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Best of the New Mobile 5.0 Products


Jan 21, 2006 by gadgetjeff

I've tried them all and so far, this phone offers the best combination of features and ease of use. If you travel in your vehicle a great deal and want one handed operation then the 700W is tough to beat. I also purchased a vx6700 and yes it has a better screen with more pixels but one hand use is very difficult. The Treo 700W offers a better combination of phone and email functions for real world use. If email is more important to you than the phone the the 6700 is a better choice.

One hand use for most all functions
Easy to add contacts, even one handed
Can make new appointments with one hand
Simple navigation with one hand
Keyboard is easy to use
Good earpeice volume
Email works great
Uses standard SD card

Screen is small
Resolution is not as good as some others
Keyboard is small and takes some getting used to
Lacks Wi-Fi
Should come with more accessories(desktop cradle)

I've had all of the previous Treo's and this is the best yet. I've had several other phone PDA combinations including the 6600 (Cingular version) and this one is clearly the best.

Excellent piece of equipment


Jan 18, 2006 by glamdring

I've owned this phone for nearly two weeks now. I'm very, very pleased. I was using a Samsung i730, which required a soft reset at least once a day. So far, I've only done a soft reset on the Treo a couple of times.

--One handed navigation is amazing. I read the reviews and didn't think it would be possible. I was wrong. I rarely use the stylus.
--EVDO speed is amazing. Very quick when downloading mail, attachments, web content, etc... and you don't need wifi!
--QWERTY keyboard is surprisingly easy to use. You wouldn't think so, but the keys actually feel bigger to the touch than they appear.
--Contact list is VERY easy to dial from. The picture dial feature is probably the neatest feature - one touch will dial the number associated with the contact's speed dial (which you can select), but if you keep your finger or the stylus on the image, a secondary menu pops up allowing you to call, message, email or use any available contact method for that contact. VERY COOL.
--Battery life is remarkable, especially compared to the i730. It will last for at least two days with heavy usage, usually longer.
--1.3 megapixel camera - works very well for me, I've noticed no graininess that others have mentioned.

CONS (these are all negligible):
--no voice command via bluetooth headset
--no wifi
--radio problem in a few handsets: will not connect to EVDO; had to return the first handset, Verizon is aware of the problem.
--microsoft money sync problem: won't sync with WM5; had to install SPB Finance for no problem syncing.
--exchange active sync: if you don't use this feature, you have to go about turning off the schedule or else the phone will waste battery...
--Any Windows Mobile saavy user will have no problem with setting up certain functions and optimizing the functionality of WM5, but a new user may need to resort to google for some good suggestions!

Palm users may have trouble with the shift to the new OS. Windows Mobile users will LOVE this phone.

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Very Excellent Device!!!


Jan 17, 2006 by SoS101

Although many palm one users may be skeptical about the new interface of the treo 700w, I must say as a palm one user myself that the new windows interface does not have any draw backs what so ever. I first thought that the new software would take some getting use to, but come on now 75% of people have windows on their home computer how hard can it really be. The organizer/datebook still remains exceptional and using the device with one hand is still very simple to do. Now all the treo fanatics can do more than just organize and browse, they can sync and use many different types of windows applications in comparison to the old treo models. The speaker is very clear and for many of you music lovers the mp3 portion is way better than the 65o and I will admit with a previous comment that the continuous video record is great. Now in regards to the sprint comment... The verizon 700w also has 1. 2 bluetooth software and is under america's most reliable network. No matter what, the evdo of verizon is more wide spread than that of any carriers and guarantees verizon customers more usage of the browser. My friends who have sprint service with their pda's have told me that they can only connect in metro areas and even in metro areas the connection is not very consistent. So bottom line verizon and sprint's 700w are no different... But as far as service providers sprint did launch their evdo first but verizon launched smarter, more reliable, and more efficient. So to all who are itching to get the new 700w no need to wait for sprint because its already here with verizon!!!



Jan 16, 2006 by COREYUS

I previously had the LG V phone......I used it for 38 days. Phone was great but didnt like the wireless sync email feature. You couldnt get attachments or click on any links within email.

So after 3 visits to my local verizon store and 2 heated conversations, they took the phone back (which breaks their 15 day trial rule) and gave me $324 credit towards the purchase of a new TREO 700. I paid the difference and walked out a happy customer. Before that I was with Sprint for 8 years. My phone never worked in the basement of my home....NOW I HAVE FULL BARS BABY YEAH!

As for the 700, I am very impressed with how easy it is to get to know. Read the manual in about 12 mins and set up was a snap. I set up the wireless sync and presto...it migrated all my contacts from my V phone to the 700 in about 10 mins wirelessly - much to my suprise...I thought I would have to enter each one again (newb)....

Anyways, I set up my 3 pop email accounts and get all emails now on outlook - which is saweeeet! MUCH BETTER that V client.

The camera is good - the video is good. I have a 512 mb sd card with about 60 mp3s on it...plays them all via windows media player 10...speaker leave some to be desired - but after all guys - it's a PHONE!

ONe thing I did like about the V was that is had AIM on it and jumping on to IM was super quick and easy ....and er um FREE.

With the 700. the only thing Ive been able to find is that weak ass GOOGLE talk by way of HANDIDO for $29.99!!! WUT! NFW man......

So I am looking for a "work around" here. I want AIM on the phone and I want it for free...I will find a way! (guys let me know if you have found a way)

Over all, Ive had the phone 2 days....so far SO GREAT! ROCK SOLID...SOUNDS GREAT....GREAT RECEPTION....EASY TO USE.....LOOKS GREAT...FEELS GREAT.......

JUST NEED AIM and my little world is complete!

It is about time!


Jan 13, 2006 by xhale

Iv had this phone for over a week, and so far its been awesome. The price was actually much cheaper than i had thought it was going to be. $399 with a new 2yr + unlimited broadband access.

- Reception is great, haven't had a drop call yet other than the area where EVERY cell phone i know loses reception. Rarely am i even in 1x mode for the internet access. I was getting 3 bars where my 8100 was getting 1.

- Sound. The call quality is much better than the treo 650 in my opinion.

- Camera/Video. I love the fact that the video is uncapped, and you are able to take as much video as your memory allows.

- Speakerphone is not THE BEST, but it works better than most verizon phones ie, 6100, 5200, about the same as E815.

- Battery Life is WAAAAYY better then the i730, iv been playing with this non-stop for the last week and have no problem keeping a charge till the end of the day, even with heavy use of the EV-DO.

- The broadband access speed is very fast. In my opinion, the EV-DO broadband is what appeals to me the most. I'm constantly on the internet and this makes it VERY easy to check e-mail, go on AOL/AIM, surf the web and Sync your phone wirelessly.

This phone makes it EXTREAMLY easy to use with one hand. The only snag i hit is sometimes programs that you download make it IMPOSSIBLE to use with one hand, which is when you need the stylus.

- Stereo Sound, i was really hoping for a better sound quality coming from the outside speaker. Rather than the mono speaker.

- PICSEL BROWSER!! the BEST feature of the i730 was the picsel browser, and its very unfortunate that this treo does not offer it. I cant even find to download/buy

- Lag, if you dont keep EVERYTHING on the SD card, or do a hard reset every few days, the phone starts to get very laggy, but has not locked up on my yet.

- SMS msg's somtimes lag, and might take a few HOURS! :(

Great for College Student's...but Pricey


Jan 12, 2006 by ShankEmFETT

I got the Treo 700w the day it was available and I've been happy with all of it's functions.

-Amazing Reception
-Battery Life
-Windows Mobile 5.OS (Word,Excel,PowerPoint etc...)
-SD Slot
-Don't have to use stylus for everything
-Easy Navigation and Great QWERTY Keyboard
-IR & Bluetooth (No Voice Dials Command though...)

-PRICE$$$$$ (One year contract w/tax $590.00)
-No WiFi (even though you can get round this)

The only reason why It didn't get a 5.0 is because I am a college student and I just dished out almost $600.00 for it... and the screen resolution. Other than those two, it has great battery & reception, and in class I don't have to take a big ass binder with me thanx to the WM OS and the bluetooth I can link up a keyboard and type faster than I write and it's much neater. So I recommend this for students in College that hate to carry alot of binders and notebooks around because taking notes is much simpler on the Treo and as far as getting the documents and printing it,when you get come just transfer your documents to your Computer via IR,Bluetooth,SD Card or Cable and PRINT!

Early Impression


Jan 7, 2006 by rhermance

It apparently does not support the old Palm OS calendar and contacts features. Email client works good. Is much more user friendly than the K-Jam or Apache. Less buttons to push to get a job done. Still can not open Acrobat files. Don't know why. Some media files will not open either. Sync was easy. Can sync my Nextel i930, K-Jam, and Treo all on saame computer with MS Mobile 5. Camera good for a cell phone. Does not give the annoying sales pitch when you turn it on that the K-Jam had wherein K-Jam tries to scare you into downloading and purchasing anti-virus software on each power up. Looks like my K-Jam will be on EBAY this week.

Mixed Feelings


Jan 24, 2006 by issai

On paper, this is definitely the ultimate phone. For the light, casual user, this is ideally as close to the ultimate phone as possible.

Now, for the *power* user (or maybe I'm simply not using this device correctly, despite my 4+ years of previous PocketPC PDA experience + ActiveSync and 1+ year experience with the Treo 600), the unit falls a bit short of expectations. I'll touch upon the biggest shortcomings, to me. You know what the pluses are already.

The biggest complaint of all is that the combo of Treo 700W + ActiveSync 4.1 + Windows Mobile 5.0... something, *somewhere* in this combo- dramatically slows... everything... down.. to virtually a complete system halt. 15 minutes later, same screen. Time for a hard reset. This is maybe my 2nd week of using it, and already I'm hard-resetting twice a day. Talk about productivity waste, because why they couldn't drill a hole in the battery cover to allow immediate access to the hard reset button currently hidden by the cover is a bit beyond me right now.

The reboot takes quite some time, too.
Loading up the "Tasks" list takes forever, especially if it's a long list. Working on a task in the middle of the list and then closing it will refresh the whole list and send you right back to the top of the list.

Many times, in the middle of browsing IE, a call would come in. Great to let me know-- however, it'd be nice of the software, whoever's liable, would let me *switch over to actually answering the call* before the rings stopped and the caller is directed to my vmail.

Many functions take so many button presses to access. Hotkeys are designed only for speed-dialing numbers, not for quick-access to apps and functions (as is the case with Treo 600- which worked beautifully).

Although this is a "phone first, everything else secondary" device, the camera app can take up to 20 seconds to load.

System slows down when around 7 of its *native* apps are loaded up. Ol' HP 2215 handled up to ~15.

Good, Better, Best


Jun 13, 2006 by pepsijunky

These negative reviews are so crazy, Most of these claims are completely blown out of proportion. The fact is you cannot compare a phone to perfection, there is no such thing. I too would like to have a phone with a 12 mega-pixel camera, flawless functionality, unlimited memory, perfect reception, and the ability to walk your dog for you. But, it simply isn't real.

I will first say this, the 700w is much better than the 650. The windows OS is so much sweeter, esp if you are a windows type, which I am.

Second, I have been punished over the last 6 months by Sprints reception, talk about dropped calls, Sprint is the problem child for this problem. I have not dropped a single call yet with the 700w on Verizon's network.

Quick Proz & Conz since there are plenty of technically jargoned reviews out here.

-Windows OS
-1 gb SD cards are like $30 and make a wonderful memory addition to the phone.
-look, feel, style, nice work palm.
-QWERTY keyboard is MUCH improved from the 650.
-stellar battery life.
-Touch Screen

-no wi-fi
-Verizon wants an insane $45/month to have unlimited Internet.
-not much else unless you are a freak.

Anyway, I don't think the Motorola Q is that much sweeter, this is a good buy.

I love it!


May 23, 2006 by mikosi718

I bought this device 5 days ago and i love it. I dont understand why there are so many negative reviews on this PDA?

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