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Jul 23, 2007 by bigdfan70

is it me or is it just funny how the sprint mogul has much better reviews then the iphone?i just got the mogul 3 days ago and i love it.i have used the treo 650,700p,700wx and 755p.this is the best so far.i cant wait for all the iphone people to come running back to sprint.the only way the iphone would be worth having would be if it was on a real network like sprint or verizon.

Definitely not up to par


Mar 28, 2008 by nickw

I got the verizon version of the mogul (the xv6800) and yes at first i was extremely impressed with the features and functionability. This was my second smartphone, the first being a Treo 650 (which i love, amd am using for the time being) The internet speed was very good for IE, and the slide out keyboard buttons were large and perfect for my fat fingers. I pumped out thousands of messages with ease. But the cases sold with it are large and impractical, because i move around a lot, from school to the gym, and to my job and whatnot. As time went on, the phone began to become slower and freeze up more often. I did drop it on one occasion about 2 months ago taking it out of my pocket, which offset the the phone so the screen and keyboard were crooked, and it put a crack in the screen. The programs sold along side it are also very expensive, and most of them are pretty useless.

But my main vice with this phone is that just yesterday, while i was texting, it froze, which was no big deal, just a soft reset. But it never (and probably wont again) got past the verizon screen that shows that it's starting up. Now i have to make a claim and go through all of that to get a phone that im not that fond of anymore.

I would not recommend this phone, and if i got the second chance, would definitely go for something more sturdily built, like the Q9, or just go back to flip phones.

Kind of disappointed...


Mar 19, 2008 by lucygirl

I've had this phone for several months and started out really liking it. However, as time went on, it got under my skin more and more. I've tried really hard to like it, but I think I'm going to trade up for something else.

- fantastic slideout keyboard. Even my fat little fingers can compose speedy text messages.
- screen is large and really sharp
-dedicated keys for email, internet are very handy
- voice dialing is very easy to set up and accessible with only the push of a button
- sturdy, collapsible stylus
- camera (2.0 megapixel) takes pretty nice photos
- internet access is speedy on Sprint's network although often pages don't load in a very accessible way
- contacts list holds lots of info on each contact

- WM6. Maybe it's because I'm a recovered PC user but WM6 is buggy. In fact, this phone might be fantastic were it running a different OS. Often simple things take multiple screen taps and menus to activate or access
- often several-seconds-long lag in reorientation of screen after pulling out qwerty keyboard
- phone has three different alarms that can be set and I've never had more than one at a time work correctly. Very annoying since I use my phone for an alarm clock when I travel and like to set various reminders for myself throughout the day.
- battery life is pretty wretched. even with little to no use and turning off programs from the 'running programs' menu I still need to charge this phone every night.
- frequent dropped calls. this might be a sprint issue rather than a phone issue, but that doesn't make me feel any better.
- screen isn't always very responsive which is a pain when you dial on the touch pad. Dialing from the fully extended keyboard is annoying and then you have to close it anyway to talk on the phone.
- main screen can be customized to list upcoming appointments but not, to my knowledge, to list daily tasks, only to indicate how many tasks you have.

So far So good


Oct 7, 2007 by johnsowa

I've had my Mogul for almost 2wks, it is the first smart phone that I have owned, and I'm sure it will not be my last. So far I can say that the pros have out weighed the cons, and I find it to be a very good phone/pda and it does pretty much anything you need it to. However there are cons that other users have posted that I can relate to: Playing the whole song when used as a text alert, and the really cheap back cover that doesn't fit quite as tight as I think it should and popped off when my phone fell from the couch to the carpet, a distance of less than 2ft. I would hate to know what would have happened if it had fallen on a harder surface e.g.(concrete, asphalt) Eww. But after all it is a phone and not a cure for cancer and as with any piece of technology there is gonna be glitches, so all-in-all I love the Mogul and am very satisfied with it and would recommend it to anyone who wants a top of the line piece of equipment. Thanks HTC!!



Aug 28, 2007 by albertats

Went to Alltel and I got this phone as a 6700 lemon replacement and all I have to say is WOW. The Windows version is only Windows Mobile 5.0 PPC Edition but for Alltel we're working on releasing it with Windows Mobile 6 Professional. The battery life on this more than triples my PPC 6700(RIP 8-25) and is more of a one handed device than the 6700. No matter what, ever since I've gotten the phone everyone who is oblivious to phones thinks I have an iPhone. (Almost offended by that, nahh but still its got great design).

Windows Mobile 5(Upgrades to 6 in a month or so)
Great signal(Comparable to RAZR or e815)
EvDO on America's Largest Network
2.0 Megapixel Camera
Black instead of Silver
More buttons than 6700
Great call quality on both sides
Music sounds great out of the speaker
While on that, the Speakerphone sounds WAY BETTER
Mini USB Connection(Very convenient and sturdy)
Solid Look and Feel
Spring loaded QWERTY keyboard

Only con is the screen is a FINGERPRINT MAGNET! But that wasn't enough to take my vote down, VERY WORTHY PHONE!

This is a very good phone and if on another carrier come and join us on America's Largest Wireless Network. Alltel is a great company and pretty affordable. This phone is a great addition to Alltel's line and I would recommend it to EVERYONE!

I love my Mogul


Aug 20, 2007 by jwrighty

I initially bought the treo 750 and I hated it. It didn't have any of the practical applications that I need for every day use. You can't go wrong with the Mogul's graffiti option, notes, and MS word, excel and ppt. The speaker phone works great. The signal strength is wonderful and I've only dropped two calls in three weeks as opposed to daily drops with my normal phone and the Treo.

I took .5 off the phone for subtle freezes from time to time and low battery life, but this might be normal for smart phones.

I would suggest this phone for any person debating between the treo and Mogul.

Great Phone...


Aug 19, 2007 by 2dllr-bill

First lets not hate/bash the (iphone) its a great phone if you have the money and time to keep up with it.Wish it was in the Sprint network so its speed would be better but hey.Another thing is a GMS phone,period.

Now that thats out of the way,iam very satisfied with my 6800 it does everything a PDA was meant for and more.

Cons:No picture mail,and cant buy/get ringtones from sprint...so have to play the whole song as a ringtone.

Other than that great phone cant wait for Rev A upgrade!!

Still getting use to the Windows based phone...but I like it!


Jul 3, 2007 by indyguy

This is my first Windows based phone. My previous phone was the Palm Treo. The things I miss are the threaded messages....But I got that fixed with one of the online hacks and it looks just like the Treo threaded messages. The signal doesn't seem quite as good as the Treo but I haven't had any problems so far. I have used the bluetooth and I have not had any problems like those stated by previous reviewers...I use the Cardo Scala 700. I think what I like the most about the windows mobile/PPC6800 is the abundance of software available from other parties....Free and for purchase. Bottom line...I still miss my Treo but the more and more I explore this phone the more I like it over the Treo!!...and NOW....I can run my Slingbox over the 6800!!....Sweeeet!



Jul 2, 2007 by FYYAWOOD

I try it regular that I get the a new phone that hits the market with sprint and I must say out of all the 6+ phones I've gotten with them (Samsung A-900, Moto Q now Mogul) that this is by far the most impressive. All the features on the phone make it one of the best and the service is incomparable. I've haven't been able to put it down since I recieved almost a week ago. What's really amazing is the picture quality. I was actually considering buying a digital camera but with this phone the quality is so sharp that I really don't need one. Everyone who has seen it says it the best and I couldn't agree more.

Most Powerful Smart Phone I have Laid My Hands On


Jun 30, 2007 by ndragisic

In The Box: ------------------------------
Comes with 512MB Micro SD
USB Sync Cable
AC Adapter
2 Styli (very cool metal expandables like 8525)
Stereo Headset
Software Installation CD
Getting Started Package

Specs: ------------------------------------
Windows Mobile 6
Qualcomm 7500 400MHz processor
1/3" Thinner than 6700 and 8525
Spring Loaded Slider
96 MB Internal Memory (User Storage, 128 total)
Bluetooth 1.2 (not 2.0)
Upgradeable to Rev A.
WiFi Capable
2.0MP Camera 8x Zoom

Features: ---------------------------------
Phone as Modem: Yes
Internet Sharing: Yes
Microsoft Exchange Direct Push: Yes
Good Mobile Messaging: Yes
Pocket Outlook: Yes
Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint): Yes
PDF Viewer: Yes
Voice Dialing: Yes (Shortcut button on side)
Sprint Music Store: Yes
Sprint Software Store: Yes
Sprint On Demand: Yes
SMS and MMS: Yes
Camera & Camcorder: Yes
Customizable Ringtones: Yes
Java (Pre-Installed): Yes
Windows Live Search from Today Screen: Yes
Sprint TV: No
Sprint Radio: No
Sprint, Telenav, Garmin Navigation: No
Google Maps: No
Push To Talk: No

_____________________________________________ __
I had the Cingular 8525 and this phone is far more compact and the sprint-loaded QWERTY is a huge plus. I like the add ons and features. The visual effect of windows 6.0 is nice. Seems the differences between 5.0 and 6.0 are limited including: updated web browsing, windows live, windows mobile updates, Internet sharing, and some advances in calendar options. There is really great texture on the QWERTY keyboard that makes it far easier to type (Especially text and drive, dont try at home). I love that UT-Starcom got cut out on this phone, I am overly impressed that this phone could be such a large improvement from the starcom 6700 and the cingular 8525. It seems so small in the hand and so light with a slight texture accross the phone back to help you keep grip.

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