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poor quailty


Jun 24, 2007 by gkrask

I bought my 1st candid from cricket in august 2006. by march i had to replace it as the battery quit holding a change. i was told by the cricket rep it was the phone not the battery. cricket says it is not a manufacturer defect the the battery so sorry. well here it is june anda gain the phone is doing the same thing. so back to cricket i will be going again to shell out more money. are these phone designed to be disposable after 1000 uses? friend of mine is having the same problem. i will not be buying another phone of this brand ever. back to Motorola i go!!!!

The worst phone I've ever seen


Dec 14, 2006 by amynrichie

We have had FOUR of these phones in the last 11 months. The first had screen freezing problems,and my daughter broke it which is not the phone's fault. The second phone reset itself repeatedly throughout the day. It would be on the table and just randomly shut itself down. The third displayed "low battery" and shut itself off thirty minutes after an all night charge. The fourth phone is now dead. It will turn on , but only sporadically. The screen is completely blank, and no sound is delivered to the ear piece. I made a call out, but only could get sound on speaker. During that call, it shut itself off. This phone is less than two weeks old. I am done with Kyocera. It was a cute phone with a camera, but that does not make up for the hassle of replacing it four times.

In short DO NOT BUY! Do not accept as a free gift either!

Not worth considering


Mar 13, 2006 by danielthechskid

Pros: The phone does have a loud speakerphone, Takes decent quality pictures.

Cons: Cannot download real music tones and use them as message alerts, old version has been recalled read below.

We got the first one of these from US Cellular on December 4th. The phone started having the screen go blank when using it then if the lid was closed and reopened the screen would still be blank but would have a yellow bar at the top where the signal and battery meters are supposed to be with the only remedy being to remove the battery to reset the phone. Then it started turning the image on the screen upside down whenever the lid was closed so we had the phone replaced. 10 days later (today) the new one started going blank so we called US Cellular and have found out that all KX16 phones made in 2005 are defective and have been recalled. The manufacture date consists of a 3-digit number on the sticker under the battery with the first digit being the year. If the first digit is a 5 or lower do not buy the phone.

The Truth about Cricket's Candid


Jun 13, 2007 by Truthonthis

This phone can be rated mediocre at best. This was my first camera phone and for that I loved it. I am a big picture taker and I really preferred the way my pics came out on my phone rather than my friend's Sidekick II, but that's my opinion. For the six months I didn't have any problems besides the dropped calls, but lot's of time my phone dropped at the perfect times (IE in the middle of my mother's ranting) but other than that it was fine. Then again that was the first six months. Month seven my phone did an exorcist head turn.

I can depend on my phone to drop every call at least once per conversation. I hardly ever had to press the end button because it cut off by itself. Which isn't a good thing. It got so bad I even stopped apologizing I just started telling people, "um yeah, I'm on this high quality cricket." So take that for what it's worth. You ask but what does it look like? When I first got it it was cute and simple. Not the most attractive but it was cheap and had a camera so I was like whatever. Now (you know after that whole neck roll six month's deal) I have duck tape around it to keep it closed. I found that if I tie a rubber band tightly around it sometime I can put it on the charger without it powering off. And when a guy gives me his number I try to remember it until he gets out of view then I store it so he won't see my phone. So here I am eight months later and I am changing to Helio. I rather pay that much more money just so I don't have to deal with this phone. I am actually just giving it away to either my best friend or boyfriend (yeah he was one of the ones i memorized the numbers on) Anyway if your looking for a short term phone this is it. If you want to go the long haul buyer beware. Either way please be sure to chunk out that extra change for an extended warranty.



Jan 17, 2006 by murphrod

This phone seems to be developing a slight problem. It will "lock Up" on occasion, you have to take the battery out to fix the problem. It will also sometimes fail to power on, the screen will just flash when you try to turn it on. Also the ear piece has been known to quit as well.

worst phone ever


Jul 3, 2007 by hewhowalks

I've had this phone for almost a year in that time the following has happened
1.) screws have fallen out
2.) will not hold a charge ( on battery #4 as of now)
3.) no signal anywhere

I live in Lincoln Ne and get absolutely NO SIGNAL while my roommate gets a really decent signal on her cell.
it still works after a year
everything else

now before you go thinking i'm just bashing it because its old and I've had it forever let me give you an idea of the runaround I have had

I contacted kyocera after the first screw fell out( 2 more have since fallen out) Tthey told me to contact alltel( the local carrier) alltel told me to contact kyocera and round and round and round i went for the past 6 months.

now finally after all this time alltel realized that their service was lacking and offered me a better deal on the ax275 which i'm taking

Cool Phone - Poor Quality


Jan 25, 2006 by grapeponey

I purchased this phone on Wednesday and Saturday I took it back. The phone was fun, easy to use, compact, and felt good. However, the truck charger would not acknowledge the phone. After charging the phone all night on the wall charger, the next day I turned it on and it was completely dead by lunch time. I took the phone back and they could not even transfer my phone book to the new phone because it wouldn't "connect". The phone is a good phone, the reception is decent, and I liked the phone. However, I travel by myself alot and this phone wasn't going to work out for me. I need a phone with excellent reception that is not going to tear up after two days.

Also, when I went back to get my phone book transferred from the disk, the display Kyocera Candid phone was not out anymore....

Nice feel
Easy to Use
Speaker is ok
Compact design

Connection port has issues
Camera sucks
Reception could be better
Wouldn't hold a charge

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