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Based on Features...


Mar 15, 2009 by Mr Anonymous 008

When the iPhone came out and I got word that it didn't have picture messaging... I laughed, and asked if its true. Became to be true, and this iPhone has ALL theses GREAT features... but can't even send a picture message...

Honestly, that is instant fail. It's a huge disappointment that probably turned away most eager people looking forward to this iPhone, unless they got over that fact that they can't send picture messages...

If it had picture messaging, this would have probably been the best phone out on market, however, lacking a SIMPLE, easy communication tool, makes it lack that spot...

I give it alot of props for having so many features...however, it all falls back on the lack of being able to picture message a friend...



Feb 3, 2009 by castro517

I waited for a while before I finally bought the iPhone. I purchased the tilt, the LG VU and the pantech matrix before the Iphone. I read the reviews on here that said that the battery life was crap, the reception was bad, all about the dropped calls and a litany of other gripes. All I have to say is that I wish I wouldnt have waited so long. As far as battery life is concerned I listen to music, talk on my phone ALL day, send text messages surf the web play games and I have yet to run out of battery on a day where I didn't put it on the plug the night before. For me the battery life is great. The reception? I live in a townhouse right next to some condos and I have a front yard with line of pine trees. The reception is spotty but I can still talk on my phone with no problems. (most of the time) Anywhere else and I almost always have full signal strength. Ill admit that I have had a couple of calls dropped but they were in areas where the reception was weak i.e. the basement at my home and my office building. In my opinion this is the best phone I have EVER owned and I have owned most of the "cool" phones for most of the providers. My wife has the blackberry storm and I get to play with both and the Iphone definitely does better than the storm on nearly all fronts. The only thing I have left to do is sync my iphone with my company e-mail and I will be completely satisfied.

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Best device of all time, not a bad phone either


Jan 8, 2009 by iamthephonemaster

I never thought id buy an iphone. mostly because i never wanted to be an at&t customer again...and im not. I finally after a year and a half of using the instinct and the dare and Behold and, various Chinese knock offs decided to buy an unlocked and jailbroken iphone off of ebay....and damn if i didnt fall in love.

This is the best device ive ever used, and ive used them all.Ive been in the wireless industry for about 11 years and have worked for various carriers. Right now its T-mobile
which in my opinion is great. So needless to say i have their service. So unlocked was the only way to go. And much to my surprise it didnt matter, non of the phones features are at&t dependant. youtube,app store,even itunes all work fine. i got safari up and running no probelm.This device rocks on so many levels, the web is unbelievable. the music sounds great just like my ipod i can now sell. the interface is great and easy as hell. even the camera looks better than other 2 megapixel cameras. i think it far outperforms the instincts and dare camera. The behold does beat it out but come on its 5 megapixels. the only two things about this phone that i wish i could change are trivial at best and thats the lack of MMS and no landscape texting.however there is an app you can buy that allows you to landscape text nicely but i dont want to pay for it. other than those two tiny things this device does it all and does it three times as good as any other device ive ever used. I cant wait for the unlocked 3g version to come down in price a little...$599.99 on ebay is a little steep. i used the G1 for three days before returnig it and let me tell you it doesnt even get in the same ring as the iphone let alone knock it out.

i will never own another device again. mark my words its iphones from here on out for me.

Best cell phone that I've ever laid hands on


Dec 27, 2008 by mambostevie

I've played with the T-Mobile G1, Nokie E71, Blackberry Storm, Sidekick, but nothing comes even close to the iPhone.

I've owned it for about 1 year, and I can't even stand being a part of it for more than 1 minute.

I'm an extremely technical guy (unix, linux, windows, networking, etc.) so my standards are very high. iPhone has surpassed my expectations.

It's true that it's not perfect (no push IM, MMS, etc.), but the majority of their features are simply amazing.

What they don't have today, future apps and firmware will remedy later.

It's been very stable with a few poorly apps as exceptions. Overall, it's the most stable phone that I've ever laid my hands on.

Buy it, and you won't regret it.

I love this phone!


Jul 31, 2008 by mrmj2u

I LOVE this phone! When it first came out the limitations were many, but with the new software updates, there is virtually nothing that I would change.

Memory Capacity
3rd Party Software developers
3 axis accelerometers

No Video Camera

When Apple addresses those concerns, this phone will be absolutely unstoppable!

Not Bad!


Jul 3, 2008 by flyboy1563

What else to say; this phone is almost perfect. The only things I'd ding it on are lower call volume and lack of corporate email support. Of course, my complaints should be taken care of here in about a week!

i love my iPhone


Jul 2, 2008 by daddysgirl1996

This is the most awesome phone i have ever got in my whole life. I would never trade this phone
it's cute and slim

it has a lot of ringers to choose from (because i have t-moble)

I think this phone is great i love the texting probably cuz i have small fingers hehe

if this iPhone is this great i just cant imagine what the new iPhone will b like

Its only OK


May 18, 2008 by soccerMike26

First and foremost, I think people let the look and design of this phone cloud their vision. Because this phone lacks 3G the service is horrible. Everyone I know gets very poor reception compared to past AT&T phones. One of my friends an I both have had issues with the UI freezing up. This phone has two MAJOR flaws with two of the things that most people use, text messaging and sending Multi Media. Unless you have an eight year olds fingers its really hard to hit the correct letter when sending texts and the lack of being able to even send a picture is a huge oversight on Apples part. Also, what is the Internet without being able to Download from it. Seriously Apple, I hope your next version is vastly improved. It does look good though, especially with a frapaccino from Starbucks and also improves reception when holding a starbucks cup:) Oh yeah, If you try to return the phone be aware that they will charge you a 10% restocking fee, $40. They say that Apples makes them charge that fee.

Looks good
Feels good
Fun to tinker with
Neat cricket sounds

Battery Life
hard to text on
Unable to download from the internet
Poor reception
Can't return without taking a monetary hit

So much potential that goes unrealized


Dec 6, 2007 by GKing74

Ok, being an IT pro, I knew better than to be an early adopter of this phone. I thought after waiting for the first big software update it'd be safe to buy. I actually went into the AT&T store to buy a tilt and the rep talked me into the iPhone. I didn't do enough research on it or else I never would have. There were so many features I expected it to have because they're virtually ubiquitous that it simply does not. Fortunately, AT&T made everything right on my account when I returned the phone 2 days later.
1. The screen, simply awesome.
2. Safari ( a real browser finally!)
3. WiFi
4. Full email client support.
5. User interface is slick.

1. Edge only (I knew that when I bought it)
2. Bluetooth stereo is purposely disabled. While on the subject, the bluetooth reception is spotty at best.
3. Cannot play iPod function through bluetooth. I find this to be just stupid.
4. Battery life is very short.
5. MMS does not exist. I see people saying it doesn't work and all this crap but I've used it reliably for 4 years now ever since my Motorola V400. Yes, you can email a photo but it's certainly not as convenient to do so! Don't give me that fanboy excuse.
6. Camera cannot do video capture. This is just dumb considering it's supposed to be such a media powerhouse and cheap, give away phones can do this. Then again, cheap phones can do MMS and stereo bluetooth too...
7. Unreliable Internet connection when using the Edge network. I couldn't check my email more often than I could. I live in the middle of a 3G city and have full signal pretty much anywhere on both Edge and 3G so signal strength was not the issue.

In summation, I take full responsibility for not doing my research better before purchase. I got directed toward the iPhone by the sales rep and lost my senses at that pretty screen. I didn't ask the right questions. How was I to know the "revolutionary" phone couldn't do what are considered basic functions?

Great Phone, BUT....


Sep 21, 2007 by grsteinberg

Remarkable and realistic appearing Web pages and Internet. Graphics are great.

Major cons:
1) AT&T sucks - frequent drop outs with "no service" despite AT&T reporting excellent coverage and signal strengths in my area.
2) VERY SLOW unless you can use WiFi.
3) Speaker sound is too soft and almost inaudible in open places.
4) Unable to use songs from music library as ring tones.

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