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Apr 27, 2008 by spoiler

I went from the Moto Q to the Iphone, primarily based on all the hype. In my opinion that is exactly what it is. Hype! Once I received the phone and started using it I found it was lacking in many ways.

Pros – Sleek, good display. Good battery life if you only use the phone only. (INTERNET will drain the battery quickly).
Cons – Slow access to the web, Email – you have to delete each email individually and then do the same in the “trash” folder. Among other things, the Notepad is useless. You cannot sync to your desktop and have to rely on other public programs to store information. If you have big fingers it is very cumbersome to text and use the keyboard.

I had three Iphone’s within one month. Every time I took the phone to the Apple Store they had to replace the phone because of “hardware” defects. Their response was “these phones are mass produced in China and sometimes they don’t get it right”. The Apple store did replace the phone each time and I then I had to set the phone up all over again which was time consuming.

In summary, the Iphone, in my opinion, is way overrated and is not worth the $400 plus. I went back to the Moto Q and am very happy. The Moto Q is by far a better phone in all aspects!

Not what it's cracked up to be . . . YET!


Apr 21, 2008 by drchiro

First I'd like to say that I find the phone very sexy. The interface and the design and all. I love Macs so don't think that I'm anti Apple.

However, I think the phone has a long way to go. I had been coveting the iphone since it came out. Two weeks ago I lost my HTC 3125 while skiing. So this was the perfect time to by an iphone since my contract was not up and that was the only phone I could get without having to pay full price.

These are only the things that I lost by going to the iphone:

* No to-do list (What were they thinking)

* No button on the outside to pause the
music while playing.

* The battery life stinks, I would get 3 days from my 3125, even with heavy use.

* Much bulkier than the 3125 and less pocket-able.

* No one touch dialing or voice dial, which make things dangerous while driving.

* No bluetooth stereo (Again, what were they thinking)

* No book reader, which I use a lot and I knew that I would be losing. I figure this will be forthcoming when the SDK is released.

* Calendar entry is slower, looks cool though.

* No today screen when you turn the phone on to show todays events, you have to go into the calendar.

* Not as much software available, again I know this will be forthcoming.

* No video camera, though I don't use that very much.

* I couldn't find a way to record my own voice to take notes or record a conversation or phone-call.

* No camera controls

* No multimedia texting

* No PDF reader or way to download a pdf, (Yeah, Yeah, you can read it as an attachment but it does not justify for small screen readability like the 3125.)

SO, I returned the phone at the end of 2 weeks and lots of use. I bought another 3125 on Ebay and I will use that and probably covet the next iphone that comes out.

I will miss the visual voicemail and cool graphics and the capacity of the phone.

I do wish the 3125 offered more than 2gb for music and documents.

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Would not buy it


Mar 25, 2008 by no.1dancer95

I would not recommend this phone to anyone. It just is not a good phone. (At least not in my case) Before I bought it, I thought it was the real deal. It was so hyped up and I thought that it must be good. It wasn't. Here are the Pros and Cons:

- sometimes good call quality, sometimes not
- fair amount of features
-Screen doesn't easily scratch.

- Not great amount of storage for a phone and iPod combined
- Touch screen is horrible. You a letter and you get the one next to it. It is so annoying and a large waste of time.
- Kind of slow. It takes some time to get from one screen to another.
- The internet isn't great. That is also slow.
-$$$$$$$ EXPENSIVE!!!!! To access all the features that are supposedly so great, it really takes a dip into your wallet.

I am in the process of changing carriers to Verizon Wireless, and I am getting an orange LG enV (or VX9900) It looks so great and my friend and uncle both have one and they work very well.



Jan 8, 2008 by Emmyatt

Although the iphone is a great full touch screen, there are alot of things i do not like about it. The you-tube always freezes, in a middle of a convo my music from itunes play in my year, finger prints, screen feezes, screen gets scartched. To me the best thing about the phone is the ipod.

what a crappy phone


Jan 8, 2008 by jordan28

This phone is overall a piece of junk. The battery life is short short. It is a fingerprint magnet it doesn't send or receive mms. It is hard as hell to text with both hands let alone one. Stay away from this phone it sucks.



Sep 26, 2007 by N.SCHULTZ

It appears the iPhone was designed for teenagers. Much time and effort spent on UTube, Text Messing, Videos, Games, etc. and not enough thought to the phone itself.

One glaring example - No Voice Tags. Therefore in most States you can not use the phone to make a call while driving.

No ability to delete receint calls with out deleting them all. But.... to delete you email from the trash folder you must delete them all over again ONE AT A A TIME. Very poor design.

My iPhone quit working after 2 days. When I returned it to ATT they wanted a 10% restocking fee for a phone that did not work and when sold to me I was told it would do things it would not.

Buyer be ware.

Nice size

No Voice Tags making "hands Free" operation work only on incoming calls.
No ability to download selected information from MS Outlook - all or none.
Poor maps
Short Battery Life
Unwanred Email must be deleted twice one at a time.
Many other fauots I will not go into.
A cute toy for teens- not a serious phone.
Quit working after 2 days.

Not too bad.


Sep 8, 2007 by Rc71

i recently purchased this phone i think its
a pretty good.Heres my review......
PROS:great screen, love the feel of the phone,camera is ok,phone operates quickly....
Cons: No video, and volume is low, also no im...no aol, yahoo, msn ...its not bad if you need these things

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