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I Phone


Jul 8, 2007 by geminiwireless.com

I think the iphone is a neet phone but I look at this phone from a different side as a phone dealer. The iphone is a corvette with a chevette engine in it. Edge and not 3g. Also if I sold it I would be very worried that it does not have a removable battery. I sell replacement batteries all day long is this the first phone on planet earth that has a life time battery. Not that the big wigs care but what do you tell a customer who has a bad battery from jump (it happens that the battery is bad from the beginning) Customer pays $600 dollars for a phone and it has a bad battery and there sol. Cool phone ill-conceived.

Not Worth the Money or Effort


Jul 3, 2007 by Wireless Buddy

The iPhone's not a PDA at all. It feels more like a regular phone with touchscreen.

The keyboard was not as bad as I had imagined, but still pretty bad. I made many mistakes and it took awhile just to write something quick but the layout was good.

The web was fine, but far from perfect. For one, I couldn't log into Phone Scoop. But the rendering was good, and pages loaded fairly fast considering it was using EDGE.

YouTube worked well. It was easy to find videos and they streamed very quickly, and without hiccups. They were pretty grainy though.

The iPod music player was nice. However, the internal speakers are bad. It sounds like one of those music ringtones. Bob Dylan souned OK, but some louder songs were unusable.

The best part is the hardware. The design is great. It's thin, lightweight, perfect size, great texture, and stylish. There is no way to tell where the phone ends and the screen begins.

The screen is pretty good, but the accuracy is bad. When you are trying the put the cursor somewhere it usually ends up somewhere else. The multitouch is nice though, and resizing is easy.

Just as I had suspected, the sound quality was lack-luster. They can't get it on the first try. It was very crackly and quiet even in the store where they have repeaters.

The OS was not at all powerful. It was like what you get if you mix a Mac and a phone. Not a PDA, just a phone with a touchscreen. The Wi-Fi menu was easy to use. The accelorameter was disappointing. It only works in Safari and iPod. If you turn the iPhone sideways during anything else, it has no effect. With Windows Mobile, you can manually switch orientation whenever you want.

The camera was very good quality. Even when I purposefully shook the iPhone while pressing the shutter button, the picture came out clear.

As a wrapup, the iPhone is a cool toy, or for someone who just wants a nice high end phone and not a smart device. Also, even then it's nowhere near worth $600.

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Cool phone


Jul 1, 2007 by anightinthebox

Well I gave up veizon which I think is one of the best services out there just to get the iPhone. I had AT&T years ago and it was horrible. Hopefully its gotten better. Overall the iPhone is a great device. I'm only gonna list what I think are the cons. Enough people have wrote what's great abouth the phone.

Does not support MMS (picture and multimedia messaging).

Does not support group texting.

Cannot be used as a external hard drive.

Cannot manually manage music.

Cannot use your music as ringtones.

Does not have a task or to do list application.

Does not support smiley faces. (I know that one is not a big deal).

And cannot open video attachments in the emails.

Smudges very easily but once again not a big deal.

Like i said, this is a great phone w/ a few exceptions. Definately shouldn't be geared towards smartphone users.

IPH0NE---- The True Story!!


Jul 15, 2007 by Pistol P

First of all, I'd just like to say that I have owned pretty much every PDA/Smartphone, newest phone, coolest phone, however you would like to put it. I have owned it! I purchased my iPhone on the 30th of June and kept it for the entire 14 days they give you in order to get your money back(minus 10%) to see if i really liked the entire package.

*Best Internet browser(safari) on a phone, i have seen yet.

*Love the touch screen, absolutely worked flawless and very responsive.

*Widgets are very nice(stocks, weather)

*Pretty cool having the whole youtube application

*ipod sounded just like any other ipod i have heard

*wifi worked fine once it was up and running. Works beautifully with Safari!

*Loved how the screen could be turned to portrait or landscape on certain applications. Works very responsively for left or right handed people.

*itunes setup worked great

*Visual voicemail is just amazing and time saving.

*Very clear and vibrant screen

*No mms or 3g. I live in an area with 3g so that would have been nice.

*No video capabilities.

*No customizable ringtones

*Sound quality was extremely poor in areas that were not completely quite ie. supermarket, mall, car. I found myself asking people questions over and over because i could not hear what they said. Speakerphone was a little better but still not up to par.

*Only a internal battery, so there is no way to replace is battery goes bad. You must send in or take the actual phone in for repair.

*no 3rd party applications

*cannot make or receive phone calls while on the edge network.

Final Thoughts:
I ended up returning my iphone on the 14th. I decided to stick with my Treo 750. I was really close to just keeping the iphone as a wifi browser and ipod. Internet browser is just amazing. All in all I think it is just best to wait for the next generation iphone. Good 1st try for Apple though. Hope this helps

Good... but could be a lot better!


Jul 31, 2007 by dnielsen1

I've had the iPhone for a couple weeks now and at first
I was in love with it, but over time I've become VERY
annoyed with many of the iPhone's major flaws.

The best thing about the iPhone is the display. It's
beautiful and even displays well in moderate sunlight.

The worst thing about the iPhone is how SLOW at&t's
EDGE network is. One of the major reasons I got the
iPhone was because of how awesome Safari is on it.
Safari works great if you're connected to Wi-Fi, but
absolutely HORRIBLE if you are trying to use EDGE to
connect to the internet. EDGE is SO SLOW!!! Why didn't
Apple make the iPhone 3G capable and use EDGE as
a backup network if 3G isn't available where you're at?

Safari works well with Wi-Fi, but Safari DOES NOT, I
repeat, DOES NOT support Adobe Flash OR Java.... Big
mistake on Apple's part because most of the websites
out there use Flash or Java. So I can't go to some of my
favorite websites on the iPhone because Safari doesn't
support these internet standards.

Now for some of my other complaints:

- Being forced to use iTunes sucks! Why can't the iPhone
be activated like any other phone?

- Data transfer using iTunes is SLOW and PAINFUL. Why
didn't Apple just use a direct connect USB 2.0 cable
from the iPhone to your computer and allow dragging
and dropping of files? It would be a lot easier than
having to use iTunes software, which sucks.

- Only 8GB of storage. Apple could've made the iPhone
with 30GB of storage and still kept it the same size
and form factor.

- The keyboard is absolutely terrible for typing. I've tried
"trusting" the keyboard as Apple recommends but every
word is not spelled correctly when I'm done. I always
have to go back and edit. If I use my index finger I do
pretty good, but forget about it if you're used to using
your thumbs for texting or typing. You might do well
if you have the small hands of a 2 year old child.

- No discount on the iPhone for new service. Bad for

Nice attempt...


Jun 30, 2007 by NJeff

Pros: Very nice phone lots of functions appears to be well built, nice touch screen with great images and color. Applications are easy to use nice interface, overall a marked improvement over most phones.

Cons: Reception or lack of AT&T coverage. Call quality is questionable, 3G missing and lacks bluetooth stereo.

Phone has great promise just on a poor network and could benefit from better bluetooth and 3G. Price is steep for what you get, but if your into buying hype then it's priced right. I believe blackberry still is the business phone of choice and for a gadget phone the iPhone wins.

Apple iPhone


Sep 18, 2008 by jody475

It was an awesome phone but i HAD to get rid of it!!!! Cuz AT&T is the ONLY carrier of this phone! And They Are the absolute WORST carrier on the face of the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVRYTHING about AT&T is horrible! Im telling you they SUCK!!!!! The phone is great but its SO not worth having AT&T!!!!! If you are already locked in with AT&T i recomend this phone... Although it does have a few bugs, but i believe they fixed them in the 3G.. So get that one.. But if you are out of your contract a STRONGLY recomend u take advantage of that and quit AT&T!!!! I promise that u will be pleased with ANY other service provider!!!!


outdated already


May 5, 2008 by zazzerz

The iPhone is only available to customers via Corporate AT&T or corporate Apple stores, or online. This can be inconvenient as often the independent retailers offer better deals on accessories and better service. The iPhone does not get a discounted price if you sign up for a 2 year agreement like all other phones. Which makes it s costly phone. the batteries are built in and can not be changed/replaced by the customer if they wear out. The Internet speed is the old 2G service which makes them about 5x slower on internet and email features than most other current PDA/Smart-phones. They can not send to groups when using TMing, and can not send or receive MMS (pictures or music). The AT&T clerks are not alloud to open the box and show you your phone. You have to take it home to activate it online. You must get unlimited data plan to activate your iPhone. It is cool how it zips around at the touch of a finger. But, you may want to look at less expensive options like the newly released LG Vu, that solves much of the issues mentioned above.

Nice, but should have been better!


Dec 17, 2007 by Omerta_Silence

I received the iPhone for free from an AT&T manager I know.
At first I was in love with the phone ... but this quickly wore off (after two days). And I went back to my old phone. I sold the iPhone to a co-worker and will wait for the next gen. iPhone. Why? Well I will list what I believe to be the problems / short-comings with the device.

1. No 3G (I knew this before release, but I don't understand why the phone runs only on EDGE)

2. No MMS (this is just crazy to leave out ... and very unacceptable, in my opinion)

3. Cannot send out mass text messages (can only send a txt to one person at a time, ridiculous! Mass texting has been on the cheapest phones for years now)

4. When texting or writing an e-mail, you can't turn the phone sideways allowing you to type more efficiently with the keyboard ... Why? ... because when you use the Internet on the phone, turn the phone sideways and type in an address or what not, the keyboard pops up sideways.

5. Speaker phone ... not that I use it very much, but the volume is very low compared to other phones.

6. Cannot delete individual calls from recent & missed call lists ... it is delete all or nothing.

1. The user interface.

2. Battery life. I talked for about 1 1/2 hours everyday, sent many texts everyday, checked / read / typed / sent e-mail many times everyday, spent at least an hour on the Internet everyday ... and only had to charge the phone every 2 to 3 days. Great in my opinion (be advised, I never really used the phone to listen to music).

3. Sound quality and volume during calls was excellent.

4. Real Internet and e-mail.

5. WiFi.

6. Camera takes great photos ... I do not care about video capture.

Promises delivered


Aug 8, 2007 by Taiwanisindependent

A lot of reviews seem to focus on what the iPhone is not. For me it's all about what the iPhone is, which for me is a tremendous amount of utility and convenience, which i wouldn't have without it.

My biggest worry was the ATT&T network, for which I've heard innumerable horror stories. Maybe I'm just lucky, but so far it works everywhere i need it to. The iPhone is basically replacing my wireless aircard which ive been using on my laptop at work to do some basic surfing and get emails. With the Yahoo push email service, the safari browser, youtube, and most importantly all the iPhone-optimized widgets that are popping up, I basically don't need the wireless card anymore. The iPhone has become a mini-laptop for me.

The simple truth is, albeit a bit slow, the iPHone does deliver on web access and is usable. The software is the most intuitive, fun and easy to use i've ever seen on a phone. The iPod is great. Google maps is fantastic and highly integrated with the browser and address book. Youtube streams nicely. I can run all my contacts off of Yahoo Mail, with which the iPHone syncs automatically.

The only draw back I can find is the ear piece volume could be a little louder. Other than that, the only way I'm getting rid of it is if you pry it from my dead hand (just kidding). After years of disavowing Apple PCs as too limited, I'm now considering buying one. The halo effect from the iPhone has worked on me.

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