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iPhone the best EVER


Jan 18, 2008 by sandman240

I have had multiple smart phones including Treo, Samsung, Kyocera, 8625 and now the iPhone. There is NO comparison. The iPhone blows them all away. I have had it for 4 months now and have never had to reset it. The screen is the brightest and clearest of any of the phones. The applications work like they are suppose to, and Steve Jobs on Tuesday gave away an update that essentially creates the next generation iPhone at no cost. It automatically updated when you synced the phone.

Is the iPhone perfect? Almost. You can't have 3rd party programs on the phone, but apparently that is on its way to being remedied according to Jobs. This phone is absolutely amazing. I don't understand why everyone hasn't switched to it already!

Iphone is the phone for me!!!


Jan 13, 2008 by phonefreak24

I give this phone a rating of 5.0 and above.
The camera is awesome, texting is wicked, safari is wicked, youtube videos rock, sounds crisp and clean, love the ipod app.,
google maps is sweet, TOUCH SCREEN IS WICKEDLY AWESOME, and i just love it*

2mp camera
not all that big
google maps

no video recording
touch screen sometimes fails
and price$

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Best phone!!


Dec 25, 2007 by phone0724

This phone is great all around. For more information check out:


Fantastic phone-unlocked


Dec 3, 2007 by juanitro

I own this phone for a couple of weeks and it's great. Mine is unlocked so... I have custom ring tones, 3rd party applications including messenger, dictionaries, accelerometer-based games and other great apps...I can use it with any carrier in the world and Wi-Fi is fast enough for me

The hardware and software are great and is way beyond other phones..

The iPhone Rocks


Oct 24, 2007 by benjaymin

I've messed with a few smart phones from blackberries, to windows mobile phones, and now the iPhone.

The iPhone is by far the easiest and most reliable smart phone I've used. I owned an AT&T Tilt for three days before returning it and trying the iPhone.

- Multi Touch Interface: it's cool, new, and futuristic, cool feature.
- Software: Despite no 3rd party software what the iPhone comes with works well.
- WiFi: on all other smartphones i've used the wifi is treated as a problem, it might be used it might not, you don't know with most. The iPhone takes the guessing out and just works.
- Safari: Awesome web browser.
- Video: it looks good and my friends and I play with the YouTube app all the time.

- EDGE only: It would be nice if apple included 3G, but at the same time, I use EDGE when on the go, and then it is for directions. It also isn't /that/ bad on EDGE.
- iPod function turns off: The phone sometimes will turn off the iPod function durning web browsing. Sometimes having the phone close all apps and bring you back to the Home screen.

Over all I'm extremely happy with the phone and I can't wait to see what 3rd party Apps will be coming to the phone now that it is official. Until then there are lots of cool websites that run in safari to do many things.



Sep 25, 2007 by Christofc7

to be honest, there is nothing i can say more. everyone has already pointed out the positives and negatives to the extreme of extremes. i can say that i got this phone only to "try it" and i just couldnt bring myself to return it. it is indeed, regardless of shortcomings, an amazing device. and if we all know apple as well as we think we do, this phone is going to continue to get more amazing with every update and continued support. my advice: if your looking and questioning, just try it. everyone can have an opinion. decide for yourself. i found it amazing. it was definetly worth risking the restocking fee and worth the 400.00. and on another note, i actually dropped my phone a few days after starting service, lol, and it fell right on where the earphones plug in, so i couldnt plug in anything. apple ordered me a new phone free of charge, i just had to wait a few days. and i did test its durability before the exchange and im not so worried about my new one. apples support is unmatched! thats what really makes this good. the carrier with little control.

seems pretty good to me


Aug 24, 2007 by razor102387

in one of the reviews someone wrote how the sim card flies out when u try to remove it. well i found that hilarious cuz mine almost hit me in the face and flew across the room.

as for everything else, i cant complain. i love every feature on the phone. best internet on a phone ever. maybe u cant download stuff but that s y i spent over a thousand dollars on my laptop ..to do all that other stuff. one touch weather, youtube, and stocks (i dont use that tho). the camera is also awesome. u cant zoom or adjust anything else but it automatically adjusts for the best quality. pictures are great in daylight. automatically retrieves email. the ipod feature is also great tho dont expect to use it as much as an ipod unless u wanna be running for ur charger every few hours.

of course the phone could have been better but that goes for every other phone out on the market. i can definitely deal with the cons like no customizable ringtones, video capture or downloadable apps. when u virtually have the entire internet where ever u go while listening to ur favorite songs.

just picture this, laying on ur bed chatting on aim (thru Meebo.com), browsing myspace and listening to music with the air conditioner, full blast....all on one device less the ac.

A pretty impressive bag of tricks


Aug 18, 2007 by ScreminFlea

I've owned this device for a couple of weeks now, and here is my take on it so far. I'll break this down into a review of the phone, then a review of its other features.

Calls: Quality varies significantly depending on how you are making a call. The ear speaker is a bit weak in my opinion, as is the speaker. Not terrible, just a bit weak. Works well with a blue-tooth. If you take a call while wearing the ear buds, the call quality is PHENOMENAL. HIFI Phone calls. Wow! It can actually be too loud to be comfortable unless you adjust the volume.

The phone handles calls amazingly. You can browse contacts while in a call, make additions, call another contact, add them to the call, etc. Many of the phone's functions are usable while in a call. Contacts allows you to add MANY numbers or addresses, or new fields as needed.

The iPhone's interface is, without exaggeration, the most intuitive interface on any electronic device I have ever used, and remains readable even on the brightest days.

Camera: No flash, no zoom, but it takes surprisingly good photos.

Google Maps:
This may be the best feature in the phone. No need to dial directory assistance. You can find what you're looking for, get an address and number in most cases, and get directions. It will even help you avoid traffic. Works world wide.

iPod: Very nice, great sound, great video quality, and an amazing interface.

Web browser: For a phone, it's amazing, but you don't get the "whole" web. If a plugin is required that you don't have, you can't install it. You can't save images from the web to your phone either.

Email and messaging is amazing for a phone as well, with ONE COMPLAINT. If someone sends you a photo, you can't save it to the phone.

iTunes. The only way to get anything on or off of this most intuitive of devices is to use iTunes, one of the most unintuitive pieces of software I've ever encountered. It would be VERY nice to be able to access the phone like a drive instead.

Discovery Apple Iphone


Aug 17, 2007 by raloch

I stood in line for the first time in my life to get a cell phone!! Who knew?? This has been my transition from Blackberry lover to Apple lover. I am amazed at the technology here. The phone is everything I could have wanted in an email, internet and music / video / movie devise. Graphics on downloaded movies is outstanding. Surfing the web is incredible compared to the blackberry and being able to increase the size of the page and print is great. The phone is typical AT&T type calls with drops but the quality of the sound is good. I have upgraded to the next version of software and am pleased. All in all this is one of the best phones to date I have had!! Only thing left to do is figure out how to move the photos from computer to Iphone better and how to delete the entire mailbox deleted file without once again needing to individually delete the messages from the delete box. All in all.....more than worth the price paid. Looking forward to the next upgrade to be able to download excel and word documents and save attached items in my email....raloch

Innovation with ease!!


Aug 8, 2007 by bigboss

I moved from the dash to the iphone,and I'm pretty happy with the switch. I love YouTube, maps, ipod, and safari works great on wifi(edge is kinda sub par). The screen is large and very vivid in the color department. So taking pics with the 2mega cam look just great. This is acually the first cellphone I enjoy taking with.

This isn't without flaw though.....

Cons first.

EDGE is to slow.
Camera missing basic features.
Reception isn't the greatess.
Too pricey for some.


An ease to use.
It's a multi-media dream.
Best screen I've seen on a cellphone.

Overall this phone is great for a first try. Though it has its short comings, the good out weights them hand down. And hopefully future software updates will fix the problems the iphone faces.

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