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Came back to this phone because of reception


Mar 16, 2008 by saa001

I have tried MANY phones from different carriers even. I WAS a believer in Blackberrys but have since regained my senses (getting email ALL the time was becoming tiresome).

FANTASTIC RECEPTION, I have never had a phone that gets reception like this phone does. Even in areas where I had poor signals with other phones, this one keeps on going and never gives a problem.
Touch screen
Able to play media files
Stable WM5
Lots of add in programs available
Touch screen
Calendar function is good
Voice commands

Battery life sucks. I got the extended battery *(2600mah) and may go for the ultra extended (3200mah). The regular battery just didn't last enough (down to 35% at the end of the day). With the extended battery I at least only get down to about 55%-60%.
Would like update to WM6 but not necessary, WM5 is stable.

I can't say enough about the signal strength. In my home I don't have a land line and rely solely on cell phones. Others would give me occasional problems and had a signal strength that was one to two bars. With the 700wx, I get 4-5 bars ALL THE TIME and have not had a single problem with reception. Not ever.

The PDA functions are great (although I added a couple of programs, one being OGG Sync to sync with my Google calendar, a must have add on for those who use Google calendar).

I left the blackberry line because I was tired of getting email at all times of the day and night. Now I just select to check my email when I want to. BBs are great but the constant email just became tiresome.

The only reason I am marking this unit down from a 5 rating to a 4.5 is because of the battery life. Would I like WM6 on this? Yes I would but WM5 has been very stable for me. I have not had the lockup issues that others talk about (I do a warm reset of all my phones once a day at night when I go to bed).

This is a great phone. I hope the 800w improves on this but it will be hard for them to do that.



Feb 22, 2008 by lremy22

This phone is equivalent to having a mini laptop and a phone in one. I mean it does everything it works with gps receiver to act as a navigation tool for driving and it is turn by turn voice guided. I use it at school to write papers when a computer is not available, have never dropped a call if you do lose signal it lasts for about 5-10 seconds. Call quality is perfect.

Windows mobile(allows easy syncing with pc/mac)
large keyboard for easy typing and texting

nice size screen and is easy on the eyes
body is tough and durable

locks easily so phone does not dial while in your pocket

tons and tons of extras available for phone
quickly updates email to your phone when they arrive

you can do everything on this phone what else can I say
list goes on and on

when you have multiple calls you have to hang up on both to end even just one call

sometimes when you make a call the person your speaking to may not be able to hear you but all you have to do is put them on speaker and that will fix that and then you can take them off

this phone is great unless your real picky I don't see what cannot be done on this phone I love and i have no regrets. Thanks Palm :)

No Regrets


Jul 24, 2007 by PhoneCop

I am a firm believer & fan in the Treo design and egronomics as I have owned every model since the 180.

The Treo was built for Palm OS but the transition to Win Mobile 5 was welcome and refreshing change.

A few points to remember about Treos
- They ARE NOT a phone as a primary function. They are PDAs that have the added benifit of making a call.

- You did not master your PC in a day, do not think that you will master a Treo in a day.

- If you are buyng one for the 1st time DO NOT assume that the Windows OS will be "EASIER" to use than Palm OS simply beacuse your home PC has a version of windows. Palm is geared for portable hand held devices and the windows OS is only good if you A. Have a need for it B. Have better than a firm grasp on the concept of win mobile.

-A $650 device will not make you smarter, more organized, or make you more successful at work or life in general. no more than your computer will make you an internet tycoon You will only get out of it whar you put into it. Its like expecting a $2000 vacuum to keep you house clean with no effort on your part. It's a tool not a magic wand

With That out of the way..

-SOLID Design
-Phenominal SPEED (Sprint CDMA EVDO Network) Evolution Data Optimized for you trivia buffs
-Logical Lay out on the "Today Screen"
- No Cut Corners
- OMG outta this world battery life
- No "Phone Envy" here when looking at other phones.
- Option for "PUSH eMail" (buh bye blackberry)

- Price - You get what you pay for
- Additional Software is very expensive
- initial set up of email (other than web mail) can be tricky but once youre up , youre good.

In closing, the Treo 700wx is the result of nearly a decade of refinement by the world's leader in handheld business & personal eletronics (Palm) You can either say how close your device measures up to a Treo or you can just bite the bullet and treat yourself to one.

Palm Treo 700wx with Verizon


Jul 9, 2007 by freud_29

This is my first PDA phone and I must say that I am extremely happy with this phone. I did own the KRZR phone and was used to having a small phone. I upgraded wanted the features the PDA offered. I am extremely happy that I did. This phone is a really great phone. The battery life is really good. I don't have to charge it as much as I thought that I would have too. Its taken a little getting used to to work my way around the phone, but I am working on that. The features of the phone are really good. Good sound, great phone, not too heavy, all in all I must say that I am happy with this phone. I recommend this phone to anyone who is questioning getting this phone.

Good phone, disappointing at times


Jun 27, 2007 by papashango

I have had this phone for nearly a year. After having gotten over the initial emotional "giddiness" or the "cool factor" of the phone, I have come to realize that there are many unlikeable characteristics of this phone. In fairness, there are a lot of things that I do with this phone that are great. Following is a short summary of both:

- Pocket Outlook ties into my company's Exchange server (including calendar updates and inbox sync)
- One-handed operation is important when running and trying to catch a flight to a client's site while responding to the boss's invariably angry email requiring "immediate response!"
- The phone book feature is fantastic
- Full-duplex speaker phone

- battery life is not as advertised As a related aside, I normally and usually come close to using my 1400 alloted minutes.
- Bluetooth: horrible! I must reset the phone on a daily (sometimes two or three times) basis when bluetooth is enabled
- Miscellaneous phone glitches such as: phone stays in the "touch screen locked" position so that I have to navigate using regular keys and disable screen lock, a call does not end gracefully (i.e. locks up the phone so that I have to reset the handset), phone does not come out of "sleep" mode quickly (but only sometimes).

Overall, the phone does what I need it to do: 1) voice calls, 2) access Corporate Exchange Server, 3) provide a robust contact list with easy accessibility. My friend has the same handset and does not experience as many problems as I do, though he does not stretch the phone's capabilities as far. If Palm/Microsoft would fix these glitches I wouldn't be switching over to a different data phone.

Palm 700 WX


Jun 26, 2007 by emsbflo302

For all those people out there who think this phone is junk and Palm screwed up again are crazy and just plain stupid. Grow up and learn how to use it. It has all the right settings and if you are in a non coverage area or far from the tower than stop complaing, as it IS NOT THE PHONE! Then people say it freezes? NOT! This phone I guess is for advanced users of the cell phone service.


Sprint 700wx - Very Impressed, so far!


Feb 7, 2007 by Anisoul827

I've had my Treo for roughly a week on the Sprint PCS network and I have to confess that I was way more impressed than I thought I would be. EVDO on Sprint is extremely fast so web pages load in seconds. Truthfully, I only had a do a soft reset twice (once was bad software that I was trying to install and the second time was me trying to load and attachment that was way too big in an email). It's truly like having a PC right at your fingers tips. Palm did a smart thing by incorporating WM5 into their Treo/Treo OS. I love it and I don't think I'll be getting another phone for a little while unless, the somehow manage to put all of this and more into a smaller package.

700wx on Alltel. So far it's excellent


Dec 26, 2006 by purwater

I've tried a couple of smartphones and ended up taking them back and sticking with my regular cell. This is the first one that became a keeper. I previously tried the Starcom 6700 with Alltel. It had great features, but was buggy to say the least. I had a friend with a Moto Q on Verizon and he let me try it out for a while. I had planned on waiting for Alltel to get the Q and this was the chance to play around with one for free. I decided the Q wasn't for me.

Then about 3 weeks ago Alltel got the 700wx and I thought why not give it a try and hope I don't have to return it during the trial period. Turns out I didn't have to return it. I had read a lot of negative reviews of the 700w on Verizon, but the wx seems to be very solid. So far I've used it heavily and the battery life is fine. I can go 2 days on a charge with a lot of talking, texting, internet, and using bluetooth. I just started charging nightly as the manual suggests and there is plenty of life left at the end of the day. I highly recommend the 700wx.


Battery life
Reception (virtually the same as my Razr)
Build quality
Loud earpiece
Loud speakerphone (a little buzz at max volume, but I never need max volume.)
Syncs easily with my bluetooth
Tons of software available for Windows Mobile
Tons of accessories available for the Treo models
Good alarm options and limitless ringtones from mp3 files
SD card makes listening to music and watching videos a snap
Overall ability to have all my info on the go.


The roaming indicator so far just shows roam no matter if I'm in a friendly or unfriendly area. There's no blinking triangle or indication of the area. I'm in friendly areas 99.9% of the time so it's no big deal, but I'd still like to know to keep track of my "free to roam" usage. So far Alltel doesn't know what to tell me.

That's about the only con I have so far with 3 weeks of heavy usage. There may be some issues that pop up, but so far I'm a very happy camper.

I should've gotten this phone in the first place.


Dec 23, 2006 by chocolateman85006

I've finally understood (and most people should too) that NO phone is perfect. I hope. I hope I'm not speaking too early (like i did with the Q), but this phone is 95% of what I look for in a phone. After 3 Q's in a 5 day (yes, 5 day!!!), Verizon gave me a 700w. Cool stuff, huh?!

Excellent camera/video (a heck of a lot more features than the 700w)
Minimum freezing (All {if not most} PDA/Smartphones freeze; stop bitching, people; for those whom it applies to! Not every site is meant to be looked at through a PDA phone.)
64 MB internal memory (Better than most phones PDA or not, but my 2 gig card is certainly needed).
Mp3s, which play excellently can be made into ringtones.
Endless amount of hacks and 3rd partysoftware
Battery life is decent (It certainly beats the Q!)
Three alarms! I use them all!
Not one dropped call so far, I have no less than 3 reception bars in most places (Verizon only has 4 bars on their phones).
It's a Pocket PC, NOT a smartphone. That makes all the diffrence in the world.
I can get yahoo emails as SMS messages!
I don't have to go to 2-4 added screens to use the phone, as with other PDA phones. It can be done right from the start screen.
MMS are a breeze (at least on Verizon, anyway)
It's sturdy! Built Ford tough!

23 MB Ram. My only real complaint about this phone.
No good headphones can be found for this phone (unless the Verizon rep lied to me {I don't trust them much, except for the ones at the Arrowhead location in Glendale; they're my dawgs and the reason I'm still with Verizon!!}).

What a phone! Even though no phone can reallt be a 5, it gets one because there
re's no 4.8 rating. No phone that I've ever had (And I've many {peep my reviews, for goodness sakes!}) can compare to this. It's worth the $619 retail price (but try to get it cheaper if you can). I hope I feel this way later on, and I hope that all that get this phone feels the same way.

Kicks ***. Great phone


Dec 4, 2006 by kikelito

I bought my Palm Treo 700w in October'06 and absolutely love it. I can easily synk my calendar, favorites and other stuff with MS ActiveSynk. The screen is not as big as other models, but I am ok with it. Batteries are great. I left this thing without charging for three days and still had some juice left.

1-Ringer on/off switch (This is a blessing from God).
2-SD Expansion slot works great. I bought and installed Encarta and Webster dictionary they both work great.
3-Lots of ringtones. You can actually use whatever you want as your ring tone, even transfer *.wavs from your computer.
4-The side button beneath the volume controls is fully programable to do whatever you want.
5-Loud spaker phone
6-Napster recognizes the device as a usable mp3 player so that you can synk up your music (even with an empty SD card).Love it.

1-Sometimes the speaker phone option does not work (I have to reboot the damn thing to make it work)
2-Sometimes my computer will not recognize the device even after the USB cable was plugged-unplugged and re-plugged.
3-Sometimes I've noticed that this thing answers calls by itself. Embarrassing if you don't realize it and you are talking with someone next to you and the **** thing is on with someone on the other line (hehehe).

Ed. note: edited for language

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