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Missing Features, but amazing for what it has


Feb 14, 2008 by caesar6591

Got this phone as a Christmas gift so I think I've had enough time to review it.

First, what the phone DOESN'T HAVE.
no 3G
no video camera
no zoom
no MMS
no bluetooth file transfer
no real insurance
instead, apple care protection plan. boo
can't text on landscape mode

Now, onto what the phone DOES HAVE.
amazing touch screen, works perfectly
2.0 megapixel camera
real internet
call quality
iTunes/iPod, just amazing
amazing interface, i can't describe it
there is so much more. i love it
speakerphone is so low
all the things i listed above
which will hopefully be fixed in later updates

all in all, great phone, recommend for sure

Apple iGreat


Feb 11, 2008 by johnnyappleseed

I have recently bought this iphone, and had it for about...4 weeks now. At first i was skeptical and didnt know i should spend that much money, but after buying it and playing with it. This is truly a great phone. I love the phone and its functions. It does everything you need it to do. From phone, to music, to organizer, it does it all. The only negative thing about this phone is theres no 3G, but theres wifi to back it up on. Battery life is actually pretty good.

- Touchscreen
- ipod music
- full html browser
- 2mp. camera
- the text and phone functions
- other functions such as stocks, maps, and weather.
- bluetooth

- nonremovable battery (1 year warranty apple)
- no 3G
- very fragile
- ringer volume could be louder.
- camera could use a flash

I really like this phone! this is an amazing phone. If your looking for entertainment plus the features of business, this phone would work great. I'm glad i got this phone, apple makes the best products. Besides the cons i listed, this is a really good phone. Have no problems with it, take care of your phone it will do the same to you.

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4 months of bliss!


Feb 2, 2008 by seuguy

Simply Amazing!

Sleek! This phone is sexy! The weight and dimension are perfect.
The touch screen is so cool, and for lack of a better word, flawless. It's so smooth.
The constant updates are just hints of the true potential and capabilities of this phone.
So user friendly, especially with mac.

There really aren't to many, if any true, cons. As I've seen before though, there are limitations. Now, from what I've seen the phones do using third party applications, which I'm in no way suggesting you use, this phone is upgradable. I would rather spend this section clearing up the haters that obviously never owned the phone.
-Battery Life- I tested it 2 days ago (4 month old phone used EVERYDAY, 6 hours of continual use, and 36 hours standby!
-Service-Completely contingent on your area! Understand that if it's not connected to a cord, there is a chance it may drop a call. Central FL is Great for coverage!
- Waiting on the 3G version due out in Nov 2007, Dec 2007, Jan 2008, March 2008, and how many other dates people were told by the "APPLE GUYS" they just so happen to know...EDGE is completely sufficient. When a 3G chip is developed that allows the phone a battery life of 5+ hours of continual use, we will see a 3G version. Completely worth the price!

Simply Amazing


Jan 24, 2008 by bcwalker79

I bought this phone back back in august (after the price drop) so I have had plenty of time to use this phone. First off the mass text message was a huge issue for me but since the update that allows you to send multiple text messages came out its no longer an issue. I love the touch screen works flawlessly, iTunes is the way to go for music downloads, the wifi is great. I never have to look for a wifi network it always finds one for me. I do wish the camera came with a flash and zoom but thats really my only complaint.



Jan 23, 2008 by odp1979

First of all I just wanted to say to those people who review the features the phone DOESN'T have. That's not really fair. You need to review the features that the phone DOES have. How can you review, GPS or 3G when there isn't and take off from the rating? Simply dumb.


Call quality (ATT)
Amazing display
Touch screen
8 GB
Great SMS functions/keypad (easy to use)
Great wifi
Firmware updates
Safari Browser is simply the best
Movie/Music playback is awesome
Can get endless podcasts via iTunes
YouTube works great
So much more to mention, you need to really check it out for yourself and see.


Speakerphone could be a little louder (there is a fix to it, but I refuse to poke holes in my speaker)

What iPhone is to me!


Jan 2, 2008 by mirium

Undeniably, the WOW factor of this phone is unmatchable, regardless of how bad of a review you gave it. I was employed in the wireless industry for almost 3yrs. That in mind, this is my semi professional review.


The UI is so smooth and user friendly. And did I mention smooth?

Looking for an entertainment phone, this is hands down the best!

Durable! It’s not a blackberry, but pretty darn close. I’ve dropped it numerous times, and the guys at the apple store let me try and scratch it with my car keys!

Con’s (More like limitations)

I wish I could copy and paste

No mass text! This sucked for new years. Copy and paste would help this issue though.

Pic messages. Don’t really use it, but would be nice.

Be careful who your asking when it comes to this phone. I went to purchase the phone from an AT&T authorized dealer and I was told everything from they were out of stock, to the phone has been discontinued because of glitches to everyone who is getting it hates it. I understand sales, but common, the truth is they are just made cause they are not allowed to carry it. Check it out for your self, and you be the judge of it!

A Subjective Review


Dec 28, 2007 by jonathanbentley

I purchased this phone after being disappointed with the TILT. After being exposed to most of the PDA's on the market, I have to say, 'FOR MY USES,' it's the best.

Most user friendly phone on the market, my grandparents can use them with no problem!
Compared to the TILT and Blackjack, battery life is amazing!
Picture quality is great, even compared to my 3 megapix TILT
If Apple wants the phone to do something more, I simply connect it to my computer and hit "check for updates."

Stereo Bluetooth (I know bluetooth will suck a battery dry so it's understandable why this version is lacking it).
The ability to save and edit documents on your phone (honestly I don't need this function, but it would make it a phone for more people).
GPS (again, this would kill the battery life, but the ability for google maps to connect via bluetooth to a GPS puck would be amazing. I'm sure that this will be in the next update).
Not 3G (This is understandable because the very reason blackberry will not give AT&T a 3G phone is because of how bad it drains the battery. They can put the phone on the default speed, which CDMA carriers are lacking, it's consistent, and plenty fast).

As stated before, I'm rating this phone based on 'MY USES,' hence the title "A Subjective Review." I've had the phone for 2 months and I understand this isn't the phone for everyone and I don't feel Apple tries to push it as that. I listen to music ALL DAY LONG, and usually watch an episode or two of the Office on lunch, plus spend about an hour or more on calls as well as text and respond to email throughout the day and my battery still has juice by the end of the night. For my heavy uses, it's been amazing. If email, entertainment and web are your needs, check this phone out. The EDGE network has been wonderful. If this is a concern, tell the rep in the store to turn off the wifi and play around with it. I think you'll be impressed.

for ever evolving


Feb 23, 2008 by chrisinzena

First off, I have owned dozens of phones. Truth is I always have to have the newest and (coolest). It's a curse. Which is one of the main reasons the iphone is perfect for me. I am saying this due to the periodic updates provided by apple. These updates are a new and innovative addition to the cell phone world. They have already had multiple updates in the short life of the iphone. Apple adds new features and functions to the iphone. These updates will keep the iphone from becoming obsolete.

Periodic Updates (new features and functions)
So user friendly it's unbelievable
Bright and Vibrant Screen
Excellent touch screen
Great reception (att)
Good, clear, and crisp sound
The safari browser is very simple to navigate
Too many to mention

On rare occasion screen pauses for split second
Bluetooth, not many uses yet (YET)

Most of the negatives will be reversed with the periodic updates. For example, people were complaining that there was no mass texting (texting the same message to multiple people at the same time), but apple has already released an update to remedy that. It is now possible to mass text on the iphone.

In closing, this is the best phone i've ever seen. I just can't say enough about the periodic updates. This phone is just so amazing, I can't say enough about it. I highly recommend the iphone to anyone looking for a great phone for a variety of different needs.

Loving this thing!!1


Feb 7, 2008 by Thannah4

Okay, I just got the phone for my birthday, but have been wanting one since its release, but decided it was better to wait until I heard all the reviews after a few months of use. I am a definite new phone geek, meaning I seem to get a new phone about every 6 months. Fortunately for my budget, this one I'll definitely be hanging onto for awhile.

Screen display is awesome.
Touch screen can't be beat-I get my nails done on a regular and the tiny buttons on cell phones have always been an issue. Now I can text and email with ease! lol
Features-despite the complaints that I've read, the features and abilities FAR outweigh the cons. I can do without MMS, since I email more than text anyway. That is something I've never really understood. If you have that much to say to someone-why not call them! Stereo bluetooth?? Who cares, as long as I can use my wireless headset to make calls while I'm driving, regular bluetooth is fine for me.
I don't care what anyone says, this is a BADD phone and for people that think it should contain every little tech feature they can think up, then they should be using a computer and not a phone.

The only truly legitimate cons I found with this phone was the volume-as in ringers, calls, and definitely the speakerphone feature. The speakerphone is basically non-existent unless your calling from a library or quiet room. The handset is not too bad but is also better heard in a quiet room. I don't mind using my bluetooth or the headphones that come with it, so that part is easily overlooked. The other flaw is with ATT's Edge network. The phone pics up the Wi-Fi in my home, but outside the home, I may as well give it up. Fortunately, I just don't have a lot of reason to surf the net while I'm out around town. But this, of course cannot be blamed on the Apple. I'm an apple fan and always will be because their products rock.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful to anyone looking to buy this phone. It truly is a great device.

The best phone that is out right now!


Feb 25, 2008 by ant231

I have had the Iphone for almost 2 weeks. I got it for v-day.

I love everything about the phone. I gave up my bbcurve for this phone. My husband got the tilt and that is a good phone but the iphone is so much better.

Yes u cant mms pic message but send it to email
there i not video recorder but can live without.

Love the web there is nothing else like it. Touch screen great. Battery life is good for me sometimes i go for 2 to 3 days sometime without charging it and i do use the web alot.
Cost of the phone does not matter to me.

Everywhere i go and i am using my phone people still ask about.

Great phone! I will but and Iphone if it comes out

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