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Elegant but Missing Two Hi-End Features


Dec 29, 2007 by barefeats

I like everything about the iPhone but it is missing two key features:
1) GPS Location
2) 3G Broadband Support

I know both of those features are battery drains but I still want them. I understand that Apple may adopt the Menlow moblie device chipset from Intel for the second generation iPhone coming in Summer of 2008.

Stop Whining & Be Realistic


Nov 12, 2007 by elle.zonkd

The iPhone may not be the best of the best, but it's just one of the best. I just can't grasp why the majority of everyone who gives this product a very low rating for the most COMMON things. I had this phone since the price dropped because I personally feel any phone isn't worth over $600 to $800. So i had it long enough to play with it, understand it, and get use to it.

REALISTICALLY, there isn't going to be a phone that has GPS, that has MMS, that has VIDEO, that has the fastest internet ever, that has the best camera, easy texting, the nicest keyboard, the most stylish and just ZERO negative reviews... or atleast right now.. it wont be until a very long time. Aside from business, im in college & dance for a nba team.... very useful to me. Apple didn't market the iphone to be a PDA so don't expect a perfect blackberry + htc + mda + laptop + windows WITH 3G.

Design - i like nice sleek stylish things, and the iphone is the best when it comes to this, the technology is like no other.

Camera - Better than most!

Interface - i love all the main features are on here without going through menus and/or going through the web browser to search for (I.E. google maps, weather, etc. With those options its alot more faster and easier to use.) Having youtube & itunes on there as well is helpful for boredom parts. original too on youtubes behalf.

Safari/EDGE/Web browsing/WiFi - Faster than most phones; Love the REAL web browsing feature. It got me when all the negative raters compared the iphone with phones from other networks with the speed, thats a totally different topic EDGE VS. EVDO. come on. not the phones fault.

Email - Multiple Accounts, very helpful.

No video - maybe in a year or two.
No MMS - this is where the email comes in handy. CAN'T SAVE PICTURES FROM ATTACHMENTS THOUGH.
- No interchageable battery
- Paying for the ringtones you can get, but then again you can customize them.
-Texting is weird but got use to it.

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actual iphone user


Sep 14, 2007 by blupenguin

I've had my phone a week now and there isn't any phone that compares to it. it does everyhing id need a phone to do and I can pay my bills online, which is how I prefer to pay. not having 3g dosent bother me since its only in select cities and the nearest one is 8 hrs away from me. actually I also created this phonescoop account and made this review from my iphone with ease.

iPhone....good but could be better


Jul 7, 2007 by sk3-07

So while waiting for a friends phone to be fixed I spent about 45 mins to an hour with an iPhone at the AT&T store.

Now people have complained about so many things about this phone, it really wasn't that bad. Internet was fast on Wi-Fi but edge was a little slow.

There are a few majors things that could be fixed by software updates to make using this phone better. For example, instead of scrolling through the songs why not have an on screen click wheel? And second, when sending a text message you should be able to turn you phone horizontally to get a better layout of the touch screen keys. The keys however, was almost as good as typing on my sidekick 3, beside the lack of room between each letter on the screen.

So in the end if they would lower the price to $400-$450 and fixed the way you go through songs to be like on regular iPods (but still keep coverflow) and fixed the texting problem. Then I would buy this phone and ditch my iPod and my Sidekick 3 which I love, but the iPhone could replace it if these were fixed)

My iphone


Jul 6, 2007 by madura30

I was not sure that I should invest in the iphone, but as soon as I bought it I realized how it has made my life a lot more easier. the graphics are excellent and the bluetooth is great I never drop a call on my bluetooth or while I'm on the phone. There is one thing, I wish they made the phone 3G. I am hoping they make an upgrade on the phone to be 3G. Love the phone and friends and family of mine that has one really enjoys it. They have one very satisfied customer excellent job apple. Madura30

total suckage


Jul 3, 2007 by lguser00

Everyone is talking about how the i-phone is so great and that they HAVE to have one


I was one of those people so I went and bought one, and may I remind you THEY ARE NOT CHEAP!!!

Pretty Good Camera
Decent Service

Internet??? (The scrolling to read everything part)
No picture messaging
As I said before price!
Irremovable battery

Well congratulations Apple on the totally crappy phone... They have had phones for a while now you know, make another phone and make sure this one doesn't suck

Great Phone


Jul 1, 2007 by ipoduser23

I have been an AT&T customer before they became Cingular. I will admit the service was spotty before but it has dramatically improved. So for those that don't have or used to have the service don't believe the hype.

I purchased 8GB iPhone for the reasons it was made -an entertainment mobile device. For those expecting PDA/Blackberry functions that is not what is was made or advertised for so how can anyone compare it to them.

--beautiful resolution.
--small, light weight, durable display
--love the touch screen.
--EDGE network in Manhattan (and I work in NJ) has really improved since 1 week ago. I have the SonyErisson W810i.
--The Visual Voicemail is a great feature being able to see them listed and at a touch listen to that voice mail is really cool.
--The internet is extremely better than viewing on any other phone
--My personal info synced smoothly with the phone.
--I was expecting it to freeze up and it didn't.
--Battery life is great, I didn't even charge it out the box with the Wi-Fi on I still got 6 hours of usage including watching a movie, listening to songs, and talking on the phone.

CONS (not really about the phone)
--It did take a few hours to activate but the Asst Mgr in Union Square NY helped me out alot over the phone. The phone went on sale at 6pm-I purchased it around 8 and decided to activate today. It took a little longer time for even the iTunes site to pull up. I can imagine how many people were trying to login to the site at the same time I did. You figure between the Apple stores and AT&T stores they had to have easily sold over 1 million of them.
--The Apple stores are useless idiots anything happening with the voice setup they refer you to a retail location for AT&T. I wanted to know how to setup the phone the SOHO store gave me a few of their numbers.
--No 3G but then everyone would be complaining about battery life anyway so who cares!!!



Jul 1, 2007 by memphis3726

After having the iphone only a day.. It already puts every phone i have ever had to shame. (treo 750, treo 680, treo 700, nokia n90, sidekick 2 & 3,v3xx and the list goes on) they rank no where near the iphone in my eyes..
This phone has it all.. n e body can use it... EVEN PEOPLE WITH BIG HANDS CAN TEXT! no problem! i will admit for the first couple of hours i couldnt text for nothing.. but after i watched a video on apple.com and trusted the iphone and let it use its correcting software... i can text faster and without looking on any other phone. The phone is very simple to use.. No long menus. everything its just 1 or 2 taps away.. They thought of almost everything.. i dont no if u can zoom in on the camera(which takes amazing photos.. but i also havent read the manuel or anything like that... my favorite applications would have to be the maps and youtube application.. Everything is right there.. i can find directions from my house here in memphis to The staple center in L.A in 2 minutes.. its to easy.. it blows me away how quick this phone is.. The first day i had my treo it froze up.. this phone has seemed like it wont come close to freezing in a long time.. 3g is not that big of a problem! the internet still runs as fast as my treo 750.. plus the iphone has wi fi

4 or 8 gigs!
big clear screen
amazing camera
easy interface
wi fi
ipod, camera, phone, and gps all n one!

i think they could have added a couple of stuff to it.. some small software stuff.. but im sure its going to come out in an update before the summer gets out

Sadly, Sadly dissappointing


Jun 30, 2007 by KingMe

I'm returning this, after I'm done posting. Worst PDA device ever, & if your just looking for an mp3 player/phone combo there is MANY other options for a lot less.

Processor runs smooth.

AT&T has zero coverage
No 3G (Broadband Speeds, only Dial up)
No over-the-air music downloads
Google maps doesnt tell you where your at or where to go... just a map
YouTube must be sync'd from a computed
No picture/video messages, only email
Can't use instant messenger
Doesn't support my companies email like my palm treo
No removable battery means you have to return the entire phone when the battery goes bad & i say when, bcuz anyone who owns an ipod knows apples batteries suck
WiFi is very limited, I need high speed internet every where.
Complete touch screen means no dialing while driving bcuz you can't feel the keys to know if your hitting the right ones, really dangerous

So, if you want to drop half a grand on an completely under developed PDA phone that doesn't crack up to half of what it promised in the commercials, get in your car & get one b4 they are gone. If your just looking for a ipod phone, there is several models for under $99 that does mp3s just as easy as ipods.

PS- you can put iTunes on blackberries that actually function well



Jul 3, 2007 by fineazngod

The phone is awesome to look at and has a great browser. other than that it is really nothing new for me. I thought I could do without reception in my home but having a cool phone just wasn't worth it's uselessness at home.

nice design and great inovation on the browser
and all other pros people mentioned, pretty much the same.

cons: cingular/at&t network(not phones fault)
and all other cons that people are saying.

cost wasn't a factor for me but it is priced a bit high for most, but it wasn't made for everyone.

hopefully in the future a cdma phone is released for verizon, or at&t improve signal. whichever comes first.

I have a feeling that at&t will improve the network far before verizon carries the phone since apple apparently wanted the carrier of the phone to give up everything from first borns to a share of monthly service bills. Reminds me a little of microsoft. What is this world coming too

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