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truely an awesome device


Apr 1, 2008 by labrat1028

I had to give this a 5 because the neg reviews totally don't do this phone justice. Deserves to be rated higher than an overall 3.5. Rate phone not ATT. Most neg reviews criticize the phone for known issues...if you want MMS or video then buy a different phone; but you won't have some features that this has in that phone either. Trade-off.

Comments -- PROS and CONS
*Sooo intuitive; best phone I ever had and I have had blackberry's and other windows mobile devices - can't praise the design enough
*EDGE network is fine for basic browsing and the safari makes up for slower speeds. To the point, I LOVE the way it displays web pages fully, and that is enough for me to not give up 3G speed. With other phones you get really, really fast barely readable website displays.
*Integration with Google maps is about the coolest thing ever. You press locate, it finds your location (accurately by the way) and you can then type in restaurants, gas stations etc. and it drops pins on the map WOW!
*No problems with keyboard. I am a middle aged guy with fat fingers and it works great for me. Requires a small amount of manual dexterity though. If you are the type though that presses the UP elevator button when you wanted DOWN, the keys may not be big enough for you!
*Texting is cool with the bubbles; I never texted before, but now I want to!!
*Screen is easy to see and navigate.
*Super intuitve; turns off when you put it up to your ear. Slider function works great. Most intuitive interface and design I have ever seen.
*Switch on side to mute is super convenient...just click sound on or off...so basic.
*1.1.4 update really enhaced the functinality by allowing multiple home (mainscreen) and web page icons to be put on home page.
*Lots of webapps available.
*Phone feature is great. Best part of device for me. Super, super intuitive.

Lastly, I would say if you have questions, go to iphone website and view tutorial videos because they show every feature truely!

It's doing the job it's supposed to do.


Mar 12, 2008 by mr-speed


I've been an Apple user since the late 80s, and have used pretty much all of the products they've ever produced. I did hold out in getting the iPhone until the beginning of the year. Why? I wanted to see if any so-called glitches were worked out. I've since synced the device twice with both firmware updates. Like others have said, it will continue to be a device that grows with your needs. It also does a HELLUVA job for me in making, taking calls (speaker phone is better than my Treo, bluetooth pairs perfectly), checking my email, and surfing the web (YouTube, Stocks, Weather, etc.) - not to mention syncing all of my calendar dates, contacts, etc. With the new firmware updates Maps has evolved immensely. iTunes store - A+. I can't begin to say how much this device has been a pleasant experience to use. Airplane mode KICKS ASS. Do you want to save battery life - switch over to Airplane mode - I do overnight. The battery life has been impressive. There have been NO CRASHES to report. My previous Treo 650 had to be reset AT LEAST 3 times a week. Overall: 5 stars!

Like the old adage says:


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Simply the best


Jul 7, 2008 by Akashrahi

Well to start out I'm gonna say that the iPhone is the best and later in this summary you will know why. Dont listen to people when they say iPhone sucks cause they have no idea what there're talking about... Now for the good stuff.

*the best web browser.. That is how I'm making this review.
*texting is easier than anything
*edge works perfect! I'm with tmobile by the way
* its the best iPod out yet
*screen is very scrath resistant*

Cons ( I know I said its the best bit there are a few things)
Ӣ The price is too much. End of subject.
Ӣ There isn't any MMS by SMS but you can record video and send them by email and upload them onto youtube

So yea that's it. Over all best phone out. I give it ***** 5 star rating

Contact me at xxahrimsxx@yahoo.com
thank you :)

The Untouchable iPhone…


Sep 6, 2008 by kingslaw

Having had a dozen or more Smartphones within the past 6 years, I know what I need and want in a device. I'm currently running 2.02 software and living in Eugene, OR


Ӣ High Resolution Screen: This is by far the largest and probably the best screen I have ever had on a phone.
Ӣ Touch Screen
Ӣ Wifi makes the device bearable
Ӣ Slide show
Ӣ Fun apps mySpace, Facebook, and Aim just to name a few.
Ӣ 2.0 megapixel camera
Ӣ iPod/iiTunes- I love the fact a I always have a reliable music source with me at all times
Ӣ Video- It has to be pushing at least 30fps
Ӣ Its syncs with my Mac, straight out of the box.
Ӣ mobileME capable
Ӣ Full HTML browser

”¢ I’ve had numerous missed calls that automatically get routed to voicemail in exceptional coverage areas.
Ӣ Often, my cell phone will not ring when others try to call me, they just listen to dead air.
Ӣ My phone needs to be shut down 1x/day to function at an acceptable level.
Ӣ Ringtone/Alert Volume
Ӣ Not much of a personal data assist.
O No today screen
o Mobile ical is a little too basic. I have a business to run, and the little reminder they send you are really whimpy.
Ӣ Onscreen keyboard-They should have set up the keyboard with tactile feedback
Ӣ Poor phone design (no easy access to change out battery)
”¢ Poor battery life (I’m a pretty heavy user)
Ӣ Less than average reception
Ӣ Internet Speed: Slower than dial up.
Ӣ Speaker phone is worthless.
Ӣ No video taking capabilities
Ӣ No MMS (No picture messaging capabilities)

Overall it’s great start to something beautiful. I plan on selling my iPhone this week and waiting for the Diamond to come out. I will give Apple another shot at in a year or so. It’s a pretty good phone, if you’re looking for a fancy phone without a lot of strong PDA features. I believe Apple to will step up the plate next go around.

I hope you found this review helpful...

A very expensive toy


Jul 7, 2008 by bsf

Once the newness wears off and you are forced to live with the phone you realize it does not live up to its hype.

Touch screen is intuitive and much more accurate and useable then WM6 devices however, still has a long way to go. Very hard to type other than when surfing the web since you cannot rotate the phone in an email or text so your typing area is cramped.

-The battery is ok, will last a day of normal use.
-The reception is average at best. Most other phones are noticeably better.
-The camera takes a pretty good picture for a phone.
-The phone does lock up and requires a reset approximately once per week.
-You are extremely tied to iTunes. Very proprietary and limited. Don't expect to download something from email or copy over to a micro disk as there is none.
-IMAP for emails and sync with outlook by cable only. Hopefully 2.0 will solve that problem.
-Internet is very slow when not on Wifi.

Right now this is more of a toy then a business device.

Happy with iPhone Switch


Apr 4, 2008 by clay2young

The iPhone has always been an ideal product for my wife. With the announcement of software 2.0 for late June 08, it seems it will now fit most of my needs. So I swapped my Treo 650 for an iPhone last week to start learning it. It's already a 4.5 rating for my wife, only a 4.0 for me. With version 2.0 coming I expect it to rate it 5.0 for both of us by mid summer.

tphone... the review


Mar 22, 2008 by noooahsam

The ipone apples first of many phones and here are some pros and cons about it,


big screen cons

no mms
no video recording
cant have multiple
nice camera signatures
cannot connect more
than one bluetooth
a lot of email
messages say this
message cannot be
download from the
no voice recording
cannot save pictures
from emails or the
internet to photos
cannot right click
while on the internet
can't delete one call
at a time
a lot of missed calls

a lot of features
good email
advanced web browsing
touch screen

Iphone is second to none, Period!


Mar 9, 2008 by xxpatman77

Iphone is the best phone on the market! I have owned every phone out there and the Iphone is the easiest and most advanced phone to date," Period. There are no limits to what the iphone can do, being that you can access over a thousand applications on the web to use on your iphone. With the new update to be released in june, you will be able to have any program you want on your iphone. Name one other phone on the market today that you can add programs to? Well, Im waiting, none. This is the best thing since the invention of the home computer and even better because it fits right in your pocket. I have owned treo 755, blackberries, and everything in between and I wouldn't own anything else. Before you decide to by a new phone, go to your local At&t dealer and take a few moments to use the iphone. At&t has working iphones in the store that you can play with, make phone calls and check your emails. Iphones ease of use is incredable, Unlike windows os or palm. If there is something about the iphone that you dont like, trust me there will be an update to make you happy before you know it. The iphone just keeps getting better and better every day, I wouldn't own any thing else.

what a phone


Feb 27, 2008 by rlthomas

This is where Buck Rogers in the 25th Century meets the twentieth century phone customer. The user friendliness really impresses me. I love the springboard concept. It is literally a handheld computer. I have only had mine for about a month but as of yet haven't found a con to list here. I give it a 4.5 simply because nothing and nobody is perfect but the iphone is close. I have never used a touch screen computer but within minutes I was typing on it like I had been doing it for years. I find it easier to text with than any other phone I have ever had.

8GB Apple iPhone


Feb 24, 2008 by motomike1

I recieved this phone as a gift for Christmas. I must say that while I was skeptical at first when this phone came out (lots of hype about everything but the actual "phone" part). But after being able to use the phone for the last two months, it is the most efficent and productive phone I have owned. I recieve e-mails from my professors and my family, I use google maps to find everything and anything, download music from iTunes, watch youtube videos while waiting on my professors using the free wifi at school, make my to do list, take pictures, keep my schedules, keep up with the weather, as well as a million other things. I don't really care about 3G as it drains the battery. The last update lets me have my schools website, wikipedia, and other websites at my fingertips, and google maps always knows where I am. The only thing I will complain about is that sometimes the screen locks up, but hitting the home button fixes that. This an amazing phone and I would recommend it to anyone.

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