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7 Days with my Mogul


Aug 24, 2007 by mobo

Love it!

My task at work was to choose a phone capable of Outlook E mail, office mobile and Internet access for 13 users. This is really the only choice out there. The old Q did not match up, the new Q is no where near as capable (wifi, touch screen etc), the ATT phones are a generation behind (WM5) which leaves you with the Mogul. I am sure new products will be out soon to compete but for now there is no other choice.

The calendar function is good as is the e mail function. Works well with the activesync. The battery life is poor as it is with any of these devices. I plug mine in at every opportunity and it has always lasted me the day. If I was a traveler away from a plug in for the day I would definitely want another or perhaps an extended battery.

My only problem found is some of my co workers have had their phone dialing when they did not mean for it to happen. (redial) This is probably user error but it happens to easy.

Bluetooth works well. I would strongly suggest the X button program from HTC (free download) this has the x button in the right hand corner turn the programs off not minimize them.

Sprint customer service has just been okkay it takes at least 20 to 25 minutes to get through, way to long.

Enjoy and take care :)


IPHONE KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 19, 2007 by Vanish Magic

The HTC 6800 is the best phone ever made, and will be the leader in the PDA phone category for a long time. Smaller and thinner than a Treo 700p and 1/3 of the thickness of the 6700 it is truly a pocket friendly/mobile mini computer. Windows mobile 6 is awesome, EVDO rev is fast, Wify is a great alertinative, and Rev A will be a free update in fall making this device a true winner. The camera is excellent 2 megapixel with great features and can take clean pictures in pitch dark! Active sync seems to work better on this device and Microsoft direct push makes email flawless. To those who have Yahoo and haven't upgraded to the POP 3 email, it is not a problem becuase it will still go get the email on your device along with AOL and GMAIL. The only negative that I have found is that Goodlink has yet to approve the device to use its service. (Good link is owned by Motorola)

First "Smart" Phone


Jun 7, 2012 by BlackRoseAngel

This was my first "smart" phone. But, I can hardly qualify it as a smart phone, there was nothing smart about it. It is unfortunately that HTC had the misfortune to put this horrid software known as an operating system Windows Mobile on it. At first, this phone was fun. Being my first non-dumb phone. I owned it for maybe 6 to 8 months, and over the course of the time it became so slow that the alarm would sound hours after it was set to sound. Becoming completely unresponsive! This phone, I think, would have made a better PDA because a phone it was not, and smart it was not.

Best Physical Keyboard I've Ever Used

Terrible OS
Terrible Battery Life
Terrible Camera
Terrible Thickness
Terrible Processor
No Real Apps

My first smart phone that got stolen


Sep 29, 2010 by Chillinpape

This was like having a mini laptop, the only thing I dislike about it was the short phone life and the many folders Win OS used

HTC Mogul / XV6800 / PPC6800 / P4000


Feb 18, 2010 by legitimate007

I just wanted to say, your device is just like your desktop, once the cache fills up and the temp files fill up ,your desktop starts acting funny , freezing up and such, it will be come slow, same thing with your device, you need a program, I recommend memaid, that will get rid all of the junk so that your device can run smoothly, also if you want something to make getting around your device easy and awesomely effective, get spb mobile shell, I have it on my 6700 and now going to put it on my 6800 (once it comes) I just bought it off ebay for 26.00. because the guy said that it freezes when it goes into standby mode, well Im pretty sure its because the cache is full or too many things are running. Thats all

HATE the WM 6.0 version. LOVE the WM 6.1 version!


Jul 25, 2009 by gunmetalRED

When I first got this phone, I was quite disappointed. Windows Mobile 6 was laggy and unreliable. The phone reset itself when closing the keyboard. It also would not ring when someone called, only to ring sometimes HOURS later. It did not inform me of new text messages for hours. Same with voice messages. Just weird.

I was about to send the useless brick back when I decided to try an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1. What a difference!

While still a bit slow, 6.1 is muuuch more reliable. It actually rings now! It gets texts and voicemail instantly! It no longer resets itself when closing the keyboard! It's like a totally new phone.

With that out of the way, it really is a great phone. The screen is large, clear, and very responsive to touch. Lots of shortcut buttons on the sides. Sound clarity is good, but quiet. The slide-out keyboard is nice and large, with a nice solid feel. It's relatively easy to navigate once you get a feel for Windows Mobile. There are tons of programs that run with WM, like Microsoft Money, Google Maps, MS Office, etc. MS Money is why I got a WM-based phone.

On the Phone screen, it is laggiest when dialing and when ending the call. It seems to take a few pushes of the End button to end a call.

I love using the WiFi instead of data-call Internet. I don't use the Internet much, so I don't want to pay extra for a data plan. The WiFi is a great alternative. However, if you have no data plan, make sure Internet Explorer closes and is not running in the background!! If it is running and you turn the WiFi off, it may connect to the provider's data service instead, which you will be charged for.

I killed my phone accidentally this weekend, but I love it enough to buy another HTC, a Touch Pro. I'm totally addicted to touchscreens and QWERTY keyboards now.

Large Touchscreen
QWERTY keyboard
TONS of add-on programs
Threaded text messaging

Battery life
WM 6.0 instability, lag



Jan 24, 2009 by afrodizzy29

I am in no way being biased....just real. This phone was a total waste of my hard earned money....and by the way it is not a cheap phone. I purchased this through Sprint in Sept of 08'. Seems like the phone had issues straight out of the box. At times the phone was slow to respond. And I found myself resetting the phone several times a week. (Not sure if the phone was defective or not). What spoiled it for me...there were several instances where I needed to call 911. When I needed the phone it was slow to respond or it just plan froze. I could not do anything but wait angrily while my phone rebooted :( In the beginning I read both good and bad reviews for this phone. Again this is my personal review of this phone....if I had to reccomend this phone, I would not. I'd invest in a flock of pigeons!!!

Simply the Best!


Jan 4, 2009 by Flik

I have had several phones and I am always looking for the latest greatest out. I can honestly say that this was a stopping point. I have had this phone for the last year and I am still amazed of the task it is capable of.

Upgrades and tweaks are constantly coming out.
Many Windows Mobile Programs to cusomize this to any life style.
Reliable, it just works!
Large display
Keyboard laid out for ease of use
Size is perfect for the functions the xv6800 is capable of!

Verizon's color is only a matte Blue. need more color choices.
Verizon needs to improve overall cosmetic appeal of their equipment.

The Dark Side of Technology


Dec 2, 2008 by pfreeland

This is a gadget that looks great in a feature matrix. However, it is an unbelievable pain to actually use as a telephone, a stark testament to technology done badly from a user's standpoint.

This is a two hands, full attention device to operate.

It's a Microsoft Windows machine:
- It takes forever to boot up.
- The menu trees are deep and non-intuitive.
- It occasionally forgets how to talk to the Bluetooth and must be rebooted.
- It occasionally locks up and must be rebooted by removing the battery.

I'm never quite sure if it's going to use the Bluetooth or not, so I have to answer with the headset in and the phone held to my ear.

The side button layout is appalling. If you use the thumbwheel to scroll and then try to squeeze it to select an item, the opposing finger squeezes the power button and the phone turns off.

The device actually goes into standby in the middle of your phone call. You can still talk, but you have to re-power the device to see what's going on, and click past the "my info" screen to get back to where you were.

Finale: Today, the phone wouldn't boot. This is not unusual, so I did the usual drill: Remove the battery and reinsert. Still no dice. After many tries I realize it's dead.

I also notice, looking inside the phone, that the little moisture detection sticker says "VOID", which of course means the company isn't going to honor its warranty. This "business" phone has been exactly three places: Inside my climate-controlled home and office, inside the occasional climate-controlled restaurant, and inside my car. It has never been left outside or been spilled on, etc. However, I often have left my phone in the car when I go into work. So if you are still not convinced, be forewarned: Routinely leaving this phone in a parked car may cause it to fail, and also VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

Could be better


Nov 30, 2008 by Marty2224

I got the mogul around a year ago. It is a nice phone with a nice keyboard. It has no anamations like the touch pro phone, it is slow, locks up all the time, and the screen sometimes does not reconize any touches of the finger. I say that they could have made a better phone, especially for the high price..

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