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Samsung Glyde


Nov 18, 2008 by Rae85

Anyone who has all nice things to say about this phone must be getting paid! I would be totally in love with my phone if it worked properly. No, adjusting the sensitivity doesn't eliminate the touch screen issues. Sure, rebooting the phone works, but why must I do that every time I make a call? As a consumer, I expect, in exchange for my hard earned money, for products to work as they should. Yes, the Glyde is pretty, but thats about it! Do not listen to anyone who says they have no problems with this phone, they are in denial!

I expected more from this phone!


Nov 8, 2008 by ms.jones85

Well for starters I got my first glide the first week of June. Im on my 4th one now... the phone seems great when you first get it but gradually gets worse.

-Qwerty Keyboard is great!
-Camera takes decent pics

-the phone reboots all the time on its own.
-text messages get stuck in the inbox.
-screen freezes,causing me to reboot phone.
-very rarely selects the correct option(touch screen)

I wouldn't recommend this phone.

Im hoping since this in my 4th phone the next time it messes up they will just let me get a different phone all together.

Try this phone at your own risk!

Good Luck to all that are looking to get the Samsung Glyde U940!

The biggest piece of junk ever


Oct 28, 2008 by ndawgpro

this phone may look nice but it s worthless. the phone shuts off when looking at messages and clicks so many buttons at one time it gives you a headache. The design is all i can give credit for. There is no positivity besides that.

My favorite phone yet!


Oct 12, 2008 by kona0197

I fail to see why many say this phone is bad. I really love my Glyde. I recently got it as a yearly upgrade with Verizon.


Very sensitive touch screen
QWERTY keyboard
2 MP auto focus camera
Ease of use

Speakers for music playing could be better or at least built in to both ends of the phone
Slide spring could be a bit stronger
Lock for locking the touch screen could be designed a bit better

Do yourself a favor and get a screen protector if you get this phone.

Samsung upgrade fix


Aug 15, 2008 by blackcat55

Just got the upgraded software fix, Glyde performs like it should have in the first place! Touch screen is more responsive, you can view youtube now on it and the phone now function flawlessly! The new software is version S/W V. U940.BF25 and the hardware version is H/W V. U940.10

the samsung glyde, bye verizon wireless


Aug 1, 2008 by glydex16

i have just got the glyde a week ago. because when i saw it in the store i thought it was cool because it had a touch screen and full keyboard.

since i have got the glyde it has been great. the full keyboard is never a problem. the only thing i would put into mind is that you wouldn't want to glyde if you have overly sized fingers. because of this awesome touch screen and full keyboard i believe you should have small fingers because if not the time that you have with the glyde will be very difficult.

the touch screen is great. the only thing i would also say is that sometimes you have to be patient. because not always on the first time you touch the screen on the glyde that it will go to where you want it to go. so i would want to keep that in mind. i also believe that if you do have a AIM screen name and usually go on that screen name that you should be good with the touch screen. it is very hard to sign out of your screen name when you get on it.

and i would like to say that if you dont like the glyde at first, dont be upset because when i got it i hated it but when you get used to the touch screen and keyboard it is so easy. so give the phone a chanced and you give yourself a chance on getting used to the glyde.

the only other thing that i would like to say with the glyde is... when you first use the camera it may seem difficult, i took me about 4 days to really get used to it, but once you do get used to it, it is no problem!

hope you enjoy the glyde if you decide to purchase it or not. :)

Nice Phone


Jun 23, 2008 by jmo1116

First of all, I did a lot of research before purchasing a new phone from Verizon. It came down between the LG Voyager and Samsung Glyde. I went into the store and tried them both out. I felt like the Glyde was a better phone, I liked how it felt when I held it in my hand. The Voyager seemed too big for me. When comparing the two, what really caught my attention was that the Voyager only uses touch screen on the outside but not when the phone flips open to the keyboard. With the Glyde, the touch screen feature is used when the phone is closed and when you slide the keyboard out. I guess that's just a matter of if you like touch screens or not.

I've heard a lot of talk about how the touch screen doesn't respond and/or locks up. I've experienced this problem a few times but there's a simple fix to this problem. I've found that all you have to do is slide the phone closed (if its open) or open (if its closed) and the touch reactivates and works great. Now, for the pros and cons:

+ bright, vivid touch screen
+ the home key (returns you to home screen from any menu)
+ slide feature
+ great call quality
+ small, compact phone design
+ 2.0 megapixel camera
+ quick menu bar at bottom of screen

- speakerphone not that loud
- that's about it...i like the phone a lot, have had it for a couple weeks now and i would recommend it : )

Know your limitations


May 28, 2008 by JawzX

I've had my Verizon/Samsung Glyde for about a week now, and ism very satisfied, but thats because I did the research and I knew what I was getting into before I purchased the phone, in this review I'll try to distill what I found, learned and feel needs to be passed on about the Glyde so you can decide if it's right for you!

First: What the Glyde ISN'T...
1)An iPhone
2)A PDA/Smart-Phone
3)A comprehensive replacement for either of the above
4)Good for people with big hands/fingers (the touch-screen is SMALL!)
5)The Second Coming
6)A Reason to Switch To Verizon

Second: What the Glyde IS...
1)A VERY small touchscreen phone with a terrific high-resolution display
2)A usefull Internet appliance with a decent (though limited) browser
3)A Nice messaging phone with a good keyboard and acceptable email client (Verizon standard)
4)A stylish, upmarket, Verizon media phone with more flash than an NV(2).
5)occasionaly frustrating

Lest get this comparison out of the way first: For about the same up front money you could get a Blackberry Pearl 8130, which is a full SmartPhone... HOWEVER, the Pearl is slightly larger, has a vastly inferior screen, an incomplete keyboard, and an irritating "data for smartphone" plan requirement... but remeber the Glyde is a "feature phone" not a smartphone

Second comparison: LG Voyager... If you're an LG fan, get the Voyager. It's browser is slightly more comprehensive, but also slightly slower, I don't think it's screen looks as nice, the touch interface is no better or worse (unless you have large fingers) and the phone is a brick compared to the Glyde, oh and did I mention it's more expensive? (but it does have that snazzy voice dictation text feature!)

Ultimately the Glyde is a nice little show-off phone, with a handy and quite functional web-browser. It has good data speed as a DUN device as well, good signal performance, a pretty nice camera, OK speakers, all the usual Verizon Perks and Caveats and good battery life too!

I Love It


May 22, 2008 by Lizzy_96

Finally I bought Glyde yesterday. I have waited it for 1 month.
this is a great phone averall since it fits in hand, has QWERTY Keypad & Vivid Display, support HTML Brower.
I Love It.

Sleek Design(Size & Weight)
HTML Browser
ViVid Display
Good Reception
Great Multimedia Feature(HTML browser, VCast)
Flash Theme

somewhat quirky touch screen, but good enough
not the best picture quality(2MP)
Hidden MicroSD Location
Weak Speaker

Glyde, good idea, mediocre execution


May 13, 2008 by IceHammer

I've had this phone for a little over 72 hours now I think i've given it a good enough test drive to give a little review.

First let me say that when i first saw this phone i was thinking, this is exactly what i want, a cool touchscreen and a keyboard so that its actually usable. Well, the keyboard lived up to its potential but the screen, not so much.

The touch screen is rather inaccurate. I've had multiple instances where it doesnt register my selection even though the color changes and there is the haptic feedback indicating i have made a selection. Also it has a habit of choosing an option next to the one i touch repeatedly, even after careful aiming of the touch. The solution is to generally go back to home and navigate back to that point and try again, which seems to work.

The menu system is actually quite good. It is confusing at first because several menus go to the same location but, once you realize all roads lead to rome you're set. Also props to samsung for giving me a glimmer of hope that im not using the verizon UI which is a major plus.

So in short:
1. I really like the touch screen. Far superior to buttons.
2. Good camera, autofocus is nice even if it takes a few more seconds.
3. Keyboard is great for texting.
4. Good battery life (in comparison to my previous razr V3c.
5. Came with usb cable!
6. Not strictly verizon UI / good color scheme

1. Touch screen needs work on being accurate.
2. Screen could be wider. Really tall rectangle greatly reduces screen real estate when phone is open.
3. Html browser is nice but nearly impossible to use because of lack of zoom feature. Unless your fingers are 1/8" across you will have trouble clicking links.
4. Really weak selection of pre-loaded ringtones.

Haven't decided if I will keep the phone yet, im pretty on the fence. It has just enough good and bad things to put me there. Hope this helps with your purchasing decisions!

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