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Jan 10, 2006 by teammoto

I can not figure out for the life of me WHY anyone would give this such a negative review! In my opinion its people that want one that can't have one to give such a crazy review!

Anyway, I just purchased this the day it came available on line and coming from the Samsung i730 there is night and day difference! The Treo 700 is much more user friendly then the i730, in which programs are easier to navigate with one hand while not using the stylus! Voice mail and Text messaging indicator is much easier to see and respond too rather than the little dumb bubble you have to always hit on the i730! The camera you can't compare cause the i730 does not have one! WIFI is no issue with me do to the EVDO, plus I never used it anyway with the i730!

All around this phone is the BEST out there PERIOD!!! Reception is great, EVDO is FAST, Size is Perfect, Bluetooth works great, New Windows Version is nice, Camera is decent, I could go on and on!



Great for Real Estate


Jan 10, 2006 by patlisa225

this phone is great for use in the real estate field i can put all my apt in the to do list and go on the INTERNET and check properties and i also can put the speaker on to make conference calls i love the phone

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Yeah its durable, but crashes a lot


Oct 7, 2010 by narn3049

I gave this a 2.0 just because of the durability. It is only because my uncles boss who is a construction worker dropped it off for him to give to me as he knows I like tech, it was absolutely dented and scraped, and the whole verizon logo off the back but the V was scraped off, stylus was heavily scraped and it was taped together. I wasn t expecting it to power on, but I slipped in my 700p's battery and it fired right up. It went to the Palm logo and then displayed the windows logo and all of that, and I was considering a faceplate change and a possible switch to this phone. However I needed my Palm 700P so I switched back the battery.

Took it out again and put it in the 700wx and the phone remained at the windows mobile logo. I can tell you that this is not a "wear issue" it's a common problem. So basically I just recycled this phone. I got a RAZR now and sold my 700p. if your looking for a reliable Palm PDA phone don't get this, if you want many reset hole pushes, and touchscreen and boot freezes get this. Its a typical windows phone, the PALM version was pretty good, honestly.

more than a phone...more like an appendage you cant live without


Jun 26, 2009 by peewizzle

like one of my arms and legs, this phone was always by my side. i love everything about it! ever since i laid my eyes on it when it arrived at verizon stores i was taken back. so now that its long and gone in my memories i will review it for everyone!

-TYPING on it is AMAZING you will very rarely mess up a word, unless you are under the influence of a certain liquid substance.
-RECEPTION was GREAT! in concert with the vERIZON network this was an unbeatable pair (at the time).
-OPERATING SYSTEM was GREAT i had the windows mobile version and WOW it was as if i had my computer in the PALM (pun VERY intended) of my hands.
-sounds and tones were great! very good package and with the windows mobile OS i could use MP3 as any of my alerts.
-VERY VERY durable oh gosh! although it cannot survive from an attack from my front driver side tire (dont ask how i ran it over) this phone can get dropped and still get up and take on the world.

-SCREEN was very big let down i was expecting great colors and resolution like with the PALM OS version of the 700 but the windows mobile OS somehow lacked
-the small buttons are not so great on the eyes, unless youve memorized key locations or know qwerty by heart, typing may be difficult at times. (or if you have big fingers)
-SIZE wow i could barely place the phone into my jean and pant pockets without someone saying WHOA, whats that@!!!
-after months of use the case and coloring of the keys will start rubbing off...but then again i am a power user texting emailing and browsing up a STORM.

I LOVE THIS TREO if PALM will come out with another style of the 700W i could get it hands down. not a fan of the small CENTRO or the PRE so hoping PALM will go back to their roots so i may join the family again.

Does what I wanted it to


Nov 11, 2008 by HouDat

I needed one device that:
was a phone
accessed my Exchange email
synced my Outlook contacts
synced Word and Excel files
had a fast browser

The Treo 700wx does all that, and I bought it for $66 on Ebay. I already had a WM pda so I knew what Windows Mobile could do. I can now carry all of the information I need for work, and can access my company network from anywhere Sprint has coverage from one device.
It's a steep learning curve but once you learn the shortcut buttons, you can access most of the features you need very quickly.
It has locked up on me a couple of times in the month and a half since I've had it, but you can keep that to a minimum by being careful about how many programs are running at the same time. The buttons are close together but if you're careful you can type a decent email with a minimum of typos.
All in all, it's a great device for what I paid.

I hate this phone!


Jul 20, 2008 by tiffanyk2435

At first I thought this phone was great. It had everything I wanted. I could check my email, search the web, and schedule everything I needed. And, it has media player so I could get all my songs from a memory card onto my phone. It was great for whenever I wanted my music.

Then the tide turned.

The phone started freezing. It will ring and won't let me answer. It will go into roaming in my home network but won't allow any calls in or out. Resetting the phone and taking the battery out won't fix that problem at times.

So, I decided to get the phone replaced. Thinking it was a glitch. Sorry, same problems and more. I will call someone and it will say it is dialing but won't connect. It will say someone is calling but won't play the ring-tone. When I finally get the phone to work properly, the person will say they tried calling 20 minutes prior.

I keep the phone fairly clean. I use the calendar, media player (all on the memory card), camera, and text. I sync it to my computer often and delete what I don't need. The phone is junk! I have had two now and they have both done the same crap. Yes, I am bitter. I did not pay this much for a phone that messes up as often as this one.

Please, with all the wonderful phones out there, don't buy this one and waste your money.

Great idea, but has some problems


May 30, 2008 by CatchingKatie

I got this phone about 6 months ago and really liked it at first. It has an awesome Calendar system (as you'd expect from Palm!) and I enjoy the Windows operating system. Texting is easy..this was my first QWERTY phone and I'll never go back!

However, I've really started to have problems with this phone. When in a call, I consistantly put the call on "Hold" with my cheek on accident (4 out of 5 calls this happens). You can disable the touch screen during calls, but then can't use ANY of its features such as checking your schedule to make an appointment over the phone. Also, the power button has become unreliable. Sometimes, I have to push it 9 or 10 times before the phone finally decides to respond.

My BIGGEST problem with this phone (as I'm an avid texter) is that if I write a text, hit send, and turn the phone off, it DOESNT SEND THE TEXT. Sometimes hours later, when I wonder why I haven't recieved a reply and turn the phone on, it immediately tells me "Message Sent", and its THEN that my recepient gets my message. In order to send a text, i have to hit send and then wait (anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds, roughly) for it to send the message before I can power the screen down. This becomes a hassle when I'm in a hurry! Also, for the first time today, I reached over and turned the screen on and immediately recieved notification that I had recieved a text message...over an hour ago! It never notified me in any way prior to turning on the phone (even though the speaker was on, etc)

Its become such a pain in the butt. I'm looking for a new phone now. I've had enough.

owned(3)700w (2)700p and 1 700wx junk


Feb 18, 2008 by keetlebug

I was excited to get my 700w. I was told I could run powerpoint and other applications through an output cable to a projector. wrong neither 700w or p had cables available. Disapointing. Phones were cool but problems with phone call drops phone lockup, answered phone but it would keep ringing etc, I kept trading the phone back in but only to have more problems with phone function as well as syncing. It didnt matter which operating system i used even though I found the palm operating system more stable but phone function still unacceptable. I wander if they have ever corrected problem? I switched to a Blackberry 8830 and I love it but it still lacks some things as well but the phone function works great.Don't waste your money and you will waste hours in frustration. if you buy one buy the purple pill as well...you will need it



Oct 17, 2007 by Asian Guy

The phone is awesome, its not as easy use as the palm os but the windows os is easy to use aswell. I noticed the contact list only allows for one mobile number you can text too. I dont know how to change that so I can have two or more cell numbers. I have friends that have company and personal phones so I need two entries but thats small stuff. i just create two profiles for them. Battery life is awesome, as advertised, it will last three days of regular usage. Palms uses too much power and i am thinking it has to do with the screen resolution sucking the life out of the battery hahaha 320x320 vs 240x240.

I have had a 650 in the past and it was a good phone but battery problems as it would only get a life of 30 text and it would kill there battery from 100 to 15 life left. The most important thing to note is the palm sync program does not work as it will not sync 100 percent of all the info on your phone. I learned the hard way as i lost 100 contact profiles out of the 150 or so i had. The rebot of the phone while on a call or playing music using the speakers. As far as the 700wx goes, its got its small stuff bad stuff but nothing as serious (i consider serious) as data loss. Windows os is way better then the palm os. Takes sometime to get use to it but its great once you get use to it and there is nothing to it.

People make it sound like the palm and windows ease of use is mile apart but they are full of it. Its so marginal. Both are simple to us and if you cant learn both then you are over your head in tech and they should go back to a flip phone.

Great Phone


Oct 3, 2007 by cd717

I have been considering an upgrade to a PDA/Smartphone for quite awhile and was never really satisfied with any of the the phone options on the market. Nothing really grabbed my fancy, but eventually I narrowed the two choices down to the TREO and the Blackberry 7130e. I chose the TREO and am very happy with my selection.

Having not been familiar with the Palm OS, I went with the WM version. All my major apps (calender, e-mail, IE) are available on the today screen. Finding apps or documents is very easy and if you are familiar with windows, then WM is not too far a stretch to learn.

Only issues with this phone is 1) its reception, I had a Motorola RAZR previous to this and could take it ANYWHERE and still have signal. My TREO does not have an antenna that can compete I suppose, I usually don't have much signal in my apt so I had to get a house phone to be able to talk indoors. :(

2) The microphone in the TREO picks up EVERYTHING during my conversations, several people commented that noises in the background came through clearer and much louder than my own voice which is right next the the mic. I eventually broke down and bought a bluetooth headset to help with the problem.

3) Lastly was the holster, I don't like to carry my phone in my pocket and I have yet to find a holster that I like (I have actually had to replace the phone after it fell out of the holster and hit the concrete floor where I was at - highly recommend insurance if you have one!).

While it would appear that I don't like this phone based on the pros/cons that I have written, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go back to life without it for anything!!! I've had it for 6 months now and love it, not sure how I survived without it before. :)


Ease of use
Great Battery Life - have an extended battery (a must with bluetooth)
Bluetooth capable


Reception is not as good as my RAZR (what is???)
Mic is not as clear
Holster could use some work

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