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Samsung Glyde U940


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the glyde .


Mar 3, 2009 by bbylaahves

i am sorry to say , but this phone , is the most horriblest phone practically ever made in phone history .
ive had the glyde since july , and ever since , ive been having countless problems .
first off , the worst thing about this phone is its touch screen , it is wack .
when you are trying to hit the message button , it hits somewhere else on the screen , so basically , the touch screen will be the worst problem , always going somewhere else when you want to go some where else .
and while i am texting [i happen to be a fast texter] the cursor starts moving around everywhere and your text will be ruined .
thats the only thing that is bad about this phone , the touchscreen .

the good things i guess , is the full qwerty keyboard which is great , and how it slides easily .

Read this if you plan on buying!


Mar 1, 2009 by ohxsoxamazingg16

Okay so to start off i bought the glyde in september of 08' i really liked it the first couple weeks. some things about it I LIKED were:

-the keyboard
-the way the phone slides
-battery lenghth

some things i DIDNT LIKE:

-touch screen; didnt click what i wanted it to
-the hold button; i accidently called people when this phone was in my pocket
-wouldnt let me take pictures

So if i was rating the phone then i would have given it about a 4ish instead of a 1.

But 2 months later i was sitting in my room with my phone on the charger and i looked over and it was off, so i took it off the charger and it wouldnt go on. i brought it to the verizion store and they gave me a new one.

My second glyde workedd so much better; it had a NEW HOLD KEY thank god!!! on the first one it just slid over and this one you got to drag a key into a lock pad, workedd soo much i didnt call people on accident anymore =] haha. it was working great and about a month later it stoped working, it wouldnt let me access my camera. so once again i took it to the verizion store and i called the warrranty place and i wasvery upset.
i purchased this for about $200 so thank god for the warrranty center i get my new ones for free =] but i told them that this was ridiculous they wanted to send me another one of the same crappy phone again i mean it broke 2 times in one month what dont they understand. so i got a new phone:


now i have a different phone! yayayayay =]

Good When in one piece (or is it???)


Feb 26, 2009 by phonefreak2012

Ok so I got my first samsung glyde in June of 2008 i had it for about 7 months and it was doing pretty good i had gotten the update on it and it was still working fine. but then one morning i went to slide it open (not hard or anything) and the top half fell off and of course the whole phone died at that point. well i filed an insurance claim and the insurance company sent me a new phone. I'm going to make a note that i always had a case on my phone with screen protectors because i didn't want anyone to think i didn't take care of it and thats why it broke because i never dropped it or anything, but i guess sliding the phone open 200 to 300 times a day for texting was just to hard on it well my new phone came about 3 weeks ago and i thought it was going to be fine it was going to work as well as my old one, i guess i was wrong, my NEW samsung glyde came with the most recent software on it already and now it has just crashed. i cannot text anymore because when i go to send a message it just completely shuts off the phone also then it will say i have 90 new text messages when i dont ( i checked ) also the screen will mess up and it will say that i have an incoming pic/vid message and i wont another bad thing is that i cannot put my phone on anything but vibrate because most of the time it will play my ringtones EXTREMELY loud and i mean LOUD!!!! now im sure it is just a software problem but if you are planing on getting this phone i would say hopefully you get a good one but if you text more than 200 times a day or maybe more than 100 times a day i would not get this phone it will break in half most likely. thank you for reading and i will be going to verizon for im thinking about the 9th time this year to get my phone fixed or get a new one. i might go get a voyager. thanks again for reading:)

Dont get this phone


Jan 24, 2009 by jpalmer

This phone is terrible. Period... The touch screen works maybe 25 percent of the time and half of that 25 percent it cant recognize where ur touching. As a verizon sudtomer since 2005, this is probably the most unfunctional phone i have had. If ur planning to get this phone bc of its cheap price, stop and take a look at the other phones verizon has to offer. As u know, the new blackberry just came out and has a exceptional touch screen. Also, the new samsung omnia has had really good reviews from cnet. Take a look at these other phones before making ur decision, and if u have to, spend the extra 100 dollars to get a phone that will actually work. Im not here to make this phone look bad. I just dont want anyone to have the go through the trouble i did with this phone.

if you use your phone a LOT


Jan 17, 2009 by stfusuesue

If you use your phone a lot like I do (& I mean a LOT) , then this might happen to you.

- restarts on its own while sending a text at times.
- dies SO fast. after three hours with the BACKLIGHT & KEYBOARD LIGHT off, it dropped one bar. & thats not using it as much.
- static lines.
- freezes.
- starts typing and the blinky cursor moves randomly to the middle of the sentence and messes you up.

- cant play music while texting.
- unlocks sometimes in your pocket.
- locks while youre talking on the phone
but my cheek accidentally hits the UNLOCK button and then hangs up on the person.
- the shortcut menu is a blue square in the middle of the screen; it covers my wall paper): just part of it but still.
- aim is SOOO slow.
but all the IM services for verizon are slow so this doesnt count.
- touch screen glitches a LOT

- short cut menus. & a customized shortcut menu.
- keyboard is hard at first but you can get used to it its amazing i can type w/o looking.
- it has not a keypad navigation but arrow keys you can use.
- AMAZING quality on photos.
- lots of options on photos.
- A FLASH ! & timer.
- keychain slot ? [:
- this is a great phone i just hate the glitches sometimes.

Most annoying phone ever!


Jan 16, 2009 by edoggie

When this phone is working, it's wonderful! I love that there's an actual keyboard because I'm weary of touchscreens. And I'm weary because of this phone. The touchscreen NEVER works. I try to answer an incoming call and it refuses to register that I'm trying to unlock the phone. When I hit the "message" button, my contacts show up. I have accidentally called the 1st person on my phone list, 8 million times. When I go to send texts, the phone will vibrate, but nothing will happen. I brought it back to Verizon and they re-calibrated it and downloaded new software so it would stop freezing. This worked for about a day. Now it's all messed up again. I'm hoping my phone is lemon because it seems like it could be a great phone - if it actually worked. But I must say it's teaching me patience, when I really just want to throw it against a wall.



Jan 3, 2009 by ilovephones739

I love the samsung glyde but i hate samsung and the battery life! the battery life is about 1 hour and then it dies! like why cant lg have it? i love my lg phones! i have had no lie all of the phones in verizon and i went back to the glyde 3 times!! i gave samsung 6 chances! i got the alias 3 times and the glyde 3 times! but now that the glyde got a software update its AWESOME!!!
+ style
+ slide
+ keyboard

- samsung
- lock / power button!!!

The Samsung Glyde


Dec 26, 2008 by B.r.i

Having to have waited three months after my LG Chocolate broke, my expectations grew as I read reviews, watched videos on it, and visited the store over the months. Long story short, when I received my phone this Christmas, it was everything I imagined and more. Having recently updated the software it was even more reliable and the touch response was amazing, that I was shocked about after having read some horrid reviews on the touch screen.
The Good:
1.Accurate Touch Screen Response
2.Fun Features
3.Sleek shape
3.Nice keyboard (the top of the phone is angeled so its easy to get to the top keys
4.I love the home button on the front, when all else fails, hit that button and it brings you right to the home screen
5.Verizon's reliable service
6.Sturdy and cool features

The Bad:
1.Limited Supply of Ringtones that Come with the Phone
2.There isn't any photo editing (or atleast I don't think there is)

Love it so far


Nov 29, 2008 by fonehed

I just got this free with my new every 2 from Verizon a few days ago.

I read the reviews and it seems like they've overhauled the software as even the book it comes with doesn't match up with the new interface. For instance:

Instead of a little blue square on the main screen there's now an arrow to point to your favorites and another arrow after that to get to the options to pull onto the favorites.

To unlock the screen you slide a key icon to the lock icon - not just a one touch icon so it won't unlock easily.

There's also no "buy it now" option which I like.

I've had zero problems with the touch screen. It hasn't frozen. It's been super easy to figure out how to use everything.

I just wanted a regular phone and had low expectations so maybe that's why I love it so far.

Great touchscreen with shortcuts like "A-Z"on contacts that pops up like on the ipod to scroll to a letter faster.

Great feel, easily slides open and quickly changes to landscape and back.

everything else!

just a couple cons:
Few ringer options that are really quiet if not on the high option.

Still making my way around the menus to figure out where everything is - actually this is a plus - I hate the Verizon UI.

Horrible Phone


Nov 25, 2008 by feliciaann1450

I have had 3 replacements, 1- the touch screen wouldnt work, no service and the third- the alarm didnt work. I had gotten the new software and I hated the phone even more. Definately do no recommend the phone. The touchscreen is very bad on it- I would touch the top of the phone and it would select something at the bottom. I now have to LG Voyager and I love this phone to death. My advise- go with the Voyager ;-D

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