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Awesome phone with some bugs...give it time!


Jul 2, 2007 by NYRANGERS

This is probably the most enjoyable phone Ive ever held in my hand it is fun to play with. All the things it does makes for hours of fun.

The phone works exactly like shown in all the videos it runs smooth and flawless. So You all know what was shown in the video so I don't feel like typing in what everyone knows.

PRICE WOW....I think that they will release another one soon with all the bugs worked out and in a year just like every other life changing electronic device it'll drop down about two hundred bucks.

Everyone is saying about the 3g but you know it has wifi so who cares.

I don't like that the battery cant be removed but yeah well.

Shows alot of fingerprints.

I thought the actual phone quality sucked the mic is horrible and the earpiece is quiet.

The keyboard is hard to handle but I think its just cuz I have big fingers.

Other than that Its an awesome device. However I think it was designed more for the mac geeks (you know who you are the goofy lookin kids who only use mac because everyone else uses windows and they think its cool to argue about it when no one really cares) than it was for the buss. men like myself because I think the PDA SUCKS! I love the phone but it can never replace my TREO 755P!

I say give the phone another six months and than pick it up because all the little things will be worked out and it'll be a tiny bit more awesome than it already is!

Waah Waaaaaaaaa (It's just So-So)


Jul 2, 2007 by Sundown502

Well, got my iphone today through a AT&T buddy and I was psyched! I'm a little let down though. The hype was way over the top. There is so much potential in an "iPhone" and they didn't extract enough of it. The touch screen keyboard is tough to use and won't ever replace that of a Blackberry or similar smart phone. The memory? 8gigs isn't enough considering the lofty price tag. They should have waited to put together a phone that was 3g ready. It should come with a replaceable battery or at least one that can be accessed by the user. The screen is GREAT, but the internet is slow, VERY slow and that's the Wi-Fi too. There isn't much room to store video either.

Lets just break it down. This DEVICE is sweet. Very gimmicky and has lots to play with. The phone sucks. The speaker is too low, the mic makes you sound like crap for the person on the other endof your call.

It's fun and I like to play with it, but it's just not there yet. It's not going to replace my iPod and phone, thats for sure.

Don't look for it to knock off the Treo or the Blackberry for corporate clients either, it's just not that great with regard to business use.

Give this time, don't impulse buy. The next one might be leaps better and not far off.

Side note: If you were one of those people lined up for a iPhone DAYS before.........GET A JOB, and a life to boot. Come on people, it's just a (kinda)smart-phone.

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Reality Check.... Ahhh What?


Jun 30, 2007 by raider2

If you do not own this phone Please refrain from making comments that show your total lack of brainpower.

It does have stereo bluetooth and stereo speakers and A2DP does not mean stereo.
(The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) defines the protocols and procedures that realize distribution of audio content of high-quality in mono or stereo on ACL channels.)

As for WAP browsers;
Although WAP supports HTML and XML, the WML language (an XML application) is specifically devised for small screens and one-hand navigation without a keyboard. WML is scalable from two-line text displays up through graphic screens found on items such as smart phones and communicators. WAP also supports WMLScript.
NOW FOR THE PUNCHLINE: It is similar to JavaScript, but makes minimal demands on memory and CPU power because it does not contain many of the (Keyword here) unnecessary functions found in other scripting languages.

It does send MMS, because it doesn't say it does using the term "MMS" it will still do what MMS was meant to do. I won't define this one.

I'll stop right here, what everyone needs to do is download the manual and try all of the features and then make and educated review. This device will do anything my BB will do and so far seems to be faster at doing it.
Is it expensive, YUP.
Can my girlfriend us it, well as someone pointed out, with her fancy nails (and I do love her nails too) the answer is no. She is pretty hot about that too.

I think all will find that this device is capable of doing anything you need it to, that your current device does and if your really realistic it will accomplish tasks that you haven't done with a cell phone.

More later.. have to play some more!!!



Jul 2, 2007 by macmo

First let me say that I stood in line and waited for my iPhone. BIG Apple fan, and love OS X for 4 years now!

Will never go back to windows. Hate windows mobile phones as well.

I tried the phone out for a while, yesterday, as well as today in another Apple store. It is AWESOME as far as all the cool things it does, how FLAWLESS it operates (just like OS X's reliability) and how BEAUTIFUL it is. The web on this thing is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Way to go Apple! (But I knew it would be good in that way).

What I wasn't so sure of was the iPhone being good as a phone. NO ONE in these reviews is writing about CALL QUALITY!!??
I placed a call yesterday as well as today on the iPhone, from the Apple store, but I was very disappointed on the quality of the earpiece. It was VERY LOW to both me, and my friend who I was with. My voice sounded great, according to my sister (who I called) AND my voicemail on my cell phone (I called my cell and left a message to myself, using the iPhone,,, a little test I do to check call quality before buying a phone) and I sounded great when I played the message back at home and on my currant cell phone! So, the MIC was good. I was happy about that.
I was not so sure about the iPhone's earpiece. My first test, my friend sounded low and muffled. Then he handed me his cell, and I handed him the iPhone. I sounded low and muffled to him on the iPhone's earpiece as well. So, we figured it was the earpiece on the iPhone.

Then today, in a MUCH quieter Apple store at 11AM, I called my sister, and she said I sounded great to her and she sounded a bit louder on the iPhone, but still not loud enough.
The speaker phone is not good at all, seriously. Very cheap sounding.

Needless to say, I didn't go for it. : (
I REALLY wanted to. I had $300 bucks in gift cards too!

I think I will wait for the next version to help me forget the low earpiece. Or maybe it will be better by then.

Only 4 stars because of low sounds.

Hope all owners enjoy it anyway!

The I phone...WOW


Jul 1, 2007 by ested23

When I tested the phone before it came out, I was amazed with the functions, and the screen clarity. The sound quality is great and camara is good as well. The zooming function is fun too! Oh...the visual voicemail is hot as well...:o)

The only con in my opinion, is the internet is kind of slow.

For the most part...the IPhone is great, a little too pricy for me, but it is a great device.

love it!


Jul 1, 2007 by cubalicious

I am loving my iPhone! More so than my Cingular 8525! Yes, it has it's cons, but they aren't that big of a deal to me. The keyboard works perfectly and I have had NO problems with it. Only issue I've had so far is can't send smtp mail when on EDGE, but I'm sure I'll figure that out soon. Great phone, love it, it's beautiful and works great!

Outstanding Device


Jun 30, 2007 by tmerritt

This is one of the coolest, most well made phones to be released in a very long time. The quality reminds me of the phones Motorola made back in the early 90's. Very high grade.


great looking
web browser
scratch-resistant screen
Apple made quality
cool new sensors
multi-touch screen
ATT network - easily the best of the major carriers


non-removable battery (not really that big an issue as I don't know anyone who actually charges a separate battery)

I put keyboard under both pros and cons as it does take some getting used to, but I already am and I love it.

Bottom line, the device lives up to it's hype. Well, it comes as close as any thing could considering the craziness of the last few days.

Wait to buy


Jul 5, 2007 by terri2837

This phone sure got alot of advertising!! I think I know why---Because it needed it! Apple knew it would be so horrible they had to pump everyone up BEFORE it came out, because after people started reviewing it, it would FLOP.
My boyfriend bought this phone the day it came out, waited in line and all of that but I refused. I wanted to see what others said about it, I'm SO glad I did!!
It is a unique phone but it is NOT worth the money right now. The demand will fall pretty quick and the price should drop. Maybe by then it will have been re-released to fix all the problems.
*the huge price!
*most album covers don't register
*battery life is poor
*not enough memory/no external expandable memory available
*touch screen is VERY difficult to operate
*quality of speakers is POOR
*ringtones are too low
*have to look at screen to dial
*no insurance available and the touch screen is so fragile, already has scratches and not had it a week!! I just hope this doesn't make the touch screen More difficult to use!!

This phone is just not worth it. Of course it will be re-released with most of these problems fixed (i hope), and it will be a much better phone. But as for the first edition- definitely a waste of money! If you signed a contract to get this phone, return it within your 30 days!! Pay the $50 re-stocking fee and wait until the second release!! If you keep this one, you will have to pay FULL PRICE to get the new one, or wait 21 months!! An AT&T rep just informed my boyfriend of this, and we were shocked, so don't let that happen to you, if you want the newer phone--return this one!!

reality check


Jun 30, 2007 by 1reality

-creative design
-video voicemail

-Internal battery, after it fails you have to mail to Apple
-no customizable ringtones
-No 3G
-No mms
-No a2dp (stereo)bluetooth
-No PDA functions
-No insurance for a $600 phone
-No USB for download
uses WAP for a browser, not html or xhtml
-no edit or create for office, just a viewer
-no voice dialing
-no stereo speakers(even the SYNC has that)
-no cellular video(youtube is accessable from ANY 3G device)
-camera doesn't do video
-no ringer profiles
-no task list

A lot missing for a $600 phone, good for kids who like to waste money. I am going back to my 8525 because of the capabilities.

I may give it another shot when Jobs gets everything in there and 3G. Keep in mind, he even pulled people off of the latest OSX project to try and finish in time. Should have waited.

Not Durable


Mar 6, 2008 by retrowhitey

I bought this phone a little less than a month ago, and loved it. It has an awesome web browser, iPod, camera is ok (no record tho), youtube is awesome as long as you have wifi in the area, the overall features and functions on the phone are the best, BUT my problem is not with signal strength or how slow the internet is. It is simply not a durable phone at ALL. This phone has been dropped twice neither of them have been very hard drops. The first was from my couch to the floor maybe a foot. So I decided to get a case. The second was from my pocket to the floor maybe three feet, and the bottom of the screen no longer works. IT HAD A CASE ON IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. This is simply unacceptable for any mobile phone touchsreen or not. Now off to Apple who will probably say that they will not cover accidental damage and charge me close to $200.00 to fix the thing. I guess the only thing I can hope is that there customer service doesn't suck as bad as there phone does.

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