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Jul 7, 2007 by guitarguy09

I am very happy with the iPhone. Cingular/AT&T was already my carrier so I didn't have to make a switch, which I'm happy about. I would have given it a 4.5 due to the lack of Java support and EDGE (although it's really not that bad). Here's my take:

-best internet interface on a mobile phone EVER
-amazing photo/video ease of usability
-silent switch on side of phone (easy to quickly use before a meeting, etc.)
-small size
-easily syncs with my address book
-extremely FAST user interface (I hate phones with slow navigation response in the menus)

-no Java support on internet (will be coming soon though as update through iTunes)
-typing was difficult to trust at first, but became easy (although urls can be challenging, it's still MUCH faster than any T9 texting software, etc.)
-no camera flash (even though most phone camera flashes are practically useless anyway)
-EDGE, instead of 3G support (especially since they make you buy the data plan)

AMAZING DEVICE BUT AT&T not up to par for it.


Jul 4, 2007 by coasterguy

I am giving the phone 5 stars as it deserves it. I believe some of the few issues will be updated soon. I took it back yesterday. AT&T's coverage ruined it for me as where I live the signal is just not strong enough. I am so frustrated and bummed over it. I hope they do some updating and add more towers. I will buy it again if that happens. I miss it already. Apple get on AT&T and get some more coverage out there. I dunno how they can actually say they have the most coverage. Verizon absolutely is superior in coverage. But, they don't of the iphone.

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Great value - monthly costs low - FREE DATA!


Jul 2, 2007 by MDTannen

The "hype" is that the i-Phone is expensive, but if you do simple math, you'll be surprised that this superb device is MUCH less expensive than competitive smart phones, pocket PC's or Blackberry's over a 24-month contract. For a 24-month contract, an i-Phone's $500-600 equipment cost is equivalent to $20-25 monthly. However, to make it up to you, Apple and AT&T negotiated simple inexpensive family plans and individual rate plans (starting at $59 monthly), INCLUDING FREE UNLIMITED INTERNET DATA ACCESS AND E-MAIL available only for the i-Phone. These plans include many other free features, including AT&T's unique free roll-over of unused monthly minutes. Since AT&T's GSM cellular network is available in many other countries and overseas, customers can travel with the i-Phone almost everywhere.

Other plans from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint cost an extra $20-40 monthly (above regular charges for voice calls) just for internet data + e-mail, so in 24 months, users of OTHER phones pay $480-960 which i-Phone users avoid. This extra monthly cost effectively pays for the cost of the i-Phone, but i-Phone users soon pay less, especially considering they get more bang for their buck with a more capable multi-function device.

I've subjected the i-Phone to several days of intensive use here in NYC, amid dense, steel-concrete buildings. The i-Phone signal strengths and reception are excellent, voice quality is great, and Internet access and e-mail work very well. The touch-screen interface is user-friendly and easy to learn. As a pocket PC with quick mobile e-mail, fast Internet access, GPS navigation and multimedia capabilities which integrate beautifully, i-Phone has proven to be productive, versatile and economical. It is slim, light and beautiful. I love it and it's a great value.



Jul 13, 2007 by schartzr

I own this phone.....

I wanted to point out a few things...

The battery life. Look at the screen and all the color it has and how big it is. Watching Your tube music and MOVIES who would expect a battery life to be super high? I have owned 50 phones in my life and NEVER have bought a spare battery. Why is that such a huge deal.

Second thing is price. I bought a Blackberry Curve on the 18th of June (Wasnt sure if I would get and iPhone) I bought it out right for 504.98. My iPhone cost me 549.00. So for 46.00 more I got the best phone that fits my needs. So there price is not a factor or should not be either.

We live in a technology based society and nothing come cheap anymore. Learn to live with it.

Thanks for listening.

After waiting months - amazing.


Jul 1, 2007 by mongoos150

I waited months for this device. I'm not a fanboy - and coming from a subjective POV, this device is truly ahead of its time. First thing you notice is the packaging - typically beautiful from Apple. The iPhone itself feels fantastic in the hand. Quite small as others have noted, and a great weight to it. I'm *so* glad Apple went with a brushed aluminum case, as it is 100x less suceptible to scratches (from the iPod line). The strip of polished chrome around the face of the iPhone is also very very classy, just enough to set off the glossy black face, but not enough to drive you nuts when it gets fingerprints (though I'm rather anal about that type of thing, and already have found myself wiping it). The headphone jack *looks* nice, being recessed (and takes lots of strain off the internal mechanism I'm sure), but the inability to use the jack with many standard headphones is rather offputting... Not a huge deal though. I am so glad they included the dock, gives iPhone a finished look on your desk. Also I requested an iTrip (or other FM transmitter) but was told none currently work with the iPhone. I'm sure this will also be remidied in the future. So far it seems VERY scratch resistant. Battery also seems surprisingly good. I won't go into details you've already read about, here are things that stand out to me:

Keyboard: I wasn't sure what I'd think of it, but after using for an hour, I am typing faster than I ever did on a standard keypad. I send around 3000 texts a month, heavy user. Once you get used to the predictive type (and let the iPhone do its job) it is very pleasing.

Edge: Although browsing via wifi, browsing via Edge isn't terrible. It's not great (I loaded Cnet.com in about 20 seconds), but definitely usable. Especially in a pinch.

Google Maps: Absolutely one of the most useful thigns on the phone. Quick loading satellite images as well.

All in all, only thing I really need now is a flash enabled browser and more memory (30GB would be great)!



Oct 26, 2007 by digitol

If you can seriously say you have tried the iphone and don't like anything about it..you're mad.

This phone is a life-changing device, a delight to use, and an important tool for me. This is no phone, and it is far and beyond a PDA. The price is EXTREMELY JUSTIFIABLE Considering much lesser a phone (Nokia N series) costs about $700.00! And has half the features and battery life. Also remember the cost of the Motorola Razr V3 when it first came out? ~ $400!! woah!

Apple "Sour or Sweet"


Sep 30, 2007 by msblueline

I have to say, that if you own this phone, congrats. If you don't own this phone, I'm sorry.

I am not a business person, if I were however, I don't believe I would own an Apple. Why? Well, it is not business oriented. If you are in the business industry and are blaming the iPhone...Shame on you. Blame yourself, you bought it.

I like this phone it does everything "I" want. Did you catch that. What "I" want. Not what this review board says it should have or what AT&T says it should have or even what your neighbor says it should have. It should do what you want it to do. If not then don't buy it.

OK enough about that.

I just got the new download version 1.1.1 and it added the text message ring-tones. It can be capable to do anything... It is a small computer and only needs the program installed.

If you raced right out and bought this phone on it's release date then you got the bugged version. A lot of bugs have been worked out since then. Look at Europe, their release date is 9 November 2007, they got the definite debugged version, why? because of us.

Like a drunk...only time works, give it time.

Give it time for changes. Allow Apple to see feed back. Go to their website and leave them a feed back email. Send them your ideas, I'm not a computer wiz, but would like to see at least one game on this thing.


The best phone on the market


Sep 18, 2007 by TEXASAG03

I wanted to give a 4.8 or 4.9 but those are not options and 4.5 is too low. Therefore, the iPhone gets a 5.0 because...

Pros: Design, interface, signal strength, browsing, gorgeous screen, media handling

Cons: Could use a to-do list, still thinking...

The iPhone has been better than I expected, and I expected much. I am amazed at the ease of use and the overall design of the phone and the software. Of course, I expected nothing less from Apple.

The thing that has surprised me the most, and was the thing I was most concerned about, is the signal strength. The iPhone is as good as any phone I have owned and better than most of them. I just came from Verizon using an e815, so that is saying a lot.

I wish it had a to-do list which synced with iCal, but I have found other solutions in web apps.

I couldn't be more impressed...

Good First Try for Apple


Sep 5, 2007 by 3tents

I actually like this phone a lot. It's very handy when you need information on the go and the wifi option is a great perk. I carry my laptop far less than I used to because most of what I need is right here.

It's definitely missing some things like flash and it would be nice if it had 3g. I read an article saying that the reason why Apple didn't put in 3g is because the current chip was too big and it would drain the battery faster than it is being drained now.

traffic reports on maps
descent predictive typing
quick interface
lots of online applications available
fun to play with
Easy on the eyes
I think the battery is acceptable
great ipod and phone integration

onboard apps not customizable
no flash
can't add ringtones
can't copy and paste (this is my biggest complaint)

The newness-factor hasn't worn off yet so I use this thing pretty regularly and my battery goes down to at least half in one day. I've found that the bluetooth and wifi can run the battery down pretty quick, especially when it's searching for a link, so I just turn those things off when I'm not using them.

I think that most of the cons will be addressed in upcoming updates. It's still a new device so there is a lot of tweeking to be done. Knowing Apple, they give a lot of effort in polishing their products with solid software.

Dropped Calls


Jul 21, 2007 by Sway

I dont know what the deal is but I'm already tired of it I dont know if its cingular witch I dont thinks so because I never had many dropped calls. I think its ATT but it could be the iPhone. I've had more dropped calls than I ever had I had 4 today and some the other day in all the same places I've dropped them I never did before? Whats the deal does anyone have this problem? It could be the phone dont get me wrong I love the phone but I'm sick of the dropped calls.

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