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Wow !


Jul 8, 2007 by MNguy

This phone is the most fun I've had with a hand-held device in some time- it is exactly what I was looking for in a new phone. Thre graphics are awesome.

I sort of like the idea that I was able to buy a celluar phone at an apple store and activate it with a carrier - shouldn't that be the way it should be - go buy a phone and choose a carrier to activate it through. I know I only have one option with this phone, but hopefully the industry will change. I can buy a land line phone at any store and it works with any phone company right ?

Back to the iphone -I'm sort of surprised by people complaning about this phone, sure it's a bit expensive, but the the phone is truly like nothing else. After using this phone for a week, I enjoy it more and more.

Awesome Screen
Easy web surfing and reading
Extremely user friendly
Keyboard is great to use - I'm typing faster than ever the more I use it.
Calendar is nice to use and can add new events easily.
Synches great with outlook on my pc
WIFI is great feature
Battery life is nice

EDGE network is a bit slow, but seems to be improving some over time.

I'm off the bandwagon


Sep 24, 2007 by seanwbailey

I work in the wireless business and was very excited about the Iphone. Yes, I was one of those who bought it when it first came out. I would say it was a great phone but since they left, what I believe be important items, out of the phone great might be to big of a word.

First my pros:

Love the idea of combining my Ipod and Video into my phone. I travel a lot and that is a great value.

I love the real INTERNET on my handset. I have left my laptop home several times because I could use the Iphone to check my email.

Having everything I possibily need in all my contacts is great.

Checking weather in the cities I travel has been a huge bonus.

And simply the wow factor of the phone.

But once the WOW factor wears off the honeymoon is over.

The battery life is a huge issue for me. I'm sitting the airport a ton and using the INTERNET and listening to music the battery barely lasts three hours. I'm always looking to charge it somewhere.

I doesn't support voice dial. That has been in phones for years now but seemingly forgot to add that to the phone. I don't need to pull it everytime I have to make a call.

MMS messaging. I know you can send it view email but MMS messaging is in almost every other phone out there. would you leave out a common practice.

I can view the INTERNET but it doesn't allow me to download anything. There are certain sites that need a download to view and it can't be done.

The camera is a 2 megapixel camera but that's all it can do. You can't zoom in or out. You can't change resolutions. And it doesn't allow you to revise sync back into itunes. So any pictures you take you have to email to yourself.

I've had to reset the phone 4 times now. I guess they are still working out the bugs on the phone.

I would tell anyone who is thinking about getting the Iphone, wait. The next version will correct a lot of these issues.

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Apple has My Vote


Aug 31, 2007 by celnut

This phone is the most unique, innovative phone out in the market. Mine works great and I have no complaints.

Yes, there needs to be and will be some software updates in the near future.

It is nice to be able to deal directly with the manufacturer instead of at&t's warranty dept, if needed.

Definite Tiebreaker!


Sep 15, 2007 by philberttrw

Having owned over 35 handsets in the four years I've had wireless service (through Alltel, Sprint Nextel and AT&T), I've had the opportunity to experience all that the wireless business has to offer. Good, bad, and ugly.

The iPhone, which I surreptitiously picked up the day the price drop was announced, has made it to the top of my list of handsets. It's simply amazing.

I purchased the 8 GB version, and promptly activated it on my AT&T line. I also had a line of service with Sprint open, and soon after getting to know my new device, I canceled my Sprint service and sold my Sanyo M1. It's that good.

Here's why:

Battery life: I'm averaging 9 hours of use and 15 hours of standby per charge. Granted, it adds up to charging it every day, but I'm an extremely heavy user. Roughly 2 hours of voice calls, about 150 SMS messages, several pictures taken, emails checked, a couple hours of music playback, and massive amounts of WiFi access. It's much better than I anticipated!

Screen Resolution: The XVGA resolution is astounding. Video playback is superb, the camera (while a touch laggy) is beautiful, and mainstream menu usage and Internet use is perfect. You can read small font easily, and when paired with a nice set of polarized sunglasses, you can read the screen clearly even in direct sunlight!

Music playback: I found the interface more intuitive than any iPod I've had the pleasure of using previously. It's almost FUN to scroll through your music, and the fact that you can listen to your collection while browsing the 'Net, sending SMS messages, or composing and reading email. Nothing else lets you do so as seamlessly as the iPhone.


My only gripes are as follows:

The accelerometer that controls screen flipping can be a bit sticky at times, and I have to shake my iPhone a bit to make it revert to normal.

The camera could use some tools to make picture taking more... exciting, but I'm sure that's going to happen in a future update.



Jul 12, 2007 by enycertifiedg

First and Foremost, I don't care for 3G b/c if I want Speed I have Optimum online.

Second, don't need MMS I have iTunes and can email pics.

Third, I don't care for third party apps b/c they slow down phones to a screeching halt!

Fourth, I don't have a problem with edge where I live b/c the coverage area is perfect!

Fifth, video is not important to me.

Sixth, If you don't like your iPhone, return it!

Seventh, I am a proud iPhone owner and I'll whipe the dirt of my shoulders....haters!!!!!!!! Easy!!!!!!!!!!



Sep 20, 2007 by pepsijunky

So I decided against buying the iphone when it first came out but after the $200 price cut I had to get in on the action. I've always loved ipods but never really had a mac. Plain and simple this phone is a brilliant beginning for Apple and phones. I am not necessarily a feature freak like some of you guys I can live without the 5 mp camera and the picture mail. This phone runs so much smoother then any phone with windows mobile, windows has been garbage for me on phones. Anyway, the breakdown.

touchscreen is sick
visuals are amazing
camera is very good
syncing is flawless
chicks dig it
google maps is badass
wifi rocks
the Internet is really real, I am amazed by this

typing can be a struggle
no picture mail
can't download attached pictures
can't really get free ring tones on it
i have a PC so it doesn't sync as well
no GPS i guess
no 3G

Overall I just love the Apple puts things together, simple yet classy. I am a fan so far.

Extraordinary Device


Sep 16, 2007 by kirk0820

I bought the iPhone less than a month ago. It has now replaced my former HTC 8125 "smart-phone." Before that, I've owned several straight-up PDAs: HP iPaq, Sony Clie, PSION's...

I think this is the best electronic device of any sort that I've EVER purchased. If not THE best, it's certainly amongst the top 3.

This thing does it all: cell phone, MP3 player, video player, text messaging, full-blown web-browser, clock, calendar, camera, photo/slide viewer, speaker-phone, e-mail device, notepad, calculator, stopwatch/timer, weather forecast, maps/directions, and on and on.

That in itself isn't what seals it though. A dozen devices out there can do much of that and then some more. But this thing can do any/all of the above with child-like ease.

The first time I ever touched one of these was when I went to an AT&T store and gave my girlfriend a 5 minute demo. I showed her much of what I mention above, with virtually no snags. True, I'd seen an abbreviated demo that Steve Jobs gave with the device, but still that's amazing.

The device is so easy to use, I could show my grandmother how to do a 3-way conference call, or my techno-averse girlfriend how to make someone's photo appear when they call. It's just that easy to use. I've never read the manual, but there's nothing I've tried on this phone that I couldn't do. And I've touched every nook and cranny on this thing.

I remember once trying to show my girlfriend how to pair a bluetooth headset with her Nokia - needless to say, she doesn't use that feature to this day. And that’s the rub - 90% of the people only use 10% of the features on these devices - too complicated. The ease of use with this changes the game.

No device I've ever used has had this much functionality with this level of ease of use. It's almost like one of those Start Trek communicators. Simply incredible. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple's pervasiveness in the cell phone market starts to approach their ubiquity in the MP3 area.

An Actual iPhone Owner


Jun 30, 2007 by Djanifer9512

My main problem with a phone this hyped is that it they review section seems to be where jealous employees or customers of other carriers vent by unjustifiably giving phones poor review without ever owning a phone. This defeats the entire purpose of having a review section for actual owners w/ first hand experience. With that being said, here is a legit, unbiased review of iPhone.

This phone isn't a PDA replacement. It's mainly meant to keep you from carrying an iPod+Phone at once, and for that, it does a fantastic job!!

+Great UI. This phone is so simple to use, it's frightening.
+Reception. Contrary to Sprint belief or advertising, this phone gets very very good signal. Works great in my basement, most phones haven't.
+Screen. Crisp, Clean, Beautiful Glass.
+2MP Camera. Won't replace my W810, but very passable.
+Visual Voicemail. Very Cool, nothing like it. Enough Said.
+iPod Function. Works great. Using "Cover Flow is very cool. The faster you flick your finger, the faster the albums scroll. The Video portion was also very pleasant, looked better than my non HD tv's at home.
+Safari Browser. Works great. Pulled up Phonescoop real fast, even on EDGE and didn't water down the experience. EDGE speed was GSM BB Quick.
+You Tube. Looked phenomenal on Wi-Fi, but looked kind of grainy on EDGE but still passable.
+BATTERY. 8 Hours is no exaggeration. Mine was on half charge out the box, and i played w/ it for 6 hours straight and had no problems.

-Doesn't come w/ Case. For $499/$599 they could have thrown one in. But hey it's a business right?
-Size. A little bigger than I thought, but thin and light.
-Keyboard. Not really a con, just takes some getting used to.

I'm not going to list the lack of 3G/Video/MMS/Insurance because I knew going in that the phone didn't have this stuff. For what it is, it's great. I will have this phone for a looong time, or at least until iPhone 2 is released. Overall, a great first impression.

Great Phone!!


Jul 4, 2007 by mike-mpls

I'm not one of these pepole that get all hung up on the tech aspects of the phone like some postings here - so here goes my review.

I picked up the phone on Sunday evening - was able to activate it very easily with no problems, although a friend of mine who bought it on Monday tried activating and had to go to the ATT store to get an pre-approval code - a little extra hassle but nothing major.

The phone is really amazing - I switched to ATT from Qwest and initially was trying out the Blackberry Curve for about 3 days and really liked the Curve but after checking out the iphone hands on I knew I would really like this phone much more. The Curve was nice, but the graphics and screen were very 1st generation - just was lacking from that standpoint.

The screen image/resoulition is just awesome -really looks nice.

The phone is super easy to use - very intuative.

Initially had some issues wiht getting email from comcast but things are better now. Having the wifi is nice. ATT Edge network does seem a bit slow - hopeing it improves as more phones are sold and pressue is put on ATT.

The calendar feature is very nice and again, the graphics are very nice. Surfing the web is nice - once the page loads, its super easy to move around and increase the page size to your liking for reading.

I've never owned an ipod - so this is all pretty new to me but I like it so far - the more I use it the more I like it - the battery life is decent - especially since I've been using it so much the last few days - have had to charge it up a fe times but again it's due to me constantly playing with it.

The phone features are great, calling, voice mail, adding another caller, etc. I also like that while on a call I can go to the notepad feature, while still on the call, and key in information from the caller - save it for future reference, especially handy when I don't have a pen and paper handy.

Every day I get more impressed.


Jul 2, 2007 by macfreak

I wasn't sure about the keyboard at first, but now I'm rocking and rolling.

I can already tell this is going to be even more of an addiction than my Sidekick II.

It does most of the things my Nokia E61 did, only with this thing they don't take 17 steps. I find myself actually DOING those things with this phone because it's so much easier.

I'm confident the iPhone will have periodic software upgrades to address a few annoyances (the Sidekick didn't have cut and paste either until a software update months later).

MMS would have been nice. A sideways keyboard in all apps, not just Safari.

But overall, I'm just elated with the web browser, the truly revolutionary and PATENTED multi-touch interface (they covered their bases with the patent attys to prevent another Microsoft ripoff), and the photo and music handling.

I'd like to be able to e-mail photos from any address and not just my default one. And I'd of course love 3G. But this is a groundbreaking, wonderful device, and I'm glad I ponied up the dough.

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