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Strongly dislike it.


Sep 15, 2009 by Midnight Missings

I currently own this phone and i hate it.

I really wish i could make recordings be my ring tone, i could with my last phone, but no, not anymore. I have had this phone for almost a year and it is already about to fall apart. i have tape on it so i can still use it. I am embarrassed to use it in public or let other people use it and i always have been. even before i had to put tape on it to keep it from falling apart. And often when i get a text it doesn't let me know. I will sit there and wait for a text for a long time only to open it and realize i have one for a while. The antenna protrudes and i almost have a hole in some of my pants pockets from it. The connector on the charger is long and I'm sure there is something broken in my phone from it moving around. I have gotten many comments on how ghetto my phone is, again, even before the tape.

Camera flashes.

Very large
Short battery life
hard keys
Weird way of setting it to vibrate
Long thing to stick in to charge it
Small outer screen

I strongly discourage anyone from getting this horrible phone.

Not exactly the best....


Jun 10, 2008 by well_012

well ive had this phone for almost two years....

The good:

well it's a good starter phone.

easy to work/figure out what you are doing.

has all the basic features: text msg, apps, camera w/flash, web browser, calculator, voice memos etc.
The bad:

ive dropped it several times... the more you drop this phone the worse it gets. (once i dropped it and it landed on a Kleenex box and turned off! bad...)

the more you drop it the easier it turns off..

if you flip it open it turns off

poor battery
- if i charge it for a good 30 mins (showing full bars) unplug it, in about a minute or 2 it will show its about dead. :(

every time i make a call it will beep and say low battery...

im always roaming! one day ill have it sitting in one place and its fine and the next day (sitting in the same place) im roaming! (and im pretty sure it's not my service provider) lol


so in conclusion this phone is pretty poor.... but if you have to get it make sure you have the lowest contract time there is...(no two years!)

hope this is helpful to you! ;)

Good phone for a cheap price


Apr 18, 2008 by rascaljordan

I had this phone for 5 months and I loved it. It was a good phone with not very many flaws.

-ok camera
-nice, hard, and well spaced keys
-durable. I dropped this phone many times and it still worked.
-good battery

-small screen
-turns off and on easily. What I mean is you'd barely hold the end key and it would turn off or on

I love my phone! :)


Jul 17, 2007 by phonegrl777

I am very happy with this phone. I have had it for over a year. It's a very inexpensive phone and also very reliable.


*Does not break easily (I dropped it off a 3 story balcony and it still works)

*Talk Time - I can use this phone all day and it still has one bar when I go to bed.

*Camera - The camera takes nice pictures.

*Keeps great signal - I use Cricket Wireless.


Mechanical Issue - Sometimes the phone shuts off by itself but only when I'm using the camera - not during a call.

no title


Mar 2, 2007 by xrazorxbladexromancexx

This Kyocera is my first cell phone. I have had it for about 3 weeks now. I absolutely love it. I have trouble trying to check voice mail that is my only problem. The phone use to shut off and on repeatidly, that was due to the fact that a friend of mine threw it up against the wall. My brother was able to fix it so if anyone gets the same problem just take the back off the phone and take the battery out.. on the bottom of the battery there are segments just blow on it or pull it out alittle. So far it works for me. Also another problem i have had is it likes to send me messages telling me i have a voice mail when really someone called but it didn't come up as a call. i'm not sure if that is due to the phone being thrown.. i hadn't had the phone long enough to figure that out.

overall it is a very good phone. it even gives you 120 free minutes if you register online to activate it.. that is if it is prepaid.

oh another thing, if there is one thing to know about hearing my phone get thrown up the wall that is that it can with stand alot.. a very durable phone. The battery even lasts a long time.

word of advise though, keep your phone away from drunk friends.

Great Features but locks up all the time


Feb 18, 2006 by daldude

SW Version of Phone JE1.0.10

It has great features good color screen and a decent Camera the ring tones are loud and sound good for a cell phone and it's good that you can copy regular MIDI files to it for ring tones if you get the transfer kit so you can save money by not getting ripped off by ring tone providers I found a bunch of good MIDI files on the Internet for free.
The button could be a bit bigger but they are better then some of the really tiny buttons I've seen on other phones, I like the flash light feature.


The flip phone dig into my ear so it's hard to find a spot where it's comfortable without moving the receiver hole past my ear to where it's hard to hear the person I'm talking too.

The most annoying problem is it keeps locking up every other time I turn it on and I have to take the battery out in order to turn it off, a reset hole like they have on those hand held electronic games and PDAs would be nice, the kind you need a pin or paper clip to push, this would be clot easier then have to take the battery cover off and removing the battery to reset it.

On occasion it has reset on me by it's self for no apparent reason, when I would hit a key on the key pad the screen goes black and then the Candid logo screen comes up and then the Alltel animation plays.

The other less annoying problem is how it develops communication problems with the PC when you transfer contact to and from the PC and how you have to turn the phone off and then take the battery out and back in and then turn the phone back on in order to get it to communicate with the PC again.

Nice flip phone for the price!


Dec 26, 2005 by james_h44223

When this phone was available through my service provider, Revol, I couldn't wait to get it. I had heard good things about it. I got one for me as well as one for my wife. I liked it from the start. It's easy to use, no need to extend an antenna, as the antenna is a stub antenna, had also heard the speaker phone was strong. Boy, they weren't kidding! I thought not only was it strong, it was LOUD! The Candid is pretty compact, stylish, and quite frankly, I have no complaints yet! I recommend this phone!

Cons:None yet...

Good-Could be better


May 29, 2006 by ninjaninjaninja

I am 11 years old and my dad just recently bought me the kyocera kx16 candid...and i have to say...ITS GREAT! I did initially want the Motorola RAZR or he kyocera slider Remix..The Candid is my first cell phone.. and it is amazing...here are some pros and cons

+ Good Reception
+ easy to manage and figure out
+ smudges aren't very noticable
+ Small-Easily Fits in my pocket

- isn't very pretty
- the speaker phone is not very clear
- Vibrate mode sometimes turns on when not commanded to do so.
- The baterry life does no last very long
- the given ringtones suck.

Great Phone


Jul 1, 2006 by jboy1258

Great phone

Decent camera
Decent Color
Decent call Quality

Less Problems then Motorolas

No Complaints Yet



Feb 1, 2006 by beautifuldark689

This Is For Sure The Best Phone I've Had Yet. I've Had 5 Other Camera Phone And This Camera Takes Outstanding Pictures. Also The Speaker Phone Is Amazing, Its One Of The Loudest And Clearest I've Heard. Its Very Easy To Use And Convenient. The Only Bad Thing I've Found Is It Occasionally Freezes Up For A Few Seconds, But Not Often And Besides For That Its Fast And A Very Good Phone Too Have!~

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