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Can you hear me now...didn't think so.


Jul 28, 2008 by jeremy4315

Love verizon, hate the Glyde. All the gadgets and sexiness are nice. call quality and reception are junk. Plain and simple.

I want a phone that works


Jul 11, 2008 by BC79

I am being very generous giving this phone a 1.0. The phone is a touch screen phone with a keyboard. Almost every review has the touch screen in the cons. Why would anyone want a phone in which it's primary function/feature is a con?

Anyone buying this phone will want to rip their hair out in a few months after dealing with the screen not functioning properly. I had to return mine within days. I don't want to have to get used to a phone that wasn't exactly cheap, it should just work. I thought Samsung was better than this.

Go with the LG Voyager or LG Dare if you want a good touch screen phone for Verizon.

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Do not buy the Glyde


Jul 6, 2008 by kennyjhahn

Pros: QWERTY keyboard
Attractive user interface
Status bar
Lock button

Cons: Call quality is horrible
Touch screen is unresponsive (with all sensitivity levels)
Does not have touch calibration
Ringtones are limited
Phone looks and feels cheap
Touch screen is way too small
Texting on the touch screen is impossible
MP3 interface is complicated and ugly
Camera is the worst feature of this phone
Can't zoom in on pictures
Camera is laggy
Camera quality is absolutely horrid
Flash is useless
Browser is also impossible to use (because touch screen is too small and unresponsive)
Ending calls is frustrating

Clearly, the Cons greatly outnumber the Pros. I would change this phone, but its been over a month. I would recommend the new LG Dare, it fulfills most of the cons that I have listed, and it is also at a similar price. I hate this phone with a passion. It's the worst Samsung phone out. I would never recommend it to anyone.



Jul 3, 2008 by afd1962

I had my Glyde for 3 weeks. and quickly took it back before my 30 days were up. Touchscreen was very inconsistent. Sometimes it froze. Call quality was horrible. I always had echo's or static. I simply hated the phone and is probably the worst phone I've ever owned from verizon. Buy the voyager or the new and great LG-Dare!

all problems disappeared when i bought the dare

If you want it dont get. If you have it return within the 30 days


Jul 2, 2008 by mjulian

easy to use
good picture quality
good signal

loosely built
terrible touch screen
weak screen makes it easy to miss keys

I am very familiar with touch screen electronics. I have an itouch and have owned touch screen PDA's. At first I loved it because it was astetically pleasing and easy to use. The QWERTY keyboard is a great feature, especially for text fiends. I liked the signal strength but didnt like the fact that if your hand covers the top of the phone, you lose reception. However, after owning the phone for three weeks i grew to hate it. The touch screen malfuntioned regularly, it called people even though it was "locked', the phone would hit buttons even though I didnt touch it, no matter wher i touched the screen it would hit the bottom right, the slide out QWERTY board offers no back up keys for incoming or outgoing calls(so when the screen failed the phone become useless), the touch screen is week and bends so even when it did work it would hit keys ajacent to the intended one, and the battery life lasted me less than 24 hrs with limited use and 12 hours with regular use. With heavy use the battery would last less than 8 hours. I switched to the LG Dare for $20 bucks more and I love it. I recommend not getting this phone. If you have it and it has past the 30 day return policy, good luck. When the phone breaks, you're gonna have the great opportunity of dealing with Samsung's terrible customer service. I am not a Samsung basher. In fact, I love their TV's (although this is how I experienced their service customer service) and their older cell phones. They have a lot of glitches to work out before they hit the mark with this one.

Bad phone.!!!!


Jul 1, 2008 by phonefreakk9

what kind of phone is this? it stinks not verizon but samsung!!!!! come on lg make these not samsung!!!! badddd phonee! not good life. not good camara. not good screen. ecccttttt....

The Glyde is horrible...


Jun 25, 2008 by Kristopher1129

Well, I just purchased the Samsung Glyde and have used it for 2 days total and have already swapped it for a new phone. My first impression was really good of this phone for about 30 minutes or so. The phone has alot of features and does just about everything you want a phone to do including the new touchscreen craze thats going on. Unfortunately the phone does everything you would want it to do, it just does it horribly. The main problem I have is the software on this phone. This is by far the glitchiest phone I've ever used. Just about 3 out of 5 times the back button on the touch screen wouldn't work. And yes, I tried different sensitivity levels. It wasn't that, the phone is just glitchy. On top of that you have to hit buttons twice due to a locking feature on the phone to stop accidental hang ups or pressed buttons, which believe it or not didn't work well either. I found that very annoying. I found texting with the phone difficult as well, even though that is supposedly the phones greatest feature. Getting to the symbols section to put commas, or punctuation was difficult cause the button does nothing when you press it 50% of the time. Texting was actually faster on my old keyboardless phone. Which I found real sad. On top of that! I had the phone for two days and it called two of my friends by accident! If you like a flashy phone and don't care about how user friendly it is...then this phone is for you, but don't whine when you're pressing buttons two or three times to do one simple thing. If you like a reliable and quick to use phone that does everything you ask it to, right then and there...then look elsewhere. But hey, the camera pictures looks great, haha.

OMG THe Worst Phone Eveeerrr!


Jun 18, 2008 by hotlikespice2003

Please do not buy this phone.. you press one thing, it selects another. Its annoying and frustrating. also to you can't download ringtones from vw ringtones sight which has all the great ringtones, you have to do it through the sony appl which you have to pay for and then if you go on it again, you have to pay for it and you didn't even purchase a ringtone yet!
the qwerty keyboard is way to small. this is the cheap version of lg voyager. I just called verizon and I'm returning this silly phone after two weeks. i should do them the favor and throw it in the garbage but I want my money back.



Jun 15, 2008 by sdaniele

I had purchased the Glyde on saturday was so excited it has been a really long time since Samsung came out with a new exciting phone for Verizon and boy was i disappointed i returned the phone in 1/2 hr of owning it i had so many issues with this phone

1) if you have a *82 stored infront of any of your phone numbers in your contact list it does not regonize that number and your caller ID does not display who is calling you just the phone number

2) it does not come with VXW Deluxe on there phone only Sony Music Box

3) the touch screen is a nigh mare and very difficult to you use it tooke me the whole 1/2 hour to get into my voicmail opption and lets forget about trying to enter in your pass code number to access your voicemail that took me about 20 mins and the sales person even had a problem with it

4) the qwerty keyboard is another night mare its small and not easy to use it does not give you the round dial option on the keyboard to menuver up , down, left or right with the OK button in the middle

5) you consistanly have to keep pressing UNLOCK on everything you do on the phone

I am very disappointed in samsung i am a huge samsung phone person ever since Motorola went down hill with there phones

i am now forced to go and possibly purchse a LG phone the Voyager which im not really happy about

I understand that LG is coming out with a new phone next month called the DARE so you all may want to check that out as well

LG is the only company that is constantly coming out with new pretty cool phones i cant say that for Samsung

They only had 1 cell phone the A990 which had a 4.0 meg a pix camera on there phone

they still have not improved there camera at all


another approach more subtle and cheap iphone


May 16, 2008 by anelroa

is very good but the dimensions are large something that never buy an iphone the apple of people that I am a comprarian armani samsung phone or LG Prada for its beautiful dimensions

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