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Jul 25, 2008 by DeimosX60

I've got one on my second line, and honestly, for the size of the phone, it's really packed.

Windows interface is easy to learn
Mine had great battery life.

Initially it had nothing in the way of GPS based navigation support. (Sprint users can get an update for this by calling customer care)

The overall size was a little much for me.

Sprint Mogul Excellent Functioning but slow


Jul 17, 2008 by cellfiend

The only reason I got a mogul was because of an employee plan that limited me to CDMA. I prefer exotic GSM phones, but this was the best Sprint had at the time.

-Windows mobile 6.1 software support
-Rev A
-Extremely fast internet speeds and browser integration
-Easy to install third party software
-Wifi (even though I dont need it and I found tethering to be incredibly slow for the comp)
-QWERTY keyboard (text fiend)

-Windows makes this slow
-youtube is a pain I've dled the necessary 3rd party software 5 times and it still requires some sort of files that I can't find
-GUI is cumbersome with many unnecessary tasks for simple functions and gets slowed down exponentially by the number of apps/windows open
-Battery life is horrible
-3rd party software is extensively mind boggling; tons of variety
-Extended battery will make an already giant hone bigger
-Needs better GUI configuration and implementation

As far as sprint PDAs go - this is currently the best one but it's lack of battery life and slow GUI is intimidating and frustrating. I get to run an irc client from work now though (from the phone), and it runs flawlessly.

Best phone I have owned


Jul 4, 2008 by maxf0611

I gave this phone a 5 because all cell phones, especially this type have their issues. If you can't handle the heat stay out of the kitchen. Why that said I would like to submit the following review.

The phone is everything I need. It a power users dream come true.

1. WM6.1 smooth and very stable
2. Email is easy to setup and even easier to use
3. Phone signal has been equal or better than the blackberry 8830 I had, or the Treo 755p I had and my wife currently uses. (She loves that phone and won't consider changing) She is a power user also.
4. Battery life has been good for me, and I use my phone all day and into the evening. I use for phone, email and Internet. I generally have 50 to 60% battery life when I get home.
6. Syncing with my pc and outlook has never been easier
6. Sprint Nav on board gps is wonderful
7. Size and form factor is good as well. Not as slim as my 8830 was, but ok.
8. I love the fact that I can have the same email folders on my phone I have on my pc. This phone is really an extension of my laptop.
9. Blue tooth with the plantronic 510 is great. Thanks some getting use too to understand how this phone works with BT, but once you have it you have it.
10. So many free programs for it, and the programs you pay for as useful as well. There is a lot of third part apps for this phone. Just google.

I could go on and on, but I won't. If you have questions feel free to contact me. I love this phone because I feel like I have my laptop with me every place I go.

It is a large learning curve to use this phone. It has so many buttons and ways to get to programs and information. Once you get it set to your liking, it is perfect.

I would STRONGLY suggest those of you are having so many issues with this phone do 2 things before you take it back. A hint is google or a good search engine is your friend.
1. Read the instructions
2. Google for help - I have learned to make my mogul a power phone this way.
I won't take it back.

This is not a phone, it's a machine!


Jun 17, 2008 by drake

I only ran into one problem, the size, everything else is ridiculous! Sprint had the best network for it too with rev. A! All the programs I had on it made it a power horse too. I can't believe how flexible Windows Mobile is. Just too bad I got switched to a pearl before WM 6.1 got released for Sprint.

good device but lacking battery power


Jun 15, 2008 by taeminn

I have been using this device since it was first released on VZW.

+ Slide-out keyboard (it lights up when dark)
+ Window Mobile 6
+ Exchange sync, mail management
+ Languages / fonts
+ Camera (panoramic view)
+ Wi-Fi
+ Certificate handling
+ Mini-SD
+ Track control on the side
+ Quick access buttons (i.e., message & IE)

- Battery life (too short and I use extended battery.. have to carry cover and standard battery)
- Screen is hard to read in sunlight (One laptop per child does much better job)
- Occasional freeze
- Language preference and regional preference (not HTC's fault.. but why does Bill think that font/language use is tied to regional preference?)
- No decent VoIP solution

Entry level results, C-Level hopeful!


Apr 29, 2008 by mrcdwilliams

I purchased this cellular device, not because I wanted to nurture my inner CEO nor am I a Mogul. I purchased this cellular device to, as they say in the corporate world, "Increase my productivity". Yes, the leash was tightened considerably, however, the results of my relying on THIS particular device was UTTERLY DEVASTATING! Had I performed my duties with the results or lack there of the Moguls', I would have been FIRED a very long time ago!

This device claims that it can "Do it all"! What it doesn't tell you is that it performs much as the DO IT ALL fax/copy/print/scan/file/coffee making devices of the 90's! It CAN make and receive calls (when it wants to - much like a child you have to remind verbally in the morning and again with a text and ask that a picture of the trash sitting at the curb with date and time stamp be remitted to you as proof that your orders where carried out!)

I have had several replacements (5 to be exact) of this device before I landed one that actually did what Sprint claims it can do as a result, I must say that NOW, I am VERY HAPPY and content (I don't like to be CONTENT with anything, it breeds complacency and in business that the equivalent to a slow and arduous death!) If you have the ability/luck to purchase a Mogul that works as is out of the FIRST box you open, then this device will be a GODSEND! Once I received a reliable handset, I changed from a disgruntled IWANTTOTHROUGHTHISTHINGINTHEGARBAGE into a THISISTHEBESTTHINGSINCEBONUSESOPTIONSANDANDEXPENSEACCOUNT! I use this device interchangeably for EVERYTHING (note to users, back EVERYTHING up on this device using a 2 GIG or higher SD card. You will thank me/you at some later date).

Incorporated with a Jawbone Bluetooth device this hand held device has the ability to produce results worthy of the corner office on the top floor that comes with double digit profit increases as well as several administrative assistance, a driver, and residual options too!

Awesome Phone


Apr 27, 2008 by rafa230926

Awesome phone!!! I definitely like the phone functionality and how much you can customize it... The phone will just about do anything you want it to do except cook food... Would definitely recommend to anyone it can be a sweet phone if you take the time to learn it...

Wish those other reviewers had higher standards.


Mar 19, 2008 by version7x

This was the first phone I've ever owned from sprint. That being said, I guess my expectations were a little high. Had I written this review within the first month of ownership, like I suspect most others have, I would have given the phone a much higher score. Now that the phone has lost that "new car scent", I see it for what it really is.

My department bought these phones for every new employee coming in. EVERYONE was impressed off the bat. However, that soon changed for EVERYONE.

Pros: a HUGE amount of features - pretty much everything you'd want in a phone. Reasonable reception.

Cons: a phone with enough horsepower for half of the features. A less than reliable OS. TERRIBLE BATTERY LIFE. Less than reliable.

My Experience:
1. Hardware buttons (e.g. the call, end, scroll) don't work consistently. I've had to find the software equivalent for each as they work only intermittently.
2. When I slide the keyboard out, only parts of the screen change orientation - and the keyboard only works about 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time, I have to slide the keyboard back in and use the screen keyboard.
3. Battery life is terrible. I have to recharge daily - even if I don't make any calls.
4. Apps will launch on their own. I keep seeing internet explorer and the voice recorder applications magically start while the phone is untouched on my desk.
5. Phone locks up at least twice a week. I have to remove the battery and restart the phone at the worst times!
6. Software is BUGGY! I have watched the phone as calls come in silently after specifically setting the phone to the loudest option. Ten minutes later, the phone will ring correctly. Apps crash all the time. I could go on and on.

Bottom Line:
I would bet $50 that a large number of these reviewers would like to take their reviews back or at least modify them after a couple months of good use. I know 85% of my co-workers would (or have purchased new phones out of their own pockets)

Alltel PPC6800


Feb 17, 2008 by mkaminski

I love the phone but I'm having a real issue with the phone freezing up for no reason. The green lite flashes but the display will not come on and you have to do a soft reset to get the phone to turn back on. This is very irritating. The Alltel store says they they have never seen this. I have taken the phone back twice now for replacement.

The Mogul was alright.


Feb 2, 2008 by chocolateman85006

I had this phone during the short time that I had gone back to Sprint.

Excellent 2MP Camera and video. HTC never fails with that.
Decent reception. (You see, I live in Mesa, Arizona, and Sprint kinda sucks out here, regardless of the phone.)
160+ MB of internal memory, which provided lots of room for third pary applications.
It came with 512 MB memory card, earphones, and all the trimmings.
Decent battery life.
Bright Screen.
Windows Mobile 6.

Same amount of Ram as other older Windows Mobile phones. What the hell?! You can add 160+ MB of memory, but no additional ram? Alrighty then?
HTC started making all their Pocket PC Phones' buttons and stylus on the left, which really sucks if you're left handed.
Back cover was hard as hell to remove.
With Sprint, I had to e-mail pics and videos, which didn't always work. Take a lesson from Verizon, Sprint, and use MMS! Who the [...] wants to e-mail pictures?!
As with other modern HTC phones, the charger and earphone jack are the same. It is very inconvient to carry a splitter around!
Phone was a grease magnet.

All things considered, it was a great phone. I wonder if the manafacaturers and carriers read these reviews? If so, read up, and consider not just my concerns, but other peoples' concerns also. ALthough this phone was an awesome, it could be much better.

Ed. note: removed profanity

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