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Not happy with the PDA


Oct 23, 2008 by stagerlee

I would like to say I am a power user, but since I can not reply to ANY of my emails from my Bellsouth account, I simply use this PDA as a phone. This is not a good phone either, to find a contact you have to search all of your contacts, there is no good way to put the contact that you dial, frequently, in a one touch mode.
So, the phone feature is not good either. I also did a lot of research on this PDA and others as well, and all the reviews seem to be "sugar coded". This through me off, so I bought the Mogul. The worst purchase I have ever made, and am in the process of posting it on the web to sell it. Not, Sprint, Bellsouth, or anyone, including the techs in the store or on the phone can figure out how to get my Bellsouth emails out. I have tried everything, nothing works.
Hopefully someone will read this review prior to purchasing a Mogul and think twice about the purchase.



Oct 8, 2008 by herchenx

The 2 rules for posting on this were
1) be nice
2) don't be rude

Given these, I'm not certain I can post a review of this product.

I have had the phone for almost a year. As a phone it is almost entirely useless. Hard to dial, the touch screen can be completely unresponsive at times, and the whole device locks up frequently enough that I am forced to not use the phone(!).

I upgraded the ROM and am now running Windows 6.1 but it is worse than ever. I get constant errors about device.exe failing to load, the thing locks up all the time, the battery life is terrible.

I thought the phone was broken so I had Sprint replace it (I have the warranty) and the new phone - with nothing installed beyond the pre-loaded apps and all my contacts - runs horribly.

The only thing that works consistently on the phone (as long as it hasn't locked up), that I actually really like is the Sprint Navigation feature. It's like a simplified TomTom or Garmin: "Turn left at the light in 1/4 mile"

I had the Blackberry 8830 and it is a MILLION times better. GPS works great, it never locked up, the keypad always worked. PHONE always worked (imagine that). If you are thinking about buying the Mogul - please, save yourself the immense grief and STAY AWAY.

As soon as I get a little ahead and can afford to, I am replacing this thing. I can't say enough how disappointing it has been.

Oh look, the Mogul now says "Cannot execute tmail.exe"

Worthless piece of junk!!!


Oct 4, 2008 by jt121

This phone was purchased at the reg. price and is a big disappointment. There is hardly any ram on this device to run programs. I believe there is about 64 megs of ram on this device. The problem is that most of the ram is used up by the Operating system or something else. You are left with hardly any ram to run programs. I have to constantly do a soft reset. I have tried several webrowsers like Opera 9.5, Iris, Netfront and they all seem to crash or be very slow. At the price I paid, It should do more. Don't waste your money on this device!!!!

The Chamil-Phone


Oct 3, 2008 by tellenerd

Ive had the 6700 it the mogul is far better . The phone worked great as WM6 but as WM6.1 its even greater. The IM like text messaging. As 6.1 it actually allowed me to send text to emails. I like the other phones like the Diamond and Diamond Pro but I'm too attached to my Mogul :0)

- WM6/WM6.1 i love it. i can make my phone look like the touch with the sliding menus like the iphone "even" like the diamond. way too cool!
- Camera is awesome too. "with" flash
-Windows Media Player Makes it way to easy to put music on phone.
- Extremely customizable down to the clock on the top right.
-so many things compatible with windows
-Windows live is pretty cool

-Speaker could be louder (my bf has the centro and speaker is ridiculously loud)
-Sprint Tv could be better but i don't watch it anyways lol
-Could have a lil bit more memory
-MMS or even smilies :0)

other then that the phone is great. But most of the cons can easily be fixed with a few downloads and a great memory card. Signal is great inernet is pretty fast and with the flash download its like desktop web. Sound quality in the phone calls is good too. But then again I've never had a problem with sprint. Actually Very durable i've dropped it over 6 dozen time and its still kicking and it could look way worst.



Sep 30, 2008 by PaulonPhoneScoop

Just like everything Microsoft does - it may or may not work. It often crashes. You might be in the middle of a call and it crashes. I bought this phone because I intended to use its features - I do and it can't handle it. With just a few apps running the performance degrades terribly. Very often while in phone mode and trying to dial - the keypad can't keep up with the digits being entered... this with only the Phone app running! This phone also forgets the primary purpose - TO BE A TELEPHONE! In order to assign a number to a silent ring - I had to record a short wave file with silence and assign that as the ring tone... come ON! Saving contacts is a bumpy road - where my old faithful Razor was a breeze. I've had one issue after another but just enough functionality to say; well I'll just keep using it and maybe I'll learn to like it ... I don't, I'm beyond the trial period and stuck with this POS for another 22 months. I averted my attention from the iPhone during this purchase because I heard that it was "touchy" ...not rugged enough to handle a businessman's use. I thought the HTC model might better handle this problem... wrong! It's too fragile to be called a cellular telephone. RUN AWAY... don't bother with this one - it sucks.

In Love!


Sep 21, 2008 by kosmicblues3486

I have had the Sprint Mogul since December 07 and it is the best and coolest phone I have ever had! So in a nutshell, this phone is my best friend! I would recommend it to anybody!!!

-Windows Mobile 6.1 update available through Sprint Technical Support or HTC's website. My phone is so customizable with the massive amount of third party applications out there.

-Camera that actually has a flash

-Easy Access to all your favorite E-mails

-Buttons on the device are programmable to your favorite things, like messaging, Internet, camera etc

-Love Love Love the slide out QWERTY keyboard

-EVDO is fantastic!!

-Weight, its really bulky

-When setting your own text ringer.. when receiving a text it now plays the whole amount of the sound clip you set, 2 min or 2 seconds, the whole thing, it doesn't stop ringing even if you open, read and reply to the text message.
It gets rather annoying quickly.
So I stick to 3-6 second sounds clips like my favorite quotes from TV shows, etc.

-Difficult phone to learn, lots of goodies and menus to remember

It WAS a good phone...


Aug 23, 2008 by ksharra

I was very impressed with the phone when I first bought it a few months ago. I love the notes, the email was really easy to set up, and with Windows Mobile, I was able to get all kinds of great apps to turn this phone into my all-purpose do-everything device. I ESPECIALLY love the combination of touch screen and keyboard, it makes typing, chatting, IMing, and IRCing a dream.

But gradually over time, the phone started to degrade and got really buggy. It started freezing, stopped playing sounds, the backlight wouldn't turn off, and the vibrate would stay on continuously until I popped the battery out. It kept this up even after a master reset and removing all my great 3rd party apps. The phone runs slowly, takes forever to start up, and file browsing freezes up the phone.

And to add insult to injury, Sprint disables MMS on all its smartphones, so as much as I love the camera on the phone, it's not really all that useful if I can't share the pics I take.

All in all, it runs like every other Windows device I've ever owned: I love the features, it does (almost) everything I want, but it's slow and crashes and makes me regret not getting something else.

Unlimited Power!!!


Aug 15, 2008 by imsodamnhappy

First off, I would not call yourself a power user if you can't fix most of the flaws that this phone has out of the box, which for what this phone does, it's pretty much flawless.

It was a sad day to put my apache in it's box, but I have to move on someday. What better phone to move on to than it's successor and what a success the mogul is.


- Overall Snappy menu browsing/program usage
- Activated GPS (sprint)
- Keyboard and keyboard light visibility
- Size
- EVDO Rev. A is speedy
- More storage
- Amazing Functionality
- Got rid of external antenna
- Internet usage via Skyfire is brilliant
- Sprint TV


- Didn't update RAM
- No 2.5mm jack
- Camera COULD be better for 2MP, but I don't use the phone for a camera, I have a camera for that. The camera works great outside though
- LCD defect (very small bright spot in lower left corner that is visible on high contrast backgrounds)

I am not going to include battery in cons because you really have to expect battery life to not be that great in a device like this. It's a powerful device that does a lot of amazing things, all in a pretty nice size. You can buy an extended battery that will make it as bulky as the 6700 if you are that picky. I just have extra batteries I pop in.

The greatest thing about this phone and everything HTC has done is how easy it really is to upgrade the phone yourself. You don't have to be a expert to add new programs or find them. You don't even have to be an expert to custom rom the phone because there are plenty of nice fellow users who will help you out.

There are tons of 3rd party freeware apps and also warez that you can get to make this perform better than some peoples laptops.

When it all comes down to it, I will always take functionality over design. The iPhone and it's copies may be pretty, but they will never do what this phone will.

Overall, HTC has not let me down. I don't think they ever will.

Great pocket PC, slower but powerful.


Aug 4, 2008 by ahuber5

I've had the Sprint Mogul for about 1 year and have grown to appreciate it in all it's strengths and weaknesses. First of all, the Sprint Mogul and the Verizon XV6800 are two very different phones, the Mogul has GPS which works with Google Maps and the VX6800 does not. I do not know why, it just doesn't.

Pros: The phone is completely customizable. You can find a program to do just about anything you want it to. It is a blank slate out of the box, you need to customize it yourself. I haven't done any of the homebrew ROMs, the updates from HTC have been sufficient, adding GPS, a reliable program stop function, Windows 6.1, and Rev A. Rev A means exactly nothing out in the sticks, it might help in larger cities.

Just added Opera Mobile 9.5 beta, which vastly improves the internet experience, a lot more like the iPhone touch flow. However, the program eats memory and is encountering significant bugs.

There are too many buttons, but one touch to the internet or messaging is nice.

Cons: The battery life is absolutely nothing like a phone or a smart phone, the pocket PCs suck power like there's no tomorrow. My e-mail constantly syncs through the work network, so without bluetooth or wifi, it still dies in about 3 days. I've made up for this by buying a slim hicap battery and swapping out the OEM one when the hicap battery dies. I could not bring myself to buy the larger extended battery to make a brick look brickier.

The camera is nothing to brag about. I get better shots out of my SE w580i.

Get a case and a belt clip, the phone is huge.

The screen is impossible to see in direct sunlight. If shaded at the highest brightness, it's easy to read. Sucks the battery, though.

Very little memory, OS and preinstalled takes up 51% of the memory. The phone list 46.92 meg total program memory. After a soft reset with nothing running I still can't get more than 49% memory remaining.

I'm running ROM 3.56.651.0, ROM Date 06/16/08.

Great Phone


Jul 27, 2008 by Renaldo

GReat Phone needs more cases, and other things. I love my phone and cant see giving it up anytime soon. Will hold on to phone for a while, after adding the 6.1 rom the phone will move slow for a brief period of time. Also upsetting is the Sprint TV, not all channels are included. This is not good. I suggest a sling media unit to watch tv on your unit.

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