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iAm Amazed


Feb 4, 2008 by truetotexas

Alright... i have had this phone for about 5 months. and over time i have noticed a few things that could have been made a little better, or features that could have been included. as far as the pros and cons go, the pros definatley outweigh the cons.. and for all of you guys that are freaking out cause it doesnt have a TB of memory and a fiber optic connection just stop and remember that you are talking about a phone, not a computer... well here we go...

-Hi-res screen is beautiful.
-Multi touch interface is definatley unique.
-Great call quality in San Antonio TX.
-8 gigs of memory in my phone! sick!
-Wifi music store is awesome.
-No key pad means no noisy texting in class.
-A definate eye catcher

-Ring tone volume.
-No MMS? Come on APPLE!
-No video camera.

over all i really like the phone.. through my employer i didnt have to pay for it hahaha... but i still would have bought it..the reason im not freaking out about the cons is because i know that with firmware updates they can easily be added.

well thats my iphone review...

Love the iPhone!


Mar 12, 2008 by paddlemeee

I have this phone from week one when they first launch the phone and still love it.. I've drop the phone a few times and it still works... What I like best with this phone is Apple keeps upgrading the OS (operating system) and it feels like having a new phone all over again.. I've had many phones and by far this is the best phone I've owned, the worst is Treo>> it crashes all the time... iPhone, no crashes :-) I also like the feature how you can watch a movie on your desktop and finish it off on your iphone, it comes handy when traveling... Also love the idea Apple is opening up their system to allow 3rd party software.. Really Kewl! If your curious is on the Apple web site right now you can watch a video "SDK" the possibilities what it can do in the feature more accurately by June '08..

The phone itself is a Darling! Thanks to Apple, now I wish they'd make a Smart Car!

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Iphone Review


Sep 11, 2007 by perfectcell2

I have a few things i would like to say about the Apple Iphone as well as what has happened over the past week with the price drop. Here are the cons of the iphone for a iphone owner who works for the company. The cons are what people want to know about anyways.


Texting is a issue ( if they could make it to where the keyboard adjusts when you rotate it that would fix my issue with it)

Bluetooth doesn't seem to work that well (plus who wants to use bluetooth cause you are using it as a mp3 when your not using it anyways)

The battery life is not a big issue but for me i need to charge it every 1-2 days depending on how much i use the Internet. Yes using the Internet uses a lot of battery life.

Signal - I can be standing in one spot and drop a call where i normally get 5 bars with my other phones from AT&T. A update could fix that they just need to put it out. I am in the area of Ct

Other then that i see nothing else wrong. I like it a lot. I have had over 400 phones within 4 years and this one is gonna be a keeper till the new iphone comes out.

This is to all the iphone customers who purchased it before the price drop. The price drop was a marketing strategy from apple to sell more iphones. When you went and purchased it on June 29th you thought it was worth $500-$600. Just because of the price drop i don't see why apple should have remorse and give customers a $100 credit. You had 14 days to return it and get full credit besides a 10% restocking fee because it was opened. Thats what you call a business. I can see it if it was within the customer 14 days then they can go get the difference back in price. But 2 months? Everything these days is overpriced. If you ask me its a you lose situation because you "had to be the coolest and get it first" take the $200 (or $100 because of the Apple GC) hit and deal with it. I have no pity for any of you.

iPhone .... the Perfect Choice!


Feb 10, 2008 by PlatMan

A phone and ipod all in one. What a better way to go!

Glad I switched from being a long time Nextel iDEN user to at&t with the iPhone. If it weren't for the iPhone, I never would have switched carriers.

iPhone rocks and I love it's ease of use, overall construction and looks, and of course all it's cool and useful features.

Great Phone


Dec 30, 2007 by toryja

This is a great phone! Period. I've sold for every major carrier and remember toting around the DPC 550 back in the day thinking we were big stuff. Granted, the service isn't the best, that's why I've ALWAYS carried a Verizon. They have THE best coverage in the Upstate of SC.

This is more than phone. It allows you to view documents that get sent through email.

I've searched a website trying to find a deal online while shopping another store.

The directions through Google are great, most of the time.

Watching a movie while my friend tries on a billion dresses was awesome!

There are so many wonderful things this "phone" does and does well other than make a call, I can't complain. My friends with Blackberries, Palms, and Qs are envious every time I pull it out. I mean come on, which one looks the coolest.

Battery life is great comparied to my friends who have Qs. Those people should be the ones really upset. Granted surfing, music, and videos eat battery, does the same on my laptop. One helpful tip, if you view iPhone friendly sites and turn off the auto brightness feature (even though it's really handy and cool), it eats less batt.

For pics, I have a Canon point and shoot that stays in my laptop bag. This is just handy.

It doesn't have GPS, but if you know what city you're in, chances are you'll find what you're looking for. Get a Garmin if you need real GPS.

One nice thing about it is the wonderful syncing ability with a Mac. No extra software needed, unlike a Palm and Blackberry.

One thing that does bug me is the lack of a search field in the contacts. I suck at remembering names and if I can't remember your last name, well it's going to take a while to find you.

For the price and what it can do, great phone. Yes people like to fuss about what it can't do. But look at what it can do and do well. For the same price as the Palm and Blackberry World Edition I was looking at, this won hands down.



Aug 4, 2007 by crossonscout

So, here goes...

The most anticipated phone I've seen yet... duh duh duh.. The iPhone!

I own this phone, recently purchased and other than a few minor downfalls, it is the most amazing piece of technology ever to grace this earth, in my opinion. It has so many amazing features that I use all the time, the Google Maps, (with satellite feature, you can see your own house!) I never get lost, with the iPod feature, I am never without my music, with the most intuitive web browser on a phone (Safari) I am never without the internet, with a great phone (best when used as bluetooth or the speakerphone) and with an amazingly intelligent and intuitive keyboard that starts out with one finger, touching each letter, and then you can move to two hands as it starts to intelligently input the correct words you mean to spell... I have text messaging to all my friends, girlfriend, family, whoever it may be.

This phone is truly amazing, it really is starting to bring in the whole idea of iLife. And... iDon'tmind...

I think that Apple is truly intelligent for the way they have gone about things bringing together everything you need for one device. Of course there will always be people who need the device to do more, or don't need as much on it. But I have been needing a new iPod, my phone was starting to go out on me, and I needed a GPS for my new job, which this phone has an amazing system... Nevermind going to college soon and not wanting to get internet... that's okay, cause I have it on my phone!


-Everything... no matter what feature of the iPhone that it is... I love how well and smooth it works.


-No flash player. (Which I'm sure they would be able to fix with a simple software update that will sync with your iPhone through iTunes.)

-No 3G connection capability. Which is not a problem... because in most areas you can get a great Wi-Fi signal.

-No MMS messaging. That is okay though because half the time MMS'ing doesn't work.

A Few Glitches


Jun 6, 2008 by radicallyrad

The iPhone looks really great but I have found it not. I had it for a while, but then decided to not only switch my service, but to get rid of it


*Very cool

*Just like an iPod or Apple computer

*EXTREMELY easy to plug into apple computers and put ringtones, songs, info, ect, on

*Good mobile web


*VERY hard to type on. About 85% of the time I hit the wrong letter. Took me forever to send a text


*Touch screen in general doesn't seem to respond well. I have to hit it a few times for it to register

*Small memory if you are going to use it for music, internet and phone.

*Hard to use, really needs a keypad

*A little bit heavy for phone and too big to fir in a small pocket

*I always feel like its going to break

Great toy


Mar 7, 2008 by clerici79

Owned it for 3 weeks. Very impressed.. Came from Moto q9m and Tmo Wing.

Unlocked and using T-Mobile


Great UI (simplicity and ease of use)
Touch screen delivers
Beautiful Display
Decent camera
Actual Ipod in a phone.
Good battery life for me.
Great browser


No bluetooth stereo
No media player
No flash



Jan 21, 2008 by rossman302

I love the Iphone. thee only thing that sucks is that you cant send pic messages but i hear you will be able to in the near feature. also apple keeps releasing updates almost every other month so it keeps the WOW factor going. google maps is
even better cause you now have the option to pin point you location. Also with the newest update you can rearange you home screen by moving the icons anywere you wish



Jan 20, 2008 by RBARROW

All I can say is wow. I have been with Verizon for many years. (No Complaints) My wife and I really wanted this phone. So we switched to ATT just to get it.( I have many family members with ATT so this phone wasnt the only reason) but so far so very good. I really cant tell much difference between the two carriers both are good. But the phone is very nice. No issues, easy to use and great features. I'm glad we made the change. Excellent phone and carrier.

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