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The phone is good, but ATT is horrible


Jul 22, 2007 by leeferna

- Screen quality
- Slick interface
- Visual Voicemail
- Safari browser
- Google maps (w/Traffic conditions)
- Photos
- WiFi
- Some cool Widgets like Weather & Stocks
- And of course its a video iPod

- No Voice Dialing
- No Video Rec
- No 3G
- Mail is a mixed bag (no Push other than Yahoo, and cannot read attachments)
- Onscreen Keyboard is difficult at first
- Camera has a slow shutter, no flash

Overall the phone is solid for version 1.0 and will get better with the updates. Battery life is ok, have to charge it every night. Par for the course with most Smartphones.

However, ATT is the worst. I've had more dropped calls in 1 week than I've had in 1 year with Verizon (this is in the NY-NJ area). Also, while driving, there is a constant background hiss or noise (I've tried four different DSP Bluetooth headsets to no avail) Of course, it could be a phone HW issue as well, although I've replaced the phone twice. Not sure what it is at this point - I haven't tried any other ATT phones to compare (maybe someone else can comment on this).

What a dissapointment


Jul 22, 2007 by Dman51

I purchased the phone for my business so knowing it was going to be bad I kept my N80 in case. I'll show the cons you know the pros (NOT MANY)

Battery has to be sent in to Apple when it dies and that could take a month!
Have to get special data plan
Dirty Screen
No Video Capture
No Pic Messaging
No Flash
No expandable memory
No pic editing
No Piscal Viewer
No keypad
Crap Speakers
Not good support
A YOUTUBE APP who needs it only waste of memory you can go to m.youtube.com on my N80 same thing
No Games
Cant Unlock
First Gen
$500 to $600
Only 4 to 8 gigs I use at least 10gb on my ipod plus my contacts!
Antenna at bottom of phone blocked by hand
Looks stupid holding it up to your face to wide
No 3G!!!!

Bad Bad Phone wait for V2

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Jul 3, 2007 by Zoolanderman

So many problems with this phone glitchy, not enough like a phone, too low ringtones, battery life is terrible. I'm glad i could return it within thirty days even though i had to pay a restocking fee which is another con. I switched over to the upstage by sprint which is a million times better.

I Return it after 2 days


Jul 10, 2007 by romm1988

I was happy with this phone when i buy 1st day. Then, i start search all options or features and i find there is missing couple of important things..There is no MMS send or receive, No regular bluetooth,No 3G and battery life was very short..I start think about all this, and i return this phone to apple store after 2 days..Apple will upgrade this phone, because there is missing couple of important things..I think Razr v3xx have allot of perfect features..

Nope - Taking 10% restock hit and sending back


Jul 4, 2007 by dgintz

OK,I have had this phone for 24 hours.

I really like:
Touch screen
Size of phone and basic feel.

And I would keep it, except:

1. No MMS? What was Steve Jobs thinking?
2. No GPS? $600 and no GPS?
3. No Copy/Paste? Have someone send you a picture message (MMS) and YOU try to memorize the SMS that comes and then navigate to the Browser. Want to forward that once-in-a-lifetime picture to some friends - whoops - no can do.
4. Have a phone# in your contacts that has a "1" on it? Better not plan on sending text messages to those. Bounces back.

Actually the above really ticks me off. I could live with the limited Contacts stuff, but not with the above. And those are just a start.

I think that Apple did a great job of putting together a basic "Pong" type of device - does a bunch of things in a very limited way.

And I think they tested the heck out of the physical aspects of this thing. Found no problem with the buttons, touch screen, etc.

However, that being said, I think they must have said the Thursday night before the "grand release" - "hey, maybe we should use this thing the same way someone with a $50 nokia would use it as a phone and see how it stacks up".

It should NEVER have been released without MMS for sure.

I started this review by giving it a "3.0" - far too generous I'm afraid - changing it to a "2.5".

I'd wait till Steve Jobs gets a chance to read these reviews and have him direct his technical team to come up with a better form. Or you can wait till the rest of the world stops using MMS, GPS, "+1" dialing, copy/paste, custom ringtones, speed-dial, etc.

I hate losing $60.00, but hate losing the other $540.00 even more.

I'll stick with my Mobile 5.0 unlocked SDA for the time being.

Missing too much!


Jul 3, 2007 by BuyatSamsClub

I can't give this phone a zero, any phone
with this many amazing features deserves some
score, but with as many issues as the iphone
has, I give it a 2.5 rating.

Great battery life, if all you are doing
is talking or playing music. As soon as you start browsing battery life drops fast.

No voice dialing

No gps navigation services

No available insurance option

No video capture

No over the air downloads

Cool looking

Basically, if you want to be the envy of
all your friends and don't have the $$$ for
fast car to do that, buy an iphone!

Otherwise port to sprint and get an upstage,
Yes to voice dialing, gps navigation, insurance, video capture, 2gb capable, over the air downloads (only 99c), battery life is
great while using battery wallet!

iDrop Calls left and right


Jul 2, 2007 by Lagwagon

This is a cool phone buy I am dropping calls left and right. Additionally, the ringtones are quiet...forget hearing it in the car - also, the speaker is super quiet even when it's all the way up. I'm not too happy with it as a phone - everything else is totally amazing - I'm rating a 2 because it's mainly a phone and it sucks as a phone.



Dec 7, 2007 by mooonnaaa

and heeeeere we go!
+ gorgeous UI!
+ safari is unbelievably fast. faster than on my macbook and macbook pro HA!
+ fun
+ best browsing experience from a handset, ever

+ push email is worse than last week's fermented garbage. i have to manually check for messages since it's continuously switching data connection from wifi to the edge network
+ NO CHAT CLIENT!!!!! beejive and mundu logs me off when i try to multi task. this is a HUGE issue for me since i am constantly IMing
+ AIM sms is garbage
+ speaker is WAY too low
+ NO notification icons. this is a huge issue. eventhough there are sound notifications, unless i keep unlocking and checking my home screen, there is no way for me to know if i have a new message / sms / email =/
+ autotext replacement is a pain in the rear times a bajillion. maybe my fingers are retarded but if you are used to qwerty devices like me, typing on this sucker is so bad, it's almost painful. my typos are no longer typos but indecipherable, incoherent sentences since text is automatically replaced. for hunters and peckers, this is for you!
+ NO 3rd PARTY APPs!!! apple will automatically void the warranty if ANY 3rd party apps are downloaded... so basically most apps are web based. hmmmmmmmm hitler much apple???
+ headset is worse than chinatown's mid summer month old garbage =/ and there's only one (i believe) that's available
+ at and t's service is HORRIBLE. dropped calls galore!
+ the camera is worse than a ten dollar webcam from the streets

i hate to sound SO negative but i speak from experience... my gadget itch suddenly kicked in and over the past two months i've owned five different handsets from four different carriers. i also travel A LOT. over the past month or so, i've been to LA, SF, NYC, and Boston.... and i'm sorry to say at and t was THE worst. so if you don't travel, work out of a spot with wifi to avoid at and t's data network, use your landline more than cell phone, and don't have a computer, this phone is for you!

simply put..........AMAZING!!!!


Jul 6, 2007 by ironkatz

simply put this phone is amazing. of course there are some glitches and a few things that could be better, but this phone is revolutionary and doing things no other phone can do. i am on my 3rd phone because the first one had scratches right out of the box, and the second had some software or os problems. i am a mac user and really am impressed about the simplicity in syncing with my mac. i can go on and on about the pros and even some cons but by now mostly everyone knows them. i just wanted to tell everyone who is into tech stuff that this is the shiznit!!!!!
i don't know anyone who got it and didn't think the same way i did. if you are on the fence on the iphone, make the jump and get one you will never look back.



Jul 2, 2007 by motoman12345

After waiting in line for 3+ hours at the local at&t store and 2 days to activate i must say it was well worth it this thing is awesome!!!!! Sleek stylish full of features i cant put it down!!! If you dont have one get one NOW!!! you wont regret it!

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