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Aug 25, 2008 by sebastianlara96

Free online
Large storage capacity
Good hearing
Camera is OK.
Keypad falls off!
A drop of water and its dead.
scratches very easily
Speakerphone is bad.
No flash on camera
Likes to play dead in the most inconvenient times.
30 min. talk time before it beeps and dies.
iTap is extremely slow..... :(

My friend had this phone for 8 months but she couldn't take it anymore. Now she has the MOTORAZR VE20 (much better phone!)
A basic phone.....

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keep razrs for shaving.


Aug 21, 2008 by gothic_lette

i hate this phone. i hate my contract. i got with tmobile thinking wow this is cool i have no money and i can walk out the door with a new phone. well it wasnt. the phone sucks. i pay almost 200 month for only two phones. this phone is slow, it freezes, drops calls, the camera and videos suck, and the ringer isnt loud enough. dont buy this phone. dont even take it for free. its a waste of time. idk i still havent seemed to find the phone of my dreams.

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Easygoing, low-maintenance


Aug 5, 2008 by punkrockzoie

I use Alltel. My family has 3 razrs and they're absolutely the best phones on earth

-no static while talking on phone
-ringtones are loud and clear
-vibrations are good
-VERY durable (my boyfriend has dropped/thrown his on the ground a thousand times. still in perfect condition)
-resists scratches
-easy to hold
-lightweight, thin in your pocket, easy to talk on etc.
-good reception most of the time
-text messaging is easy

-camera is nothing amazing, but hey, that's why i have a digital camera. no biggie.
- i dislike how you cant delete the pictures the phone comes with. those lame little cartoons are taking up space in my memory meter. well i do have plenty of space, but still...

overall, its a great phone for someone who doesnt want too much fuss. its stylish, simple, yet fun. sure, you could buy a new fancy phone like the iPhone, but the razr is the best way to go spending less money and dealing with fewer complications.

ps. Alltel is a great service. Check their rates and plans. I saved soo much money compared to using t-mobile, at&t, verizon, or any other company.

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Not all it's cracked up to be!


Jul 15, 2008 by ashley.brooke94

i have had the moto razr v3m [red] for about a year now, and this is my second one. [the first one supposedly suffered water damage, which is completely crazy considering it was never around water!] i am due to get a new phone in about a month and a half, but it may have to be sooner, considering this one probably won't last the rest of this week! it automatically shuts off, on its own, about every 5 to 10 minutes. then, when i turn it back on, i don't have service!! so after that i have to turn the phone off AGAIN and turn it back on. only after all of this does it work properly, but only for a short amount of time. i don't recommend this phone to people who don't have the patience for it, like me. a phone should be easy to manage.

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The Razr V3m Rocks


Jul 14, 2008 by KitsuneSunset

I have been reading so many complaints about this phone thru Verizon wireless. I, have U.S Cellular and have not had a problem with this phone at all. And what's all this about not being able to text well with the razr? I can text totally fine, and quickly i might add.. Don't forget that you're using a cell phone. How high- tech does it need to get? The camera is great.

Huge display
Personalized Wallpapers
Personalized ringtones
Wonderful mp3 player (sound)
I could go on and on..

I don't really have any, except that the battery life kind of sucks, but what do you expect having a huge display and an mp3 player on such a slim phone?

I would recommend this phone to anybody and everybody, except anyone through Verizon, apparently.

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"OK" phone.


Jun 28, 2008 by kae24

I have Verizon & I live in IL. This phone did not work in my foyer or my garage (i live in a 3-home townhouse)

About texting:
-At 1 point, I think I had 900 in my inbox & sent and the phone went really really really really really slow. Even when I got up to 400 it went slow. Texting is pretty much the main thing i do on phones so that really ticked me off.
-Sometimes the phone wouldn't send my texts even if i had full signal so I would have to take the battery out and put it back in and then it would work.
-Also sometimes it would fail sending my texts if a had an incoming text; which made the process slower.

Misc. Issues:
-For speed dials, only single digits work. Like you hold the number of the speed dial down for it to call but you couldn't do double digits (example, i have my mom as #2, i press & hold down "2" and it works but i have my house as #16 and i press & hold down "16" and it doesn't work.
-Pix gallery kind of loads really slow.

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Hate it with a passion


Jun 28, 2008 by waupacadramaqueen

i have this phone right now with sprint. I was so excited to have my first phone when i turned 14 and then i got the razr and i was even more happy. Because my cousin has one and they look cool. well good looks don't mean good quality. The first day i had it, it worked fine. the first week it worked great actually. then it didn't hold a charge and i got a different battery. then that worked and then when it started to mess up, it was after the 30 day offer thing that sprint has. so i couldn't take it back unless i wanted to pay a bunch of money. which i think is Gay but i don't make the rules. well let me just make a list of the pros and cons.

Has sprint t.v. and all the extra stuff.
sleek and nice design

Very slow loading
takes forever to send texts to people
takes a long time to receive them
after the first week it makes random beeping sound (no lie and it is very annoying)

So as you can see the phone sucks. i recommend not buying it but you'll do what you want i guess. just warning you!

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Jun 15, 2008 by gothicseraph

I've had this phone for a little over a year with Alltel and I have to say that for a RAZR, it's very sturdy.

I've dropped this phone many a time, and it's like a Timex, "takes a licking, keeps on ticking".

The call quality is good, the camera's not bad, it charges in about 30 minutes from 20% and it takes about an hour to fully charge from being completely dead. When you're not using the phone much, the battery just lasts forever! But if you tend to use it a lot during the day, like texting or calling a lot, then the battery will last until you get home from work, and the signal strength is phenomenal!

The cons, well, after a year it starts to glitch. The glitch(es) include: shutting off when trying to save a pic from the internet, some periods were it just doesn't want to make any calls, similar periods of trying to send texts or pic msgs, sometimes it will say "sending mms" forever when I'm trying to send a pic (i have to power cycle it to make it work), and usually wont tell me when my text message memory is full.

Overall, it's an ok phone. It has about as many pros and it does cons, it's completely up to you the buyer, if you want this phone or not.

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should have spent the 20 bucks for an upgrade


Jun 13, 2008 by sbmiles

the razr was my phone of choice because it was free on a contract (with telus), and i didn't want to pay $20 extra for the LG chocolate flip. i should have. i've had this phone for almost a year and i am going to get a new one this week. i'm not very satisfied. there are some good things though...

very durable. gets scratches and scuffs easily, but doesn't break.
camera takes good pictures (you can change the resolution)
screen on the outside is cool
easy to use (or if you can't figure it out, i'm sure the guy beside you has one too)

bad reception (in Edmonton, AB with telus)
texting issues (texts taking forever to send/receive... flood of texts)
biggest of all is the horrible keypad. i text lots and the keypad doesn't stand up to that. the insides of my 8 key are falling out and the keys look worn out in general.

i'd say the worst problem with this phone is that it shows age very quickly. i've had it for less than a year and it looks like it's been kickin' around for 5.

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WORST phone ever


Jun 8, 2008 by jmo1116

I have this phone with Verizon and it is the worst phone I have ever had. You can't do anything with it. If you want a phone that you can talk and txt on and that's it, then this phone's for you. The phone has locked up on me randomly, or the screen will go white and reset the phone, not sure why this happens. It doesn't get service anywhere. The buttons wear off easily and the battery life doesn't last more than 5 minutes! If you talk on the Razr for 5-10min, it automatically goes to "low battery" EVERYTIME. Oh and the camera is terrible too.

Slim design

Battery life and everything else

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