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this phone is serious


Jan 31, 2008 by varo_da_gangsta

man i miss this phone!!!

touch screen
camera 2.0 megapixils baby!
software wm6..nice
good lookin phone

no picture mail(besides emailing it)
cant work the youtube on it so good

buy this phone...i know im gonna get it

Great Smart Phone but 1 too many BUTS!


Jan 30, 2008 by wyldfaux

I got this phone when it first was released by Verizon. I had read the reviews and understood the Cons or so I thought. My initial phone locked up, battery life was OK, camera would not work, sometimes it would ring sometimes it wouldn't. I returned it because it did everything I needed it to and I loved the comfort of it in my hand, the ease of sending messages, the Microsoft OS....so onto my 2nd XV6800. Now after 27 days my battery does not last 8 hours in standby mode..yes I charge it all night, take it to work with me, lay it on my desk and with no messages, no talking, no nothing when I leave 8 hours later I can't even make a phone call. I'm disappointed to say the least!

Microsoft OS
Great resolution
Email ability...fast downloads

Battery life SUCKS!

If you can live with a phone that must be plugged in 24/7 then it's a great phone. I thought I could 'live with it' but I travel too much to have a phone that is dead before I even make a call.

Great at first....


Jan 24, 2008 by Neo101

Alright, when i first bought this phone, amazing. It ran quickly on first boot up, wifi option was awesome, especially considering i am a student at a college and always have wifi access. But within a few days i had the phone, it began locking up and being SLOW. So i believe i am switching to the BB Pearl. According to reviews..it is flawless. Hope this helps

6800 hunderd is good replacment but has a few bugs Verizon is being difficult.


Jan 22, 2008 by skresge

I have had this phone for a month and a half and for the first three weeks it was awesome! I had the 6700 before and I was about to go to the pearl with att because I have had verizon for three years and they have treated me like i was worthless to them! I guess they do that to all thier customers it is bevery difficult to get tech support or get them to take care of any of thier problems. But the 6800 I was sold on, sick deal sick replacment to the 6700. After three weeks of perfect operation the wireless modem feature of the phone went out, after three calls to tech support and over six hours on the phone I was told to do a hard reset, this fixed the problem but then the charging port went out, common problem with the 6700 wich Verizon normally tells me is not a warrenty issue and then of course I have to submit an insurance claim. This time they did replace the phone under the 30 day warrenty. When i got the repleacement the synch feature with the phone and windows mobile device center in Vista did not work. I called tech support four times and tired ten things and then finally I told them to replace my phone and they said that Vista could cause this issue. well whatever in the end I made them replace it. here are the pros and cons.

1. Design is way nicer then 6700 smaller and sleeker
2. Phone's speaker and loudness is way improved
3. Speed is faster.
4. works great as modem most of the time
5.Runs apps great.

1. Synch with Vista doesnt work.
2. Verizon tech support sucks!
3. Apps freeze phone and I have to reset or phone freezes and I have to reset.
4. Cammera is ok.
Over all I guess this phone is a good replacment for the 6700 although next time i will get the tilt or pearl from ATT.

Almost got it Right


Jan 22, 2008 by jordant2

This phone would have been perfect, but for whatever reason, they did not increase the RAM! It already took Verizon about 8 months longer than Sprint to get this phone. It was rumored to have 96mb of RAM. It doesn't. After booting up, there are around 25mb free and it constantly decreases from there.

I find myself using opera mobile until the memory is so low that it closes the program. Or I can't play a video using wmp due to "not enough memory" error. Even this might not be a deal breaker. I'm just hoping for an upgrade that improves the apparent memory leak since it's too late to increase the RAM.

256mb ROM (about 160 available)
400MHz processor
Great Keyboard
Plenty of 3rd Party Software Available

Not Enough RAM!!!
New processor hasn't been overclocked yet

If you're not a power user this may be the perfect phone, but if you're like me and you like to run multiple programs at once be cautious choosing this phone.

Interesting Decision...


Jan 17, 2008 by Nitefury

I was offered an option by Verizon; The 6800 or the 755p. I opted to go with the 6800 (at least for the 30 day trial). I have a mac but wanted to try a windows phone. I found a program to get the contacts and the calendar to sync, but thats it.

-The phone is roughly the same size as any other smart phone
-Wi-Fi works great
-The qwerty keyboard is great for surfing
-The camera is one of the best ive used
-Mini usb charger/sync
-Bluetooth headsets hook right up and the volume is sufficient.

-The call volume is significantly below what it should be
-The speaker phone is not as easy to turn on as the palm and is also volume wise too low.
-The battery SUCKS. For heavy use, be ready to charge it twice a day
-The price is a bit steep (but that hopefully will go down)
-with power save the screen goes black at a certain interval - and you have to press the power button on the side to turn it on
-every alert must have a notification and to dismiss it is often not within one click

In the end I believe after my 30 days are up I will return to the palm (and its outdated software), but its sync/usability is better for the average person.

To be honest


Jan 13, 2008 by natedizzles

To be honest with everyone else still in a mindset of what phone to buy. After buying this phone full price I did realize I made the right decision. It was either this phone, or the samsung i-760 from verizon. My wife has the samsung, and after she bought the phone it made me confused again, did I make the right decision? The only difference that I liked about it is that the samsung has a more solid feel to it, less plastic if you know what I mean. It didn't feel as "cheap". Other than that the phones were nearly and if not identical. This phone is PERFECT!

So far so good


Dec 30, 2007 by Firecaptain

Picked it up yesterday, the initial start-up seemed like it lasted for 5 minutes or more.
Transfer of my phone bookm over from my LG was an issue twice until it was sent to the 6800 as a file that was un-zipped and opened.
I do not like the way it came out looking on the phone though. Might delete and start over.
Initially had 2 bars showing on power at start up and me playing with it for about 30 minutes took the power down to the cahrge warning. Hope it does better after a full charge. Calls have been made and received with no issues, and sound quality on the calls was good from both ends.
I have ordered a crystal hard plastic shell type case for it along with a side flip pouch. These 2 should keep it pretty well protected both in storage and while in use.
So after only one days use, and play, I'm happy.
Read a lot of reviews here and on the net and came close to the Samsung i760, but the issue of inadvertantly hitting the call end button and dropping calls all the time swayed me in itself.

Microphone Sensitivity Optimized for Ambient Noise?


Dec 29, 2007 by Emersk

I am very impressed with ergenomics and feature level of the 6800. But I have not had a chance to test it fully. I have been gnashing my teeth for 2 years having bought a Treo 700w. I spent many hours researching Treos but never found mention of the following deal killer. The microphone performs too much like a speaker phone mike when not set on speakerphone. The microphone sensitivity is too high so that in bars and noisy restaurants the ambient sound overwhelms my voice and no one can hear me. I am hoping that the mike on the XV6800 is not also optimised for speakerphone operation so that when in normal mode you can talk in noisy environments. Everyone I know with a Treo has given up talking in noisy environments and uses SMS instead. Googling on "Treo 700w microphone sensitivity" has led me to the conclusion that this is an unsolvable problem for all Treos from the 650 through 700wx. See http://www.everythingtreo.com/forum/treo-700w-and-700wx/700wx-mic-sensitivity-way-too-sensitive-12340.html . Does the HTC 6800 microphone work well in noisy environments?

HORRIBLE read around the internet for evidence


Dec 25, 2007 by klmsu19

Horrible horrible phone (Sprint version at least).

Sprint sold this phone on false pretenses to customers it did sprint tv, music store, and navigation out of the box which it did none.

out of the box- constantly low RAM (Sprints excuse was the phone was built for wm5 not wm6! lol) horrible bluetooth (read around the internet), keyboard didnt work in some apps (no excuse especially in Sprints own apps!)

first ROM update- sprint added the music store, no bug fixes. Good going Sprint/HTC

second update- fixed the keyboard mostly. No bluetooth fixes no RAM or other fixes

third ROM update- pulled by HTC because it caused more problems than it fixed!!!

(i gave up on the phone by then and had Sprint replace mine with a Touch)

fourth ROM update- reports are bluetooth is still not 100% there and RAM is still a huge issue. the smaller bugs seemed mostly ironed out, but i cant verify this since i got rid of the phone.

Overall VERY POOR execution by HTC/Sprint on this phone. I suggest staying away from it until they get it right, if they ever do. All youll get is a $550 device that cant do basic function like bluetooth that a $50 flip phone can perfectly.

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