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I hate this phone


Jul 21, 2009 by England1023

I love how it has the qwerty key board and the numbery one too, but other than that i hate it. i have had numerous problems with it and now I'm paying 50 dollars to the insurance company provided by verizon to get a new one. the touch screen goes wacky all the time, and my screen recently went white on one side striped white on the bottom and fuzzy on the non white side. i can hardly see to text, i have to guess who is calling me and i don't even know who is texting me

i hate this phone, so if you haven't bought it yet,

multiple screen problems


Jul 9, 2009 by parrmom

When I first got this phone I was so excited and the envy of my teenagers. The phone was small, sleek and had the first qwerty keyboard I've ever had.I was eager to get used to the touch screen to join the next generation of cell phone users. Kept thinking I'd get the hang of it but in the end it wasn't me. It was the constantly malfunctioning touch pad.
The problems started immediately. The touch screen was constantly entering the wrong numbers so if I was in a hurry I would call people I didn't know. This malfunction happened more often than not. It was too dangerous to try to dial and drive because I would really have to take my eyes off the road a ton to get it right nd fix it.
A few times I went to get it reprogrammed when the touch screen wouldn't accept my touches at all in certain parts of the screen. Verizon was really nice about it and even gave me a refurbished one at 11 months out the latest time I had problems. My husband had an upgrade coming but didn't want one so I used it. I got an EnV3. Love it! It's so easy to use and the real key pad in the front never misfires my numbers I type. So glad I finally got rid of that Glyde. It was a real headache from the get go.

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good no GREAT phone


Jun 23, 2009 by phonedude18

this phone is great i dont like typing on my laptop so lets skip to...

-battery length is good but i expected longer
-screen somtimes like once every day (i use it alot)

-everything else
-slide querty
-touch screen
-fun responsive phone

its 4.5 because of a couple of cons and i beleive nothing perfect...

except Peyton Manning

Looks great on paper, but wow is it ever bad.


Jun 3, 2009 by Sabowma2

Had this phone for 3 months now...

-it looks kinda cool.

-The touch screen is complete garbage and never works the way you want it to.
-The lag is ridiculous. Anytime you press any button you can guarentee at least a 1.5 second delay. It gets real annoying, real fast.
-It will shut off on you randomly.
-It will freeze when you are reading a text.
-*THE BATTERY LIFE IS AWFUL* honestly I am a 23 year old guy, I use my phone on an average basis, im not on it for an unreasonable amount of time; i probably send about 20 texts a day and talk on it for about a half hour a day, and it will be completely dead or close to dead by the end of the day if not sooner, every day. The battery life is the worst I have ever seen in a phone.
-The QWERTY keyboard. The buttons are too small and it doesnt even work half the time, meaning it doesnt register buttons when you press them, and you have to like grow out your thumb nails to touch each little key because each letter is so tiny, and its reall hard to use even though it was designed to make it easier. I am way quicker texting on an old, normal phone without the full keyboard.
-The speaker doesn't get loud enough, setting alarms on this thing is pointless cuz you will just sleep through them cuz the speaker is too quiet.
-The vibrate is annoying and too jolting.
-You have to go through like 6 screens just to send someone a new text message.
-Did I mention the touch screen is just horrible and never works the way you want it to?
-The camera is impossible to work because of the touchscreen.
-Dialing a call is annoying because its all touch and the touch is horrible and if you try doing it while driving, you will crash.
-Hanging up is also difficult you have to press the home button like 8 times just to ensure the fact that it did indeed hang up, and even then theres lag.
-It's just all-round very un-smooth and glitchy, and for all of these reasons above it is discontinued I beleive.

Voyagers comin in the mail.

Piece of Verzion Junk


Apr 17, 2009 by lukskywalker

My daughter is going on her 3rd replacement phone... 12 updates and still problems... The phone freezes all the time,, of course then locks up and then you either have to pull the battery or it resets itself...

Called the verzion headquarters and they are clueless with the issue... Same routine on do this, and do that.. bla bla bla... IM so tired of dishing out the cash for a phone they claimed to have tested and all it does perfectly is malfuntion.

I have been a verizon customer for over 10 years and Im to the point next year when my family plans(all 5 phone expire) to move onto a different carrier...

Verzion customer support has gone down hill within the last few years and this phone just purly sucks [...]. I shouldnt have to turn it off everyday to have it reboot, update every other day....

Save yourself the headache and buy or get a different phone..

Ed. note: removed foul language

You should seriously consider...


Apr 17, 2009 by Capricemuzik

... The bad features of this phone. I have had four so far and every one has stopped working the minute I first turned it on. 3 of them stopped working in the store. The touch screen will attract to the bottom so the bottom menu will click instead of the menu you want and it does it 24/7. Trust me on this one. I was the first person in Minnesota to get this phone so I payed a little over $400 dollars for it and I regret it badly. Please stay away from this phone! There is only one good thing I have found about the phone and that is the remarkably easy to learn keyboard.



Apr 6, 2009 by maverick96

The new Glyde refresh works absolutely perfectly with ZERO problems... The touch screen has been changed on the new refresh... It is no longer capacative... I understand all the bad reviews on the Glyde but the new glyde refresh is awesome...

i think its HORRIBAL


Mar 25, 2009 by taytay912

At first i loved this phone.it had everything i thought it would have and more.All my friends wanted to play with it. then it wouldnt go even a day with out dieing.So i had a upgrade.That didnt work either so i got a new battery,tht didnt work either so im going to get new phone but its the same kind.I hope it was just my phone but im not sure it will be.

pros:great key board
easy calling and easy to use
cons:touch scream
and txt sending



Mar 19, 2009 by toomany2s

This is basically the worst phone ever made. The previous poster listed all of the reasons why and I'm just here to second it and express my hatred for this phone. Samsung should just take them all back and apologize to anyone who bought one for letting crap be released onto the consumer world.

Glyde is BAD...


Mar 14, 2009 by ronATsharperleather

I upgraded by son's phone to a Samsung Glyde in August 08. In about 32 days, yes 1 day past the return date, he called and complained it did not work right. It is now March and we are replacing it. Problems too numerous to mention!!! Finally was putting it into the refrig so the heat sensing touch screen would not go crazy!!! WOULD NOT BUY THIS PHONE OR RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE.

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