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Very good phone. I need nothing else


May 21, 2006 by hucworld

I have been looking for a phone that does everything and this phone does it and more. I am always on the go and finally no more blackberries or lap tops this does the trick. I took a while getting use to but after maybe a couple of days it was a life saver. I would recommend this smartphone to anyone that needs everything on one device.

Awesome PDA


Apr 27, 2006 by abstraktion

Near perfect for me.....evdo works fast....easy set up screen....good reception...near perfect except no wifi....Loving my treo 700!!

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Excellent Phone, Highly Recommended!


Jan 31, 2006 by lem

I have been running around with the Treo 700w for a couple of weeks now, and I absolutely love it. The WM 5.0 platform is significantly more stable than previous WM versions, and the Verizon service has been superb.

Here is the breakdown:


* WM 5.0 is a very solid platform
* The device itself is packaged well: the keyboard provides speedy input, the display and lighted keypad are bright and easy to use at night
* The camera produces amazing images, for a phone-based camera
* Signal strength is unparalleled in the DC area with VZW
* Included WM applications function flawlessly, and it took less than two minutes to set up Exchange ActiveSync via EVDO
* EVDO is lightning fast, and is highly available in this area
* Battery life is much better than expected, especially after I altered ActiveSync to update only when I have new e-mail available (otherwise, EVDO stays connected constantly and really drains the battery)
* Paired seamlessly with my Motorola Bluetooth headset


* Phone doesn't ship with a case, but I easily ordered one from Treonauts
* The phone is a little pricey

Bottom Line:

I highly recommend this phone, and as long as the user is smart about installing only well-tested applications and adjusting settings to conserve battery life, they will be very pleased as well. While the price may be a little high, I expect it will come down slightly in the coming months and is well worth it in terms of increased productivity.

Other Tips:

I think someone else stated it best, but essentially this phone is designed for work use, not for multimedia. I have installed only the essential applications and have yet to encounter a lock-up that others have described. In fact, it's been running solid for the two weeks I've had it.

Before I purchased, I did a significant amount of research. The most helpful website that I found was the TreoCentral.com Forums which offered many cool tips and great insight for this phone.

A View From Q to 700wx


Jun 18, 2007 by mobile_dfw

I know this smartphone is just over a year old. I was using the Moto Q till recently ... it was damaged and after a series of refurb Q;s with issues Asurion agreed to send me a brand new 700wx.

The 700wx does about everything I was hoping my Q would have done ... and so far everything works very smoothly.

In fact some of the differences between the two smartphones are pretty dramatic.

* Searching contacts on the 700wx is a breeze compared to the Q
* Using the calendar on the 700wx is so simple. On the Q there are way too many clicks and it is not organized well at all. The notification options on the Q are terrible.
* I rarely use the camera however when I have the 700wx sizes pics well and appeared to be cleaner looking than the Q.
* Creating a new contact in the 700wx is also a snap and has far more fields than the Q offers.
* Plus the obvious being able to edit word docs on the 700wx is a nice plus.

The Q does has one good point ... size. The 700wx is very bulky and heavy compared to the Q ... but considering the advantages of the 700wx I can adjust to this issue.

The Q was my first smartphone ... making the 700wx only my second. So I am far from an expert however I would recommend the Treo 700wx without hesitation to anybody considering their smartphone options.

I love it!!!


Feb 6, 2007 by kenny_990274

I have had my treo for about a week now, and I love it!!! I did however spend lots of time researching this phone, and I was able to talk to a few people who actually owned the phone. My recommendation is that you don't go and buy a phone until you read about all the other ones around.

Here are a few things that I like and don't like

~ Windows Mobile: I like that it synced my contacts and calendar right away. I didn't have input any additional info. Also it's really easy to navigate around with 1 hand.
~ The voice command function pretty cool. Although it sometimes gets confused if there is a lot of background noise.
~ The phone quality is great, and the picture speed dial is convenient
~ The camera does a decent job for a 1.3 megapixals
~ The keyboard is easy to use
~ Custom ring tones

~ Finding programs that will fit on the screen is a bit difficult
~ No Wi-fi (but I knew this when I bought it)

I think that's about all. There are probably more things that I like and don't like but those are the few that came to mind.

The bottom line is that this is a great all in one device.

Palm Screws Up Another Platform


Mar 27, 2006 by fonemaven

Palm's executives can't wait to run itself out of the phone business pocketing cash from unsuspecting consumers. Unlike every other manufacturer that clearly lists ROM/RAM, Palm doesn't tell you that it underpowered the RAM and provides HALF that of other phones -- 32MB of RAM. It's not enough RAM and the Windows spec is 64MB.

Palm did this garbage with all their Palm OS phones. Now with Windows you can be guaranteed of needing to reset your phone several times daily because of this.

There's no WiFi option either without spending $90 plus losing your SD card, which you need in there. Get ready to carry (or lose) that extra SD card. The screen is low resolution (why not 320 x 320?) so expect to scroll a lot.

Other than the form factor which everyone is starting to copy, Palm has done nothing but take your money and they deserve to go under. This thing is an overpriced dog. It's regression, not innovation.

Treo 700W not ready for prime time


Jul 24, 2007 by Glupii

We were initially impressed with the wide variety of things we could do with the Pocket PC portion of this phone. Connecting our phones to our Exchange server was easy and using them to keep track of email while out of the office was great.

However after a year and half I can say the luster has worn off. Several phones had to go back for faulty keyboards. they lock up constantly making any calls incoming or outgoing impossible. At times the only way to get around the locked up state is to reboot the phone. At first I looked into the possibility that distance form a tower or interference was causing it. But when they work, we have a solid three bars indicating that we have a tower somewhere nearby. And we update the programming regularly.

I simply do not believe these phones are ready for prime time. As a Pocket PC when it locks up, there is no real hardship. But as a phone, if it locks up, until the user realizes it, he is out of touch and customers and co-workers can not reach him. When our contract expires, we will either be switching to a different, more stable platform, either with our current provider or with someone else.

PDA Part Great - Phone Part Not


Jun 25, 2007 by treyster

I have had both the 700W and the 700WX. They both are absolutely great for the PDA part... synchronizing with Outlook, retrieving and sending email with the broadband data plan, and setting up meetings and reminders. However, I have a very major problem with both of these phones. When I am talking on the phone and another call "beeps in" and I do not answer it (let it go to voice mail), about 75 percent of the time when the phone alerts me that I have a voice mail, it then disconnects the line I was talking to someone on. I called Verizon several times (because Palm strictly states users must contact Verizon directly) and I have been told by Verizon with both phones that Palm is working on a fix for this. I started calling over a year ago. Verizon sent me a 700WX because of the problem with the 700W and told me it was corrected with the WX. When I called with the same problem on my WX, I was again told Palm was working on a fix. If they would fix this issue I would rank this phone a perfect score, but for now I can't.

Palm Treo 700 Windows


Jan 14, 2007 by jthawk18

Overall I just want to say this is a great phone for work use and I wouldn't recommend anything else!!!I got mine through sprint. I Just recently switched from Cingular, which i have to say is the worst cell hpone company ever. Their customer service sucks and the reason I switched is because they decided to renew my contract without informing me. Also they have the most amount of dropped calls. They mis advertise their fewest dropped calls ad on TV. In actuallity, sprint has the least amount of dropped calls!!!!!!

I love it, I hate it.


Mar 29, 2006 by zippaul

The Treo 700w is an easy phone to love and easy to hate. The physical build quality is good overall but could stand closer inspection before leaving the factory or Verizon's hands for that matter. The first one I had had buttons that would stick or you could press but wouldn't do anything. Returned it and got a new one, no problem. The voice quality/clarity/sound is very good both sending and receiving. The ability of the phone to retain and hold a signal is great and at other times I get dumped like an ugly blind date with no explanation as to why. I had a LG 6100 and I would say it did a better job of locking in a signal. By the way I live in the greater Atlanta area and Verizon's coverage is exceptional. I believe with future software upgrades it will make the phone a whole lot better. Speaking of software, Windows Mobile 5.0 is pretty good but not nearly as simple to use as the Palm OS. Way too many menus to navigate in order to do certain things. The PDA functions are very good and the voice activated dialing is superior to any I have used. The media functions like the camera, the ability to play music like an Ipod are fantastic. Dragging around mobile copies of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint are very impressive. Overall with some software tweaks and a little more common sense (simplicity) from Palm and this will be as close to perfect as you can get. Gotta love it, gotta hate it.

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