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Jul 5, 2007 by eyemumforfun

Sorry, but I just do not believe all of these less then 1 star ratings!

Do I think there could be adjustments to this phone like expandable memory and a few other things - yes.

But, overall this Iphone/Ipod has worked flawlessly!

I do not blame at&t for my 38 hours of waiting to get activated - I blame Apple! They seem to be holding all the cards on this and just using at&t to provide phone service. I have dropped calls in all of the places that I normally do - I have not dropped one call otherwise.

Sorry folks but overall I love it!

I just think alot of these negative comments are coming from other carriers and not from you every day user like me.

Just an average phone lover here.

After Activation I give 5 Stars


Jul 4, 2007 by vichurch

Let me start by saying it took 3 days to activate my phone but I can't take away from the phone itself because they forgot about us small business guys buying the Iphone.

The resolution is great, its so clear it does not look real sometimes, the visual voice mail is the best I'm a mortgage consultant and I get messages all the time it is great to go to the one most pressing, the picture quality is great for it not to have a flash, the real internet is the best because I can do everything from my phone pay bills, surf, etc., the speaker phone is loud and clear and the phone conference works at the touch of the screen.

For those complaining about the network we new this before the phone came out so I was not expecting super fast speeds I use the Wifi for that.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed and this phone is a keeper and I have been through a lot of phones.

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I am in awe of the iPhone!


Jul 4, 2007 by Nikon Guy 18

When the iPhone was annouced, I thought who would pay $599 for a cell phone. Last Friday night, I was at the mall and was walking around and decided to see what the fuss was at the Apple Store. The sales people were demonstrating the iPhone. You have to see and experience it in person. Apple fix what I hated about previous cell phones.

I couldn't sleep all night thinking about how awesome the iPhone was. I had to have one and was nervous they would be sold out in the morning. I went back first thing and bought an 8gb. Took it home. Activated it and synced up in less than 15 minutes. The purchase experience at the Apple Store was a pleasure compared to previous Verizon Store experiences.

The quality, ease of use, interface, design and features are amazing! I am in awe of this phone. Battery life is great.
The only downside I can find is that the speaker phone is a little too low and calendar doesn't sync iCal's to dos. (which I've read will be fixed in an update). The internet is excellent on wifi and acceptable on the edge network. I could care less about GPS.

Ease of Use
Apple experience

Price (but after using it for a few days it's worth it!)
To Do's don't sync
Speaker Phone

Pretty nice


Jul 10, 2007 by ArtursBoy

So I'll start off by saying that I do own an iPhone, and its by far the best phone I've owned. It does everything so effortlessly.

It's a given that it needs a few updates, but I'm pretty sure that's something Apple will address with future updates through iTunes. Jobs himself pointed this out when presenting the iPhone, he said that the problem with most devices is that if you think of a great idea down the road, you can't just add a button or a function to it because its already been shipped; I think he solved that problem by having the phone work through iTunes, allowing the phone to be "updatable". Very smart.

The major complaint I'm finding everywhere is the lack of 3G on the phone, that it works on the EDGE network. Maybe people dont realize the "benefits" of a phone working on the EDGE network.

I've been an AT&T customer, coming from a samsung blackjack ( 3G phone ) and I gotta say, battery life on a 3G phone is horrible, which is probably why they include not 1, but 2 batteries! with the blackjack. 3G is nice to watch videos on, but you can literally see the battery meter slowly going down. The 3G chipset sucks battery power like no other. Jobs himself pointed out that they considered the 3G chipsets, but the extra battery comsumption and the extra size (meaning that if the iphone was 3G, it would be bigger) of it led them to choose EDGE. Maybe they want to work on better battery life and size with a 3G chipset before they release a 3G iphone??

I also want to point out that the "slowness" of the EDGE network has been greatly overstated. Yes, 3G is faster, but EDGE is more than adequate when checking emails and for browsing pages, I've seen comparasions on youtube of the two networks (3G and EDGE)in real life tests and the differences in loading pages is only a few seconds, if any. Don't take my word for it, look it up.

And does anyone else notice that the iPhone data plan is $20 less than the PDA plans a month???



Jul 1, 2007 by dizzydas

this phone or, as apple likes to warp grammar, iphone, is not something anyone could ever have expected. we've all expected something of this magnitude and it makes sense that it would come from a warhorse like apple, but no one would have expected this device. all this controversial dialogue is really unsurprising considering the market. i say this as a long-time at&t supporter. for me and others at at&t all the nay-saying by other providers really does is confirm that apple is going to stay with at&t. and i am so happy about that.

the iphone is not completely comparable to other phones, smart phones or otherwise. i previously owned a bb and haven't much enjoyed losing the email capabilities, but quite frankly i didn't give up my bb expecting to gain email productivity, not that i even need it. the iphone is a beautiful device, in a way you really can't describe any other mobile device--and i really haven't seen anything that comes close aesthetically. there is a reason the iphone is only available for consumers--it is the perfect phone for consumers. you tell me that edge is slow and wifi isn't the fastest? i'll tell you i just checked my bank account and made a bank transfer from my mobile device. try doing that on a q, or a blackjack for that matter.

no the iphone doesn't support push email or ten email accounts, but that doesn't mean it isn't for professionals. i know successful professionals who don't like to use email. and guess what phone they have now.

499-599 dollars? check the retail prices on some of your high end devices and come back. and let me tell you i just bought an iphone with 20 months left on my previous contract.

the network? not so long ago we didn't have evdo or umts. and soon we'll have it on the iphone. untill then? go to a coffee shop and show off your iphone. that's what it's there for right?

Coolest Phone Ever Made


Jun 30, 2007 by hdtravel

I hit the Albuquerque Apple store right after work on Friday to pick-up two 8GB iphones for my wife and I.

It was a very exciting event. The news media was there including a helicopter hovering in the air filming. It was a 100 degree heat, but Apple staff were handing out bottled water. The line was pretty long, but once the store opened at 6PM I was in the store in 45 minutes. It was an amazing event with lots of cheering, yelling, and general hoopla. They were selling iphones as fast as they could swipe your credit card. They seemed to have a big quantity. They had them in drawers behind the register and staff kept bringing them from the back to refill the drawers.

Well the iphone in real far exceeds my expectations. It is truly an amazing device. Everything worked flawlessly right out of the box. No electronics device I have ever purchased has amazed me so much with its capability and ease of use. It is extremely cool and addictive. I spent the entire evening playing with it. It was not cheap, but it is worth every penny and more. I highly recommend it to all phonescoop readers.

Gorgeous screen
Multi-touch interface works great
Nice reception ( loud & clear )
WiFi is very fast
YouTube video viewing is very cool
Setup was flawless
Syncs with my Apple Mac Powerbook flawlessly
On-screen keyboard works very well
Thin and gorgeous looking design
ipod is the best ever made for music & video
Battery life is the best of any phone I ever had
Extremely fun & addictive to use

You have to get one !!


The very very Best


Nov 27, 2007 by DLHAILE

Outstanding this is the very best Phone bar None.

Pro's Everything

Con's None



Sep 10, 2007 by angelor74

ive had this phone for 2 days and its the best phone ive EVER owned. u negative reviewers on here u expect a perfect phone NO PHONE is perfect! THE PHONE IS 3 PRODUCTS IN ONE PDA,IPOD,PHONE.INDVUALLY WOULD COST OVER $900 well woth its value at 399!!
LOVE THE VISUAL VOICE MAIL! MY HATS OFF TO U APPLE!! some of the missing stuff such as pic messaging and video capture will be avaliable thre a software upgrade wifi is also coming soon also 8 gigs will hold over 2800 songs 4 gigs average about 400

iPhone 1 month on


Sep 6, 2007 by mexretroshore

Just about everything I wanted it to be.

1. Excellent reception/signal strength and phone feature set.
2. Excellent web browser, text messaging, camera, email.
3. Quality.
4. Hardware and software design.
5. Sync with computer is flawless.

1. No notepad counterpart for the computer (yet).
2. Camera could use a few functions like macro, sunset, backlight.
3. AT&T EDGE network much slower than WiFi (but seems to be getting faster).

The Iphone review


Aug 31, 2007 by big-techie-geek

I have had motorola razr, krazr, ming a1200, and they all were very good phones as far as functioning. The apple iphone is the first phone that I didn't really have much of a learning curve to figure out. I did alot of reading so i knew what the iphone's drawbacks were before i bought so can't really complain about those.

the only con i wasn't expecting was battery life: But i went to apple's website and followed directions on conserving battery life and that remedied that:

like shut off wi-fi when not in use and change brightness setting to auto and turn off bluetooth and the equalizer in ipod part of the iphone.


Interface is just great.

Easy to create favorites list for your contacts. So can dial a call in 3 taps and a slide.

Scrolling in any of the applications makes it very easy to manipulate even while driving(which i do not recommend).

The network is both a plus and con of course but i think it would be that way no matter which network it was. The higher speed 3g is not available where i am located so a non-issue. I am just lucky we get edge but i always seem to be able to hit a wi-fi spot so no worries.

I hope you find helpful

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