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May 11, 2008 by foffy23

Try not to compare it tot he iphone because its not the iphone, its a unique, touch slider, reliable fun phone and is perfect for most users! The key board is amazing, the touch screen is nice and smooth, camera is awesome! just a great phone! i love it!



Dec 16, 2008 by gokart

The touch screen didn't work buttons broke off. this phone was hell all 5 i had

Update = SUCCESS!!!!


Nov 14, 2008 by Verizon81

Excellent phone! Compact...easy to use...fun

Pros: Call quality, size, qwerty keyboard, volume, touchscreen works GREAT (just get software update)

Cons: wish it was a thinner and lighter BUT to get the good size screen you have to give a little.

Overall I love this phone so far. The old reviews reflect the OLD software....look at it again...the Glyde is BACK

Enjoying my phone


Nov 14, 2008 by priest21

When I first bought the phone about two months ago, I bought it based on my wants/needs, then read the reviews and got a bit paranoid. I have found that most folks who write reviews do it from a mainly negative bent. However, with the exception of one glitch, it has been great.
I'll start with the negative. The glitch I refer to happened about one week after I'd gotten it. Voila, my contact database somehow was wiped out! I was so pissed, I took it back- and the guy said, "yeah, they're new so they can be a bit glitchy." However, once I found out I could back up my contact database online and did so, (and it backs up automatically daily) I decided that the risk was worth it, cuz I loved the rest of the phone so much.
The only other con I can think of is that it doesn't feel very tough; however, I have adapted my phone handling accordingly.
Pros are many. I love being able to text quickly. I have read many reviews of people who say that "half the time" the touch pad doesn't work. Way over exagerrated. It is about as glitchy as a windows computer. Once in awhile I hit a small snag, but nothing ever major, and usually sliding it closed and opening it up again clears anything up. Great sound, great appearance - I don't care about what "the Joneses" think, but to someone who does, you'd like all the comments it gets. Great video, great pics, like the camera, love the volume of the ringer as well as the voice volume of the person I'm talking to. Lots of features and expandability. Loving it overall - just keeping a watchful eye to make sure the contacts list stays put - but so far it must've been one in a million.
If you want a memory card (which is extra) go to Ebay - I got a 4 GB for $8.00 - something that was $40.00 at the Verizon store.

Phone Sucks and so does Verison


Oct 3, 2008 by Chancefocus

Pros: You can make a phone call.

touch screen doesn't respond well, if at all
keyboard too small
crappy ringtones, like 8 or 9 to choose from
batt. life last for about half the day
batt. port is towards the top of the phone
you have to lock/unlock it everytime you want to use it
you have to be on Verizons network and deal with their so called customer service.

I had purchased a phone, in cash on the 8th of Sept. and returned it on the 12th of Sept. When I returned the phone the store manager said that they couldn't refund me the money, in cash because they didn't have any money in the store. How do you sell product in a store but don't have any cash on hand doesn't make any sense to me. They said the best thing they could do was send me a check in the amount of the refund and I should get it in 10 days. That was 15 days ago, and still no check. In the mean time I have received a bill for $58.74 for 5 days of service, more than what I spend in a month of home phone service. I went to the store to inquire about the bill and they told me that I should receive another bill with credits on it to reflect the cancellation and all. Okay, sounds good. The refund is still a separate issue from the bill. They said that the refund is in "processing". When I talked to someone at customer service they told me that the process could take up 3 billing cycles to get my check. What?! Why did the manager at the store tell me 10 days, and now the customer service tells me, up to 3 months? All I keep hearing is "sorry, I understand your frustration, but there is nothing we can do for you, you will just have to wait" from store employees to customer service reps. Why do you think I came in here? I been waiting! Of course it was totally different when I first went in the store to get the service. Back then it was "You want service? Sure, we can take care of that for you, Sir. No problem."

Dont buy this phone!


Sep 29, 2008 by gdizz4shizz

Ive had this phone swapped out mulitple (4+) times in the last two months. I talked to someone who works for the wireless industry and he said, and i quote...

"So far ive seen 70% of these returned because of Samsungs poor touchscreen responsiveness. The phone will work for like two weeks and then the screen will become way to sensitive or non responsive. I cant believe that this was just released a couple of months ago and we are already seeing these returned multiple times from the same customers. At first I thought this phone was gonna sell really well because of its nice shape and size but the touchscreen has not been perfected by Samsung and it WILL be more headache than its worth. If you want a great phone that has a touchscreen and a full qwerty keyboard wait a lil longer... LG is coming out (Q4/08 or Q1/09) with a touchscreen (the size of the dare) with a qwerty keyboard that will be removable."

Needless to say...always read the reviews...and always talk to someone who works in the industry to see what that complaints are before you buy. Because if you dont then you are another stuck customer in a contract with a crappy phone...

gave the glyde a ride


Sep 11, 2008 by kristikrum

Just purchased the glyde with my "new every two" on Friday 5 days ago. Was between this and the env2 and after seeing in the store i thought i would try something different and give samsung a shot. I have had 3 phones w/ verizon 2 lg's and the razr (hated it). I have loved my lg's and unfortunately dropped my last 8100 in h20.

So i thought the glyde looked like a fun phone with outer touch screen and inner keyboard..until I really started working it out.

The first day I got it i accidentally dialed 2 people and was face dialing numbers continuously while in conversations with people. I did come to learn of the lock feature which you have to hit every time after dialing to avoid these problems. Also have to unlock phone every time it rings then hit answer then hit lock again...redundant

As also mentioned the screen is a little small and you often hit buttons next to the ones you are actually trying to hit. And even when you do hit the right button which lights up and gives a response their is often no result, resulting in repeat hits. I have changed the sensitivity settings and it is still just as aggravating.

The camera is also very touchy, i have had to hit the button 3 or 4 times before getting any response and it often goes to video instead of the camera and vise versa. The texting keyboard is a nice feature but the keys are all close together and very flat which makes it hard to distinguish between letters when typing.

In summary:

catchy style, sleek
fun "living" interactive background display
nice menu arrangement, atypical

touch screen not responsive or too responsive
have to lock and unlock screen too often
camera difficult to start and fire
keyboard keys to flat and close
screen hard to see in daylight at times

...LG ENV2 im running to you

Bad phone to rely on!


Aug 27, 2008 by aeriel_2008

-nice sleek stylish phone
-texting is amazing: love the keyboard
-nice speaker phone

-touch screen is terrible..so many problems with it.
-if you take the case off, the phone becomes very sensitive. Mine started dialing people's numbers on its own.
-camera is hard to work
-dialing a phone number is too complicated

So I wanted a cool new phone to start college off with. This cell phone is all I have to get in touch with people because my college decided to take out all the land lines (stupidest thing they could've done!) Anyways this phone has given me nothing but trouble! The case that came with it made it seem big and bulky and often got in the way. I decided to take the case off and my phone went crazy and started dialing phone numbers. Without the case, the phone is way too sensitive. I've only had my phone like 2 months and the touch screen was awful. I usually have to turn my cell phone off and on about 5 times a day. Whenever I touch a button at the top, the ones on the bottom react. Yesterday was the last straw though. The touch screen was not working for like an hour. I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch and I was trying to text her. All I did was move my phone and all the buttons reacted. I turned it off and on at least 15 times. I eventually had to turn it off and I never got to eat with my friend. This is not a very reliable phone, especially if you don't have land lines. I'm about to go to verizon today and demand for a new phone. I'm a college student and this is my only means of communication with my family and friends. I think i'm going to invest in the chocolate 3 light blue. No more touch screens for me!!!!

do not get


Aug 22, 2008 by davehw89

for anyone looking to get this phone reconsider because i have had this phone for about two weeks and have had nothing but problems with it. such as the touch screen doesnt work half the time. or when you try to touch one item it selects a totally different one

just bad


Aug 2, 2008 by chezz

The touch screen on this phone is almost as bad as the one on the voyager. It is a huge phone, way too fat and bulky. Not the phone for a girly girl.

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