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Great Phone - a definite leap above the 650


Feb 6, 2006 by sgoldwa

Hi all,
I wanted to put my two cents in on the Treo 700w. I liked my Treo 650 a lot, and was prepared to keep the 700w only if it was a magnitude better than the 650. Well it IS a magnitude better.


Stability, Stability, Stability
Compared to the 650, this thing is rock-solid. I have had it since early January and it has not soft-reset even once!

No accidental hangups
Though the UI does take some getting used to, it also helps prevent accidental hang-ups should you cradle the phone with you face. On the 650, it was easy to accidentally hang up on someone.

Louder volume and great radio
Great call quality; definitely a lot louder than the 650. Also, I just flat-out get better reception with the 700w.

Voice Command
This is an awesome program. It is definitely as good as, if not better than Voice Signal (available for PalmOS). The program is almost good enough to compensate for the abysmal ActiveSync 4.1.

Today Screen
Simply brilliant work by Palm. This is a way better interface than the 650 interface. You can access a lot of information from your Today screen!

Call Handling/EV-DO
I love EV-DO! Incoming calls do NOT automatically go to VM as is the case with the 650. Should you be browsing the Internet and a call comes in, your data session will be interrupted and your phone will ring.


In one word -- ACTIVESYNC!
Microsoft needs to fix this problem. My recommendation is to back up your phone often and hard-reset if you have to get AS working again.

Bluetooth Implementation
Even if the 700w is on my waist, I experience crackling. I do think that Bluetooth on this phone is slightly better than the 650, but still could be improved.

As far as other negative reviews, I simply cannot agree with anything referencing poor stability or resets. I am a "power user" and this is definitely not the case for me. I can understand ActiveSync complaints but in all other ways, this phone is a star.

I *highly* recommend it.

650 Versus 700W


Jan 31, 2006 by duble0

Had the phone since Jan. 9th on Jan 28th had the phone exchanged from verizon.
The phone crashes / locks up and has to be reset to often. When the phone is in my pocket I am unaware that it locked up so I don't get phone calls. When the phone sits in the desktop charger it locks up so you dont get phone calls.
However, they made the back cover very easy to get off for the reset?
A little too unreliable compared with the 650.

I am considering going back!

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do not get this phone


May 13, 2006 by dany

i switched over from sprint to verizon to get this phone, what a mistake, the phone is very sluggish, most of the calls go to voice mail, don't even ring, need to do a soft reset 3-4 times daily, after the update that i did battery life is next to nothing, maybe 5 hours,when a call comes in it don't even show who is the caller,when the screen is off some times it will not wake up when u need, when u switch task it just dies on you, just a major disappointment, cant believe that palm would put such a product out,

Verizon or Palm problem


Nov 14, 2007 by compuroy

I have had this phone for 7 months.
It is the 4 th phone.

1. No MSG that I have a text MSG or voice MSG.

2. It turns off blue tooth or phone service
even in the middle of a call

problems still there (under contract)

Love the device but 20% dropped calls!


Jan 20, 2006 by Newport Beach

I bought the first Treo 700w available at my local store on 1/7/06 and love its functionality. However, I have had over 20% dropped calls overall. Most of my calls are made from my home in Newport Beach or my office in the San Gabriel Valley. Both show low signal strength and calls constantly drop. However other Verizon phones get decent signals.

The dropped call problem seems to get worse each day. Verizon is baffled as my home is an area that should have a very good signal. They acknowledge that my dropped call experience (which they calculated for me) is unacceptable but have no solution other than to have me return the phone under the 2-week worry-free guarantee.

I left Sprint to go to Verizon just to get the 700w and EDVO. Now it's back to Sprint and I'll try the Treo 650.

If I didn't experience this one major problem, I'd be keeping the phone and would be very happy.

One last comment. It has MS Voice Command, but I could not find out how to activate it.

Password protection issues with Treo700w


Jan 19, 2006 by iousb

I have had the phone for a week and a half and it is great except for one issue I have.
I can't password protect some of the important documents I have saved on it, like bank account numbers and credit card info that I need to be able to get to when I want.

kewl overall


Jan 18, 2006 by Bugmanant

if you want some uss enterprise looking tri-quarter phone then this is probably the nuttiest phone out. if you're a gadget freak, look no further. EVDO is probably the best thing since vienna sausages in a can and the reception is superior to the treo 650.

wish it had WIFI tho...

No good


Jun 7, 2008 by jbizzle

Two words....
Buggy & Bulky!

Spend your money on a Blackberry Curve and save yourself the trouble.

Worst phone on the market


Jun 21, 2007 by brucem

Having used mobile phones since the 1980s, I can say without hesitiation that this is the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a mobile device. Palm should give up - re-booting device everyday, freezing during use - bottom line: do not buy this device. I was told to stay away from Palm - but how bad could it be? Should have listened.

Missed Calls when Locked


Dec 5, 2006 by lvcaller

This phone misses a lot of calls when the Lock feature is activated. I've used both the simple PIN and strong alphanumeric password with the same results. The missed calls happen in both strong and weak RF areas, and they go directly to voicemail. Has anyone experienced this?

It does not miss calls when you don't have it locked. Since there's so much personal info. in these devices, I need to keep it locked in case it's lost/stolen (Windows Mobile does not have encryption though). I've talked with a couple of Microsoft mobile engineers, and both Palm and Microsoft are aware of this issue, but they won't disclose if it's a hardware or software problem.

I'm using a 700w on Verizon in Las Vegas, NV since June 2006. I have the latest software version (Treo 700W-1.10-VZW) with no third party software installed.

My BlackBerry 8703e on Verizon does not have this problem, even with the contents encrypted using AES. If you need a smartphone for work, this is the device to get. The operating system is stable and the reception is very good, comparable to Motorola phones.

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