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I am wowed. To say the least.


Jul 1, 2007 by 2wdsux

The build up to this release has been nothing more than a headache.

To be honest, the release has been too.

As an at&t employee, working in a location with an Apple store across the hall, I 'noticed' something.

Apple could give a SHIT about us. Their store received AT LEAST 500 iPhones...we received 20.

But, after seeing all of the satisfied customers roll into my store, I must say that I have been impressed. I wasn't able to touch one, open one, or demo one to any customer; although the Apple store in our area was. We've had no complaints so far, and customers have fallen in love with the device. Hell, if you read my other reviews, you'd probably take this one more seriously.

I am very impressed.

-all touchscreen, including all typing, selecting anything, scrolling, zooming, etc.
-OS-X doesn't lag or freeze. Open all the progs and exit to open another, it follows you.
-call quality and voice quality has received exceptional reviews through our store.
-everything about the phone. Weight. Size. operation.
-WiFi capability enhances usage tenfold.

-Inability to send MMS. You can e-mail pics however.
-EDGE may be slow, yes, but 3G isn't EXACTLY at it's highest level yet. BlackBerry still runs on EDGE...most reliable organizer phone at&t sells.

I don't understand why people cry over the phone being locked to at&t...if it were released through VZW, you couldn't use it anywhere out of the USA. The service is comparable, but the fact of the matter is that VZW, T-Mobile and Sprint have lost a lot of their customers to this device.

Not to mention that ALL CURRENT at&t customers can get the phone, regardless of whether they are 'eligible' to upgrade or not. If they purchase the phone, their pre-existing contract is waived, then they enter into a 2 year contract from the day they activate the iPhone. That is unheard of, and ingenious.

Hats off to Cingy/at&t

Worth the wai!


Jul 1, 2007 by signaway

I previously owned the Cingular 8125 and accidently washed it with my clothes. I was told to buy a new phone and ended up getting the Treo 750. Returned the 750 once I purchased the Iphone and it was the best move. The Iphone is amazing. I was shocked at how easy the features are to use. It took me a week to figure out how to sync the 750 with my computer. It took me 30 minutes with the Iphone. Email was a snap to install and took seconds. The internet while not as fast, has features that no other phone offers. The keyboard takes some getting used to, but mistakes are almost always corrected by the device as you type.

I am also able to use AIM on my phone, which some has said cannot be done.

Pros - Ease of use
Weight of phone
Big bright screen

Cons - Can't hear alarm when recieving text messages.

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You CAN'T be Disapointed


Jul 2, 2007 by Techfool

Anyone willing to cough up at least $500 for this phone has done at least a little research before buying the iPhone. I personally watched the guided tour twice in awe of what the iPhone can do.

The iPhone does exactly what you see on the commercials and video guides flawlessly. The operating system is so smooth and easy to use.

I was worried about the keyboard at first...Play with it for less than an hour and you'll type faster on the iPhone than any other PDA (I've owned 4 PDA's).

You know them.

You know them.

A truly fantastic phone


Jul 5, 2007 by ishido

(I have owned a Sony S710 for a couple of years, which itself had some great features but was a bit slow)

The Iphone is a terrific phone and Ipod. It doesn't replace a PDA, and has a basic but essential calendar and contacts application. I've been used to carrying around a phone and PDA and was looking to consolidate both. I also wanted an Ipod and was using my Sony S710 to get me by.

The Iphone is very fast and easy to navigate. The scrolling feature is very handy as it is controlled by how fast or slow you flick the screen. You can even stop it midway to "catch it" while it is scrolling. You simply have to demo one to understand how cool it is to navigate.

My Sony had some of the same features but you had to be very savvy to figure out how to do them.

The phone is also very small. It is smaller than my PDA but almost has the same screen size as my Palm Tx. Zooming and navigating pictures and websites is a piece of cake in comparison.

1-Volume... speaker and ear piece not loud enough during conversations
2-no customizable ringtones
3-bluetooth doesn't allow date transfer (I could make my own customized FREE ringtones and send them to my S710)
4-recessed headphone jack. This has to be the biggest pain. Probably 98% of the headphones wont fit in this jack without the adapter Belkin made for it.
5-no profiles (if you're familiar with Nokia or Sony, you can have profiles that filter out callers... since I work 3rd shift, it helps if only loved ones are allowed to wake me from my daytime slumber.)

I'm slowly trying to ween myself off of my PDA. My PDA still has little features that might be filled in by the internet-based Iphone apps. BTW being able to access the internet anywhere is nice. I don't expect to surf surf unless I'm near a Wifi, but it's nice to still be able to.

This is a very fast and nice phone. It is well designed, simple, and intuitive. Not as many techy tinkering options but I haven't really missed my last phone.

I love this phone


Jul 2, 2007 by watterson16

im all about haven the best of everything ...and thats just wjat the iphone is...THE BEST ....ive had no problems and i bought mine the day they came out....i do wish u could text in landscape mode and i want ring tones for free...or ringtones in gerneral...and the ring and speaker could be louder....

pros: everything from youtube to weather to all the complements

cons: need ringtones landscape texting and louder speaker but these are minor

Returned It....


Jul 2, 2007 by jramir01

With all of the hype on the IPhone, I decided to go to my nearest ATT store and get one of these phones. It is a nice toy, but it is not as productive as a my T_Mobile Wing. This device is not for everyone. You can rate it as the best fully integrated phone/mp3 player out there, but it cannot replace your Smart Phone/ Pocket PC. In my company, they banned all employees from connecting the IPhone to our workstations because of security issues within the phone itself. My slide-out keypad works much better for me that the horrible little keypad on the screen. Maybe if they could have made it into a landscape format, then maybe. The internal Battery is an issue since I had to send 2 ipods back to Apple to get the battery fixed. I cannot afford not to have my phone handy. (Reason why I left Sprint). The glass gets messy and smudgy from using the phone. Thats not the case with a pocket pc with a keypad. By the way, It took me half a day just to activate the darn thing.
It is a great concept and a good device, but is not for everyone. It wasn't for me anyways. And I think if I'm going to spend that much money on a device, it should meet and exceed my expectations. I wanted to be a happy IPhone user but Ill keep my Pocket PC for a little while longer.

P.S. Why couldn't Apple incorporate some of those features into the IPOD and make it the next generation IPOD. I just don't get those people.

My First Smart/PDA phone


Jul 6, 2007 by arman818

ok look i really don't understand why people who don't like the iPhone put weird things about it online. I was actually reading all the reviews from phonescoop.com and most of them were people who do not own one, so i thought heck with it let me go and test the phone. I think its a very cool phone, something new in the market. I used to have Verizon and thats true Verizon has a good reception ONLY customer Service forget about it, but i thought let me take my number to AT&T test them out and see if i like it then i don't mind paying 140 termination fee. So i got the phone and it was activated in less than 20 minutes. AT&T reception is very good I actually get reception where i wouldn't get with verizon. Thats true speaker is not that loud but hey not a big deal, also ringer i think its normal unless you want something loud then i don't think iPhone is for you. Overall i think its a pretty cool phone i am going to test it for a few days and if i like what i bought and the service too then i am keeping for sure and i don't mind paying that 10% restocking fee. I mean come on guys lets be realistic and lets put actual reviews from owners not from people who do not have the device and yes i do agree EDGE is a little slow but hey you can get WiFi whenever you want, and i live in Los Angeles CA so its a big city and i think Apple did a pretty good job. So please people lets actually help others to make some decisions NOTHING IS PERFECT BUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE A LOOK AT SOMETHING OR AT LEAST TEST IT BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY COMMENTS ABOUT ANYTHING. And I do not work for Apple or AT&T I am a loan officer so I am not trying to be a AS@@@ Kisser for any of those companies. Thank you

apple phone


Jul 6, 2007 by scottie16

this phone rocks my face

iphone not bad ...not bad at all


Jul 5, 2007 by puddycat

i dont have the phone..i work for sprint so im in the loop about the device.Most of the comments i keep reading are about iphone using EDGE instead of WI-FI or any other 3G network.The fact that EDGE is slower is undebatable but in my opinion coming from a person still using GPRS that particular con pales in comparison to what this phone can do.The IPHONE phone has amazing features utilising cutting edge technology.In my opinion it marks the dawn of new telecommunications technology.For a phone that caused so much hype prior to its release , its not supprising that it has a substancial number of haters.My only concern is that they decided to sign with ATT for 2YRS.My advice is if you have 599.99 at your disposal..get it.

The Greatest EVER!!!!!!!!!


Jul 3, 2007 by pmdoc

this is my first apple product, and i must say that the iphone is amazing. This is by FARRRRRRRRRRRRRR the best cell phone on the market FOR WHAT IT DOES. Ive owned many a cell phone, even as recently as the 8525. It doesnt compare. No screen freezing, no dropped calls, just nothing but smooth sailing. There are so many people giving this phone a bad review, only because they cant have one. YOU MUST OWN one, NOT YOUR FRIEND, to really give a honest review. So please stop hating on apple and ATT. Att has great service, i switched from nextel/sprint once they merged, because sprint service SUCKS in PHILLY. I have been nothing but pleased since i bought this phone. Google Maps is the greatest. Now when they release MMS in a update, i will give this phone a perfect 10. SORRY HATERS, THIS PHONE IS TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!!!

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