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2 year review!


Jul 15, 2008 by NYCGirl83

I' ve had this phone for almost 2 years already. I'm debating on whether i should buy the LG Dare or the Voyager. However, this phone has been amazing the last 2 years and here's why:

-excellent signal (including the subway system while other people's cell phones received little or no reception)
-Camera took high quality pics and video
-Speaker phone was clear
-I have dropped the phone numerous times and only received a scratch on the phone

-doesn't hold many text messages in the inbox or outbox
-internet is slow
-after 2 years, my screen is starting to "burn in"

I would recommend this phone to anyone, although by now i believe it's discontinued. LG proves to make strong, sturdy phones that last a long time.

The LG 8300 - An Oldie But Goodie!!


May 5, 2008 by Rosie6

The best there is out there.

PROS: Great Speaker Phone Sound
Great Speakers
Raised Keys (easier to press)
Have nothing bad to report, overall.
Works relatively good w/ Bluetooth

CONS: My individual phone sizzles or sounds like there's a slow-leak of air only there are no others to swap with since this phone is not being sold anymore.

Just wanted to voice my opinion about this phone. Trust it, it will not let you down.

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Very reliable !!!


Mar 18, 2008 by jsunhearst

When you depend so much on a cellphone for communicating with people while on the go, it simply comes down to having a phone that does not let you down.

I have had the VX 8300 for about a 1-1/2 years. I previously had Motorola models V710 and E815 which were both superior in terms of reception. But both models had the same fatal flaw in the charging plug that would break after just a few months (if lucky).

I picked the VX8300 without much thought as it was simply offered to me by the Verizon Store as a replacement. What a pleasant surprise. It has been the most reliable phone I have ever owned. Just about every aspect is very good to excellent. I especially like the pair of loud speakers mounted on top. The ringtone volume is superb and the vibration setting is more than adequate. Although the phone is on the chunky side compared with phones offered today, it is solid and easy to operate while held in one hand.

I picked up a second VX8300 a few months ago just after I heard Verizon was discontinuing this model. I will mothball this unit and bring it back into service if and when my current one should ever fail. The only reason I took off half a star is because I sometimes drop calls when I am in my basement.

Loud Ringer
Strong Vibration Setting
Solid Feel
Long Battery Life
Easy to manage with bitpim
Large display

Slightly heavy
Stub antenna gets in the way on belt clip
Screen hard to see in direct sunlight

Best phone ever


Feb 28, 2008 by SkeeterN

My daughter had this phone and I fell in love with it. I have this phone now too. So does both my sister's their husbands, children and my mother. Does that give you a clue how much we love this phone? I am thinking when I am up for an upgrade just buying a new battery for this phone.

Best phone that ive owned


Jan 20, 2008 by www

Ive owned this phone since march 31, 2007 and its the best phone ive ever had. I have almost 600 hundred photos, 500 videos, and 38 songs on my microSD card that i bought at verizon and it still runs fast and downloads things fast and easy. Unfourtnly they discountinued this phone which is sad cause it and the razr came out at the same time and the razr was left on the shelves. Those phones suck a**. But thats not the phone i have so i wont go on about it.
PROS:Great Battery,Dependable Service(though i didnt get any service except roaming service in West Virgina), Has Expandble Memory(Which if u use this phone alot,u should get one) Awsome MP3 buttons on the front, and MORE!!!
CONS: NONE!!!!! Though in one review i saw about this phone said that this phone only stores 50 messages and it was a pain for this person to erase them all the time. Well the phone has auto erase and you can lock the messages you want to save. When you hold in the play button on the outside of the phone its starts playing your music. The girl said that her music would play out loud all the time but all you have to do is turn down the music volume so if it starts to play the volume will be set to the previous volume setting.
This phone is great, my contract ends december first 2008 but im buying a chocolate by LG for my birthday in febuary. REAL SOON. im getting a chocolate cause they have more...paazaz...alot of ppl told me that their pieces of s*** but im gona try it and soon you will see another reveiw from me about it
LG+Verizon wireless=AWSOME!!!

Pretty solid Phone


Dec 31, 2007 by WJ2003

This phone is pretty good. I had no problems with it while I had it. I got rid of it to get a Moto Q but I regret it know due to Verizon's HIGH PRICED data plans.


Good Call quality
Speaker volume
The ability to modify the VZW user interface a little bit
Small and compact
Speakers are located on the side
SD slot is not behind the battery
Video is OK
Camera is OK
Music buttons are outside
Good feel. Doesn't feel cheap


Camera is not as stable as you would like to be. You have to be very still when taking a picture.
VZW Get it now rip off
You have to buy the separate Music Kit to put music on the phone.

Eh, It's Okay


Dec 27, 2007 by tigger99

I got this phone last January, after having a worse phone that was very cheap.This phone is extremely durable, and takes excellent pictures. I do however have many pros and cons.

-The phone is very durable
-Good volume
-Great pictures

-Almost NO memory
-Always have to delete pictures and other memory
More but I don't want to trash it too badly.

I recently upgraded to the Green LG enV, which I absolutley love. It is a magnificent phone.

Is Sound Qualitity an issue with this phone?


Nov 24, 2007 by LG Motorolla

I have the issue of sound quality To the caller with this phone. Any ony one has this issue? I realized it after using the phone for one year. My voice to the caller seems ok BUT it looses it peculiar property and ends up quite dull and un-entertaining. To test it, i put my friend on my phone and got on his cell phone myself, to hear his voice from my LG was like i dont want to talk to you. Is it really an issue? I heard one review about this hear (who said many LG phones have this problem) but want to confirm it. I think this can be a serious draw back with this phone esp if you are talking to your girl friend for hours. Please update about this issue. I have just switched my third LG phone and i believe it is the phone. In that case i probably have to swtich to motorolla or any other advice from VZ folks?

Otherwise i love this phone for extremely fast response, extremely good camera, crystal clear reception, very useful alarms, very pleased with its speaker. It is probably one phone where you can read your emails and news on the phone. Its battery life rocks and is quite rigidly built. The main con is with design. It is bulky and it definitely lack in this area.

Love this phone


Nov 23, 2007 by momoftwo068

After careful research I picked this phone and have it now for over a year.
The Pros:
I love that it rings LOUD so when I am in a mall or busy place I can hear it.
The ear volume is also great and it worked great with a blue-tooth well till I lost mine.
It is easy to use, takes nice pictures and is a good solid phone. I have dropped it, kicked it and it is still going strong.
The only con,
Verizon said this phone is discontinued why I don't know it was there best selling phone. I wanted one for my husband and they said sorry...go figure they finally get a great phone and do away with it...VERIZON what are we going to do with you??

!!!LG 8300!!!


Nov 4, 2007 by Xlw_01

I love the 8300 for verizon wireless. My verizon representative told my that this is the second most durable phone and has the best reception yet.

1.3 mega pixel with flash
mp3 player
color external display
2 speakers on either side
video wallpaper on both screens
micro SD memory slot
long battery life
mobile web
easy to use
nice size screens
mobile im
external music keys
cool look

no stereo bluetooth can listen to music wirelessly

music turns on in class because on music keys (pro and con(

that about it i recommend this phone to any one

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