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upgraded from 6700 and all i can say is wow


Jul 1, 2007 by kentthorne

just to start out, this is the best phone i have ever used. i have had it for a couple of days now, and coming from the 6700, i can't say enough about how much i love this phone. I have seen and used a lot of different pda and regular phone working in the wireless industry, and this is the best one.

-lighter, than my 6700
-way smaller than my 6700
-great touch screen
-lots of useful buttons all over the phone which make it great for one handed use.
-Stylus stays in the phone
-comes with 140megs of built in memory + 512 card in the box (have a 2gig on order.)
-A2DP and bluetooth in general works great.
-i have had it for almost a week and it hasn't gone in to flight mode or froze once (my completely updated 6700 would still go into flight mode after every 10 minute call and freeze at least every two days.)nor have i had to soft reset it.
-a lot more control of preloaded programs, ie the voice speed dial, which i hated on the 6700 because you couldn't use your mono bluetooth headset to listen to music after the update added the voice speed dial.
-on demand comes on the phone
-all my programs from windows mobile 5 work on windows mobile 6
-just the best thing ever

- the only problem i have had is i have had to go into the settings and close all the running programs a couple of time, but i was also just trying things out on the phone. during normal daily use i haven't had a problem with this.

in conclusion
if you have the 6700, everything the 6700 should have been is the 6800. it works great. i have no regrets in upgrading and no buyier remorse as i sure some iphone owners are experiencing right about now. great phone well,worth the price. can't say enough good things about this phone.

Solution for 3.5 mm!


Apr 22, 2008 by PocketMe

MOST HTC phones lack a 2.5mm or 3.5 mm headset jack.... That is a bummer when you want to stream music to your car stereo through the AUX input or to your home stereo!

But, thanks God, sony engineer a solution...

for only $79.99 plus tax... You can buy this baby:


It is not only a bluetooth receiver, but also a transmitter!

Enjoy the roadtrip with ur fave tunes or listen to TV using a bluetooth headset. Let the device do its thing!



Dec 20, 2007 by jorgephnx

Are you upgrading or are you looking for your first Smart-phone?
I hope this review will help you decide wether this is for you or not.

First of all, I don't believe there's a perfect device for everybody; therefore, you need to consider what features are most important for you. Don't expect that a device like this will replace your laptop, your iPod, your TV nor your 5MP camera. Remember this is a mobile version of everything and although it will let you do a lot of things on the go, it still has it's limits.

The MOGUL combines some strong business applications with some multimedia functions. However, if you don't care about multimedia and want something easier to use, you may want to consider the blackberry, or if you are more into music and videos, the iPhone might be a better choice for you. But if you are a windows user and you want some of both worlds, and familiar apps. then the MOGUL may be what you need.

If you are upgrading from the PPC6700, The new design alone is worth the upgrade. WM 6 looks modern and it has some new features. The screen is brighter, it comes with more built-in storage memory (162mb) and a 512 micro SD card. The camera starts faster; however the quality is about the same, the speaker is not much better either. The keyboard slides the oposit direccion, more suited for a left-handed person; but you can get used to it.

THINGS TO REMEMBER: Most smart-phones will drain your battery fast. If you're a heavy user, you need a charger for the office and for the car. From time to time you will need to soft-reset (restart) your device. If you are a windows user, you know what I'm talking about. There are 3rd party applications that you can buy to improve the performance of this device. If you are not at all a techy person, it may take you longer to switch from a regular cell phone.

I have owned the MOGUL for about 3 weeks and I'm very happy with it, it doensn't give me any major problems and it lets me do what I need to do.

Best phone from Sprint I've ever owned...


Nov 27, 2007 by Clay330i

I have owned quite a few phones from Sprint over the years. Most recently PM8200, A920, A900, 6700, and Q to name a few. Having come from the Q and it's questionable stability and battery issues the Mogul is perfect. I figured I didn't need a touchscreen or stylus because I had the scroll wheel and D pad. NOT TRUE! Actions are so much faster with a stylus or my finger. I will never go back to a non-pda without a keyboard. The Touch is nice, but honestly the cube function is gimmicky at best. I have the latest version of touchflo with the cube and I choose not to use it even though it looks cool. This phone is very stable and I never have issues with it. Battery is great and it's very compact. Side by side with my Q it was only slightly thicker, but not an inconvenience when placed in my pocket. The phone can easily be customized which is a big plus for me. WiFi is a great option to have in trouble coverage areas. I have no cons for this phones. I say that because most people realize that no phone is perfect and each has it's own quirks. Having been through multiple phones this one is just right. Good job HTC and Sprint!

Great PPC, good phone.


Oct 28, 2007 by ptg06

I bought this to replace my Motorola Q (fun) and BB8830 (work) with Alltel. I wanted this unit already knowing it's a PPC first and phone second, so I may sound a bit biased.
Power: This thing is a beast in terms of processing.
Software: WM6Pro is great especially with Powerpoint and Excel Mobile is a welcome addition.
Internet (EVDO): Very fast. With the dl'd software of treoforums.com I'm streaming youtube without a hitch. I can dl a 20+mb file in 2-3 min (usually closer to 2 min)
Reception: I DO NOT live in a rural area, though I do drive through them on a regular basis. I have yet to drop below 2 bars.
Battery life: I'm impressed. Full charge by 9am, 90+min of calls, 90+min of heavy IE use, POP3 hourly, and a couple youtube dl's ... usually 40-60% used by 9pm. Kill your apps, and remember that THIS IS A COMPUTER.
Sound: speakerphone is decent. Headphones/Stereo BT sounds awesome.
POP3: pushed hourly from Outlook Exch. srvr. Very fast pull up/attachments. No complaints here.
MMS: It's cool to send pic messages.
Camera: Though it's not the best, it's nice to have such a large viewfinder.

Construction: The battery cover just sucks.. but keep this in mind: If it were built like a tank, it'd be in the $700 range. I'm not really complaining. Only the Treo 755p felt better, but was a relative lightweight in terms of features.

This is not a phone for people who simply want a flashy phone that send MMS stuff. This is a very strong performer for those who appreciate the utility of a true PDA/PPC and a good phone. Hope this helps!

Much better than the 6700 brick


Sep 18, 2007 by Kool-D

I had this phone for 2 weeks, it is a much pleasant surprise over the 6700 (which kept freezing up), and I live in NYC (Sprint). There are a few cons with the phone though.


WM 6 better interface
Phone can be turned off and on easily
Stylus pen DOES stick to phone
Phone does not freeze up as often, maybe one soft reset a week.
Wi-Fi switch, can be easily configured
Sound quality is excellent, the stereo headset is a plus
512MB mini-SD card included
If allowed by the website, you can download picture directly to the phone.
Java applet, I enjoy downloading songs from the Sprint Music store without the need for an ipod.
EV-DO Rev. A upgradeable, phone does have a built in GPS chip which will be harnessed once Sprint releases Rev. A in November, 2007
Spring loaded keyboard, you can actually type without like you need to press down the keys.
Messaging and IE buttons, the buttons are nicely layed out.
Start up time is only about 20 seconds, much better than the 6700 taking 2 to 3 minutes to start.
Memory, memory, memory, 160 MB RAM is much better for storage than 32 MB.

Now for the CONS:

Camera is difficult to use with the icons, video res. is reduced to 176 X 144.
The stylus pen is so small, it is difficult to use if you have big hands.
The battery cover is so flimsy, it can easily be broken. Putting the cover back on is also as difficult as removing it, there are 3 slots on the top of the phone that you have to fit like a jigsaw puzzle piece.
Camera quality for 2MP is mediocre.
Memory card is difficult to fit it in, and is at the bottom of the phone.
Too many programs open at once will freeze your phone and fill up the 32MB allocated ROM.
Headset is mini-USB and shares the same port as the charger. You can use the mini-USB splitter that comes in the box.
No Java on IE, but you can download Flash and Java.
Streaming video is so-so, I used Slingbox.

Despite some shortcomings, HTC still has a winner.

awsome phone


Jul 22, 2007 by cdelicious

This is my first pocket pc phone. I love it. when i use the speaker phone i don't have problems with people hearing me. this is the 1st phone that i've ever owned that the speaker phone actually works well enough to use instead of it just being a novelty. voice activated dialing works in noisy environments. I've had this phone for 3 weeks haven't had one crash. That's really nice because i previously owned a treo 650 and it would crash daily. i have not had any issues with the blue tooth, it works great for me. The signal strength is actually stronger than my 650 which i thought it wouldn't be because it has a internal antenna. i also loved the fact that it came with a leather case, stereo headset and 512 mb micro sd card. The phone feels like it's of good solid construction. I am very please with it and i would highly recommend it to others.

The Best Phone I've Had So Far........


Oct 6, 2007 by dmkaye68

My title says it all! This is hands down the best phone I have had so far. I have used the Treos(600, 650, and 700p) and the 6700 and find this phone superior to them all. The size is nice and the screen is very nice. I am not going to go into detail about the pros and cons(others have covered that to death). All I know is the phone does it all for me without a glitch. You will not be sorry you picked up this one.

Nice upgrade from the 6700


Jun 21, 2007 by Silverdale_man

2 days into ownership, well worth the money. After having the 6700 for 18 months I must say its about time! This is a PDA must have. Most features in the 6700 were upgraded and then some.

Size / Feel - NICE! First time in a long time I feel like I'm talking on a phone and not a brick. Being noticeably thinner , lighter and having no stub at the end makes this phone a very desirable size for a PDA.

The feel of the phone is much better then the 6700. The slide keyboard is spring loaded this time around, Making one handed use much smoother and far less effort.Button layout is also well placed / thought out.

Reception seems pretty close to the 6700. I have not seen an advantage or disadvantage in this department yet.

The screen is nice and bright. Next to my 6700,pictures look more vivid and more full of life. Also the screen refresh rate is a lot faster when having the camera on. One thing I didn't like about the 6800 though is the camera menu. Seems to be much more work to get things done.

Windows mobile 6.0 is a nice touch. Not much more under the hood then mobile 5 but much more polished. Outlook has some nice features that were not found in 5.0 that make life in corporate land much nicer.

Calls made on the device were good for others but I found what others have mentioned that if you hold the device at the wrong angle you get a feedback echo. Its not a bad echo but noticeable and can get you irritated if your on long calls. Calls on the speaker also seem kinda quite. Ive never been a fan of speaker phone but if I ever wanted to use it I would find it hard to use.

Camera Quality seemed so so. I only took a few pics and some came out well and some did not. I saw the same quality with the 6700 so even tho the camera is 2MP now I really don't see anything great about the upgrade...its still a phone. My old Samsung A800 took MUCH better pics.

There are plenty of very nice upgrades and only a few things that hinder it getting a 5.

Verizon 6800.... Very Well Done!!


Dec 16, 2007 by F L I K

This was a move from the 6700 to the 6800 under Verizon. The memory is outstanding and is what I believed was the pitfall of the 6700. The combination of almost a 100 megs more of usable storage and Windows Mobile 6 makes this phone/pda a very effecient tool. I use my phone/pda for everyday life. I have a coworker that has swapped between the 6700 and Treos in search of the better phone. The Treo, Q, and several others were no match to UT Starcom format. If a person is shopping for an all in one device, this is the one!! Size has been greatly improved and is very acceptable. Very happy with this pocket pc.

-Size, feels like a 2008 mobile device and not a classic Motorola "brick"
-Memory substantially better
-Memory card slot better location than 6700
-Color is out of the ordinary, but very nice
-150 Megs of usable storage
-can use up to a 8 gig memory card
-can actually turn off phone when desired
-Window 6 runs effecient and navigates well
-keyboards is very well thought out and lights up giving 100% more usability in low light.
-stylis is located where it will not fall or bump out of unit when holstered
-battery life is great, can adjust back-light to keep from draining too quick
-very clear screen
**Verizon model does not come with charging cradle like the 6700 did.(search cradle in google. They are around $25.00!)
**Choice of color. Blue.. what were they thinking?
**Case/Sleeve included with phone is a joke. Something this expensive should have had a case, holster, or clip with it.

I would recomend it hands down!!

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