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The "WHYphone"...returned the phone today


Jul 3, 2007 by JostaJTF

The phone is beautiful.
Picture review is nice.
iPod sound quality is great.

The service. ATT is just horrible.
Screen froze twice when trying to answer an incoming call.
No 3G, internet is sooo slow.
Going back to Sprint...getting an UpStage or a Mogul.

Would've been a great phone if on Sprint or Verizon. Just a bad bad choice by Apple to choose ATT.

Returning Mine!


Jul 1, 2007 by smediajr

Very disapointed. I have an 80g Ipod, a blackberry pearl and Garmin Nuvi 360 gps. One of the things I really wanted to do was condense into one. The bluetooth GPS unit Cingular sells is not compatible with iphone. It is not gps ready. Every time you sync with Itunes on a different computer it erases everything and reloads what that computer has. When I try to access the numbers and letter keys as in dialing a number or typing a text message my finger hits the next key and I have to delete and start over. I really expected more than this. Also I have a hard time hearing the phone conversation and my Motorola 700 Bluetooth headphone only works with the phone not the music or audiobooks. The headphones that came with are very uncomfortable. For the price I do not feel it is worth it. Maybe the next generation will be better. I couln't get my BB Pearl back on line fast enough.

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Mogul vs iphone


Jul 1, 2007 by venimous

I bought an iphone today and I am extremely impressed by it and I had a sprint mogul when it first came out, needless to say I returned it because windows mobile 6 is a bit glitchy for me and I think apples software is 100% better than anything Microsoft branded. I am glad that Sprint put it on EVDO otherwise it wouldn't sell but the fact of the matter is wi-fi is much better than EVDO and edge does seem to be improved. Yeah evdo might be a little quicker but the quality of the pages is nothing compared to the iphone. The person who says the mogul is better than the iphone in my opinion is a special interest from sprint in my opinion and is probably upset he cant commission on it himself. I switched from Sprint to at&t today and I must say the at&t reps know a lot more than the sprint reps ever have about mobile phone technology. EVDO is overrated. Plus it doesn't work outside this country not even in Canada. ;[

RING ring ....


Jul 6, 2007 by sreiff2620

I did as much research as I could prior to my purchase. I understood that it was a risk and that I might have to pay a restocking fee if I was unsatisfied with the phone. So I am okay with paying the restocking fee (buyer beware). My previous phone was a Blackberry 8700 through Cingular (AT&T). I have used the iphone consistently for the last 7 days in the same way that I would normally use my cell phone - with the addition of the extra iphone features. What makes me rate the phone so poorly is the following:

- terrible sound. I can barely hear the speaker phone. I can be heard on the other end, I just can't hear it on my end with the volume cranked all the way up. I called apple twice and received little help. I brought the phone into an AT&T store and they seem to be paralyzed when talking about the iphone. Whenever I ask a simple question, the salesperson always has to run into the back room to speak to the manager - anyone else had this experience? Apple must have made AT&T agree to not speak about the phone - or they will give it to Verizon. As for my iphone,the speakerphone is very low and I have had to reset the phone. It didn't help.
- I can't hear the phone ring when it is not in plain view (I have normal hearing). I was told by the Apple "Genius" (their term) that I have a defective phone - but it sounded the same as the demo model. I've read some reviews that criticized the sound in passing as part of a rave review - but isn't being heard on a phone a little important?

It's been fun having the phone for the one week. People have either wanted to see the phone and play with it or laughed at me for having one. It's hard to justify having essentially a $600 nano with a bad speakerphone. I've returned it and am reactivating my Blackberry. I will not wait for the next gen. of apple - I will see what the other companies do, hopefully, they will not be so arrogant. For those with the iphone, enjoy - I will speak loud enough for you to hear me.



Jul 11, 2007 by devcrawford

iphone has very poor signal strength. I have had ATT/Cingular service for years now. I do not get any bars in areas where I got bars before on my old HTC TyTn phone. At work I used to get full bars on my HTC phone, now I get no service with the iphone. Also the iphone doest not have MMS, mp3 as ringtones and the volume of ear speaker is way too low among others issues. The iphone does have many great features but Signal strength must be improved so you can at least use the phone.

So far so Good


Jul 1, 2007 by Lclarke

I have got to say this phone blew me away. Let's face it we have all spent money 599 on worst things but the Iphone was worth it. Talk about being out in public and wowing people just by having one. I'm not a big pda or smartphone kinda guy but this phone is more enjoyable to look and work with. I had Lg 8300 by Verizon and paid over 75 dollars for 900 mins and 250 text not to mention taxes. Not to mention I had a mp3 player on the phone I could not use unless I used vcast. Talk about highway robbery. I was so glad AT&T came back and did so with a bang before the Holidays. Time for the these cheap service providers to stop ripping off customers that pay good money. Oh yea some poor lonely guy at a Verizon kiosk was telling me "I'm making a big mistake" as I was being escorted to the AT&T store. What a laugh!! Go Iphone



Jul 5, 2007 by Telp

Bought this phone about a week ago, and have nothing to complain about thus far. It sounds good, the screen looks utterly amazing. The speakers, both of them, sound great. No bluetooth file transfer yet, which sucks, but not a problem for me. The phone itself works great, has a great wait, and just feels right. The camera works well, no zoom, but you can always pinch it to zoom in once the picture is taken. The accelerometer works great, especially on the Internet, which, even when using the EDGE network, gets fairly decent speeds, nothing like being at home and just using the wifi network though. Overall, i have no real complaint, and i think everyone should buy this phone. It holds way more then a Blackberry, and thats always a good thing. Also, the keyboard works great. I heard a lot of poor reviews about the keyboard, but its really amazing, and the predictive text that Apple put on it is amazing as well. i really can type almost as fast as i can on this keyboard, and no, i am not a slow typer, and i can definitely type faster then i ever could on a sidekick. Hope this was helpful, and you can always email me with any questions.

From a verizon customers point of view...


Nov 29, 2007 by veriZon123

I don't actually have one, I just used one for about an hour. In South Dakota we do not have AT&T but there is a cell service called LONG LINES WIRELESS which iphones are able to be unlocked and then used on. It really is amazing! The voyager will have to be AMAZING to beat this phone! I loved how the touch keys worked so flawlessly! I did not have to even tap hard and it worked! I also loved how easy it was to find the specific menu options I wanted!

Super easy UI
Great Camera! I am jealous!
Amazing size for what it does
WOW wi-fi was amazing!
I like how it kept texts like an instant message, where you could see the whole conversation!

not avaliable for VERIZON!
the texting was rather hard to do especially one handed!

terrible phone


Dec 7, 2007 by amc252

I HAAATED the iphone. The battery life was really good but its difficult and slow to navigate and absolutely impossible to answer your phone if you're driving. I felt like everytime I wanted to use my phone for a small task like send a text message or make a phone call I had to go through wayyy too many steps to get there. I wasn't impressed with the internet, it was very slow, even while connected to WIFI. The shape of the phone makes it awkward to hold and very easy to slip out of your hands.

Happy with it


Jul 22, 2007 by pk1451

"I like it Alloott" (Dumb & Dumber)

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