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Mogul is Amazing, Best Phone I've Ever Owned!!!


Nov 10, 2008 by bballdev911

Where to begin....

Full QWERTY keyboard

Touch screen


Conversation style text messages

Games:Bubble Breaker :)

Battery life(pretty good for a smartphone)

Windows Mobile 6.1

Office Mobile(Word,Excel,Powerpoint)

WiFi feature(data package not needed. You can use it for free if you have a wireless connection)

No extra row on QWERTY keyboard for numbers(used as function on 10 keys)

Nothing else i can think of. I've had it for about 3 three days now and i love it! Wouldn't replace it for anything.

Junk as a Business Phone


Oct 3, 2008 by imorrison

This phone is an absolute waste for the business user. It's got absolutely no good UI enhancements, so without something like the SPB Software House applications, it's impossible to do much of anything. Even creating a text message or looking up a contact is a pain. The only upside is a nice big QWERTY keyboard. Applications are wicked slow, and had to reboot constantly.

Not impressed


Sep 19, 2008 by soldier_monkey

For my first pda phone, i am not impressed at all. I've had the mogul for about a year now and i cant wait to get a new phone already. well i've been feeling like that for the past six months so here are my pros and cons and cons and more cons.

-qwerty keyboard
-many shortcut buttons
-nice screen size
-internal antenna
-very good reception
-evdo rev. a

-slow, very slow, every this is slow and unresponsive.
-backlight for keyboard takes a sec or so to light up
-2.0 mp camera is super slow and quality is horrible. very grainy and just plain bad. ive seen 1.3 mp cameras with so much better quality that are two years older than the mogul. you want a good camera phone, get a samsung.
-phone locks up very easily, especially if your online and you don't touch it for a few seconds. always have to soft reset, very annoying.
-voice command is a joke, just horrendous. i cannot tell you how much i hate the voice command on this piece. I'll press the button and say "wife the phone will say, Calling "Austin".
voice command is just worthless on this phone.
-pixel burn problem on the lower left hand corner of screen. i think thats a problem with all mogul since this is my second one that has pixel burn in same exact spot.
-dialing is a pain, number buttons on the touch screen are not very responsive
-no opera web browser pre-installed(internet explorer sucks)

Owning this phones makes me want to go back to a regular clam shell. stay away from the mogul if you want to have a pleasant cell phones experience. Hopefully the Touch Pro will do what this phone couldn't, and thats work properly. It pains me to give this phone a rating of 2, because it probably deserves a lower rating.

Me and my Buddy.


Sep 8, 2008 by Amill

Laugh if you will, I am asked no less than 3 times a week to use the 'bat phone' to find something out - Directions, email, movie show times, recipes, how to eat a crawfish; you name it. I have had my Mogul on Sprint since last spring and I have to say it is the single most useful objects in my household. This is not to say I haven't sent it flying in frustration. Most of my frustrations came before upgrading to the official Sprint WM6.1 rom. Memory issues are absent, as is unreasonable slow down since upgrading.

-Windows Mobile 6.1
-EVDO Rev A. With Opera Mobile 8.65 and SkyFire, it’s a desktop web experience including flash. I once used a YouTube video to learn how to eat crawfish.
- Google Maps compatible GPS. I have to say, this feature alone makes the $15.00 ‘unlimited data package’ worth it. Google Maps is a free download and a necessity. Just call me Tom-Tom.
- Divx Video Player and Pocket Divx Encoder (Both downloadable for free). I have an infant son that LOVES Baby Einstein my ‘backup copies’ on my Mogul have saved me many hours of crying babies.
- Slide out QWERTY Keyboard. I will never, ever, send a text from a standard mobile keypad again. *shuddering with pleasure*
- Very Sturdy. I have run this phone through the wringer, and it has held up better than anything since my Motorola i60.

-Windows Mobile 6.1
-Before WM6.1 this phone was frustrating at best. Frequently out of memory and random slowdowns led to it having several… accidents.
-Good PDA, crappy phone. To dial numbers on this phone is to know frustration. You would think this is what it did best. You would be wrong – the touch screen numbers are unresponsive and there are no direct access number keys on the keyboard ala the Touch Pro.
-Poor Battery Life. I kill my battery twice daily. I have a charger under my desk at work and charge it for about an hour everyday. I am shocked that Sprint/HTC doesn’t offer a standard extra battery and charger like the Instinct.

Highly Recommended.

For Verizon its the best they have to offer


Aug 5, 2008 by sportyross13

I most certainly consider myself quite a power user when it comes to a PDA device. I have been with Verizon for over 10 years now and have graduated to using the PDA for the following services:

-Bluetooth sync to my car
-3 Email Accnts pushed to the messaging system
-Wifi at my work place constantly
-Doubles as my digital camera/video
-Internet (Both Opera and IE)
-Sync over 600 contacts and over 400 important Office 2007 files
-8GB Storage Card
-Music player for when I go to the gym
-Tether or use bluetooth to sync my phone and laptop and use my phone as a Nationwide modem

On the phone itself, as I am savvy, I have the Spb Mobile Shell, iContact, Google Maps, Spb Weather, YouTube Player, Yahoo to Go, Opera for full non-restricted internet, Slide Pics, and Divx Player.

Each of these programs works rather well, with minimal lag after Opera as it consumes almost all my RAM (only 96mb to start though). Once that is closed the phone is fine, only lagging minimally, it does a lot. All the other programs work with no hitch at all, and really help to enhance the phone. While the phone itself alone is not bad at all, with the mods that I have added which I recommend to all, it really makes the phone a powerhouse. The GUI (interface) is much more smooth, and flows great without that Windows Mobile 6 feel as well. Call quality is great in New Jersey and Boston, sometimes soft but with a flick of the finger, it is loud again.

Enough of the accolades, the cons of the phone are most certainly somewhat bulky and the battery life is atrocious. Speaker phone is also somewhat shaky compared to other devices. If you can get past that, and realize what this device is really doing for you, along with certainly carrying a charger with you at your desk/car, then you realize it is most certainly worth it.

The Alltel PPC6800


Apr 11, 2008 by aorick

It was the worst of phones, it was the best of phones.....
I love my Alltel 6800. You may hate it. I've had it for about a year now, and this has been my experience.

You will probably have to be a 'power user' to like this phone. If you are buying this phone thinking that it will be a great phone from the start they you will hate it. It doesn't do most of the things you think it would right out of the box. I have spent hours and hours making this phone into what it is for me. I have installed a custom rom, and other software such as web browsers, contact managers, sms managers, etc. I have turned this phone into something I love. Alltel does not support this phone. You must be able to do these things on your own.
Some people ask why I would want a phone that I have to do that much to in order to get it to work right. The answer is: because I can do just about anything with this phone given the right modifications. After a few changes it is like a completely different phone.
Out of the box it is nothing special (sucks). Carve it up and make it your own and it is the best phone you can get. This is my opinion.

Corporate IT Power User


Mar 28, 2008 by Phone Pro

I have owned the 6600, 6700, and now the 6800. I've been using the 6800 for around a year now, so I think I'm able to write an accurate review now, non-biased by the *WOW* factor.

The PPC-6800 mogul is a decent PDA, but a terrible phone. Attempting to dial while driving is especially dangerous, and using the voice command program is a joke. This phone is *NOT* meant to be used without the stylus! The address book, text messages, and call history screens have not been designed with usability in mind, and feel slow, clunky, and bolted on. Noting in Windows Mobile feels seamless.

I'm also using my phone with Sprint's Good Messaging system (with Exchange Server), and the Good software absolutely sucks the life out of this phone. It also takes over the entire phone's functions, basically making it perform like Windows Vista running on a 486 PC. It takes over 4 minutes to "boot" up my phone, which needs a reboot at least every few days.

- Sometimes the ringer gets "stuck" and will sit there and buzz until reset, or until the battery dies, whichever comes first.
- The voicedial feature is cool; it lets me assign a voice tag to every number. The problem is, it doesn't work half the time. It'll say "please speak after the beep", and then NEVER BEEP and the voicedialer program will lock up.
- The web browser is bad - even for a mobile version.
- Good messaging adds a new phone book, and syncs this phonebook up with the built-in one on the phone. The phone seems confused which phonebook to pull up from which program.
- The camera on this phone is an absolute joke.
- Every few days, the phone will just start missing my calls. It'll ring one time, and send the caller to voicemail.
- This is my second mogul; I thought the first one was defective, and got this one. Turns out, all the above is just normal for this phone.
- I frequently have the urge to smash this phone out of frustration.

HTC, Sprint, Good Messaging, and Microsoft really need to pay attention to these things.

Close but no cigar


Mar 26, 2008 by DreamR616

This was my first smartphone (Verizon VX6800) and I did alot of research on it in the hopes of making sure I got something that would work well for me. I read all kind of reviews and stopped by the Verizon stores many times to try it out. I decided to give it the 30 day trial.

Although it was a nice phone, I found the cons outweighted the pros. Here's just a few. The battery life was poor, never lasting more then a day. I typically had to charge the phone every night (turned off) just so I knew I had enough power to make it through the day. The Windows Mobile 6 Pro software seemed slow to me and I had to remember to close out of apps. During calls I constantly had to make sure the phone was close to my face otherwise it was hard for people to hear me. The screen was difficult to read outside which made it hard on my eyes.

One thing I realized after having this phone for the last month is that it's designed for use with two hands. I found that to be more cumbersome then I expected. Although it has a touchscreen that you can use with your fingers, the stylus is a much needed tool.

- Nice ergonomics and form factor
- Portrait to landscape modes worked great
- Keyboard has good tactile feel and is easy to read
- Great screen quality when used indoors
- Buttons positioned in good locations
- WiFi very useful and worked well

- Poor battery life
- Very hard to read screen in bright sunlight
- Bluetooth really drains battery
- Have to remember to close apps in WM6 to prevent phone from bogging down
- Two handed operation required to navigate
- Call quality decent but not great
- Headphone jack requires splitter plus is 2.5mm size (not std)
- Lost calls due to ringer volume (hard to hear)

All in all, it just was not a phone that fit my needs. I didn't think the WM6 platform was as useful as I anticipated. I'm waiting now for Verizon to release the Blackberry Curve soon which I think will be easier to use.

not so great


Feb 25, 2008 by papashango

I consider myself a power user. I have used this phone to do the following:

1) Sync to my corporate Exchange 2007 server
a. Email send/receive
b. Calendar appointments
c. To-do task list
d. Sync my 300+ contact list from Outlook 2007
2) 1400+ minutes of talk time per month
3) External bluetooth GPS antenna with Google Maps app
4) Pocket IE to read news, check personal gmail, yahoo, & hotmail
5) IM using Pocket Messenger
6) Alarm clock
7) Connect to laptop for Phone-as-Modem
8) Over-the-air sync (I update things on Outlook and it shows up on my phone in a few minutes)
9) Even download Exchange 2007 SP1 to transfer to a server later (via Mini SD card)

- WM6 Professional Edition
- Touch screen
- Lots of customizability options online
- Use as modem on my laptop

- Laggy
- Speakerphone hard to hear
- Has developed a crackle when talking to anyone
- Comparably bulky as with other touch-type smartphones
- Battery life is awful
-- Not necessarily from constant use...left in my car from 8am to 12pm and battery went down to 25%...from what? I wasn't even using it!

Overall this is a good phone in terms of the many functional uses. However, the delivery is terrible. The battery life is abysmal. It is to the point where if I'm not using it, I'm charging it (car, wall, or USB charger). The programs are quite laggy. I can type 3 - 4 words before appearing on screen. Menu takes some time to get used to. I liked my Treo 700wx menu much better.

Awesome Phone!


Oct 18, 2007 by littledrummerboy09

This is my first PDA out of the many phones that I have owned. I was able to play with this phone for a few weeks before a purchased it and I knew it was the one. Windows Mobile 6 is amazing and very, very user friendly.

Windows Mobile 6
Huge screen (great for videos)
Microsoft Office Mobile
Full keyboard: Nice and big (great for email, text, etc.)

Can't send picture mail to other phones, however, can receive from phones. Can only email them.
Can't turn off status light without doing a registry edit (but then you loose all status lights and vibrate) but I can live with a blinking light! :)

All in all, a great phone. I would suggest it to anyone looking into a PDA. Its a little spendy, but worth every penny. Easy to use for those of us who aren't familiar with PDA's.

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