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Jul 2, 2007, 4:36 PM   by Eric Lin, Eric Zeman & Rich Brome

Phone Scoop takes an in-depth look at Apple's iPhone. Is it the Swiss Army knife of cell phones that Steve Jobs promised? (with video tour)

It has been impossible for anyone in America with a TV or internet access to avoid news of the iPhone for the past 6 months. It is easily the most talked-about phone ever, even more so than the RAZR. So much hype creates high expectations, so does the iPhone live up to them?

Editor's Note: because demand for an iPhone review was so high, this review is formatted slightly different in that all three Phone Scoop editors tested the iPhone simultaneously and have pooled their results into this one review. We could not have reviewed every feature in such depth otherwise.

About the author, Eric Lin, Eric Zeman & Rich Brome:

Eric has been covering the mobile telecommunications industry for 17 years at various print and online publications. He studied at Rutgers Newark and University of Kentucky, and has a degree in writing. He likes playing guitar, attending concerts, listening to music, and driving sports cars.

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This forum is closed.

This forum is closed.


Jul 11, 2007, 1:16 PM


I finally got an iPhone yesterday and boy am I disapointed. Here's a few reasons why.

1. No 3G. You would expect 3G from the best phone ever developed, and from AT&T.
2. No personalized ringtones? Ok, this is just sick. Damn apple, they just wanna pickpocket you in the future when they start selling ringtones on iTunes.
3. No games? I was pretty sad when I realized this lol. "Revolutionized touchscreen" and no games, not even Bejewel, not even a damn demo. Another way Apple's gonna rob you later when they start selling games on iTunes.
4. Ok, the internet, yeah it's pretty nice, but it's kinda 1994 if there's no Flash Player. So this will limit you a lot of things on the net. Also, without Flash, it will limit you to a lot of videos as...
write a review...
Are you kidding me? You got an i-Phone 2 weeks after they came out and didn't know all these things? And, let me guess, you just happened upom this web-site and decided to write on it, right?
My god, you Verizon people kill me! Just let the people wh...

Jul 3, 2007, 4:01 PM

Thanks for a VALUABLE review ... won't buy iPhone

Phonescoop writers:

My deepest thanks for your review of the iPhone.

Right now I use an LG Prada phone under TMO, and I'm NOT under contract with TMO (contract ended in April). I was seriously thinking about buying an iPhone at the end of the month.

Your review did dispel rumors, biggest of which was that the ATT SIM card COULD NOT be removed and used in another phone.

But I am VERY GRATEFUL that your review revealed one thing: that the user cannot install ringtones; and that you're limited to the 25 or so preloaded ring sounds.

My feeling is that for a $500 phone with song capability, it's odd that the iPhone doesn't allow you to assign an uploaded MP3 as a ringer when a certain contact calls.

As innocuous a feature as it ...
The lack of changable ringtones struck me as odd, too... doesn't seem like a difficult thing for Apple to implement, especially compared to the other features found on this phone.

While it doesn't sound like the iPhone has everything you want righ...

Jul 3, 2007, 2:24 PM

Unlocked - Europe?

The review is VERY well done - thanks much!

I assume the iPhone is or will be available in Europe. If that's the case, has anybody read anything that tells whether there will be an unlocked version available there, or does one of the major European carriers have exclusivity there like ATT does in the US for a period of time? Is it two years, or just one, of exclusivity?

I want one, of course; question is whether to wait until the next revision which will undoubtedly add more features, fix bugs, and add capacity (and when my Verizon contract is out of the penalty phase - counting the months 🙂 )

I heard at&t is the only major carrier to offer the iPhone for 10 years. However, I'm not sure if it will be available unlocked.
ya 10 years makes no sense at all. wireless is a fast paced, quickly evolving technology. 10 year exclusive to att? lol they cant even keep a name for more than a couple years haha. what happens if att is no more? a year of two max!

Jul 3, 2007, 9:39 PM

iPHone Gets Off Easy

While I applaud the level of detail in this review, I have to say I am somewhat dissappointed in the fact that the significant shortcomings of this 1st generation device are just glossed over in favor of the slick interface. I read this forum quite frequently but post rarely. However I just had to point out some observations:

Any other device, from any other manufacturer with this appalling lack of features retailing for $500-$600 would ordinarily get creamed in this forum. Some of these missing features are as follows:
1.) No UMTS or HSDPA support, EDGE only.
2.) "Crippled Bluetooth" I believe the only services supported are Handsfree and Headset. No OBEX! Lack of this service in particular seems to always bring accusations of fascist ...
You made alot of great points in your post and this is why I'm waiting for the next version to come out, which I heard will be out in 9 months, but somewhere else I read 7 months.

Now that Apple has jumped into the cell phone industry, I'm sure the...
We were sure to mention the lack of stereo Bluetooth, since that's the most puzzling to us.

Regardless, we felt that most people already know what it's "missing". We weren't trying to "gloss over" those things, we just wanted to focus on the subjec...
Interesting comments babydoc. However, I think you are way off-base on the assessment of the Iphone review.

I feel the review was one of the most thorough, objective, and qualitative reviews I've seen on the Iphone. As a result of reading it, I f...
I found babydoc's comments very insightful and beautifully articulated. I wonder if babydoc had a chance to actually hold and play around with an iphone before bashing the way the folks at phonescoop reviewed it? I agree with the main point babydoc ...

Jul 10, 2007, 5:09 PM

2 Important questions

A. Does anyone know, since apparently you cant download ringtones, can you at least use a song off the hard drive as a ringtone?
B. There seemed to be no mention of a zoom on the camera. Is there one and how strong is it?
Ohh and one more thing. Does the camera support Video or just pics?

Jul 7, 2007, 4:38 PM

i-Phone on Verizon

In these posts, I've often seen the "Verizon was offerd the i-Phone first" line to "prove" the superiority of Verizon. Now we are saying it was offered to Verizon twice!! Well let me add to that, Steve Jobs himself came crawling on his knees to the CEO of Verizon and offered him 50% of the APPLE Corp. if he would only allow APPLE to become a part of "THE GREATEST CELL PHONE NETWORK IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND" (Steve Jobs words, not mine). Obviously, the head of Verizon kicked Jobs in the face and said "we have chocolates, why would we want you!", and sent Steve Jobs off to the hinterlands of ATT, where the phone will obviously not sell at all. I keep walking through the mall, and the ATT reps are handing them out for free w/ the purchase of a...
Dude, do you not even know how many iPhone's have been sold!? Do your research. At one point most all locations locations were sold out nationwide. Estimates are around 500,000 to even over 700,000 units moved since the 29th of June. Good try thou...
🙄 wow, someone needs to lay off the hoho's and cough syrup. First off, verizons network is the same size as cingulars, + or - a few towers in varying locations. Secondly, all phones run on the same kind of towers, the only things thats differen...

Jul 4, 2007, 7:44 PM

Apple can add features via software updates

Don't forget that since the iPhone's interface is almost entirely software based, a lot of the missing features that people complain about can and probably will be added via software updates. Voice dialing, ringtones, and Bluetooth enhancements are three that quickly come to mind. Ringtones is almost a certainty since it was shown on one of the iTunes tabs in Apple images related to the iPhone. Apple probably had a number of additional features in mind but not enough time to get them in before their ship date.
I would add video capture to that list. I can't say for certain, but it wouldn't surprise me at all to video capture added in a future software update.

Jul 2, 2007, 10:56 PM


Kudos on the review: it was the best I've read so far. First, I must give you props for having Beyonce in your iPhone. Secondly, how easy did you find setting up email? Also, I am still on the fence about getting the phone, I peg you all as the type to have many phone, do you find it to be a big problem swapping between phones? I know one cannot put a normal AT&T sim in the iPhone, but can one put an "iSim" in a non-iPhone?
dahottest_1 said:
Kudos on the review: it was the best I've read so far. First, I must give you props for having Beyonce in your iPhone.

Thanks and thanks. 🙂

Secondly, how easy did you find setting up

Jul 2, 2007, 5:45 PM


Excellent review fellas. I just wish you guys had the chance to review the device prior to launch day. I sell these things and honestly, it takes alot to blow me away, but the the iPhone floored me on a lot of levels. This device has already laid the ground work for mobile entertainment for years to come. I just wish there weren't so many Verizon and Sprint fanboys hating on in the Forums and Review sections of the iPhones Phonescoop page. Thanks again for giving another, unbiased, in depth review.
Thanks! 🙂
Did it ever occur to you that maybe... just maybe a few people out there might not genuinely like the iPhone?

Jul 3, 2007, 11:27 AM

Fonts in the Iphone Review

Is it me or do some of the screens show different type font for notes and other screens?

I thought there was only 1 font in th iphone.

yeah i think i saw comic sans ms when they were testing the notepad.

Jul 4, 2007, 9:41 PM

Accessing WiFi

Great review... I noticed that you guys were having trouble accessing the Windows-based Wifi. I was trying to figure this out the first 24 hours I had the phone and I figured out my problem.

When a new network is discovered your are by default asked for a PASSWORD for a secure network. Our Wifi router has a 10 digit key. You have to change the "enter password" menu to show "enter key" instead. Obviously this applies to those of us who did not bother to create a new or different password other than the 10-digit encryption key that is the default for routers. Hope this helps out.

Jul 3, 2007, 11:11 PM

Possible Correction re: WPA Access

Great review. I bought an iPhone on Friday, half figuring that I'd end up returning it, but I've really enjoyed it so far.

You mentioned having trouble accessing Wi-Fi hotspots that weren't Apple... well, I've figured it out, but it seems to be the quirkiest aspect of using this phone. FIRST, go to Settings... Wi-Fi. Look at the name of the secured network you want to join, but don't click on it!

Now, click "Other" at the bottom of the list of Wi-Fi spots. Type the name exactly as you saw it on the last screen (including capital letters, etc.), then click "Security" and choose the correct method. Now your password will be accepted, be it WPA, WEP, ASCII, Hex, etc.

This sounds hard when typed out, but once you've done it once it is e...
Rich Brome

Jul 3, 2007, 5:38 PM

New photos added: YouTube, outdoors, photo offloading

I wanted to point out that we added a few photos since we first published the review.

Most interesting is the side-by-side comparison of YouTube over EDGE vs. YouTube over Wi-Fi:

https://www.phonescoop.com/articles/review_iphone/in ... »

It's pretty dramatic! Clearly they encode the streams at wildly different bit-rates in order to get smooth playback over the very different speed connections. You can even see the texture of the white paper in the background in the Wi-Fi version, while over EDGE even Eric's thumb is just a blur.

We also added a couple of photos showing how great the display looks outdoors, even in direct sunlight:

https://www.phonescoop.com/articles/review_iphone/in ... »...

Jul 3, 2007, 4:30 PM

I pod and accessories

Can u use the existing car accessories with the iphone Ex: i have a alpine and the adapter for the ipod will that still work and can you make a call with a bluetooth while it is connect to the radio. i hope so!!!

Wireless Buddy

Jul 2, 2007, 10:03 PM

Browser comment/GoPhone

In response to your comment about Safari always going to the desktop version, it does that on my Samsung i730 too using Picsel Browser. I wanted the Gmail App so I went to gmail.com/app and it took me to the desktop version in which it said to go to gmail.com/app on my mobile browser! 👿 Frustrating!


In the activation section you have a picture with a GoPhone SIM, can you use prepaid on the iPhone? How would data work?
You can activate iPhone on a Go Phone Pick Your Plan but not Pay as you go. PYP has the $20 iPhone feature that isn't available on PYG. However, you can only activate on PYP if credit issues arise during the initial activation (i.e. deposit). Also, yo...

Jul 3, 2007, 9:31 AM

Well done guy's..

I agree with everything noted. Especially the volume.

Jul 2, 2007, 8:30 PM

minor issue...

There's problem in the part where you perform a speed test streaming a YouTube video over Wi-Fi after having loaded it over the EDGE connection. You loaded the same video.

Thats was an innacurate speed when it loaded. Since the video had previously loaded over EDGE, it stayed on your browsing history, and so when you streamed it over Wi-Fi it didn't take long because it was already loaded and played to begin with.
No, it's different video stream.

You can't see it very well in the video, (a web video of a web video doesn't usually look that great,) but what Eric is trying to explain in the audio at that part is when you stream YouTube over Wi-Fi, it senses th...

Jul 2, 2007, 4:58 PM

Great review

And a great phone for Apple-philes...
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