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first PDA, and wont be the last


Jul 15, 2007 by Jonathanlc2005

after leaving the 9000 i thought i would try a PDA. i thought about a treo but noticed the mogul. it was gun metal, large keyboard, reviews were great and rev a upradeable. absolute sold!

the 9000 to the mogul was a trade off since there was no loud speakerphone or GPS on the mogul, i do atleast get threaded sms, full channel sirius and go on regular websites with qwerty aim...

very quick and easy keyboard that is large
signal(comparative to my sanyo gets signal in the right bars at the right places my sanyo 9000 did)
ease of use, and learned it quickly
included memory card
great screen
evdo rev a upgradeable
windows mobile
recognized comcast mail quick

mogul processor is preety quick but make sure you "x" everything out so its not running on backround and tieing up memory.

also if you get this phone make sure to get opera mini, it seems to have faster speeds and better layout the internet explorer

kinda hazy camera compared to 9000 but 2mp still better i guess
no teathering stand alone
no GPS
soft speaker compared to sanyo 9000 but louder then a katana

battery life, not sure how to judge but if you use wifi or get signal low for a long period of time, then your phone wont last the entire day if you have bluetooth on with it too.

overall i do like this phone alot. its quick and easy for me and since its my first pda i will be doing alot more on it with rev a speeds like hoping to get slingbox in HD and slap that on with rev a speeds. the signal i was inpressed with since i came from a sanyo and it has an nternal antenna. where i got 4 bars is where i got 4 bars with the sanyo. sometimes the sanyo higher but not by much.

call quality was great. people didnt have a problem hearing me and for the first time my girlfriend sounded like she was on a landline instead of hearing her car. so if you get this phone, id recommend it.

1 bar of signal still clear on sprint vs 5 bars on t-mobile

So Why Did I Buy the Service Plan?


Aug 24, 2007 by cvmnga

OK - I guess I will be the naysayer in the bunch. I have had this phone for a week, but this weekend I am going to get a different phone and with a different carrier. So lets follow the format of pros and cons.

- This is a great implementation of Windows Mobile 6. Once booted, the phone runs fast, has great bells and whistles, and is pretty responsive.
- The Sprint Internet service is outstanding.
- The camera takes great pictures.

Cons -
- Getting to the camera is difficult and awkward. Then the camera screen is so busy with icons that it is totally annoying.
- The notification that I have a voice mail stays on constantly (even when I don't have a voice mail).
- I frequently use a speaker-phone. Sometimes I have to use the menu system to turn on the speaker-phone. This is very awkward when on a call. The other choice is when it appears on screen, which is also awkward during a call. It should have been linked to one of the keys on either side of the phone.
- The slide out keyboard is not that great. I found myself using the on screen keyboard because it was easier. It would have been better to make the phone thinner.
- The phone is constantly locking. Not a big problem but very annoying.

Sprint -

Why did I buy the service plan? OK, I purchased the phone through Sprint telesales. However, the local repair center tells me there is nothing wrong with the phone and will not exchange it. I get poor reception, missed calls, and poor connections that fade in and out. Surprising because my brother and my girlfriend get great signals in my house. So either this device is defective or the design is defective. Regardless, I need a phone that works and I really don't have the time to waste on Sprint. The hold times on the phone have been way too long. The time spent at the service center was way too long. If the service level was better, I think I would keep trying. Too bad, because I think I could have really fallen in love with this phone.

Best Phone Yet


Dec 26, 2007 by techiegirl34

I have owned phones from every major phone company and I am the type to pay cancellation fees just to try new phones.
I am a female and young professional in the creative field.

This time, I added a line to my Sprint (I also have T-Mobile Blackberry Curve) because of their fast internet capabilities and chose the Mogul.

I bought it two weeks ago and have not been able to put it down. If you know Windows PC, this phone is like a mini computer.
You do have to learn how to use it but once you do, it's the best phone to have.

hasn't locked up once.
battery life is actually really good on mine esp. since I upgraded.
tons of apps
nice feel and looks
screen is bright
sound is loud

use it too often that I feel like I'll break it. :)
I can't complain and that's after I've tried Nokia E61 and E61i, Blackberry Curve and Pearls.

I love it. Anybody curious or has doubts, I suggest you try it out with either Sprint or Verizon (or both) on their 30 day trial period.
It's a phone you have to try to know if it's right for you.



Jul 16, 2007 by realone0417

I have been waiting for a phone that has everything. This is finally the phone. I have not found a feature yet this phone doesn't sport. It is in fact the only Smart phone with sprint that will support the sprint music store. The Treo and the Moto Q don't support the sprint music store. It has an amazing large screen. It supports Power Vision and will be upgradeable to the New REV A Internet that comes out this fall. What else could you ask for. It has stereo a 2.0megapixel camera with video. The only thing i didn't like was you have to purchase the instant messenger feature to be able to log onto AIM or yahoo messenger and it costs 39.99 for the program. Other than that i love this phone and have never been happier with a device such as this!

To have or not to have a 6800 is the question?


Jul 5, 2007 by Mexi_Baller

To start off I will say I work for Sprint but that my review is solely based on my experience with the phone so please don't think I am reviewing it so good cause who I work for.

-I love the speed of the internet
- The battery life on it is great
- The touch screen is very very accurate
- I love that it is both touch screen and has the wheel for one hand navagating
- It comes with a 512 mega byte Micro SD that is very nice.



Apr 25, 2008 by dcd021

This phone (HTC MOGUL) is the best pocket pc (from Sprint) i've ever had, period. I've had this phone for 6mths and all i can say is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful pictures & videos...flash is really sweet.....internet is blazing fast...d/ls web pgs in secs.....email syncs to my phone right on time.....receive text msgs immediately.....connects to my blueant z9 bt w/ no probs.....battery life is on point.....i could go on and on but to make a long store short, i love EVERYTHING about this phone.....truly all i can say about the mogul is AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!

Very Dissapointed


Mar 27, 2008 by SierraPete

I reviewed this phone until I was Blue. It has been a major disappointment. The main issue I have with it is it consistently freezes when I use the Bluetooth feature. I bought it mainly to connect with my JVC bluetooth stereo to use handsfree calling. Absolutely makes me what to throw it against something hard & watch it break into pieces. Frustrating beyond belief.

Low ringer


Feb 23, 2008 by thomas34461usa

Had the phone and took it back because the volume for the ringer was set on the highest setting, yet the sound of the ringer/speaker was too low! Has anybody else experience the same problem? You think that when they built this high end phone that they would have put in a decent size speaker so you could hear it.

Nice PDA, but did not last due to Bluetooth issues.


Oct 16, 2007 by Humanavatar

After having a Verizon V710 for 4 years and 17 years with Verizon and its previous incarnations, I decided to leave for Sprint in protest of Verizon changing the terms of my "Unlimited" wireless data plan.

One of the people I work with picked up a Mogul a couple of months before I did and I really liked the functionality.

The PDA functionality and slide-out keypad are awesome and I look forward to future models; just not this one.

I have lived on bluetooth headsets for the last 4 years (With a minimum of two headsets so one could be charging) and will not use wired headsets (Danger of snagging something) or hold the phone to my head (Too uncomfortable), so this is the major feature for me.

With this phone, I did not find a headset which performed near the same as on the V710 -- Some were even used on the V710 previous to moving to the Mogul. I did try 9 different headsets and 7 different models across the Motorola, Plantronics, and Samsung lines.

I exchanged the first phone (it was defective) and was told to not expect near the bluetooth performance as the V710 as this model is a PDA first and phone second.

It was very obvious to my customers and significant other that I had changed phones and became a point of issue in personal and professional conversations. This is not acceptable and I am not able to keep a phone which causes that much negative impact.

As the bluetooth feature is important to me, I have elected to send the phone back and wait for a model which actually has a reasonable bluetooth performance.

I will really, really, really miss the PDA and WM functionality; hopefully the SCP-7050 will work as needed (Yes, it is not a PDA

first pda phone


Aug 24, 2007 by babygirl22

i love this phone because i am to take my online classes on this phone. I am also able to get onto any website I want to go on. the reviews of this phone not having picture mail...i send and receive picture mail all the time using this phone. The quality of the picture is excellent..it did take me a time to figure out how to adjust but its better then a digital phone. If you don't know how to usee the picture mail service on the phone..send me a message i can explain it to you....all in all i love the phone believe it's better then the iphone and i work at att...only thing that i don't like is that on certain websites it does take a minute to upload...and to those that have trouble downloading music (psst..the phone does have a sprint music store in the menu)...just thought i'd add that..

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