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Love it


Oct 22, 2006 by osubucky

I have been using this phone for about a month and love it. While it is true that some things are lacking, like use as a modem through Bluetooth and WiFi, it has been a very nice phone. I would suggest it for any business user.

As for all the problems that people have reported, I have had none. I do wish it was more download friendly and that it had more memory, which is why I did not give it a 5.0.

I have noticed that most of the complaints have been from Verizon users. I carry the Sprint version. I know Sprint held the release of this phone, due to the problems many of you have mentioned. Maybe the issues that you are experiencing are due the initial release being bug ridden or just due to your carrier. Verizon has made a point lately to launch phones quickly and it has bitten them before...RAZR, Q-Phone. Neither of those phones have had GREAT reviews, but have gotten better since the second releases.

Have given up on this phone.


Oct 15, 2006 by AM

After purchasing the 700w back in January, I am throwing in the towel.

Pros: Browser works, reception is okay, battery life is good.


1. Every time I connected the USB cable to my laptop to sync up, my laptop's WiFi connections was lost (every time!). Phone had to be unplugged and WiFi router reset to get my connection back.

2. Ringtones continue to play even after I answered a call and was talking.

3. Data cable stopped working after 5 months, for no apparent reason.

4. Can't do a software upgrade on the phone without the data cable. Software upgrade doesn't work via bluetooth connection to my PC.

5. Verizon claims this is an 'always-on' broadband connection. Not true. Have you noticed the phone 'dialing' 777 every time you connect to the internet?

6. Because the connection isn't really always on, I would have to launch Internet Explorer to force the phone to connect to the internet in order to use PCAnywhere (which I installed on the phone and worked nicely). Silly.

7. This phone constantly drops the bluetooth connection in my car (BMW), to the point I simply can't use the car bluetooth. Every other phone I tested with (RAZR, LG, Samsung) had perfect bluetooth connections in this same car.

8. This past month, the phone stopped charging. I'm not sure what the issue is, but I've given up and have gotten a different phone.

There are lots of other 'little' issues, including that the screen completely freezes & the phone must have a soft reset. I won't bore you with all this other problems.

Save your money, get something more reliable.

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Love my 700wx! Coming from PPC-6700.


Oct 4, 2006 by lbsigman

As stated, I'm coming from a PPC-6700 that I've had for about 11 months now and let me say, I'm sick and tired of it. I've had my 700wx for about a week now and I'm just blown away about how much easier things are with this thing. This is my first Palm product and I must say, the build quality is far superior compared to my 6700; no creaks, squeaks, no loose battery cover, loose stylus, my 700wx is rock solid. After a few months of owning my 6700, I really missed having dedicated buttons for dialing. On my 6700, I had to use the stylus every time or use my pinky to dial since I have "fat" fingers. I'm enjoying the fact I can now hear people loud and clear with my 700wx compared to my 6700 where I had to have the volume set at max and even then, it was still difficult to hear people. Even though the 700wx's processor is roughly 100MHz slower than the 6700, it's amazing how much quicker this thing is. As for screen size, I really don't mind the 240x240 resolution as I have never installed all of the plugins and home-screen apps available out there. There are 2 things that sort of bother me, but not to the point where I'm going to have buyers remorse down the road. First off, no wi-fi. I don't understand how they can stuff a wi-fi module into a MiniSD card yet not find the room in the case...no excuses, but then again, I didn't use my Wi-Fi all that much. Second off, the modem program installed on the palm doesn't allow Bluetooth DUN where my 6700 ran flawlessly. Because of those 2, I'm giving it a 4 out of 5.

*Bright Screen (Very Bright!).
*Solid feel.
*Fast, no lags.
*Dedicated dial buttons.
*Awesome speed dial buttons on the home screen.
*Uses full size SD card.
*WM5 Software.

*No Wi-Fi
*No Bluetooth DUN
*Keyboard may be hard to type with fat fingers.
*Screen resolution might annoy some people.
*Certain programs don't work with the 240x240 resolution.

Now I know why the Blackberry has such a following!


Sep 20, 2006 by ejf2461

First of all I am a Verizon Dealer in Indianapolis and have used every PDA Verizon has ever offered. This PDA is not a good choice. When Palm created the 600 they new they had a hit and overtime the made improvements like bluetooth,stronger & brighter screens, removable batteries. Here is what palm forgot. All PDA'S are phones first, when palm made the 650 and the 700 the stuck a 3mm smaller stubby antenna on them and the cellular performance when you in an elevator, shielded building, small basement you lose cellular service which makes this pda terrible. The 700W is about as unstable as a 3rd world countries government. It requires daily resets, bluetooth 2.0 headsets require deleting the device and installing it again daily to use it. I feel that of all the PDA's Palm's feels the best in your hand and the home screen makes me the most productive. Palm has the right platform it just needs a better antenna and to become much more stable. I honestly feel the Pocket PC 2003 Platform is far more stable and 98% the same as Mobile 5.0. I use the Samsung i730 for over a year and it is by far the best Windows PDA that Verizon offers. In the meantime I went back to Blackberry when there new 8703e arrived and doubt I will ever look back.

Pros: 700w fit in your hand
Awesome Bright Screen
Very Productive Today Sreen

Cons: Small Antenna/Poor Cellular Reception
Microsoft Mobile 5.0 very unstable
2.0 Bluetooth Headset dont work well.

Complete Garbage


Aug 16, 2006 by RoadWarrior

The 700W by far is the worst mobile device I have ever owned. It requires soft resets at least two to three times a day due to sync errors, device.exe failures, unexpected problem OS errors and on and on...The 1.10 OS upgrade solved a few of the original problems, but introduced new problems which made functionality worse! Verizon has replaced it 5 times and all of the replacement devices have had the same issues.

This product should have never been put on the market in it's current state. If your in the market for a PDA, STEER CLEAR OF THE 700W!

Palm Treo 700w Equip runs - NOT!


Aug 14, 2006 by penicks

I have had this phone for 3 months. When I got it I was so excited. all the features were great! But you have to reboot it at least twice per day. It locks up constantly and you even have to to a hard reboot and start all over with your saved information. It's a great PDA - doesn't really work as a phone. most people just get my voice mail as the phone part rarely is communicating. If I reboot I may be able to make a call. The key board rarely works such as you can speed dial with the screen, but can't hang up because that's a button only.
Don't waste your money or your time!



Aug 13, 2006 by Rayhawk

I walk into my local Verizon Store in Tustin California, and there is a sales represent selling the Treo 700W to some guy. I think to myself "Its not to late to save this guy"... So I walk up to him and say: "dude I have the 700W and it sucks, it runs on Windows software that crashes twice everyday, I have gone through every update Verizon recommends, but nothing has improved it." I saved him, he gets a Blackberry instead - felt good because it was too late to save myself.

I purchased the Treo 700W from that very store in March of 2006 - and it has been one of the worst phone experiences of my life. Unfortunately, when I first bought it some retarded Verizon Tech Rep. told me a software update is going to be released any day now and in waiting for it I missed Verizon's 15 day return policy. So second lesson here, if the phone doesn't work right out of the box, if it even crashes or locks up once, then return it immdiately, cause waiting for updates is just a Phone Carrier's scam to keep dangling a carrot in front of you until you blow past their freakin return policy.

Now it's August 2006 and I have downloaded every updated for this 700W with NO results.

Worse yet, Verizon won't return it or exchange me out to a 700P which is supposed to be better because it operates on the more stable Palm OS.

So here my message to all of you.

SHAME ON YOUR MICROSOFT - for being one of the richest companies in the world and you can't get anything right. Whats the use of all the altruism Mr. Gates, when its done with wealth you stole from people by selling them useless products!

SHAME ON YOU VERIZON - for selling a product you know is defective. But you keep selling it and you don't help your customers when they are in need.

SHAME ON VERIZON SALES REP - you acknowledged that other customers have the same problem and that even your own Windows-based smartphone crashes everyday. YOU KNOW A PRODUCT SUCKS, BUT CONTINUE SELLING LIKE A DRUG DEALER!



Jul 31, 2006 by maryjane101

i had this phone for almost 1 month. all it needs is a wifi. ovall the phone is unbeliviable if u are a buisness person this is the number one phone. the 700p is also good i will be putting a update for that soon. treo has bassicas ily 1 of the best batterys in the world .. 15 DAYS standby

will resquest emails soon.

Glad I bought the phone!!!!!!!!!


Jul 28, 2006 by tristan7192002

I bought this phone two weeks ago and it is great! Other than a couple soft resets I haven't had any problems. If you want a phone first and a pda second then this is the phone for you.

Impressive overall


Jul 24, 2006 by selmer671

Recently bought this 700w for work. Overall it's a great device, but has anyone noticed that Bluetooth headsets do not turn on until you are connecting to a call? The voice-command feature comes out of the speaker, and can be annoying in the car or in the office. That's my only gripe. Palm's 800 line confirmed that there's no way around it for now. Battery is to be as expected for this type of phone, not great but good enough for short trips. It does freeze if too many apps are running, but not if you keep that in mind when using it. Nice size for a phone and PDA. Screen is decent enough, unless you are really picky about the res, and don't stand in the sun. Calls through Verizon in SoCal are decent if not better than average for these devices. Basically an upgraded alternative to the i730. Good for work.

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