon gave me the Lg Dare to replace that piece of junk.

-It looks good. This is why I give it a .5

-The touch screen is unresponsive and unreliable. You touch one icon and it goes somewhere else.
-The keyboard is too small.
-horrible battery life
-the phone shuts down and locks up
-the keyboard is hard to use
-signal is not great
-dropped calls
-phone is overall a disappointment.

Do not buy the gylde


Oct 15, 2008 by bmcpate

When I bought this phone i really enjoyed it but the touch screen does not last it is non-responsive

-good graphics
-touch screen

hangup button
touch screen overall
when your on the phone buttons dial.

Great Phone


Oct 15, 2008 by jwhitten24

I don't understand why so many people have given this phone a bad review. I have heard people complaining about the auto-lock, the terrible touch screen, short battery life, no "hard" end button.. and I find all of this incorrect.

You can turn the auto-lock off under touch settings and only lock the phone when you want to.

If you are having problems with the touch screen, change the sensitivity.

Turn the vibrate off of the touch screen and your battery will last longer.

And there is a "hard" end button. Use the home key thats on the screen. It will end you calls, and take you back to the main screen.

There are little things about this phone you have to learn, and if you don't know them I would understand why people think this phone is terrible. But when you know the tricks to it, its an awesome phone and I would recommend this phone to ANYONE!



Oct 8, 2008 by dholman09

ok phone.it has all the features i would want and it has a slider.the touch screen is ok,but the keyboard is awesome.if you like this phone you should get it,but remember you have to keep it for two years.............................

30 day review disapointed


Oct 4, 2008 by Missak

I have owned this phone for 30 days now. needless to say I am returning it. When I looked at this phone I was between the Voyager and Glyde. I liked the Env the first one..and waited for the Env2 to come out...but i was disappointed in it.

Basically there arent many differences with this phone and the Voyager. Although, even the rep at my local verizon store told me that it was one of there most returned phone. I then asked him why, He told me it was all because the way the touch screen worked. Up until that point i hadnt had a whole lot of trouble with the phone. other then it not selecting the right place and dialed a few people i didnt want it too. I told him I like the phone. well i spoke too soon. Ive noticed the last few days that If i select the top of the screen the bottom will select and some time it freezes. some times you have to press supper hard for it to select..it turns blue but doesnt select.

i liked the small keyboard for texting and the fact that u used the screen still for the menu when you slide out...how ever texting with the touch screen its near a task in its self!! you NEED TO WATCH CLOSE TO the numbers you Dial.for sometimes it selects the button next to it instead!

bluetooth with the phone was very poor! even with the phone right next to bluetooth. Which also was a deal breaker for me! I loved my bluetooth and to not use it with this phone was a shame...although if it did work good the voice prompts could never accept yes as my answer no matter how many times i trained the phone!

Pros: Small style
uses touch screen with keyboard out
can record sounds
Music player is loud
loved the living wallpaper

cons: Touch screen failour
lack of ringtones
Low sound quality for ringtones
Internal antena at bottem of phone
Poor bluetooth quality
dial pad numbers to close for calling or even texting with.
super hard to pull charger plug out of phone
Lock is a one touch..so when in your pocket is will still unlock

Excellent device


Oct 1, 2008 by sgtpeppersband9

I don't know what all the negativity from other users are. This device is excellent. The touch interface is not the best but is very responsive. If it malfunctions, simply slide it closed and reopen it to reset it. The touch interface can actually slide like the iPhone. You can also get full youtube video and actually use 3g technology as it has been with Verizon for the past 3 years. The battery life is not the best but it's better than the iPhone 3g. Here're the pros and cons

1. Great touch interface, similar but nothing compared to the iPhone

2. Streaming YouTube video

3. Great browser. Easy to use with slide touch

4. Good algorithm with shuffle for music

5. Excellent 2.0 mega-pixel camera and it actually has a flash (hard to find nowadays)

6. Very fast data on EV-DO Rev A coverage.


1. Bad battery life

2. Touch interface sometimes doesn't react to what you touch but the fix was already discussed.

3. Keyboard can be non-responsive.

Overall, this has been the best device I've ever owned. In spite of its imperfections, it is a good rival to the iPhone (not anywhere like the Instinct but very close for the price). Much better than the Voyager and cheaper.



Sep 27, 2008 by Kahjr

just had the phone for about 2 or 3 hours so far i love it

Glyde's Touchscreen is a No-Go


Aug 11, 2008 by Alliy.

I do not have this phone, however, I have read many reveiws and watched countless videos reveiwing & comparing it to the rest of Verizon's messaging phones current lineup; including the Voyager, EnV2, & Alias.

The phone itself has the best of multiple worlds. It has a touchscreen (unlike the env2 or alias), and you can use it at the same time as the keyboard (you cannot do this with the Voyager). It combines a touchscreen, qwerty keyboard, and slider phone all in one. The screen is great, there is a great color scheme and layout as well. A lot of people like how the interface isn't Verizon's typical layout, it's more of a revamp, and it makes good use of the phone & its touchscreen & keyboard. However, the touchscreen, the phone's major feature, is dissapointing. There is a vibrating feedback when you touch the screen, but the screen itself is rather small for some people and is suprisingly lackluster in accuracy. Often you will find yourself hitting and rehitting. Oh, and when you hit a button dead-on, sometimes the phone even selects the option next to it anyway.

The phone has a nice interface, however, it takes several clicks to get to some simple commands and menus, and when you factor in the bad touch-screen, this means a lot of wasted time to perform simple acts. The fact that you can use the touchscreen and the keyboard at the same time is a plus for some, and a minus for others, since there is no d-pad anywhere. Overall, I have decided that I will purchase the env2 instead simply due to the poor touchscreen and overall design. The phone looks awsome and has really cool features, but in performance it often lacks. I would suggest that you try out the phone before buying to see if these issues concern you enough to deter you from buying!

Wouldn't recomend it


Jul 7, 2008 by Akashrahi

okay straight to the details.. I wouldn't recomend this phone to any guy,man, or boy. The keyboard is too small and its hard to type on. The touch screen isn't that bad and the browser works very fast. But this phone is to small for men. For laides I think this phone would be a perfect present or a first phone

Overall its a 3 because of the negitive keynaord and size but a positive for the touch screen
hopefully RHS review has helped you answer any questions you had in the first place

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