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Kyocera Candid KX16


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Oct 2, 2006 by bobbij

This is the worst phone on the market.....i got my candid 4 months ago, and I'm ready 2 switch 2 verizon...the phone locks up @ any given time, not only that, i've had the WORST service at cricket when i addressed the problem. The saleslady was careless and lied in my face about the defect the kyoceras have. Please don't NOT WASTE UR time WITH THIS PHONE!

Worst phone ever


Sep 25, 2006 by scarberry

I am on my third Kyocera KX16 in six months. A month after I got my second one, when anyone would call me, I would be unable to answer because a phone would ring (I could hear the person who called me trying to say hello and they would sometimes hear me saying hang on, hang on). After a few rings, a male automated voice said "We are sorry we cannot complete your call as dialed [remember, I had NOT dialed out; the call was incoming]; please hang up and try your call again." Then, if the person who called me was patient (and many were not), I could finally answer the phone. I have a repair ticket with Alltel since Feb. 2006 and they have never addressed the problem, nor have they contacted me. I went in to our local store the other day and they gave me a replacement Kyocera KX16 but the problem is WORSE. Now, even when I dial out, I get an automated voice saying my call cannot be completed as dialed. I am at my wit's end with both Kyocera and Alltel. Today is D-day; either they fix this problem or I switch carriers, and, obviously, don't buy Kyocera.

Ok phone.


Sep 13, 2006 by amungus

Got this from US Cellular for a decent price. Thought it'd be as good as my old phantom. It was ok. I returned it after getting a flyer in the mail for a Motorola free with 90 days of easyedge....

The feature I wanted most on a flip phone was there, a front display, but it drove me nuts. There was no way to stop it from changing between time/date, and battery/signal. It was always cycling back and forth. Camera, well it worked, but I really don't care about that feature. It locked up after taking a picture and then pressing other buttons, it required removing the battery...
Speaking of, the battery cover is the flimsiest piece of plastic I've ever felt.

I'm sure it's quite durable, but the feel wasn't quite as solid as it could've been.

Since I owned it for a short time, thought I'd review it here for others to get the scoop.

Pros - Clear earpiece, solid sounding when on the phone. ANALOG, was a must, it does this. Camera, with a flash that sort of works.. but I don't care about camera feature. Battery life seemed good. Large buttons except for the "back" button. Easy to use phone that does what it should, durable, and reliable (except for random lockup).

Cons - flimsy battery cover. small "back" button. camera isn't all that, buy a good digital camera and use phone for talking/texting. Lockup after taking picture and then messing with buttons. Can't scroll phonebook with sidebar buttons. Doesn't sit flat.. square antenna is weird. Front display constantly cycles, no option to change.

Good overall phone, just that I got a better deal on the Motorola v323 so I went with that. Nothing fancy except for camera feature, but it does have a clear sound quality, loud volume, and mostly easy to use buttons. Despite all the rants, Kyocera does make a good phone, and it would probably last quite a long time and run just fine. Good phone for the price, quality sound, and ANALOG for the countryside.

Don't waste your money


Jul 19, 2006 by salesagent27

I sales these every day. This has got to be the worst phone i have ever seen. Out of 10 phones that i sale i know that 5 will be back with problems.
Everything that could go wrong with a phone it has happened to that phone.
I have seen the display flip upside down, the camera button will say error, the battery on the first few batches wouldn't hold any charge, the phone will just die for no apparent reason. You name it and I have seen it with that phone.
Please buy something else.

taking it back


Jul 14, 2006 by kape420

I really liked the look of this phone and the way it was set up. It got good reception and took nice pics but was general not a good phone. My screensaver started freezing up on day two, it would freeze when I would turn it on until I took out the battery, sometimes my wallpaper would disappear, etc. Today I noticed even the outside numbers were scrambled until I open and shut the lid. I'm taking it back and after reading these phone errors are pretty common, I wouldnt recommend this phone.

Not worth it


May 22, 2006 by klcamp98

Pros: Small, decent pics, many features.

Cons: Got 4 phones with family plan. 3 of 4 stopped working within 3 months without any abuse. Tried to get replacements, but was told that they're no longer under warranty. But, we could buy new ones for $200+ each. The screens went bad on two. Battery was bad on one. Was told that one had water damage which can't be true, red dot or no red dot. That phone hasn't gotten so much as a drop of sweat on it. So, now we're locked into a two year contract with 3 worthless phones, and we were told that the last phone has a 50/50 chance of developing problems. So, as you can imagine, I hate this phone.

Ok cell for the price:FREE


May 14, 2006 by Armen101

This isn't a great cell, but it is free, many cells these days are given for free, which is good, i would say try to go with another plan that offers a better free cell, the problems in this cell include: bad camera, and the fone is made out of cheap plastic, the pros include: features like the speaker, and the recorder, this fone is packed with useless things like a flashlight and a tip calculator, IF U PAY MONEY FOR THIS U WERE RIPPED OFF!

Getting rid of this phone


May 4, 2006 by JazzCat

I've had this phone about 6 months now, and it works fine...BUT. I have never had it freeze up on me, like it has to others I've read about. Sometimes the ringer doesn't sound, but I can live with that. The biggest problem I've encountered is the battery doesn't hold a charge very long. I turn it off about 8pm every night, plug in the charger and the next morning about 515-530am I turn it back on, the screen says the charging is complete, but by noon that same day, the battery is dead, without using it. It should hold a charge longer than 6-7 hours. This phone was free from US Cellular, I didn't need a camera phone, simply a phone that places calls and doesn't lose them, perhaps the camera part of it sucks up the battery juice, who knows. I do know I'll pay for a new phone I don't have to constantly charge all day.



Apr 27, 2006 by des

The ringer on this phone did not work for me. Only when it wanted to. I had to end up leaving my phone on vibrate. My missed calls were sometimes never recorded.I guess it was one of the defective phone's?. I would not get this phone. But that is just me.

Cut it some slack.


Feb 5, 2006 by ihatetmobile4life

Kyocera phones have gotten so much better then when they first started out. They offer a great phone with lots of features, for less then the others. I don't know how well this phone works on the other carriers networks, but with Cricket it is a great phone.

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